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Hollow vs Hope: The inevitable battle

I give it to The Originals: though this season has been a slow-burner it’s been building better towards the inevitable showdown of good vs evil, in this case Hope vs The Hollow. The Hollow has been shown to be a very powerful foe, not yet formidable but very powerful, and as she’s a child there’s only one child in the whole of New Orleans whom we know has the power to match hers – Hope Mikelson. Yes, daddy Klaus will be so proud his daughter would soon be knocking off teeth and chopping heads off.

Hope Mikelson

The Hollow is deadly but time will tell what other trick she has up her powerful sleeve.

Sign of The Hollow

Once Upon a Time: Moving Forward.

In all honesty the quality of ABC’s hit fantasy show based on popular Disney characters, Once Upon a Time has waned over time. In its earlier seasons (specifically, 1 – 4) it was a real delight to watch, and somewhere within season 5 it started to become a bore. Season 6 was mostly boring.

So, what went wrong? How does a series with fantastical elements suddenly become boring? We’re going to discuss some reasons we feel caused it, and how hopeful we are that moving forward with its plan of soft reboot the series can find its feet again.

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A large percentage of the public happen to enjoy love even in the most fantastical of stories. Do not get me wrong before I even land; I understand OUAT is built on the foundation that love is the greatest magic there is (recall season one’s finale). But, as at then love was used for specific purpose. Now, love is everywhere: if it isn’t Snow an Charming, it is Emma and Hook, Henry and Violet, Rumple and Belle, Regina and Robin, or even Aladdin and Jasmine. All these pair ups make the story look like child’s play. I do hope it’s something that’ll be taken into consideration as the series reboots itself. Enough with the excessive pairing.


Yes! Wicked is sweet, but evil is greater. This is OUAT, as established in the series’ lore, there’s no light without darkness and as such every hero must have a worthy villain, and none has proven more worthy than the deadly duo, Regina aka The Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin; these two are a delight to watch in their evil ways. As the series progressed Regina and Rumpel kept getting closer and closer to the light and doing what is right, which in my opinion damaged their characterizations even though it helped the humanity of their characters.  Part of what made the series epic in the first place was the unpredictability of both as wonderfully played by both actors, Lana Parilla and Robert Carlye respectively. So, bring back the evil producers… we want it!


If you paid attention you’d realize I meant in the point above, Regina and Rumpel remain as recurring villains, that would leave room for a worthy villain of the season. This would be an informed choice as whoever gets to be the hero of the season would have his/her hands filled. The villain would have to go to the land of villainy and learn what made all the ones before him/her awesome. I recommend visiting the universe of Arrow to learn from Prometheus). Haha!

Regina and Rumpel


This doesn’t always work, but more often than not it makes things better. If the idea of 22 episodes for a season has become more of a curse than blessing in terms of story telling, the season can be pruned, fillers reduced to the barest minimum and a more captivating story told.


This is a personal opinion. I couldn’t have felt happier the day I saw the news that Actress, Jenifer Morrison was leaving OUAT. I felt the series would get better. The day I saw the news that the show was going for a soft reboot instead of a sequel season, I knew the savior has arrived for the ABC’s hit TV show (pun intended). I don’t really know if my pseudo-dislike for Emma is as a result of her characterization or the actress. I watched Jenifer in How I Met Your Mother and I loved her there; so… Be thou as it may, I feel keeping Emma’s appearance to the barest minimum will be in the advantage of this soft reboot.

What do you think about my list? Let me hear what you think in the comment box below.

Family tree in OUAT

What is behind Elijah’s Red-door?

I believe it’s safe to say one of the main plots of last night’s episode of The Originals (S4 E10) was the inclusion of Elijah’s infamous Red-door. If you’ve been following the TO/TVD universe since inception you must have heard about this door. The quest to defeat The Hollow aside, our favorite family spent the entirely episode trying to rescue Elijah’s fractured mind inside Freya’s pendant to be able to bring him back to life at a later date. At Hayley’s turn inside Elijah’s head (after Freya’s failed attempt), the Red-door appeared. The version of Elijah in his other memories kept fading away at every point of trying to make contact, but the one of the Red-door remained. This version of Elijah was a monster; the kind of monster Esther explained her son truly was. And Hayley experienced the full terror.

Elijah Mikelson

Behind that door is carnage, death, bloodlust, and destruction. Elijah was indeed a monster. It took the intervention of Hope to break Elijah out of his trance like state. This action sort of corrected his fractured mind, keeping him safe for whenever Freya would be ready to pull him out.
Personally, I’m at a crossroad deciding what to make of the direction TO has taken Elijah as a character this season. It isn’t hard to realize that Klaus and Elijah have sort of swapped places in terms of impulse and response to situations. I understand it’s for the reason to further the overall story-arc of Klaus’ redemption relating to his daughter Hope, but Elijah has always been the heart of the Original family and now watching him delve further into the rabbit hole simply because the writers want a monster to replace Klaus hurts me. I’ve always known Elijah was the greater monster of both Mikelsons but watching it play out hurts.

With three episodes to go for this season it’ll be hard to imagine Elijah will sit out the rest of the action, especially now Kol has involuntarily taken side with The Hollow to save his dear Davina.

The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.

The Widow vs Tilda

AMC’s Into The Badlands was one of the new shows of 2015 that had in it surprisingly fresh breath. It came as no surprise when fans clamoured heavily for the return of the show that put martial art at the forefront once again. With so many compelling characters it’s difficult to decide on which to love exceedingly. Fortunately or so, today our attention is on The Widow and her household.

The Widow (Minerva) has been one woman who’s fierce and a perfect example of what women strength should be. So fierce is her resolve to do things right by her believe and all she holds strong that she’s ready to sacrifice whatever it is that stands in the way of this dream – including the daughter we all thought was her all in all. 

Tilda has been an echo of confusion this season. Her allegiance to the Widow shown to be shaky from the very beginning of the season, culminating with the various inputs she’s been getting from various sources, including her new female love interest.

Next episode should reveal how much of damage their confrontation has cause to The Widow’s cause.

Supernatural has indeed lost its way.

In the year 2005, a TV show was borne. it brought with it a promise – one that assured quality entertainment. After 12 years it’s still on air: a feat so rare. That’s the tale of Supernatural, a show 7 seasons past what its creator envisioned.

Recently I binge watched the show again, from its pilot episode to the most recent, and I couldn’t help but notice that Supernatural’s way pass its glorious days. I echo what I said in my previous post here, it is time to take a bow.

Over the years a lot of big bads have come and gone with their own motivations, from Azazel the yellow eyed demon wanting an army, The Leviathians wanting a constant food supply, Lucifer and the apocalypse, Metatron wanting Heaven all to himself, etc., Supernatural has always been one of the best place to meet memorable villains. My suspisions that the series had neared its end began when season 11 premeiered and revealed the Darkness as the big bad; I knew there was no way God wouldn’t make an appearance. And I also thought, what could be bigger than an epic battle of God vs The Darkness. I must say season 11’s culmination was a dissapointment, and whatever powers that be that wanted Supernatural to continue made the worst decision possible.

Season 12 has been all over the place. It wasn’t able to decide exactly what it wanted to be in the wake of the epic disaster it sort of was last season finale. Not even the surprise return of Mary Winchester (whom no one actually wanted) could salvage whatever dignity this series has left. The British men of letters were introduced earlier on as foes (which I thought smart), then they became allies (sort of), then foes again; hope you’re beginning to understand why I say they’re all over the place. I understanding from the finale’s trailer that they’re allies once again, to take down Lucifer.

 Yes, you heard right, Lucifer. Lucy is still alive and very much around. I agree Mark Pellegrino’s portrayal of the character is one of a kind, but it has been stretched to its limits. I don’t think the character is as appealing as it used to be. And to think that he’s been served to us as the big bad again shows the writers dwindling  creativty. They told us Lucifer impregnated a woman and all his motivatioj this season has been to watch his nephilim child born into this world to follow in daddy’s footstep. Hmmm!

Supernatural has already been renewed for a 13th season, which makes me all but wonder when this torture is going to end. Jensen Ackles (Dean)  and Jared Padalecki (Sam) along with the other talented casts need something more challenging to throw in their expertise. Supernatural is a sinking ship, the faster they get off board the better what’s left of its good old days will be preserved.

Supernatural returns for its final season this Friday on The CW.

So Far This Season: The Originals

So last week we didn’t get a mee episode for The Originals. Very sad. But on the bright side, we get to talk about the season.

So far so good:

For a season truncated to thirteen episodes, the pacing has been fair. There’s just one big bad (I think), and were almost half way through the season, yet, the identity and true motive of The Hollow still eludes us. In fact, more treachery and hidden agendas of supposed players are still being revealed. I’m talking about Marcel’s new love interest with a vendetta against Klaus.

I don’t get why Rebecca and Kol entering and leaving per season. For goodness’ sake, this is The Originals, and not Klaus, Elijah and Hayley’s diary. If Cami and Davina hadn’t being given the mercy killing they’d have also made the list of eponymous diaries which is frustrating because I want me some more Originals, and not wannabes. I want Mikael (which has happened for half an episode), I want Esther, even Dahlia. I want everyone except Finn (unless he’s possessing Vincent again).

And talking about Finn. I thought the show wanted to give him a love interest; its been years since Eva left him for the darkness of the Hollow, and I’m certain he has needs. The needful should be done ASAP. I don’t really like Maxine, but if it’ll stop him from being a tertiary monk, I support 100%. Here’s me hoping the show does the needful.

As for Freya and her new catch, all I’ll say is, let’s see where it goes.

The intrigue behind the Hollow’s mystery has been refreshing to follow, but each time I remember we’re few episodes to the season finale I get understandably uneasy. I want to see heads roll, vampires get staked, witches burnt at the stake, and werewolves cursed to remain in wolf form. I want all the joyous chaos and sharp twists The Originals is revered for.


The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.

RR Recommended: Prison Break

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Original air date: 2005 – 2009

Seasons: 4 (81 episodes)

Episode duration: 42 mins

Network: Fox

Cast: Wentworth Millar, Dominic Purcell, Wade Williams, Robin Tunney, etc.

For those who didn’t watch the hit TV series – Prison Break when it was the only thing to watch (I included), here’s the opportunity to do so. Over the last week I’ve been binge-watching Prison Break with each opportunity I can afford to, and here are reasons why you should.

1. It is an evergreen show

Few shows stand the test of time, and Prison Break is one of such which has proven itself. With a production quality that can rival most series of this time, after 12 years of its pilot’s original air it is still the in-thing.


2. It has captivating characters and wonderful actors.

The characters are simply wonderful, from Michael Scofield, T-bag, the shady DSS agents, everyone is beautiful written and powerfully executed by wonderful actors.

Prison Break - Season_1_Main_Cast.jpg
Prison Break season one main cast.


3. All the episodes are available for download or streaming.

For those who like to binge-watch, Prison Break has all its episodes available for your viewing glory.


4. It is interesting.

So far, I haven’t had a dull moment, every episode just pulls you further in as you watch.


5. A sequel is airing this year.

If you’re the type that likes to follow up on shoes are episodes are released, Prison Break is returning for a 5th season, continuing the story-line from where it left of in 2009. Most of the principal casts are returning.

Prison Break s5.jpg
Prison Break returns April 4, 2017.