TV Review: The Flash S03E16

Barry Allen battles the Black Flash!

OK! Ever since the idea Black Flash was introduced in the season two finale of The Flash, comic book lovers have been on a frenzy, and when he appeared on Legends of Tomorrow necks snapped with excitement.

Barry predictably goes into the Speed-force to save Wally West. If there’s one thing I’ve hated about The CW’s depiction of The Flash is his predictability, his self-righteous character, his nagging hypocritical attributes… and his action to go into the speed-force follows in the limelight of that predictability.

Jesse Quickls takes it upon herself to steal the piece of Savitar’s body metal with the belief she’s going to defeat Savitar. Presently, Savitar has been depeocted as an all-knowing powerful being; almost always one step ahead of the team. My concern here is that he’s taken an interest in Jesse and time will tell how he intends to enact his plans for her. I’m guessing her running away to Earth-3 would find a way to work into Savitar’s plans for her.

In the speed-force, Barry has to battle versions of the force with faces of familiar characters, Eddy Thawne, Ronnie, and Leonard Smart. This time, the force isn’t pleased with barry and has vowed to make his visit unpleasant unless he leaves. The force presented a Time-Wraith and The Black Flash to force Barry to leave. I know it may seem inconsequential now, but this plot his to come full circle; the next time Barry will need to have a direct dealing with the force I am certain it wouldn’t go so nice.

Team Flash did have some major wins in this episode – Jesse’s action going after Savitar proved that he can be hurt, and if he bleeds means he can be defeated. Also, Barry comes to realise he can’t keep changing the future and that the only way to defeat Savitar and save Iris’ life was for his to embrace the future as it comes and give himself space from Iris.

Things are about to get more interesting!

Overall, this was a decent episode, one that furthered all available storylines.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.


One thought on “TV Review: The Flash S03E16”

  1. the great salvatar ‘god of speed’ screams like a baby….. really proud of Jessi quake but sometimes iris and Barry should learn how not to take decisions quickly to free themselves from seemly easy situation like the engagement… can’t wait ……


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