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Insecure: So Much Heavy Stuff Happened In This Season’s Finale, Which Shocked You Most?

This is a recap-review of Insecure s04e10 – season finale

Insecure has done well for itself this year. And like all good things, this season has come to an end, too.

Really heavy stuff happened in this season’s finale, some of which I saw coming. Which ones, you might ask? Let’s get into them, see if I jog your memory.

1) Andrew sweetly breaks up with Molly because she almost never makes compromises for him or their relationship. Guess who she turns to?

2) In Molly’s defense, Isaa, too, was heartbroken, so Molly calling her was a much needed escape for the both of them. But, is that healthy? Always bonding over tragedy?

The showrunner (Prentice Penny) says Issa and Molly are the true love story of the show, so they had to bring them back together, but I ain’t I that shit.

I really hope all this hasn’t been about both ladies finding their way to each other because they eventually realise all men are scum. Think about it for a second?

3) Why was Issa heartbroken?
Turns out we were right all along (see? 😁) Condola, aka Canola oil, is indeed pregnant, and Lawrence ‘bobo firecracking strokes’ is the father.
Shocked? I’m not. All those fire moves he’s been giving were sure to catch up with him sooner rather than later 😉.

It seems this is a deal breaker for Issa. Things may not be the same for their old-new relationship when the show returns. Hopefully, they get to work things out for their sake and that of the innocent baby coming.

4) Issa choose Lawrence over Nathan, but she’s still friends with the latter. Right now, I’m sure a part of her is wishing she could’ve found out about the baby early before turning Nathan down. Is she at a lose-lose, or do you think there’s a version of the future where she gets together with Nathan?

5) Poor Tiffany. Post-partum isn’t something that’s often talked about, but that doesnt mean it isn’t real. The show tries to shed some light on this topic and I think that’s cool. Hopefully, Derek continues to be there for his wife, even as her friends (save for Keli) have less time to deal with her shit and theirs simultaneously.

6) Where the fuck is Chad and when do we find out what happened to Latoya?!!!

Rinzy’s Rating for the Season: 4/5

Insecure HBO: Can We Put Issa, Lawrence, And Nathan Together? Please.

This is a review-recap for HBO’s Insecure s04e09

After rooting for Issa and Lawrence to get back together last week, I found myself hoping she and Nathan would hook up in this episode. I mean, I wasn’t the only one feeling that intense sexual energy , right?

Right? 👀

One more episode to wrap up the season and things are still messy as hell on this corner of HBO! Molly finally spilled what’s been going on her mind to Issa, it almost seems like our girls are done for good. Could this truly be the end of Molly & Issa? If you as me, I’d say let’s wait till next week to find out.

Molly and Issa on HBO’s Insecure

PS: Ahmal is hilarious AF! I think the show will do well with more screentime for him next season.

PS, again: Issa and Lawrence are in a really good place, but she and Nathan still have unresolved feelings for each other. On this note, I don’t think I’ll mind if they can agree to have a threesome-kind-of-relationship. Wouldn’t that be something? 😄

PS, again, again: Kerry Washington directed this fire episode. Awesome job, girl! 🔥

What was your favourite moment from this episode?

How To Get Away With Murder: Parts Of The Show We Don’t Like To Talk About

Thursday nights won’t be the same without Shondaland’s How to Get Away with Murder to keep us company anymore, that’s for sure. It’s weird, but the show is finally over. And with it, all the mysteries, tension-driven Annalise courtroom dramas, and pleasant moments of listening to Tegan pronounce the villainous Castillo surname as Cas-TEE-yoes.

After six seasons, multiple deaths, mindboggling questions, and measurably satisfying answers, there’s almost no doubt the show has done well for itself. Watching the electrifying series finale, we can also agree it served its characters well and gave them different doses of poetic justice.

But the question now is, how did it achieve all that? Now that the show is over, it’s easier to view the whole thing in retrospect and try to figure out which parts of the road leading to the finale worked fine, and which parts weren’t all that great.

Don’t worry, you won’t end up hating the show, its legacy is already cemented. It’s our opinion. You don’t need to take it that seriously, unless you think we’re right, too.

The Show’s Big Bad. Who?

Every show needs an overarching big bad, right? For ‘Game of Thrones’, that was the Night King. For ‘The Vampire Diaries’, we can also agree that was the elusive Katherine Pierce.

A hero is only as good as the villain they contend with. And for everything we loved about Viola Davis’ portrayal of the fierce Law Professor, Annalise Keating, neither Governor Lynne Birkhead, Jorge or Xavier Castillo come close in opposing measure.


For the benefit of the doubt, this isn’t to apportion blame on the actors, I think they all did good jobs with what they were given. Birkhead’s cold, unconcerned demeanor is something to be desire, but it just wasn’t good enough for her to be taken as a real threat by me (the viewers). As the show ends, the inner workings of Birkhead’s mind remains shrouded in mystery, and her real motivations remain unknown until the very end, which shouldn’t have been. How does a public servant get so pissed at one citizen, to the point that she piles up countless murders just to take her down? Pretty sloppy if you ask me.

It’d have been great if the show shone a little more light on her and the Castillos, too. It would’ve greatly helped us (the fans) understand why they all did what they did, and why trying to ruin Annalise was so damn important to them, other than implying it was to make a statement.

Nate’s Hatred for Annalise.

When we first met Nate, he was a police officer; not sure if he was decorated, but he was a man with a dying wife, still serving and protecting lives. Annalise happened. Then we saw Nate the adulterer; the widower; a son estranged from his father; a son trying to fix things with his father; and, finally, a son without one. It was a mixture of fun and sadness following Nate through his journey, but that was before he started to hate Annalise for a next-to-no reason.

Now, I know AK framed him for Sam’s murder to help those ungrateful kids in season one, and I’m not trying to justify that. But she did atone for that sin. That should count for something, right?

She also tried getting his old man out of jail. And, although Nate Lahey Sr. died, on the orders of the Governor (another lame thing the Governor did without us understanding her true motives) Nate Jr. knew who was responsible. He knew Annalise did everything she could to help his dad, so I never really did understand his whole anger against her, even going as far as agreeing to be an informant for the FBI against her.


Not to forget his double stunt at murder; RIP DA Ronald Miller, Nate had more dirt on his hands than a lot of the other characters. All those talks about forgiving Annalise in the finale; man really did get away with murder(s) and to think he never attended Annalise’s class.

Michaela isn’t Really a Bad Person.

Talking about people who attended Annalise’s classes – Michaela Pratt deserves a spot on the Hall of Fame for b*tchy attitude.

If desperate ambition could be personified, Lord knows Michaela would fit that bill. Same Lord knows I hated her for a very, very long time. Gosh! That girl was so annoying. And that’s a testament to the top-notch performance Aja Naomi King put into the role.

But, is Michaela a bad person for wanting to be somebody in a world that’s mostly seen her as a nobody? I don’t think so.

Yeah, maybe her approach was aggressive, but there isn’t really anything wrong with putting yourself first every time. No law against that. The only logical end to such an ambitious, selfish character is allowing her get everything she ever wanted but at the expense of her relationships. The show does a good job of portraying that in the finale.

Having ambition is good. Ambition gets you your heart desires, most of the time. In the case of Michaela, it’s a judgeship. But, at what cost? The loss of her one-time friends and (hypothetically speaking) her children. Remember this scene? 👇

Michaela and her (supposed) granddaughter

Some people are willing to pay such a hefty price, Michaela’s one of such. If you think about it, she’s the only one who really did pass Annalise’s classes_ she survived and got away with…

Frank: A Keating²

I remember when we first met Frank and I couldn’t understand his devotion to Annalise Keating. It wasn’t until the backstory episode aired and I understood how much of his life he owed to that very-forgiving woman. And for the most part of it, I enjoyed watching him grow in and out of AK’s shadow, beating himself for what he did. And his zeal to want to become a better person, first for Laurel, and then for Bonnie.

I appreciated that character growth.

Then, came the whirlwind plot twist from hell (typical HTGAWM style). And just like that, Frank was revealed to not just be a Keating, but a Keating birthed by another Keating. Really, Murder Writers?

A few years ago, such an incest storyline would’ve been a BIG shocker, but not in this post GOT world.

I thought that plot was a bad idea, and really prayed against its confirmation after it got teased in the final moments of “What if Sam wasn’t the bad guy this whole time” – s06e13. We all know how that turned out.

The revelation may have explained some of Sam and Hannah’s motives, but it doesn’t excuse any of the atrocious things either of them did, especially the former and how he treated Frank. Once that secret came to light, I knew there was only one way Frank’s story would end — if the guilt of Annalise’s son could still be eating him up after all those years, imagine what’d happen when the label changes and he realizes that not only did he mortgaged the life of his unborn baby brother for a few thousand dollars, but that his father also sent him to kill another of his unborn sibling?

It’s Frank, the guilt would eat him alive.

And since there’s no Sam or Hannah to take out his frustration on, he’d go for the next best thing. I think that was an easy way for the show writers to tie off Birkhead, Hannah, Frank, and Bonnie’s stories.

Hannah’s Death was Lazy Writing. Yeah, I Finally Said It!

Still talking about loose cannons. I think Hannah’s death, the way it happened, was an easy route the show took to avoid unnecessary confrontation with Frank, which would’ve meant more airtime.

Who better to pin her death on than the Governor whose tab never gets full?

With all these intricate, last-minute plotting, it’s still a wonder how this show managed to get away nearly unscathed?

Gabriel was Underutilized

I don’t think I can ever forget the excitement I felt when Gabriel was introduced to the show_ s04e15.

Frank’s words in that season’s finale were: “the kid’s here” and they launched a new division of HTGAWM sleuths hoping to solve the mystery before the show returned for the next (5th) season.

The road towards his revelation as Sam’s only surviving child (before Frank entered the contest) took up a lot of screen time and, sadly, didn’t amount to much for we the viewers.

I think Rome Flynn is an amazing actor almost as good as his looks, or maybe better. But, boy, was he underutilized?!

He never really escaped being under Sam’s shadow.

The whole reason for his existence on the show was to bug everyone for the truth about how his dad died. And, while it was initially sad to watch Michaela and the others play him around like a ball, the end of his story arc didn’t leave much to pity anymore.

In the end, he gave up years of searching for the truth in exchange for a lot of coins and sob words from Frank to not let Sam ruin his life, too. Everyone has a price, and I guess Gabriel finally realized he needed to secure the bag for himself and his mom more than he needed to hear more painful truths about Sam.


I’ll just say this… If the FBI in real-life is anything as portrayed on the show, the whole of the USA is in trouble. Why did that Agent Pollock have to kill Asher?

Enough gloom about the show. How about I highlight some of the things I thought worked with the finale?

So, What Worked?


Annalise’s not-guilty verdict. She’s worked so hard and technically, remains innocent until the fact, to go to jail again for crimes she didn’t commit. More beautiful is that she went on to live a long, beautiful life with Tegan (and some other faceless people) … and that funeral eulogy from Eve. BEAUTIFUL!

Connor going to prison for 5 years and Oliver waiting for him. That was beautiful, and true to both character’s individual journeys and love together.

The fast-forward in time to reveal Alfred Enoch as Christopher and not Wes. That was really good.

The Bonnie and Clyde parallel to Bonnie and Frank’s end.

That’s about it…

Tell me if there’s a mostly unspoken truth about the show/ the series finale I missed, in the comment below.

HTGAWM: She is Annalise Fucking Keating! and She’s a Survivor.

This is a recap-review of the series finale of How to Get Away with Murder – s06e15

How to Get Away with Murder has ended, and TGIT nights won’t be the same again without AK and the Keating minions using the law to break the law.

The series finale has been receiving unanimous acclaims from fans all over the world, and I’ll tell you why.

It’s because it was a simple episode.

It didn’t try to play smart or add the same kind of jaw-dropping twists the show was well known for. It knew to not give more questions, but provide answers to already existing one, and that was a smart decision.

And so, we draw the curtains on what will unarguably go down in history as one of the best TV shows of it’s time. HTGAWM, one of the G.O.A.T.s!

Which moment from the series finale was your favorite? There were a lot, so feel free to make multiple choices.

For me, it just has to be the revelation of Alfred Enoch’s return as a grown-up Christopher and not Wes coming back form the dead.

Aside for the fact that I’m not Wes’s biggest fan 😈, the route the show went was better and, remember, simpler.

Simplicity isn’t always bad. Infact, HTGAWM has proven, once again, that simplicity is good and can be a tool to be reckoned with.

(Insert whichever show’s season finale you’re still not at peace with here 🤡)

Honorable mentions from the series finale:

Eve’s return.

The aging make-up and shots used.

AK + Tegan = 2geda 4eva.

Nate Lahey’s Center for Justice.

Gunshots at the Law court.

That sexy, jaw-dropping Spanish accent.

The death of the Governor.

Lonely, Michaela’s lonely.

Connor and Oliver, together forever.

Which moment from the series finale was your favorite? Tell me in the comment below.

HTGAWM: Her Name Is Annalise Freaking Keating!

A review-recap for HTGAWM s06e15

Ladies and gentlemen, we made it to the penultimate episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

I’m full of emotions right now, but will still manage to highlight some of the coolest happenings from this week’s episode.

1 Michaela is a terrible person. She’d burn anybody to get what she wants, and that’s not a good way to live. I hope she gets the end of Gabriel’s stick next week.

2 You know Gabriel finally knows for sure Michaela had a hand in Sam’s death? I wonder what he does next with this info?

3 Nate might be annoying, but he finally came through for Annalise. Does that mean we forgive him for the many stupid things he’s done? Nope.

4 If Frank has redeemed himself, as he normally says, who then killed Hannah Keating? The Governor? Or do we just blame Bonnie’s loud mouth.

5 It was nice to see Laurel again, but it was even better that she finally decided to do the right thing and tell the truth on the stand.

6 Tegan needs to fess up to Annalise especially now that the latter has finally openly stated she’s bisexual.

7 Sorry, Tegan, again, but it felt good to watch Annalise take charge of her destiny and kick Michaela, Connor and Laurel’s ass in court. Of course, she’s Annalise FREAKING Keating!

8 How would Annalise’s death, burial and Wes’ return feature in the series finale? 🤔

What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode?

Westworld: 10 Thoughts We Had After Watching Season 3’s Finale

In typical ‘Westworld’ fashion, things turned out to be more than they initally appeared to be. In the season 3 finale, we get to see numerous twists spring up and the advent of multiple, possible storylines for the show’s future.

There were plenty of surprises for us, but which one shocked you the most?

Spoiler Alert!

1 Dolores isn’t the villain, she was actually trying to save humanity all along.

2 Charlotte Hale (aka Black Dolores, aka Halores) is actually evil. Shocker!

3 The Man in Black being replaced by a host. His money will most possibly be used to further Halores’ new mission – ensure the survival of the host race.

4 Rehoboam had been controlling Serac all along. Ooooooooh! 😱

5 Maeve finally teams up with Dolores and Caleb to stop Serac.

6 Dolores had met Caleb before, in Park-5. That’s why he’s her chosen one.

7 Caleb is Westworld’s John Connor; he’ll help save and rebuild his world.

8 All the other hosts were built from Dolores; she was the first one to really work, so Delos modelled the rest after her.

9 Halores seems to have Maeve’s kind of powers. It can be glimpsed in the way she froze Dolores, long enough for Maeve to capture and deliver her to Serac.

10 What did Bernard see in the Valley Beyond? By the time he returned to tbr real world, there’s plenty of dust on him, it could only mean so much time must’ve passed. Does he bring more doom prophecy for his kind?

Which of these was most shocking for you?

Westworld: Dolores Is Humanity’s Savior In Season 3’s Satisfying Finale

A review-recap of Westworld s03e08

In typical ‘Westworld’ fashion, things turned out to be more than they initally appeared to be. And in this season 3 finale, we got to see numerous twists spring up and the advent of possible storylines for the show’s future.

I’m excited, so let’s dive in!

For the umpteenth time, I’ll repeat this – This season of ‘Westworld’ feels like a very different show, but it’s far from being termed a bad one. In fact, change is good, and watching this season finale reaffirmed that for me.

The real world, where most of this season took place, is set to experience a change like never before, and thanks to Dolores, Caleb and Maeve (more of this in a bit) Rehoboam is down and the humans finally have freewill for the first time in a very long while.

As it turns out, Rehoboam had been the one calling the shots, with Serac as its puppet. This episode revealed humanity had always been headed for the apocalypse and that Serac was only delaying the inevitable. And (shocker) Dolores had been fighting on the side of the humans all along, not to destroy them as the writers led us to believe.

Maeve in Westworld season 3 finale

“Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty. To believe there is an order to our day,” she repeats her famous season one mantra to Maeve, just before biting the dust. Dolores sacrificed herself to thrust Caleb in a position of power and, by extension, save humanity. Way to go, Dolores!

But is Dolores really dead?

This is a SciFi show full of robots passing as humans, death definitely isn’t black and white here. I bet on seeing Evan’s Rachel Wood return again, just like the show did with Tessa Thompson.

If in doubt, one can take a look at William (aka The Man in Black) and his journey this season. His story arc’s been gloomy and, not so sadly, ended tragically. Turns out his next onscreen presence would be mostly as a host. Although I wouldn’t rule out another shocker, like say he’s been a host this whole time, or something else. After all, this is Westworld.

At the end of the episode, humanity is crumbling and Maeve, who had a change of heart just in time to believe in Dolores and stop Serac for good, is left standing with Caleb against a world that’s been playing an unfair game for a very long time.

Talking about unfair. Bernard didn’t get much to do with the main action, but he did get a very interesting scene in this episode. After narrowly escaping with Stubbs from a mad William, Bernard set off to meet someone we presumably thought was Dolores. It turned out to be Arnold’s ex-wife. This may nit seem important, but the fact that Bernard was modelled after Arnold and still has all his memories and emotions, this needed to happen for his character to make peace with himself and move forward. I feel like next season holds big things for him. And something about his long trip to the virtual world makes me excited for all the new ways the show can evolve again, with multiple locations and timelines consolidating both the hosts’ heaven (the Valley Beyond) and the real world.

So, that’s it. That’s the third season of Westworld.

If you enjoyed more than previous seasons, do let me know. And if you felt it was too streamlined, also let me know in the comments.

HTGAWM: Incest Is Best, Put Your Brother To The Test – WTF?!

A review-recap of HTGAWM s06e13

Dear HTGAWM, my mind is blown, but I’m not sure it’s in the way you’d expect.


This week’s episode is a lot of things, but subtle isn’t one of it. It’s a stream of twists and turns, something fans of the show are used to seeing after spending six years with this beauty. But, somehow, this week’s dose of murder-tainment just seemed too much to handle; too much to shove down our throats under 45 minutes.

As feared, HTGAWM has gone down the incest road, which is sad for me, but it is what it is. And the thing with subplots like this one this late in a TV season is how convulated and in-your-face it may come across because of time constraints.

We’ve got two episodes to go and lots of pending and new questions begging for answers, and I really hope the show knows what it’s doing. It’d better help me make proper sense of how Sam is Frank’s father, yet sent his son to kill his side-chick (remember the Lila Stangard murder?)

Unless, of course, Sam didn’t really know about Frank being his son?

But, in that case, Hannah would have to know, otherwise what’s the explanation of Frank being in their lives? The story here had better be good, Shonda, I’m warning you. 😩

HTGAWM has a lot of explaining to do before it finally goes off air. This Sam-Frank-Hannah reveal had better not be a case of lazy writing, a cheap reveal mostly for its shock value. And, while they’re at it, can they please help me make sense of Nate’s continued existence by getting him to do something good with Annalise’s court case next week.

PS: It felt good seeing braided Annalise and Sam again. Solid performances from all the case members, as always.

Seen this episode? What shocked you the most?

Westworld: These Violent Delights Abound

This is a review-recap for Westworld s03e06

“These violent delights have violent ends”

When these words were first composed by Shakespeare, he probably never thought they’d have a lasting effect on an expensive production that’ll come to expertly craft violence for TV because, truly, these violent delights do have many violent endings.

There’s so much killing in this week’s episode of Westworld, and the (possible) permanent death of an old character we had hopes was going to make the jump to the real world. Way to raise our hopes, Westworld. RIP, Hector.

Ed Harris’ Man in Black (or White now) might finally be ready to join in the real fun this season, but it’s Maeve and Charlotte Hale who really get hit the most in this intense episode. For Maeve, she’s lost the love of her life and like most people who suffers this kind of love, she’ll want revenge. This story arc has set the stage for what’s sure to be an epic rematch between her and Dolores, maybe we’ll finally get that bridge scene from the trailers because, you know, these violent delights… bla, bla, bla!

We finally get an explanation into why Dolore’s copy inside Charlotte Hale’s slack kept behaving more like the latter than like the Dolores we’ve come to know. I think it was smart of Dolores to program her copies to imitate the emotions of the people she’s posing as. Although, that also served as her undoing, it was also why it she could pass as Charlotte for weeks and no one suspected her, until Serac did.

I probably don’t say this enough, but Tessa Thompson is a very talented actress. I really dig her performance as the conniving Charlotte Hale. Unfortunately, this episode might be the last we see of her because of that blast. A part of me did see it coming, but we can’t be sure who’s responsible for it. It’ll be easy to just assume Serac, but what if he wasn’t the one?

What’s your take: who blew up black Dolores (aka Charlotte Hale)?

(A) Serac
(B) White Dolores
(C) Maeve

We’ll get more answers next week, but until then… these violent delights will always have violent ends.