So Far This Season: Arrow

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It is difficult to maintain a certain level of independent relevance in a world where your offspring are doing extremely better than you. Though it is the prayer of every parent that their children do greater things than they ever did, such prayer doesn’t hold its ground when the parent is a TV show and offspring newer more shows with better ratings. Arrow birthed four TV shows in what is popularly known as the Arrowverse. The Arrowverse in addition to Arrow is home to Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, which are all doing so well for themselves. Last season Arrow lost its way, but now I’m happy to tell you that it has gotten its groove back.

Arrow S5 has been very awesome; much praise should go to the powers that be (producers, show-runners, directors, script-writers, etc.) whoever realized that keeping things grounded within the reasonable frame of reality worked better for the citizens of Star city and the viewers and not the magical gibberish Damien Darhk brought with him last season to Star City.

When this season started Oliver and Felicity are all that’s left of the original team Arrow; members of the original team refusing to return prompts Oliver to recognize it is time to build a new team.

The new team members, Wild Dog, Evelyn Sharp who will become known as Artemis, Ragman and Curtis Holt who is destined to become Mr. Terrific, they are awesome, it takes them a while but they soon adjust to Oliver’s tantrums and bossy nature, and everyone is happy.

Arrow - New team.jpg
The new team Arrow.

The pacing of the season has been good. It has tackled its fair share of the meta-human problem of the Arrowverse which it had largely ignore up till now, and it found a good eay to bring something new to the table with the dynamic of Oliver’s double job as the gooded vigilante at night and Mayor during the day; his duties as Mayor allows us to see Star city in an angle we have largely ignore up till this point – from the eyes of the citizens of the city.

This season boasts of awesome villains also. Everyone knows behind every hero is a villain that makes him/her thicker; every Batman needs his Joker. The worthy villains of this season are:

1. Tobias Church

A street level thug/ drug peddler who wants to forcefully put the citizens of Star City under his iron-rule. He met his death (more on that later.)

Arrow - Tobias_Church.png
Tobias Church

2. The Vigilante

 He’s proven himself to be an expert in hand to hand combat and effective use of weaponry. A no-mercy killer. He’s the secondary big bad of the season after the biggest bad.

Arrow - Vigilante.png
Vigilante as seen on Arrow

3. Prometheus 

The big-bad of the season. I so much love this villain. He’s a direct consequence of Oliver’s actions in season one as The Hood. Prometheus brings so much intense feeling to the show, something that hadn’t been felt since the 2nd season with Slade Wilson’s deathstroke.

Arrow - Prometheus.jpg


The emergence of Prometheus and Arrow’s return to the street level hero formula that made it an instant hit that resonated with viewers is a good thing and if the season follows through this way it’ll be one of the best TV shows to air in the 2016/2017 TV season.


Have you been watching Arrow this season? Tell us what you think about it in the comment box below.


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