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9 Thoughts I Had After Watching Spiderman: Homecoming (2017)

1. Tobey McGuire’s Peter Parker/ Spiderman is still my favourite. If you don’t like it, go argue with your forefathers.

2. Tom Holland is decent as Spidey, but I want to see him grow up, he’s too teenage-y.

3. Life’s unfair. Tony Stark messed the world up in the ‘Battle of NYC’ and was also paid to clean it up by the government. This mirrors some real life events.
4. It was good to see Happy Hogan again. Google his image if you’ve forgotten him or what he looks like.

5. Robert Downey (Jnr.) was paid N50m to fan service a movie. Lord, locate me with the role of my lifetime.

6. As always, I can’t wait for MJ and Peter to get together.  

7. I never realized I missed Pepper so much. For a while, towards the end of this movie, I felt like I was watching an Iron Man movie.

8. Aunt May’s reaction when she saw Peter, at the last scene of the movie, in his costume, was priceless. Ha-Ha!

9. How would you rate the movie? To me, it was decent.


I Honestly Fear For ‘The Wedding Party 2’

I fear for ‘The Wedding Party 2’ and it’s for a good cause. Expectations are here. People are too excited. December 15 seems so far. But, what if our systems have gotten too excited nothing can gauge it? What if the movie comes out and we feel it’s same as part one, only recycled and more foreigner? What if we get too vexed that we start to notice the flaws we purposely overlooked in the first installment? 

God forbid!

‘The Wedding Party 2’ official poster

​I enjoyed ‘The Wedding Party’ so much, that if a sequel would spoil the memory for me, I’d rather not watch.

A popular trend is that the second never gets to be quite as entertaining as the first, but that has never stopped studio execs from green lighting a sequel when the first gets so popular its now referred to as pop culture. ‘The Wedding Party’ is one of our own pop culture, original and Nigerian, something we seem to be lacking in the scene. Hopefully, it breaks the jinx of Hollywood, and starts something new and great for us here – the new Nollywood we call it – our new way of life. 

The teaser trailer released days ago has done exactly as intented – to get people pumped and tongues wagging – pockets also itching to spend enough money that another box office records is shattered. So many familiar faces, old and new to the franchise, a phenomenal way to build a brand that’ll last a lifetime. Ebony Life has got a goldmine in their hands.

The success of ‘The Wedding Party 2’ is crucial to the way the Nigerian cinematic movie culture improves, we may not know it until 2018 has aged properly, hopefully, gracefully too. Be thou as it may, I’m waiting for the day; that date; December 15, 2017. Mark your calendars, friends, Christmas this year just got litter.

– RR.

Rinzy Reviews Life (2017)

​Release Date: March 24, 2017

Budget/ Box Office: $58m/ $100.5m

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 3.5/5


Life is a horror movie intertwined in SciFi, beautifully done, and should be remembered whenever the name Calvin is mentioned – RR.

I enjoyed watching ‘Life’. It was beautiful. The villain, Calvin, was beautiful. The worst things in life aren’t human (pun very much intended). This movie questions if humans are actually ready foe the existence of other forms of life outside earth as much as we claim to be. Deep space missions are commissioned on a regular, in real life, to identify the existence of something living outside planet earth. In Life, such existence is confirmed on planet Mars – the result is a cannibalistic life form that grows as much as it feeds, its name is Calvin.

Calvin wastes no time showing his true nature; he’s smart, calculative, and hungry. Of the six crew members aboard, he made sure the only one that made it back to earth was his ride to the planet with unlimited opportunities. Very smart!

Two things painted me in this movie:

1. There wasn’t enough Ryan Reynolds! Ryan was killed just as the action was starting. Ryan can do no wrong on a screen.

Why do I like seeing Ryan on screen? 😂.

 I do not know. I think HBO, the money boosters, need to run a show and cast Ryan as the lead. There’s nothing like too much Ryan Reynolds. Nothing!

2. The ending! I wanted a very big twist. One where I’d be told there were two Calvin all along – the one that was brought on board and the one that festered on Hugh’s leg all along. This would have given me joy, but I’m good with what I waka given.
Life is a wonderful movie, and I recommend it anyone seeking a movie to watch

Rinzy Reviews Split (2017)

Release date: January 20, 2017

Budget/ Box office: $9m/ $276.9m

Staring: James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley. 

Rinzy’s Rating: 4.5/5


“Split is a very daring movie, one not afraid to treat a nonconventional topic that society loves to play ignorance to.” – Talius Dike.

James McAvoy gives the performance of a lifetime in Split. Playing 24 distinct personalities in one body, that’s a feat.

The issue of multiple personalities inhabiting one body has been a topic not well integrated into society. Many people think it to be a myth. I for one, hope to someomday meet someone who actually has this beautiful condition, but unlike Dr. Fletcher in the movie, I’m not willing to die for it.

The movie starts quietly. Three girls are kidnapped, whilst in their father’s car, by a man we later come to identify as Dennis (James McAvoy) armed only with chloroform and a gas mask. He keeps them locked away in a basement in his house that looks like the city’s underground network of gas pipes. I struggled within myself to piece how the girl fit into the story. Casey (the only girl that did survive) had the luxury of a back story; one that showed the early stage of her life with her father and uncle. 

‘Split’ kept me on my toes trying to guess who was habiting the vessel, known as Kelvin, at each time he was on screen. My favorite amongst the personalities was Barry. Though we only got to meet the real Barry for roughly five seconds, as the one we spent the bulk of the movie with was Dennis in disguise, I did get to appreciate his characterization. Dennis, the boss of them all, was scary, whilst Patricia (yea… a female in a male’s body) was damn creepy! One thing all of the personalities very well agreed on was that The Beast was coming.

Dr. Fletcher, a renowned psychiatrist, working with many patients with the D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder), plays dumb to this. According to her, ‘there’s a limit to what the human mind can endure’ of which she was wrong, the possibilities were limitless. And when Dennis sacrificed himself to free the 24th personality, she paid with her life.

One thing that didn’t really add up to me was the flashbacks to Casey’s childhood and how it affected The Beast’s impulse to want to kill her; he let her go saying she wasn’t like the rest. I still don’t understand that part.

As I’ve repeatedly mentioned in this review, Split was a captivating watch; seeing the movie with friends did nothing to dilute its thrill, and I recommend it to everyone. A sequel is already in the works, which is said to be connected to a movie that Split is sort of a sequel to (confusing?) The name is Glass, and it’s expected early 2019.

Oscar Pistorius’ Life Is Getting A Film At Lifetime

Yes, he is getting a movie, and it is titled, Oscar Pistorius: The Blade Killer. I dont know how exactly I feel about the title for now, but my rant is about how early the production is coming. The Pistorius story is a recent one; sad, if you ask me; and I feel it’s somewhat insensitive to makes film out of a sad story so soon. But then, Hollywood doesn’t really care.

Reeva and Oscar

The film will tell the story of Oscar Pistorius, dubbed the Blade Runner, his rise to fame as the first double leg amputee to parti ipate in the Olympics. It’ll also tell the story of his altercation with the law, as the chief suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The court proceedings will be shown, up to the point when Pistorius was found guilty of homicide.
For a film, this production will be marvelous, and intriguing to watch. Let’s see how it goes.

‘Men In Black’ Spinoff In The Works For A 2019 Release

One of the craziest franchises to come out of this millennium, Men In Black, hope to continue, though this time without Agents K and J made popular by stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. 

Will smith in MIB

Sony is prioritizing this spinoff, hoping to ride on the existence love of the franchise/universe. The studio has suffered so much loss in recent time from almost all their properties, including the Spiderman movies before Homecoming, hence the need to fall back on something that works. The new MIB movie, which hopefully will lead to a franchise of its own, will focus on the MIB organization on a global scale and not just in the US.

The movie is expected in summer 2019.

What do you think?

Rinzy Reviews ‘ScarFace’

​Release Date: December 9, 1983

Starring: Al Pacino, 

Rinzy’s Rating: 4.8/5


I’ve had the chance to watch this classic for a while now, but I didn’t, because I’m not a fan of nostalgic movies. Now, I wonder why I didn’t do so earlier; I do not regret the 2h50m I invested in it. Movie lead, Al Pacino, has had a very impressive career spanning over five decades, watching ‘Scarface’, which isn’t his best movie, further enlightened me on why his name has been synonymous with awesomeness.

‘Scarface’ tells the story of a young, ambitious Cuban man, Tony Montana, who’s given a green card to remain I  the US (Miami) in exchange for assasinatin a former Cuban government official at the request of Frank Lopez, a druglord. Don’t worry, that’s not the main plot of the movie. In the US, Tony hustles hard and smart and rises up the ladder in the cocaine business, killing anyone who stands in his way, and also making questioning decisions that lead to his inevitable downfall.

This movie is beautiful in many ways, most of all is the brilliant performance of Al Pacino. He gave Tony Montana somuch life that you tend to forget he’s the villain and beging to root for him to win. Tony portrays the various emotions befitting of the drama/ thriller nature of the movie; take for example his reaction during the scene where he visits his mother and sister for the first time in five years; his calm demeanor when his mama kicked him out of the house, or is it his harsh reaction when his right hand man and friend, Manny, takes and interest in his sister, these and many more further solidify Al as a solid choice for the role. This is a problem for whoever might get the opportunity to play the role in a future remake.

The major thing I’ll say that led to Tony’s downfall was his ambitiousness; yes, he was too ambitious, which on its own isn’t a bad thing, but add it to greed, lack of respect, and many more, and you’ll see why. Frank raised Tony from nothing; Tony on the other hand first insulted Frank the moment he started to lust after his woman, Elvira. The strain in their relationship worsened after Tony struck a selfish deal with druglord, Alejandro.

As Tony got wealthier, paranoia set in. That paints a picture of true life scenario that nothing’s ever enough. The greater he became, the nastier he got to everyone around him – Elvario, who he married after he killed Frank for betraying him; even to Manny; he didn’t trust even his shadow, which makes you question if it was all worth it. This kind of life he lived till the police got interested in him, and the rest they say is history.

I recommend this movie to be re-watched today, because it has got it all – action, adventure, skin, lesson(s) – it’s a master piece.