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Trailer Alert: Narcos Season 3

Click here to watch.

It’s been a long wait since the final days of Columbian druglord, Pablo Escobar on Netflix; finally, we have the trailer for the new season here.

This season will feature the biggest threat since Escobar’s demise – The Cali cartel.

Narcos season 3 airs Sept. 1; all episode will be available for streaming on Netflix.

The Originals is coming to an end

Just in now from the SDCC where our favorite TV shows have taken center stage to making announcements and release trailers.
As seen on Julie Plec’s Twitter handle now – The Originals has come to the end of its run.

Season 4 of the hit vampire show was originally thought to be the series finale, judging by the way it ended. With an extra season, we’ll see the direction the story will take, and where Julie Plec (The Executive Producer) will leave us for the series finale.

American Horror Story Season 7 is titled …

Seven years and wonderful story after story, American Horror Story has been an avenue for wonderful entertainment.

The mode of announcement for season 6 was a secretive one, a pattern that paid. This year, they’re going a different path: as they made an early announcement at this year’s SDCC (Comic-con).

The new season is expectedto premiere later this year on FX.

New Series – Big Bang Theory Spinoff

Young Sheldon

If you’re a fan if The Big Bang Theory you shouldn’t be a stranger to the name, Sheldon. Yes, the all knowing nerd. That’s him. He’s having his own spinoff. Not exactly… it’s a story about his younger self. Many years before the young man we came to know in the CBS hit show.

Young sheldon.jpg
Older and Younger Sheldon

Whatever pit of creativity this idea came from time will tell if it’s a good move. One thing I’m confident is the non-shortage of fans when it does premiere. The question is if the show’s content will be encouraging enough to keep viewers hooked. Personally, I don’t think CBS would gamble with one of their most bankable characters if they weren’t sure he would be able to hold his own show.

Supernatural to crossover with Scooby Doo in an animated episode

This is news. It’s not the kind of stuff we hear everyday. RR heard authoritatively that Supernatural intends to feature world famous detective squad in an animated episode next season of the elongated show. RR looks forward to the episode with so much anxiousness, more because of Scooby Doobi Doo!!!!


TV Trailer: DC’s Black Lightening

After teasing its production and order to series for several months, The CW finally released the first trailer for the new series yesterday. Click here to watch it.

From the trailer, the man we’ll come to know as the titular hero agreed to drop the mantle of hero for a simple life as a Principal for the love of his daughters and wife. But as things get worse in the community he picks up the mantle once again to set things right. It all sounds simple until reasons for his change of heart are been factored in, of which I can boldly say will have to do with the safety of his daughters.

Black Lightening as played by Cress William

This fall just got a whole lot more interesting on The CW. Though rumors now claim this show will exist independently of the other DC CW properties, but time ill tell for how long.