So Far This Season: The Originals

So last week we didn’t get a mee episode for The Originals. Very sad. But on the bright side, we get to talk about the season.

So far so good:

For a season truncated to thirteen episodes, the pacing has been fair. There’s just one big bad (I think), and were almost half way through the season, yet, the identity and true motive of The Hollow still eludes us. In fact, more treachery and hidden agendas of supposed players are still being revealed. I’m talking about Marcel’s new love interest with a vendetta against Klaus.

I don’t get why Rebecca and Kol entering and leaving per season. For goodness’ sake, this is The Originals, and not Klaus, Elijah and Hayley’s diary. If Cami and Davina hadn’t being given the mercy killing they’d have also made the list of eponymous diaries which is frustrating because I want me some more Originals, and not wannabes. I want Mikael (which has happened for half an episode), I want Esther, even Dahlia. I want everyone except Finn (unless he’s possessing Vincent again).

And talking about Finn. I thought the show wanted to give him a love interest; its been years since Eva left him for the darkness of the Hollow, and I’m certain he has needs. The needful should be done ASAP. I don’t really like Maxine, but if it’ll stop him from being a tertiary monk, I support 100%. Here’s me hoping the show does the needful.

As for Freya and her new catch, all I’ll say is, let’s see where it goes.

The intrigue behind the Hollow’s mystery has been refreshing to follow, but each time I remember we’re few episodes to the season finale I get understandably uneasy. I want to see heads roll, vampires get staked, witches burnt at the stake, and werewolves cursed to remain in wolf form. I want all the joyous chaos and sharp twists The Originals is revered for.


The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.

Rinzy Reviews: Preacher (S1)

There’s a Preacher in town doing marvelous things. His name is Jesse Castor, and he isn’t the Christ.

Original Network: AMC

Episodes Duration: 55 mins

Starring: Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, etc.

Rinzy’s Ratings: 4/5


For long time fans of the Preacher comics, the news that it was going to be produced end into a live action TV show must have been good news. For others (like myself) who knew nothing about it until we tuned in for the first episode, we are hooked. I did a little research and learnt that this first season is more like a prequel to all the badass actions and adventures known by its comic fans. This means there’s more adventure to look forward to.

Jesse Castor is not everyday bad boy. An example of one who lives his roots at the village for greener pastures, only to return to his roots to fulfil his father’s dying wish. The best way Jesse knew to do this was by becoming what the town needed most at that time, a Preacher to tell all their sad tales and confide in. Something made Jesse extra special, so special that an entity, a weird force that caused many other preachers around the world (including Tom Cruise) to explode on possession of their body. This entity (known as Genesis) gave Jesse a gift – a twisted means of compelling people to exert the deepest part of their freewill, as could be seen from Mr. Odin Quincanon deviant behaviour after Jesse commands him to serve God.

Jesse has sidekicks:

  • Tulip – A lady from his past with whom he has a sort of on/off relationship.
  • Cassidy – An Irish vampire who’s on the run from people of his own.

With these two around (especially Cassidy) Jesse’s life gets extra interesting. There are also Angels after him, to recover Genesis from its host. Jesse learns of the actual existence of God, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Sapphires, and the existence of other ethereal beings. Jesse is of the believe that Genesis possessing him is for a greater purpose, one of God’s orchestration.

Preacher full cast.jpg
Preacher’s full cast.

Tulip, though unwilling at first to allow Jesse’s resolve to live as a preacher slide, she learns to accept that the Jesse she knows might just be gone, and just moves with the tide with hope that he might one day come back to his senses.

Moving on, especially as we await the next season, Jesse has a lot of things to look out for:

  • God’s whereabout.
  • Eugene’s whereabout – A boy who Jesse unwittingly sent to Hell
  • The Devil of Hell – He was contracted by the Angels after Genesis.

The story is far from over. To me, Preacher is just getting started.

Tv review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S04 E18) 

As usual, AoS continues to intrigue me this season. There’s nothing scarier than a bloody robot pulling all the strings.

Fitz continued to torture Daisy, and the moment he appears to be undergoing a form of metamorphosis, we’re shown his anchor to this fake reality – His father. Aida corrected Fitz’s greatest regret which also doubles as his greatest undoing. As though killing Agnes wasn’t enough, strongly advocating for the demise of his former colleagues puts him high on the list of bad guys to ever grace AoS.

Jeffrey Mace, Grant Ward, and Could on go on a mission with the aid of intel to rescue a S.H.I.E.L.D. under captive. The agent turned out to be Tripp, who we last saw in S02 during the advent of Terrigenesis and Inhumans.

The squad lost a warrior today, in the person of Jeffrey Mace: The Patriot. He died trying to save children. His death did have a greener side to it. His death snapped May back to reality, and she in turn activated Daisy’s terrigenesis into an Inhuman while still in Hydra’s hospitality.

An old element had a reintroduction in this episode; the steroid Daisy’s father used in S02 for his strength into Mr. Hyde. I liked the callback. The steroid was used by May to stand up against Mace’s natural strength as the Patriot.

AoS airs Tuesdays on ABC.

The Originals (S04 E05)

The Hollow is.coming for y’all.

After the epic close to last week’s episode, this one was well anticipated. As seen, Klaus and Marcel were infected by the Hollow, the only difference was in how each man fought off its effect.

Klaus, ever the tough bastard, he first brought in the high resistance needed to fight off the Hollow in the form of Mikael (yes, Sebastian Roche makes an appearance as Papa Mickelson). Klaus’ resistance pays off until the Hollow proves to him that it is no child’s play, by messing with his head, showing him images of people he loves dead and also threatening him with the one thing Klaus loves the most – Hope.

Marcel on the other hand confessed to his not-so trustworthy girlfriend that he believes himself infected by the Hollow. Come to think of it, Marcel’s lover’s back story hasn’t been addressed yet. I have a feeling the wait will soon be over. After consultations with a witch on recommendation, Marcel proves himself to be the stronger one against the Hollow’s effect in the forms of Klaus and Elijah. This toughness starts to fade during the confrontation with Klaus, because Klaus refuses to exercise chill.

The Hollow does want both super powerful beings dead, for their supernatural strengths (magic). Klaus figures this out, and spares Marcel’s life.

Klaus is only able to spare Marcel because he now has a means to kill him, courtesy of Freya. Freya has proven herself too resourceful, and she has her former captive, Keelin the Wolf-girl to thank for her efficiency. At this point, I don’t doubt both ladies are going to end up together, the chemistry and sexual tension is undeniable. I do have a problem with how Freya, who’s obviously straight would suddenly turn gay without reasonable time for whatever hate she once felt to bloosom into friendship and then intimacy.

At the end of the episode, the Hollow is once again stalled from its return to earth. A lot of new information are revealed, including how the Hollow’s responsible for Hayley’s parents and extended family’s deaths. This opens the story to a whole new possibility, including why it might be after Hope. The Hollow’s appearance is also revealed to be as a result of Davina destroying the spirit world in season 3; meaning the Hollow has had five years to manipulate people towards its imminent release this season. 

One more thing, Marcel’s girlfriend is finally revealed to be in service of the Hollow, as she plans her revenge against Klaus for a crime we haven’t been let into yet. I’ve always been of the opinion that The Originals’ 1000 years history makes the possibilities of enemies endless. I’d love to see how her revenge plot goes from here, especially as the Hollow has rewarded her and the witches’ service with a crown of thorns: one scratch can kill an Original.

 The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.

Rinzy Reviews: Taboo (season one)

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5
Original Network: BBC One, FX.
Original Air-date: Jan. 7 – Mar.


Taboo is everything a TV series should be; dark, mysterious, captivating. Tom Hardy brings his best in terms of story-telling, script-writing, directing, producing, and acting. If ever there was a definition for all round packaging in the movie world, this was Hardy’s resume; the job that’ll announce far and wide that this was a man of many talents, not just acting.

Luckily, this job resonates with many, RR included.

I must confess, when Taboo started I had hopes to binge-watch at a later date only because it was a passionate project of Tom Hardy. Having followed his top deliveries in recent years (The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury, etc.) it is hard to dispute my interest. But then, I had not much expectations being that I didn’t really know well how such genre went. So, with an open mind I started to watch Taboo, and episode after episode I got more invested.

Tom Hardy portrays James Keziah Delaney, the mysterious only son of a rich and wealthy man. Once thought dead after a self-imposed exile to Africa, James returns at the death of his father, with an agenda of his own – To resurrect his father’s trading company against all forms of attacks from The East Indian Trading Company, The Americans, and The British Crown. Against all odds, James really holds his ground, proving himself a formidable foe against the big-wigs, especially The East Indian Trading Company which is easily revered as a god because of their wealth and wide reach. James was well believed by many to be the Devil – a title he earned by tales of his escapades in far away Africa, supported by his many devious acts upon his return. He eats flesh, he digs his teeth deep into the jugular artery of victims, he even has sex without being in the same room as his partner. His many pervertious acts cause many to fear him, and those who know him avoid him with reasonable distance. Of the many affected by this his gruesome nature is his half-sister cum lover, Zilpha, whose marriage suffers a reasonable depth because of James refusing to accept that what they shared died the ten years he was away. I must admit that the chemistry between both siblings is undeniably high that along the way we’re talking about the taboo that is blasphemy. At a point, I found myself rooting that Zilpha’s husband die so that both end up together, and when he finally does its gloom and doom all the way for her pitiable character. It’s a pity James with his magical mysteries couldn’t save her.

Finally, the battle of egos come to a full head on when James proves himself the smarter one to escape all trio of his rivals – the Americans, the Crown, and the Company. With the death of most of the players this season, we’ll be seeing lots of new faces by the time the series returns for the second season; something tells me the bigger boys will be involved, e.g. The men behind the Company, etc.

Taboo! (4).jpg
Tom Hardy as James Keziah Delaney

I really enjoyed Taboo. It was very intriguing, captivating, and thoroughly enjoyable; it wouldn’t take a genius to realize this was a passionate project, and Tom Hardy nailed it. According to James Delaney, this time, the story is moving from his father to his mother, and there’s a whole lot to look forward to. I do hope it returns early for its second season, this time, I won’t waste time following it this time.

Movie Trailer – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This teaser trailer is early, for a movie due in December. It does its job of raising interests and talks for the release.

Almost every major player makes an appearance. Kylo Ren is as terrifying as ever. The late Carrie Fisher’s back makes an appearance as her iconic General Leia.

Everything’s looking good, or should I say action-packed and intense.

Click here to watch the movie trailer.

Into The Badlands (S02 E03)

There’s a reason the pillars that hold the show are only three.

aMC’s Into The Badlands has wasted no time taking us into the kinds of awesomeness that made us love its first season. Most noticeably, Sunny was noticeably missing from this episode, but it still lwasmt lacking in action.

The Widow gears her meeting with the other Barons who hate her for the same old stale reason – she killed her abusive husband and seized power. As she rightly    said in her defense to the other Barons, she took back from Ryder the oilfields that were rightfully hers. She asked was it an offense because she was a woman, and why Quinn wasn’t called go a panel when he first took it from her. There’s something about The Widow has many attributes – her sassy attitude, mean woman all about female empowerment; the perfect depiction of a feminist.But what I must cherish about her is her ability to defend herself and all she holds dear without breaking a sweat.

All season, Quinn has been prepping for a battle, raising his army just the way he likes them. We get to see him attack the base of the Baron’s meeting in a well coordinated manner. In the ensuing battle of his grand ressurection, a lot of Clippers die though noticeably none of Quinn’s. Quinn does end up killing his son.

The Framework Is Twisted

I don’t think I can stop praising how effective Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been this season with their storytelling. This weeks episode (S04 E17) did in no way slow down the high tide it’s been riding with.

The episode starts by rehashing the final moments of E16, when Xoulson remembered Daisy. It turns out he remembers mostly her name, while the rest of his memories are returning in pieces. He does turn out to be an effective ally for Jemma and the resistance though.

Who remembers Mack and the tale of his daughter who died? Both come to play also. Mack is living a quiet life with Hope, up until someone in the Triskelion has the brilliant plan to arrest them as bait for Daisy to finally oust herself as a terrorist; which is what Aida calls S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Talking about Aida, she goes by the name, Madame Hydra in this world, and she has Fitz so wrapped around her fingers, Jemma appears to have no hope getting through to him.

Jemma, Coulson, and Ward pay a visit to Radcliffe, searching for a way out. Things go horribly south. Madame Hydra and Evil Fitz arrive in all their glories to arrest the submissives. At first Madame Hydra thinks she’s losing Fitz to Radcliffe’s fatherly love and all, but then he quickly proves himself worthy of her love and his new evil status quo.

Honourable mention this weeks goes to Agent May, she’s still as badass as ever; every moral inhibition in the real world doesn’t exist here as she’s 100% pro-Hydra.

This was a wonderful episode.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesdays on The CW.