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Game of Thrones: The Birth of The Ice Dragon

For years, fans and theorists alike have wondered how and when an ice dragon would arrive in Westeros. Like the White Walkers themselves, the blue-eyed beasts were the stuff of legend. They were rumored to fly amidst the frozen lakes in The Land of Always Winter. Some thought an ice dragon was housed deep inside The Wall, and others even wondered if one might materialize out of the frozen pond near the godswood at Winterfell (Adapted from

It all started when Daenerys taught it good to do something heroic and save the day, against Tyrion’s advice. As would be expected, the rescue mission didn’t go well. As Jon fought off wights and his band of merry men mounted Drogon, The Night King in his wisdom threw an Olympic sized javelin perfectly into Viserion, causing the most insignificant of Dany’s children to crash like an airplane leaking fuel (blood), and subsequently slipping into the ocean.

The undead dragged out the corpse and The Night King expectedly raised it to life.

Viserion as The Ice Dragon.

Ice dragons are rumored to be very feared beasts; they are believed to have entirely magical properties. They’re not just animals; they’re mystical creatures. So enigmatic are the ice dragons that many ASoIaF fans believe an ice dragon was housed in The Wall, thus supplying the legendary barrier with its enchanted abilities to ward off White Walkers. While that may still prove true in George R. R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter, it’s more likely that undead Viserion will be used to bring down The Wall in Game of Thrones, then ride beyond it to decimate the Seven Kingdoms. (Adapeted from

Though the battle between Drogon and Rhaegal vs Viserion is inevitable, it is certain the battle won’t end on a mild note.

GOT returns for its finale next Sunday, 27th August, 2017.

Rinzy Reviews: American Gods (S1)

Network: Starz

Episodes: 8 // Duration: 55 mins.

Starring: Ian McShane, 


American Gods is another master piece that has taken the world be surprise. The insatiable hunger begins while the strain yo wait for more takes over.

The above is RRs recap for the wonder that was the first season of American Gods (AG).

When AG first started, I had my reservations. It was an extreme slow burner that showed signs of going somewhere , only that the viewer couldn’t really see. I must confess, the person of Ian McShabe kept me hooked, and the characterization of Mad Sweeny. I also had to go online to get a little idea abouy the potential of the show, and I remained onboard. A decision I praise today.

AG is not your conventional show. Very much like HBO’s Westworld, the show is confusing in its own right. All you keep hearing about are the gods who are at war, but you never get to actually see any real action. Most of the beauty of this show was in the dialogue between characters, monologues used as voice over at the beginning of almost every episode, and the beautiful costumes. Star didn’t spare the bank in making sure that this show resonates with fans… a risk that paid off, because the world can’t seem to calm down for a second season.

Who are the American Gods?

They are the gods of the earth. Gods who humans all around the world worshipped and those that are still worship, and their arrival in America.

I know the above might be confusing, let me further clarify.

There are two camps of gods here:

  1. The old gods
  2. The new gods.

As their name implies, the old gods are fast fading away, mostly shadows of their former selves as the world has moved on and has almost entirely stopped worshipping them. The gods here range from, Odin, the Norse war god, to Bilquis, a god whose worship is expressed through sexual pleasure, Vulcan, the volcano god, etc. The classification of the new is where it gets interesting. The new gods are the manifestation of new ideas that have taken over the world. In this case we have, Mr. World, Tech boy, Fashion, Social media, etc.

Both factions are obviously strained and as Mr. Wednesday (Ian NcShane’s character) always mentioned, war loomed.

Mr. Wednesday (finally revealed at the season finale tone Odin) recruited a certain mysterious man, fresh out of prison, by the name Shadow Moon, to be his right hand man. For the better part of the season, Wednesday thought it wise to let Shad own witness all the WTF happenings of the god and yet not reveal his real nature to him. He did save the reveal for the best possible time though. AG hasn’t yet told us why Shadow’s so important to Wednesday’s plans, something I feel will be addressed in the second season. This lag hasn’t stopped diehard fans from theorizing to the best of their abilities how Shadow factors in. What we do authoritatively know from the show is that Wednesday had Mad Sweeny kill Shadow’s wife to make him broken and at a state where he could easily offer his life to the services of the Norse god.

Laura (Shadow’s wife or Dead wife, as Mad Sweeny calls her) forced the truth out of the latter, an information she has going into the new season. Though such information seems pretty useless as Shadow finally confessed to Wednesday that he believed; a profession that obviously empowered Wednesday into his state as Odin to incapacitate the many minions of Mr. World present. It means that Laura’s discovery and subsequent conversation with Shadow might not do much to sway Wednesday’s plans which is already in motion. This is bad needs for Laura because whatever magic is keeping her undead isn’t stopping her corpse from decaying: she’s alive thanks to a certain powerful coin from Mad Sweeny but her body is still a decomposing corpse.
There are so much dynamics to the story, many gods already introduced and more still to come to factor into the coming war, AG keeps looking promising.

American Gods will return sometime in 2018 on Starz.

TV Review: Power (S04 E02)

Things are really looking bad for James St. Patrick. And Angela too.

For this review I’ll just be asking questions.

  • Do you think Angela really believes Jamie killed Greg?
  • Do you think Tommy will go down this season because of his relationship with Jamie?
  • Do you think Mike will be caught?
  • Do you think Mike will kill Angela as he did Greg Knox?

These and many more are the questions I got stuck with after watching this episode. 

Jamie has been authorized for the death penalty should the jury prove his guilty of the crime of murder. This all but adds more layer of trouble to this man.

I also want to comment on the long overdue stupidity exhibited by Tariq. Jamie’s oldest child and only son has shown to be very stupid. Too stupid for a child his age. As expected, Tasha seems to be the one suffering the most. Personally, I feel Tasha should be voted the best wife of the year.

Power returns next Sunday on Starz.

Rinzy Reviews: Logan

Release date: March 10, 2017

Production Studio: Fox

Budget: $97m

Box Office: $606.6m

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Peter Stewart, Dafne Keen, etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5


After 17 years, Hugh Jackman takes bow. And his swansong was worth it.

When the Xmen universe started in 2000, it was the redefinition that the comic book movies needed at that time. The franchise is very much relevant till this moment, with about 9 movies released, a TV show already aired and about 2 in the works, the Xmen don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Logan is set in the year 2029. The titular character, Logan, now goes by his birth name, James Howlett. A lot has changed, and the world seems like it’s living in the days of its former glories. Logan lives with an aged Professor Charles Xavier – appropriately referred to as the world’s most wanted nonagenarian. Charles’ powers are very much unstable now as a result of age. He lives on sedatives that numb the use of his powers; should they wear off the effect is a destablizing mind shattering feel, same thing that’s implied killed the other mutants.


The storyline borders the fact that Logan (now a Chauffeur) discovers he has a daughter, Laura. She’s the product of a lab experimentation by an organization headed by a man called Xander Rice. Logan meets Laura through a woman who used to work at the lab. She took Laura with her when the Rice ordered the extermination of the young mutants.

The relationship between father and daughter is very much strained. Even though Logan is now an old version of the stubborn man he used to be, he sees a lot of his young self in Laura, a fact well pointed out by Charles. Logan shoes a lot of animosity towards Laura – a fact I believe is of two reasons:

  • because he felt threatened at the possiblity Laura was a better version of himself.
  • Or, the more tangible reason – he wasn’t ready for the responsiblity of being a father, and now he was one out of the blues.


How did it go from here?

The producers of the movie did so well keeping the biggest part of the movie a secret until its release. The main villain of the movie was Logan. Or at least, a version of himself called, X-24.

The same experimentation that birth Laura was also modified to birth a younger, more brutal and effective version of Logan. At the point the movie began, most of the mutants of the world had been killed (as I said earlier), Logan is nothing but a wasted version of his old self. He isn’t healing as fast as he used to, his strength his failing him and it’s all because of the metal that made him special – the adamantium grafted on his skeleton is poisoning his blood.

X-24 has all the strength of the Logan we remember; he also uses less words, and is exceptionally brutal. I must say here that the R-rating of the story made him this movie better to watch.

The scene X-24 was revealed to us also doubles as the scene Professor Charles was killed. That heartbreaking scene, I had to rewatch again and again. Worse was when the camera tilted upwards and revealed the face of his killer as Logan. Scratch that, it revealed the face of his killer as a younger version of Logan; and I was like mehn!

That scene soon led to the first epic battle between Logan and X-24. This movies show how far Logan and Charles have come; the love between this two can be equated to the kind between a father and son – just as they claimed to be to that unfortunate family that died because of them.

Charles’ death was a big blow to Logan, and led to other scenes that culminated with Logan’s death. X-24 also died.

Logan’s death was inevitable, but I can’t help but feel Laura wasn’t given the best plain of existence as at the end of the movie. In fact, all those other kids weren’t left at a good place. With no notable mutant alive (to our knowledge) to provide them shelter, love, protection, I can’t help but wonder how life will be for them.

Rinzy Reviews: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S02

It’s the end of what has been a wonderful season – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has been one of the most entertaining shows on air this season, and it didn’t disappoint with its season finale.

When the sophomore season of LoT premiered late 2016, many felt it was a waste of time mainly because of how messed up and all over the place its first season was. The only reason I continued with it was because of how awesome The Flash was: that was the reason I was willing to give it another shot, and I’m glad I did.

Legends of Tomorrow.jpg
The Legends in season two.

The Legends witnessed a lot of changes to effectively push the story forward. Rip had to vacate the position of captain, and Sarah became Captain Sarah; boy, did she make a good captain.

The villainous focus of the season was a band of men that made LoT’s mother shows awesome during their time there. We had the Legion of Doom – Malcom Merlyn, Damien Dahrk, and Eobard Thawne. All three men wanted something in common: to rewrite history; something only possible with the use of The Spear of Destiny. As expected, this mystery drags throughout the season, coming to a near halt towards the penultimate episode.

The Legion of Doom.

When the penultimate episode of the season began, all hope happened to be lost because the Legion of Doom had successfully rewritten history. Along the line, most of The Legends regain their memories and someone had the (brilliant but not so brilliant) idea of breaking the number one rule of time travel just to save themselves (The Legends); to redeem reality at least back to what we know it, the Legends have to revisit a time period they already have, damning the consequences (which turned out damning at the end).

There were a lot of things I loved about this season’s finale; in fact, there were  lots of things I loved about the season. The Legends have turned out to be very entertaining to watch. Over their two years on air, things have been very intriguing.

After defeating the Legion of Doom, the Legends are faced with the new reality that their actions had borne – the whole of present day flooded with dinosaurs.

The cliffhanger of showing the repercussion of breaking time-travel’s number one rule as the infestation of dinosaurs in modern day is more than enough to keep we the viewers continuously anticipating the next season.

How will The Legends set things right? How will their actions affect the entire Arrowverse? These and many more are questions I can’t wait to see answered.

Prison Break returns with a BANG!

OK! I took my time before finally watching the premiere episode of Prison Break S05, but I must say – this show has been missed.

Rarely do we have a series continue after seven years hiatus; Prison Break defied those odds, and had Michael Scofield returned to us in all his glory. Thank you, Wentworth Millar.

The first minute and half reminds us of all that’s happened in past season (though mostly footage from season one) and wastes no time bringing us up to speed with the lives of our beloved characters.

In present day a lot has been happening:

Lincoln Burrows isn’t yet living a quiet life. He still goes about owing people money: the same kind of lifestyle that got him into the mess of season one.

Sara is married to someone else, and is living a quiet life with the son she had with Michael.

Other old characters make a return:

C-Note is now a religious man, working at a mosque and doing good things, though he still got the thug life in him. Sucre also makes a return. He wants to help out but Lincoln doesn’t allow him.

T-bag, just out of prison, discovers a parcel that indicates Michael’s alive. He visits and hands it over to Lincoln, who wastes no time in doing same to Sara. Sara plays the strong woman – the one who’s had seven years to difficultly move on from a perfect love.

Lincoln discovers a hidden message embedded in the parcel and discovers the where Michael is if truly he’s alive – Ogygia Prison in Yemen. Because of this, he digs open Michael’s grave and confirms he’s still alive: A dummy was buried in his stead.

The producers waste no time teasing us with the existence of a mysterious power player: One who sent T-bag the parcel and also arranged for a doctor to repair his damaged hand with prosthetic.

Someone (probably the mysterious player) is out to wipe off the squad. Lincoln was attacked: his car hacked into driving full speed till it crashed into a lake. Sarah was also attacked in her home, her new husband shot in the right leg. Two Agents (a man and a woman) mirror the duo agents of season one; they obviously would be working for a powerful player(s), which time will unveil.

Lincoln does a good job heading this premiere – putting the roles in reverse as at when the series first begun in 2006, when Michael was the one trying to get Lincoln out.

By the time Michael is finally revealed at the last few minutes of the episode, it’s obvious someone is trying to make him pay for someone else’s crime. In place of his pictorial credential someone else has his name, and he has someone else’s. Michael doesn’t even make it easier for Lincoln (and even we the viewers) to deal, by refuting the name Michael and ever knowing either Lincoln or C-Note, and requesting to be returned to his cell.

Rash decisions are made, laws broken, and the plot moves forward – just the kind of thing we love about prison break. The series does a good job returning to our screen, establishing a lot of new yet familiar stories to make us clamor and impatiently wait for the next episode.

Prison break airs Mondays on Fox.