HTGAWM: The Show’s Having The Time Of Its Life

So much happened in last week’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder, S06E04, but I want to first talk about this guy, Solomon Vick, aka Papa Mikaela.

His world seems like something out of a TEDx conference, very different from what our favs have been living in. And I’m very excited about all the many possibilities his arrival promises for the show.

Then, there’s Annalise and her budding multiple love arcs. Tegan clearly has feelings her, she’s had it since last season, and now this guy I’ve forgotten his name, but this is his first episode on the show and I swear he’s got it got for Annalise, that’s if he isn’t faking it.

Clearly, Ms. Keating is at a point in her life (and storyline) where she’s once again conflicted about her sexuality, but time will tell who she settles with, that’s if either doesn’t betray her first.

Frank will be lucky to still be alive after that brutal beating. He deserves it though, going into that warehouse after Laurel like that was stupid.

I wonder what brings Ashur sister into town. And I also wonder if Connor will sleep with her to get back at Ashur for sleeping with his mom. I love a good pay back story 😁.

Oliver and Connor’s threesome: weird couple trying to spice up their marriage 😂.

Nate is crazy if he thinks he can snitch on Annalise and live to tell the tale. His death obviously beckons.

This was a good episode. A filler that didn’t feel like a filler, #Supernatural could learn on for two things. I really enjoyed it.

What did I miss? Tell me.

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Pearson: Jessica Headlines All The Mature Themes ‘Suits’ Couldn’t Handle

If Suits was the Hyde of USA’s law-side-TV-drama, then Pearson is definitely its Jekyll. This spinoff starring Gina Torres as the ever-formidable Jessica Pearson is very different from its parent show, and that’s not a bad thing.

Suits dealt with the kind of drama shrouding corporate law: with constant scheming in-and-out of courtrooms being its staple without the low-level consequence that’s well-known to the real world, but with Pearson we get a show that’s not afraid to get its hand dirty.

Within the space of ten episodes, Pearson’s been able to lend its voice to a whole lot of issues plaguing everyday society; gentrification, police brutality, bribery and corruption within the government, death by gun violence, crowd protests, you name it. In just one season this show’s been able to touch these conversations its predecessor shied away from not because it’s in a competition, but because it’s a whole, new, different, engaging entity. In Pearson, Gina Torres shows a side of Jessica we weren’t sure existed but still stays true to the character. Jessica’s vulnerabilities are more obvious than ever before, and that’s party because of the show’s Chicago setting, which is where she grew up. You know what they saw about home and what it does to you?

So, next time you or someone close to you wants to criticize this show for being different, make sure you remind them that different isn’t always bad. Pearson is good!

Rinzy’s Rating of Pearson season one: 3/5

All The Times ‘Suits’ Changed The Law Firm’s Name

Fans of Suits were no strangers to change of names during it’s run. It was almost like an every season tradition that makes you wonder, how does a real firm go through this many series of name-change and not tank?

To make it easier for those who’ve forgotten, here’s a list of all the times Suits changed the name of its beloved law firm.

1. Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke

When Jessica joined the firm this we’re the names on the wall, until she and Daniel Hardman usurped the balance because Charles Van Dyke who hired her did so on gender basis, not qualifications, and lied to her face about it.

2. Pearson Hardman

After winning with Jessica Pearson, Daniel Hardman grew a comfortable pair of balls and started stealing from the firm and framing Louis for it. Jessica got Harvey, who was relatively new and ambitious at the time to look into it. The secrets revealed Hardman had been stealing to impress his girlfriend all along.

3. Pearson

For his misdemeanors, Jessica had Hardman’s name off the wall, and for a while rode solo.

4. Pearson Darby

To scrub off the lasting scent of Hardman’s stench, Jessica married Edward Darby for his deep pockets. Well, that lack of romance went well for a while.

5. Pearson Darby Specter

Harvey was unhappy with Jessica’s meager with Darby, so he fought to have his name up there too.

6. Pearson Specter

It turned out Jessica set Darby up to fail from the very beginning; and when her plan finally revealed itself, Darby was back to his solo company, and Jessica and Harvey had the firm all to themselves for a while.

7. Pearson Specter Litt

Louis figured out Mike never attended or graduated from Havard Law, and leverage this info to strong-arm Jessica into publicly announcing him as name partner.

8. Specter Litt

After Jessica leaves for Chicago to have a more quiet life with more good in it, Harvey and Louis are forced to restructure and take down her name in the process.

9. Zane Specter Litt

Jessica’s long-time frenemy leaves Rand, Caldor & Zane to join Specter Litt. This gives them a better standing in the eye of the public following Mike’s trial and Jessica leaving.

10. Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams

When Robert joined the firm he brought Samantha with him. At first, she’s more trouble than good, but she eventually finds footing with the core team and like the ones before her, would trash anyone who stands in their way. This loyalty gets her to name partner within a short time, same as Williams.

The Lion King: Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Scar Is Just As Menacing As Jeremy Iron’s

Disney in all its glory and wisdom saw fit to give The Lion King, one of its most beloved animated classics the live-action treatment. And in its magnanimity, the mouse house retained most elements of the original, which I thought and still believe was the right move. Let’s be honest, The Lion King isn’t like Aladdin, you can’t just usurp the emotional impact of Mufasa’s death for cheap thrills or retcon Timon and Pumbaa meeting and raising Simba for the sake of having a twist, and not expect the whole world to riot. Not all intellectual properties are created equal, we made our peace with that a long time ago.

Save for James Earl Jones, the cast of The Lion King is entirely new. It’s no shocker why director Jon Favreau decided to bring back JEJ: his voice is surreal, mysterious, yet soothing, and definitely one of the best in the industry. The decision to bring him back was welcomed by millions of fans all around the world and definitely aided in convincing some indifferent fans to go see the movie, which currently has $1.629B attached to its name at the box office.

The only casting decision to rival Mufasa’s was the announcement of 12 Years A Slave Star, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mufasa’s conniving younger brother Scar. The British-born actor of Nigerian descent had really big shoes to fill. Jeremy Iron had done such a good job with Scar in the animated movie a lot of diehard aficionados would’ve preferred Disney to give him the same treatment as James Early Jones, but if ever there was a shroud of doubt in them going into the movie, Ejiofor definitely slashed it the moment he made his first appearance, at least by half.

The scene with Mufasa in the cave is frightening, exciting, and riddled with nostalgia. Chiwetel Ejiofor’s ability to capture and relate the essence of Scar’s being, fragile relationship and resentment of his big brother within few minutes of screen time is highly commendable. I found myself yelling “yeah, that’s my Scar!”

There have been complaints of Ejiofor’s voice not being menacing enough as Scar, but I think it’s just perfect. He puts his own spin to the character, coupled with the character’s distinct, more-realistic look, he owned the role, and that’s a win for me!

Sorry, Jeremy Irons, but Chiwetel Ejiofor’s my Scar now 😌.

Rinzy’s Rating of The Lion King (2019): 3.5/5

Directed By: Jon Favreau

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Rinzy Reviews ‘Child’s Play’ (2019)

Release Date: June 20

Starring: Mark Hamill, Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman, et al.

Kids born in the ’90s and 2000s loved to hate Chucky. The deadly toy was infamously known for stalking its hapless victims, asking if they wanted to play, before proceeding to slice them open. So popular was the first Chucky movie that it went on to inspire countless sequels and spinoffs. Child’s Play is the latest in this very long list, and the question on most people’s lips is if this reboot is anything like the first one?

Well, almost nothing ever beats the first one in movies, it’s just the way it’s been. Child Play is no exception to this rule. But it does reinvent a lot of the old tropes of the franchise into themes relevant to our current clime. For starters, this Chucky isn’t the product of a voodoo practitioner or some lightning and thunderstorm, but instead, a malfunctioned doll capable of synching with multiple devices. Just think of it like Siri sitting on the store shelf, waiting for children to own it. Most of the voodoo-kind-of-trick come from this Buddi doll’s seamless ability to hack all forms of electronics, even cars, which I thought was cool in away.

As always, this Chucky too massacres in pretty brutal ways; there’s the time he splits the creepy janitor guy in half and the other time when he delivers a decapitated head to Andy to show his devotion (that was my favorite 😌), this Chucky kills for sport and that’s spot-on for the character.

For all the ways Child’s Play dares to be different those are the many ways I like it.

Rinzy’s Rating: 2.5

Directed By: Lars Klevberg

Rinzy Reviews ‘Toy Story 4’ (2019)

Release Date: June 20

Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Keanu Reeves, Christiana Hendrick,

Toy Story 4 is more beautiful than you’d have imagined a fourth entry in a franchise to be. It’s terrific as a standalone, and even more terrific if you factor in that possible ending to a 24-year-old property. Quite emotional.

Here’s to Woody (Tom Hank), Buzz light-year (Tim Allen), and all the amazing characters that’ve been there for kids all over the world a little over a decade and a half, 🍷.

When Toy Story 3 closed out the trilogy in 2010, I was satisfied with the way it ended; Andy gives his precious toys to Bonnie and leaves for college. Understandably when a new one got announced I was nervous, angry even, “who wanted to soil my beloved childhood memories?” I asked no one in particular; everything about this sequel felt like another episode in Hollywood’s grand cash grab scheme. But on finally seeing the full movie I had to admit, Disney’s Pixar’s still got the sauce. Toy Story 4 is everything I hoped it’ll be and more. It gave us the annoyingly adorable Forky 🍴.

Forky likes trash. And I’m like, WHAT?! Walt Disney must be losing it 😂😂😂. But it all makes sense is that he was made of trash, just like we humans and the creation story. ‘From dust we came and to dust we return’, something along that line.

Woody has always been the model toy, the one with the understanding that it lives only to serve and to serve he wants. But Bonnie won’t let him. Like some people, she’s grown tired of his face and in between her kindergarten stage grief makes a new toy – Trashy.

Trashy doesn’t understand his purpose or even wants to, all he seeks is the warmth and comfort of the trash can. That changes when Woody helps him realize he’s Bonnie’s trash, and that sets them both on the path of adventure, crossing hairs with the villainous yet adorable Gabby Gabby whose reason for villainy is justified and leaves you sympathizing with her plight, and Bo-Peep, Woody’s long-time friend and love interest.

I love how this movie doesn’t focus on the established group but instead introduces new, exciting toys to fill the narrative and new locations to fuel the adventure. At the end of the movie, Woody leaves the group to stay back with Bo-Peep, and though it might seem like the end to a long-time franchise, it does open doors for new possibilities.

I stan Toy Story 4 very hard because it’s a good movie and not just for nostalgia’s sake because let’s be honest, we’ll all miss it.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Josh Cooley

Rinzy Reviews ‘Undone’ (2019)

Release Date:

Network: Amazon Prime

Starring: Rosa Salazar, Siddharth Dhananjay, Angelique Cabral, Bob Odernirk, et al.

Undone is a beautiful show. A fresh of breath air.
Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy, two of the minds behind Netflix’s brilliant BoJack Horseman, are the creators of Undone. But this is different from the former. It’s not everyday you see an animated show that looks like live-action at the same time, something called rotoscoping. Actually, Undone’s made history by being the first serialized show to actually feature this technique. Isn’t that great?

We’re quickly introduced to our dysfunctional protagonist Alma (Rosa Salazar), a daycare employee in a weird relationship with her boyfriend Sam (Siddharth Dhananjay). Her younger sister Becca (Angelique Cabral) is about to get married but she doesn’t feel bad about it. Alma breaks up with Sam and gets into an argument with Becca just before getting into an accident, which marks the beginning of visions of her father and the story proper.

Undone’s plot is hopeful and simple, and it works its way quickly to an even more hopeful finale. It’s a story about family, sacrifices, and responsibility mashed together with the ever jeering element of time-travel.

Much of what Undone did this first season is mostly setup for other seasons, it opens the door to endless possibilities in this universe. Time-travel is possible, and bringing the dead back to life is also possible, if this isn’t the kind of show that brings sweet chill to your body, what is?

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5

Rinzy Reviews ‘Someone Great’ (2019)

Release Date: April 19

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise, Britney Snow, Lakeith Stanfield, et al.

Netflix’s Someone Great is a great advocate of female friendship, something that isn’t really seen in Hollywood. Even rarer is the awesome main plot about the main character dealing with a devastating break up, that’s somehow handled really well.

Dumped by her long-term boyfriend, a music journalist recruits her two best friends for one last outrageous adventure in New York City before she moves to San Francisco.

If you’ve ever had to breakup with someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with, you already know how painful that is. For Jenny and Nate, the end of the road has come. They were near-perfect for each other, until the workload started coming and thoughts about rising up the career ladder began to drive a wedge between o these calls.

Someone Great is a movie about love. Love in the purest sense, the kind that steams from friendship. Jenny’s (Gina Rodriguez) friends will go the extra mile to ensure she survived a very nasty breakup, and that’s exactly how friendship should be. It’s this very simple thing that makes me love this movie greatly.

Rinzy’s Rating: 3/5

Directed By: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Power: Tasha Wants To Teach Tariq The Drug Game

Tasha has to be the world’s coolest mom now, right? Imagine how the world would be if every mother out there gave into their innermost yearning to see their child happy by giving them exactly what they wanted irrespective of its legality in the country and the child’s soul?

I guess you’re cringing right about now, but that’s exactly what Tasha just agreed to do with Riq in last week’s episode (S06E07). She’s promising to make him better than Ghost ever was, and I just can’t deal.

I can’t even figure out where Tasha learnt the game that much. Yeah, I know the show keeps talking about how good she, Ghost, and Kanan were back in the days, but they’ve also done a poor job making her a believable Drug Lord-ess as much as they did with the other top-guns in the Power-verse.

There’s reports about a Power spin-off in the works, maybe this is how they intend to carry on the show’s legacy, with Tariq St. Patrick. Poor choice if you ask me because people will never learn to love this kid even if he goes full-blown gangstar and has all the juicy TV sex in the world like his father.

It’s a lost cause Courteny Kemp. Abort!