Raymond Reddington Is Now Poor And Miserable On The Blacklist

‘The Blacklist’ has been a very good show for NBC; so good that it spun its own unsuccessful show ‘The Blacklist: Redemption’ last year. With dropping ratings, many have gossiped about its cancellation, but with James Spader, I don’t think this show can do no wrong.

After four seasons of running the show, Raymond Resdington is still in charge, but in another dimension. The Reddington this season gives to us is broke, still happy, but he’s broke, very broke. This is as a result of the series of hits he received from Mr. Kaplan last season. 

Red and Liz

Red and Liz spend a lot of father and daughter time in the season premiere, making the show feel like it underwent a soft reboot.

The future is uncertain, and just like Liz assumed, Raymond is scared, we the viewers are scared. I just hope we’re ready for where the story takes us this season. Raymond has us believing he can build his empire back, let’s see how it goes.

PS: Even as Raymond takes time off to bond with Elizabeth, Dembe is very much on the trail of the box left by Mr. Kaplan for Elizabeth, which is in Tom Keen’s possession. By the way, Tom’s appearance at the end got me confused: too confused.

The Blacklist returns next Wednesday on NBC.

Prometheus To Feature In Arrowverse 2017 Crossovers

Are you a fan of The CW Arrowverse?

Did you watch Arrow’s fifth season?

If you answers to both questions are yes, then you’ve met Prometheus (no relation to 2012’s Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel).


Prometheus was the villain to beat, a player on a whole new scale for Oliver and the other members of Team Arrow. Even though he died at his own hands at the end of the season, he won, he caused Oliver enough damage to last a lifetime. And now, its been confirmed that Prometheus, or at least a variant of the villain, will be appearing in the annual crossover event.
This year’s crossover is titled, Crisis on Earth-X, and will be a fallout between our heroes and villains around the multiverse on the occasion of Barry and Iris’ wedding. Prometheus, from Earth-X, has been billed to appear as a formidable foe for Oliver; it’ll be wonderful.

Crisis on Earth-X

The crossover episodes have become a yearly event since inception in 2015; every year keeps getting bigger and better. After last year’s Invasion, one might be tempted to think no way forward, but this year promises to be better.

Oscar Pistorius’ Life Is Getting A Film At Lifetime

Yes, he is getting a movie, and it is titled, Oscar Pistorius: The Blade Killer. I dont know how exactly I feel about the title for now, but my rant is about how early the production is coming. The Pistorius story is a recent one; sad, if you ask me; and I feel it’s somewhat insensitive to makes film out of a sad story so soon. But then, Hollywood doesn’t really care.

Reeva and Oscar

The film will tell the story of Oscar Pistorius, dubbed the Blade Runner, his rise to fame as the first double leg amputee to parti ipate in the Olympics. It’ll also tell the story of his altercation with the law, as the chief suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The court proceedings will be shown, up to the point when Pistorius was found guilty of homicide.
For a film, this production will be marvelous, and intriguing to watch. Let’s see how it goes.

‘Men In Black’ Spinoff In The Works For A 2019 Release

One of the craziest franchises to come out of this millennium, Men In Black, hope to continue, though this time without Agents K and J made popular by stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. 

Will smith in MIB

Sony is prioritizing this spinoff, hoping to ride on the existence love of the franchise/universe. The studio has suffered so much loss in recent time from almost all their properties, including the Spiderman movies before Homecoming, hence the need to fall back on something that works. The new MIB movie, which hopefully will lead to a franchise of its own, will focus on the MIB organization on a global scale and not just in the US.

The movie is expected in summer 2019.

What do you think?

The Designated Survivor Is Back!

Designated Survivor returns for a very much anticipated second season. The sophomore year is always laddened with anxiety and expectations, let’s hope this seasons turns out awesome.

President Tom Kirkman, as played by Kiefer Sutherland (somebody say, Jack Bauer…) is very much around and ready to lead the good people of America to greater days and victories.

The Cast of Designated Survivor

Capitol bomber and main villain, Patrick Lloyd, is still on the run, but his appearance back in D.C. makes me believes his end could be closer.

Agent Hannah Wells, as played by Maggie Q (somebody shout Nikita…) found unusual help in an MI6 agent, who I think might become a love interest for her; I can’t be the only one who thinks Agent Wells needs to be bedded. Since she can’t have Kirkman, as he’s the president, married and also has killer chemistry with Emily his chief of staff, she’s in need of someone else to rough her up. Team Wells, in Amsterdam, unsuccessfully track down Patrick Lloyd. The more time Hannah spends away, the greater Llyod’s chances of succeeding against the President increases.

Lest I forget, there’s a new guy on President Kirkman’s team, and he’s smart. His name is Lyor Boone, and he’s exactly who the presidency needs around now. Even Emily has upped her game, as chief of staff, she’s learning to take charge and not let herself get overwhelmed by her personal opinions. I observed a little moment between her and Seth, which I do hope isn’t explored. What I’d hate more than seeing Seth and Emily together will be a love triangle that involves Aaron.

Designated Survivor returns next Wednesday on ABC.

9 Thoughts I Had After Watching Power (seasons 1 to 4)

This list encompasses points derived from Power seasons 1 to 4. Enjoy.

1. Black power is the in thing around the world now.

2. Sex is dope, it sells, but black sex is way hotter.

3. Having a side-chick does more harm than good to every man.

4. If you don’t take care of your family, you’ll lose them. Ask Jaime St. Patrick for more info.

5. The thug life is fun and all, but the stench it brings never leaves. Ask Jaime and Tommy.
6. If you’re working a case, you should never indulge in it. It never ends well. Ask Angela Valdez for more info.

7. If you don’t give your son the real talk about life, someone outside will. Remember Kanan and Tariq?

8. Treat your wife nicely, or another man will. Do not let her be troubled like Tasha.

9. Be cool like Tommy. Be good like Jamie. Be sweet like Raina. Survive like Kanan. Be sexy like Tasha. You can have Power if you truly want it.

Monroe Is The Worst Character On Teen Wolf

Teacher/ Counsellor/ Huntress, or whichever role she’s playing on her own to further the Inukute’s mission, Monroe, is the worst character to ever appear  on Teen Wolf. I tried to endure for the past ten episodes, but every time she appeared on screen, my belle tightened and I wanted to puke.

This takes me back to my resolution at the beginning of the season, the show got so bad, which became more evident with the emergence of badly written characters and horribly directed scenes. For a fantasy show, it got so unbelievable.
 It might have been easier to tolerate if Monroe had died, but she made it to the end, alive. I’m so angry.

The End Of ‘Teen Wolf’.

‘Teen Wolf’ came to an end last Sunday, and I finally got around to watch it. For a show that used to be one of my source of TV joy, that then lost its way, it did a good job tidying things up.

The Gang

Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Deucalion, Jackson, Ethan, Gerald, Kate Argent, Evil Stiles (Remember the nogitsune), Jenifer (the Darach from S3a), The Oni, The Dread Doctor, The Berserker returned this final stretch. The final story wasn’t a good one, but it was a good way to bring back characters we haven’t seen in years. It was nostalgic full, especially the scenes with the nogitsune.

As expected, good triumphs over evil anytime, anyday. Scott deviced a way to defeat the Anuk-Ite, and it involved him clawing both eyes out. I didn’t see that coming, and sincerely, seeing as Stiles was the one who destroyed the Anuk-Ite with mountain ash, it didn’t make much sense.

Destroying the Anuk-Ite freed the citizens of Beacon Hills from the unusual fear that had gripped them.

One moment I did enjoy very much was, Theo’s act of kindness. He took the pain away. It’s always joyful when a bad guy turns good, just like Jaime Lannister in Game Of Thrones, the character arc is always something to look forward to. I really do wish I can get more of Theo; I guess I’ll settle for keeping tabs on the life and times of Cody Christian from now henceforth.

Thank God Gerald Argent didn’t live pass the finale, he has done more harm than good. Just like his son, Chris, told him, “Your family is in front of you.” Call it poetic justice that his own daughter clawed him to death. That’ll do, even though it was off screen.

Love prevailed at the end, everyone ended up with their one true love, with Chris + Melinda mirroring Scott + Allison at the start of the series. Malia’s kiss calmed Scott’s panic log enough to trigger the healing of his eyes; Stiles + Lydia are still together, even though we didn’t get a Stydia kiss; Jackson + Ethan (a surprise pair).

Teen Wolf had always been about family, Scott’s pack, and it was evident at the end of the hour when Team Scott met up to brief his latest intake. It’s been six wonderful years; thank you Teen Wolf for the journey; you’ll always be cemented in our hearts. Anytime there’s a full moon, I’ll always remember you.

PS: Every scene between Derek and Stiles was awesome. Haha! I missed these two together. Sterek all the way!

Why Stiles Isn’t On Teen Wolf Anymore.

Citizens of Beacon Hill, rejoice, it’s your turn. It is time for some Teen Wolf talks.

The final episode of Teen Wolf is upon us. Before we go on, you can revisit my review on the first episode of season 6B here.

For long time fans of the show, it’s very obvious a principal character of the show since its inception in 2011 has been missing – in the person of Stiles Stilinski. Aside his cameo role at the tail end of season 6B episode 11, we haven’t seen him again. For the very observant viewers, you’d notice his name isn’t credited in the opening credits. All these are obvious indications that Stiles Stilinski (as played by Dylan O’Brien) is no longer a member of the hit MTV show.

Is This A Cause For Concern?

Not really. As Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) has said, his busy schedule caused his absence, his love for the show made sure he’ll pop up tangibly before the show says goodbye.

Why Isn’t His Name On The Show’s Credit Anymore?

There are regulations concerning whose name can and cannot appear on a show’s opening credit, as the character, Stiles, doesn’t appear in reasonable number of episodes, he cannot be given the accolade of a series regular.

What This Means For The Other Characters On The Show.

As can already be seen, Scott, Lydia, Malia, Liam, Argent, and co., have been seen to continue well without Stiles; though not the same, it’ll suffice to arrive the end of the show’s narrative. Stiles was given a good reason to not be in Beacon Hills, story wise, even as we look forward to his impending arrival any time soon.

Scott and Malia have a thing between them now that has made us partially forget his love story with Allison Argent (as played by Krystal Reed) and his romantic fling with Kira (as played by Arden Cho); the only person I feel for is Lydia Martins. Stiles recently confirmed his love for Lydia which the rest of us realized years back – story wise, they’re still together, but what’s a relationship when you rarely see each other? I’m just saying.

As we expect Stiles to appear in the season finale, we prepare ourselves to have quality fits of laughter and not the cheap thrill Malia has been feeding us with.

Teen Wolf returns with its season finale episode this Sunday, September, 2017.