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‘Gotham’ Finally Unveils Its Batman

After five years spent watching Fox’s extra dark take on the origin of the dark knight and the most elite members of his infamous rogue gallery, we finally get to see Bruce Wayne unveiled as Batman.

Just like with Smallville, years back, we watched how Bruce went from young naive kid through various tests and trials into the caped crusader, protector of Gotham city.

Bruce Wayne (as played by David Mazouz) went from dorky, defenseless boy to mean-faced, unwilling disciple of Ras Al Ghul in season three of the show. Anyone familiar with Batman lore knows that the immortal Ras and his League of Assassins plays a pivotal role in modelling young Bruce into the guardian Gotham so desperately needs. This, coupled with the fact that at the end of the penultimate episode Bruce leaves the city for further training in an unspecified place, only to return 10 years later, fully formed as the Bats.

Though a different actor plays the character, we get to see Gotham’s take on the beloved dark knight, and I think it was decent.

Take a look and judge for yourself:

In the same vain that Bruce became Batman, his existing rogues, such as fan favorites – Ed, Nygma and Selina – became more accurate versions of their comic book counterparts as The Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman. Even the Joker wasn’t left out, as Jeremiah Valaske wholeheartedly took on the mantle.

One thing I liked about Gotham during its run was the consistency with its story telling; it might have been the most popular shows o air, but it knew what it was doing, and we’re it was going. And might be fondly remembered for ending right.


How To Download From

O2TVSeries is an interesting site. It provides a relatively easy platform to access and download popular TV shows in various qualities ranging from low 3gp to HD mp4. It’s quite thrifty, data wise, and has gained immense popularity around the world.

Now, here’s how to download from the popular in simple steps:

1) Type into your browse URL.

2) Scroll up, and select from the list of TV shows using the first character. You can see they’re grouped alphabetically. Here, I selected D-E-F.

3) If the show you’re searching for isn’t displayed on the first page click on page 2 and so on.

4) When you find the show you’re searching for click on it. Ignore the ads, scroll down, and select your desired season.

5) Select your desired episode.

6) Select your desired video quality (format).

7) Input the captcha; click continue to download, and watch your desire episode load itself into your device.

Pretty simple. If you’ve got more questions, don’t fail to ask I the comment box below.

Let Me Tell You What Will Happen On ‘Game Of Thrones’ This Final Season

Let me tell you what will happen on GOT this season:

Disclaimer: I wrote this before season 8 premiered.

We all know the wall is down, thanks to an undead Viserion. What we don’t know is that because living Viserion had a telepathic link with Daenerys Baby girl Targaryan, this livid version of the dragon is still connected to her and (plot twist) also connected to The Night King (TNK).

What this means is that, through Viserion, Dany and TNK are one in the head.

We all know how TNK hasn’t yet said a word on the show? That’s about to change. Guess who he’ll first speak to? (Shocker) A naked Dany. He’ll be pestering her, trying to get her to talk, until he reveals himself to her while she’s having a bath at Winterfell.

Jon is out trying to safeguard the North.

Jorah is outside her door, still hoping she changes her mind else he truly becomes Batman.

And Daario is still in Meerin waiting for her to call him to come to Westeros.

So, TNK bargains for Dany to have sex with him in exchange for saving the rest of the living.

She thinks it, it’s a no-brainer. After all, she’s done it with a Dothraki, a seven son, even a bastard; why not add an iced d*ck man to that list.

Your guess is as good as mine if that singular act saved the entire world from extinction; after all, she’s been called the most beautiful woman in all of Westeros.

This Is Us: Beth and Randal Pearson Are Still Together!

This year, I don’t think I’ve been as happy as I was the moment I found out RnB (the internet name for Randal and Beth) never got divorced.

With the introduction of the flashforward timeline at the start of the just concluded third season, I’ve held my heart in my mouth this entire time thinking the worst has truly come for one of TV’s most perfect couple of all time. Luckily, for me (and many) it happened to be a case of the network baiting us all along… Another period in a married couple’s life, and that they were able to work out their differences.

This Is us isn’t a supernatural show, so I’m sure RnB’s future is set in stone; and there shall be no surprise, last minute changes to their marital status. They’re safe.

The season three finale did reveal a whole lot of interesting stuff about the rest of the Pearsons – like Rebecca living a very long life, enough to see her grandchildren, possible great-grandchildren, and even Kevin’s child (shocking! 🤣). The cliffhanger about the state of her health isn’t much of a cliffhanger to me; I believe she’s had a great time, more than most people would ever ask for.

Are you happy Beth and Randal were able to fix most of their problems at last? Do tell.

Rinzy Reviews ‘Happy Death Day 2 U’ (2019)

Release Date: February 13

Starring: Jessica Routhe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Phi Vu, et al.


When the first Happy Deathday movie was released in 2017, I thought it a beautiful entry into the slasher movie genre. It was beautiful, and everything I needed at that time. This sequel, as all other movies bearing the tag, had the burden of surpassing the first in entertainment value, and I think that self-consciousness is where it went a tad wrong.

Whereas Happy Deathday was a slasher/comedy movie, Happy Deathday 2 U ventures into the realms of SciFi; using it to explain the reason why main character, Tree, is stuck in a ‘Groundhog Day’. Almost everything you know about this universe from the first movie, including who’s behind the mask, is useless in this one as the writers try to be creative in spinning the story around, a move I really applaud.

Happy Deathday 2 U wouldn’t be winning awards for 2019 Best Picture, buy it take risks in its sometimes bonker story that actually works; and for that I consider it a good sequel. It’s entertaining, albeit on a whole different level from the first one.

Directed By: Christopher Landon

Rinzy’s Rating: 3/5

Rinzy Reviews ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ (2018)

Release Date: December 25

Starring: Stephan James, Kiki Layne, Regina King, et al.


The first trailer for If Beale Street Could Talk left me enthralled. How it raked in award-after-award even without hitting the cinemas stirred up a hunger in me, the kind I haven’t experienced for a movie in recent time.

Based on the hit novel of the same name, this movie, set in early ’70s Harlem, tells the story of daughter and wife-to-be Tish as she vividly recalls the passion, respect and trust that have connected her and her artist fiancé Alonzo Hunt, who goes by the nickname Fonny. Friends since childhood, the devoted couple dream of a future together, but their plans are derailed when Fonny is arrested for a crime he did not commit. With the help of her family, Tish seeks to clear Fonny’s name before the birth of their child.

The story is a love story between a guy and a lady, and also between parents and their children. It’s also about racism, corrupt police practises, and the importance of having unconditional love and devotion in times of trouble. All these themes are very relevant today.

The movie is beautiful written, and the direction’s even more awesome, Barry Jenkins continues to deliver one amazing work after another. My favorite scene is easily the first sex scene. It clearly depicts all the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with two people in love baring their body and soul to each other for the the first time. The scene is deliberately longer than what many have come to expect from sex in films, but that’s what makes it even more special.

The choreography and lightening is also good. And the acting is perfect… Regina Kings 😍!

One aspect I felt lacking was in the depiction of the glories of the ’70s. This movie didn’t win any award for set and props because it wasn’t part of the story set out to be told in the beginning, and that’s very okay. The set is believable but doesn’t go out of its way to impress.

The chemistry between leads Stephan and Kiki is superb. It’s evident from the very first time I laid my eyes on them. And that chemistry is what made their sex scenes (mentioned earlier) very believable.

Side notes

1 Stephan James looks so much like Russell Hornsby of ‘Grimm’ fame, and Kiki Layne like Rutina Wesley of ‘True Blood’ fame. If both are cast as younger versions of these actors, they’d fit so well.

2 The ending of the movie is sad. Why’d it have to end that way. 😥

Directed by: Barry Jenkins

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5

Rinzy Reviews ‘Carmen Sandiego’ Season One (2019)

Release Date: January 18

Network: Netflix

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, Finn Wolfhard, Rita Moreno, Kimiko Glenn, et al.


Carmen Sandiego is one property that’s been around for a long time now, but might not be as popular as some of its counterparts age-wise. Thanks to Netflix, this status is sure to change.

Who is Carmen Sandiego?

A mischievous orphan who enrolls into V.I.L.E. academy – a school for thieves. It doesn’t take her long to discover she doesn’t belong there. Subsequently, she leaves, and soon starts to mastermind ways to take stop the evil organization from causing more harm’s worldwide.

The nine thirty-minutes episodes of the season addresses this issue in a back-and-forth manner that mostly gives educative exposition to the nefarious activities of V.I.L.E.

The show doesn’t do much to keep you invested storywise; but what it fails in that angle it makes up for with good animation and idiosyncratic characters like Detective

It’s educative and witty: perfect combo for kids and adults.

Rinzy’s Rating: 3/5