TV Review: Arrow S05E16

Adrian Chase is a bad guy!

During the last episode we found out Prometheus and Adrian Chase are one and the same; Oliver and team Arrow found out this episode from none other than Talia al ghul – who just as Oliver suspected trained Prometheus.

Arrow - Talia.jpg
Talia al ghul as seen in Arrow

The bulk of this episode dealt with how Adrian and Prometheus are one and the same, and not an alter-ego like Oliver’s initial stance as the Hood in earlier seasons.

Adrian keeps repeating the only thing he wants – to break Oliver – With his constant tagline being, I’m always ten steps ahead of you. He proved himself worthy of that tag when he stabbed his wife to death without batting an eye. Oliver had brought Mrs. Chase to help convince her husband; she was Oliver’s trump-card, and he helped discard it without a second thought, though he seemed pained by his decision to do so.

This episode showed how much work Adrian had put into his mission to break Oliver, and just how far he’s willing to go, including stabbing his wife and the police chief.

Oliver made a decision to kill Adrian in anger safe for the timely arrival of Talia who helped kidnap Oliver. With the Mayor of Star City missing one can only guess what Adrian has planned for the City through his office as the DA; he wastes no time blaming the death of his wife and disappearance of Mayor Queen on the Green Arrow, further increasing his citywide hunt.

Felicity gets a lot of time to shine in this episode with her recent alliance with the hacker group – Helix. They made her do something with Homeland security which I’m sure will come back to hunt her. In order to find Oliver, Felicity gave herself freely to Helix to use as they will.

The flashbacks continue with their mission of establishing Oliver as the man we met when Arrow season one premiered in 2012. They were wonderful fight sequences that showed Oliver almost completely modeled as The Hood.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.


One thought on “TV Review: Arrow S05E16”

  1. sometimes I really get tired of watching arrow but nice twist to the storyline making someone Oliver trusts to be unveiled as promethius.. just getting started…….


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