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‘The Wedding Party 2’ Arrives Cinemas Today!

I’ve been trailing reports from the Ebony Life camp concerning ‘The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai’ ever since the sequel was announced. Ever since I watched the trailer, my anticipation has reduced drastically (almost by half).
Because, like I said in my first article, the trailer makes the movie feel like a recap of the first one.

How would I know this?

It wouldn’t take a prophet to see. It’s more than obvious… characters with story arcs that ‘shouldn’t’ be continued, like Rosie’s obsession with Dozie and Saka’s ori-oke of Ekiti were conspicuously placed in the trailer.

I understand that the ‘powers that be’ want to retain the winning formula, but there’s a big difference between retaining the magic and repeating the action.

At the world premiere last Sunday (10/12/17), most of the casts were interviewed. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Banky W who plays Dozie said, and I rephrase, “everybody is the same, same old same old.”

Beverly Naya who plays Rosie said, and I rephrase, “Rosie is still after Dozie even though he’s married and expecting twins. Basically, she’s still the same.”

Frank Donga who plays Harrison said, and I quote, “You asked for it, we’ve brought it, the same but better. It’s for you all to enjoy.”
Three cast members basically telling em to dole out my cash to go watch the same movie probably because they increased the amount of familiar faces (like my sweet Patience Ozokwor).

The way this movie fares at the box office will teach me the finally lesson on the way the Nigerian movie market works, if the consumers like a repeat of the winning mojo of another side of the action.

– Rinzy Reviews.


‘House Of Cards’ To Resume Production On Its Sixth And Final Season

‘House of Cards’ to resume production on its sixth and final season early next month.
Following the needs of several sexual allegations levelled against lead Kevin Spacey, he was fired and the show’s production subsequently halted.

With this letter, we can rest again knowing production will resume shortly… without Spacey of course.

Here’s the letter.

Dear Cast and Crew,

As we move into the holidays, we want to express our appreciation for all of the meaningful messages of support we have received from you and want to update all of our loyal cast and crew on our progress and where things currently stand.

We continue to work with Netflix with the hope of resuming production soon. As we continue these discussions, we have determined together that the crew will be paid for an additional two week hiatus – beginning on November 27th and continuing through December 8th.

In addition to the writers, there will be a small contingency of office/accounting staff who will remain in the production office on a continuous basis. Our hope is that the entire crew will be able to reconvene when production resumes, but we want you to know that we will certainly understand if crew members need to find other work in the interim, which will prevent them from re-joining us. We sincerely appreciate all you have done.

Cast and other union members who are not actively working will be paid in accordance with applicable union guidelines through this period and we will be reaching out directly to your representatives to work through the details; we will get to everyone as quickly as possible and appreciate all of your patience here.

These last two months have tested and tried all of us in ways none of us could have foreseen. The one thing we have learned throughout this process is that this production is bigger than just one person and we could not be more proud to be associated with one of the most loyal and talented production cast and crews in this business.

We will provide an additional update by 12/8/17.

Thank you all.

Pauline Micelli

Kevin Spacey Replaced In ‘All The Money In The World’

News that broke out this morning is, Kevin Spacey’s been replaced by Christopher Plummer in the Ridley Scott’s movie, All The Money In The World, scheduled for a December release.

With the breakout of various sexual assault allegations against Spacey, so many things have gone wrong for him in the last one week since they began: Netflix and House of Cards sacked him and now this.

Report has it that Ridley Scott is willing to reshoot all scenes containing former lead, Spacey and replace them with Plummer, a move that’s been approved by the co-stars and financiers.

HollyWood’s Recent Sexual Misconduct Scandals

Hollywood is at a crucial stage in its existence now. An uprising, per say, where sexual predators are the latest victims. On Oct. 5th 2017, an article published by the New York Times would start the trend by condemning Harvey Weinstein for decades of sexual predatory acts against co-workers he’d encountered over the years of him being a boss. Many people had come out to support the article’s claim, pointing accusing fingers, these and many more have led to Harvey losing practically all he’d spent his lifetime achieving. Yesterday, he world woke up to the news of another sexual predator, this time, in the person of Kevin Spacey (of the ‘House of Cards’ fame). Spacey is being accused by a certain Anthony Rapp of sexual misconducts on him as a minor, an act Lobby alleges occurred 30 years ago when he was 14 y/o and Spacey 26 y/o. As it is now, Rapp has the sympathy of many Americans as can be deduced from Twitter’s reaction since yesterday, and the latest fallout in a case that’s been described as unsettling, is the unsurprising cancellation of ‘House of Cards’ by Netflix. The streaming powerhouse and everyone associated with Spacey would want to be at a reasonable distance from him as his life and career begins to fall apart – it’s called damage control.

Funny enough, Spacey, yesterday, issued a note of apology for what and might not have happened 30 years ago, he also used the opportunity to come out to the world as gay, but I don’t think that card is working now, things are looking to get continually worse for him.

I take one thing out of this recent mess in Hollywood, whatever you do today as you climb up the ladder, make sure to watch your back that it wouldn’t be enough to soil you in the future.

– The Summarizer.

I Honestly Fear For ‘The Wedding Party 2’

I fear for ‘The Wedding Party 2’ and it’s for a good cause. Expectations are here. People are too excited. December 15 seems so far. But, what if our systems have gotten too excited nothing can gauge it? What if the movie comes out and we feel it’s same as part one, only recycled and more foreigner? What if we get too vexed that we start to notice the flaws we purposely overlooked in the first installment? 

God forbid!

‘The Wedding Party 2’ official poster

​I enjoyed ‘The Wedding Party’ so much, that if a sequel would spoil the memory for me, I’d rather not watch.

A popular trend is that the second never gets to be quite as entertaining as the first, but that has never stopped studio execs from green lighting a sequel when the first gets so popular its now referred to as pop culture. ‘The Wedding Party’ is one of our own pop culture, original and Nigerian, something we seem to be lacking in the scene. Hopefully, it breaks the jinx of Hollywood, and starts something new and great for us here – the new Nollywood we call it – our new way of life. 

The teaser trailer released days ago has done exactly as intented – to get people pumped and tongues wagging – pockets also itching to spend enough money that another box office records is shattered. So many familiar faces, old and new to the franchise, a phenomenal way to build a brand that’ll last a lifetime. Ebony Life has got a goldmine in their hands.

The success of ‘The Wedding Party 2’ is crucial to the way the Nigerian cinematic movie culture improves, we may not know it until 2018 has aged properly, hopefully, gracefully too. Be thou as it may, I’m waiting for the day; that date; December 15, 2017. Mark your calendars, friends, Christmas this year just got litter.

– RR.

Oscar Pistorius’ Life Is Getting A Film At Lifetime

Yes, he is getting a movie, and it is titled, Oscar Pistorius: The Blade Killer. I dont know how exactly I feel about the title for now, but my rant is about how early the production is coming. The Pistorius story is a recent one; sad, if you ask me; and I feel it’s somewhat insensitive to makes film out of a sad story so soon. But then, Hollywood doesn’t really care.

Reeva and Oscar

The film will tell the story of Oscar Pistorius, dubbed the Blade Runner, his rise to fame as the first double leg amputee to parti ipate in the Olympics. It’ll also tell the story of his altercation with the law, as the chief suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The court proceedings will be shown, up to the point when Pistorius was found guilty of homicide.
For a film, this production will be marvelous, and intriguing to watch. Let’s see how it goes.