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Which Is Your Best Xmen Line-up?

In the year 2000, Xmen was released and it relaunched the way way we see Superhero movies even till this day. After the third installment in 2006, 20th Century Fox felt unimpressed with the reception of their latest movie an opted for a new direction. The planned Xmen: Origin stories failed on arrival, and this prompted the need for a reboot – a soft reboot – of some sort. This was the birth story of the Xmen: First Class movie.

The question is – Which do you prefer, the original line up, or the younger versions of their characters?

Characters like Wolverine, who’s been the leading man of the franchise up till Logan’s release earlier this month have been consistent over all movies in the franchise, hence, can not be stated as a reason for selection.

Xmen - original cast.jpg
Original Cast


New Cast

Which is your best Spiderman?

So far, we’ve met three recent iterations of the Spiderman.

  • Toby Macguire’s
  • Andrew Garfield’s, and
  • Tom Holland.

As we anticipate the release of Spiderman: Homecoming – the marriage between Marvel and Sony, we can’t help but mince words, and through banters.

Who is your favorite Spiderman?

Mine, should still be Toby Macguire’s.


I thought Andrew Garfield’s performances to be more about the display of being in  a better age of technology, and Tom’s to be too early to judge (though his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, was a delight to keep re-watching.)

Which of these three do it for you, as the Spiderman you love?

Meanwhile, Tom Holland recently said that his version of Spiderman will win a battle against the other two versions. His version is quite strong I’ll give him then… you never can tell.