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FX Legion: Time Travel Is Impressive

Dan Steven has been killing it as David Haller since Legion first premiered, and it’s a joyous thing to see he hasn’t lost his touch one bit. It’s even more pleasant when you realize the show is fully embracing time-travel in all its Glory. The season three premiere opens with it quickly establishing its own set of rules for one of the most popular topics in SciFi, and one of my personal favorite.

Its theory builds upon previously existing concepts of time travel we already know, like taking care to not array to close or far from event(s) intended to alter, but it’s the tease of a time demon that gets me really excited for all the many ways things could really go to shit for this season.

The season three premiere goes out of its way to give a little extra of everything this show’s come to be unanimously applauded for – mind altering cinematography, excellent performance from its cast, stunning visuals, even the impromptu musicals aren’t left out, making it more difficult to prepare to say goodbye.

Division 3 didn’t come to play – David’s got to die. It’d be fun if the bulk of the season will be about David manoeuvring a vindictive Sydney with equal amount of hate as she once loved him, as Farouk rightly pointed out, but I know that’s a bogus lead. The Shadow King is too good to keep playing ball for long, he’s definitely got a few sinister tricks up his sleeves especially since there’s a time-traveler on board. With Professor X slated to appear somewhere down the line, I’d like to see how all these pieces play out together.

Give me more Lenny, crazy David-Farouk moments, time-travel, and I’ll be your loyal bitch this season, Legion.

Which Is Your Best Xmen Line-up?

In the year 2000, Xmen was released and it relaunched the way way we see Superhero movies even till this day. After the third installment in 2006, 20th Century Fox felt unimpressed with the reception of their latest movie an opted for a new direction. The planned Xmen: Origin stories failed on arrival, and this prompted the need for a reboot – a soft reboot – of some sort. This was the birth story of the Xmen: First Class movie.

The question is – Which do you prefer, the original line up, or the younger versions of their characters?

Characters like Wolverine, who’s been the leading man of the franchise up till Logan’s release earlier this month have been consistent over all movies in the franchise, hence, can not be stated as a reason for selection.

Xmen - original cast.jpg
Original Cast


New Cast

The Evolution of Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine

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With Logan already out in the cinemas there is no better time to talk about the man who’s made Wolverine possible on the big screen all these years.
Hugh Jackman is one of the best things to ever happen to the world of cinematic viewing experience; for 17 years he has been the face of one of the most popular comic-book movie franchise, but just like everything that has a beginning the end has come for his reign as Logan (The Wolverine).

We are going to briefly go through Logan’s role in all the movies of the Xmen franchise, and quietly analyse his (Hugh Jackman’s) contribution towards making the installments of the franchise memorable for fans and also profitable for 20th Century Fox (the studio behind the Xmen movies).


1. Xmen (2000)

It won’t be wrong to say Logan was the bedrock of this movie; his relationship with Rogue was the main stay of the very first entry into the franchise. This movie helped establish Hugh Jackman the Australian by birth a somewhat good choice to play Logan the Canadian by character.

2. Xmen: United (2003)

This movie confirmed Director Bryan Singer’s decision to cast Hugh Jackman. Hugh owned the role of this movie, and as usual the plot needed him to make it work because this movie focused more on how Logan became the Wolverine through experimentation by William Stryker.

3. Xmen: Last Stand (2006)

Considered the weakest link of the original trilogy, this was still a good watch, and it needed Hugh Jackman as Logan to work. His complicated relationship with Jean Grey is what saw the story come to an end.

4. Xmen Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Considered the worst film of the franchise (which I concur) this movie was supposed to be the launch pad of Fox’s idea to take the most popular of the Xmen into an anthology world of their own spin-offs. The movie flopped in the eyes of critics and viewers, it was so bad that it delayed Ryan Reynold’s launch of Deadpool for almost a decade.

5. Xmen: First Class (2011)

This was the salvation Fox hoped for. And it worked. The Xmen franchise was soft rebooted, and most of the core characters recast with younger versions of themselves, but none could be gotten to replace to indispensable Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman had a small appearance as Logan, which is memorable for the reply phrase, ‘F*uck off!’

6. The Wolverine (2013)

Another solo movie outing, only this time it was done right. Logan was the sole center of this entertaining movie.

7. Xmen: Days of Future Past (2014)

This movie is one of the best of the franchise, it brought casts of the original trilogy and newer casts together in a compelling story, and as usual, Logan was the one to hold the story together. Logan’s regenerative factor was used as the basis to send his consciousness back years in time to help avert a dangerous future.

8. Deadpool (2016)

The only appearance Logan made here was when Deadpool made a caricature drawing of the man with an adamantium claw. Ha Ha!!

9. Xmen: Apocalypse (2016)

Truthfully, Logan didn’t have much to do here, but the producers just had to provide both fan service and set up future movies, so they had to fit him in.

10. Logan (2017)

The last and latest movie of Hugh Jackman as Logan. This movie will be an emotional roller-coaster, and will prove just how much he will be missed. It is up to Fox to decide how the character will be continued, or how the series will progress without him.


No doubt Hugh Jackman will be missed in this role, whoever is taking over has a huge hole to fill. The news going round from Logan’s early preview is that the movie is very much worth the hype. This is Hugh Jackman’s swansong, best to go when the ovation is at the loudest.


Logan is out in cinemas already, and will be reviewed in RR as soon as possible.

Patrick Stewart Retiring From The Xmen Franchise After Logan

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Patrick Stewart has been known for some notable roles, Star Trek TV Series as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–94), but most known for his 17 years role as Professor Charles Xavier in the Xmen franchise; a role we can all agree he has always done justice to.

Though in a recent promotional interviews ahead of Logan’s premiere, Sir Patrick initially claimed that he wasn’t done playing the role of the leader of the gifted mutants, that bus seems to have sailed, as he claims to be done.

His older face and wisdom will certainly be missed, but I’ll say Fox has luck on this part by already recasting with a younger version of the character in James Mcacoy.


Logan premieres at the cinemas on March 3, 2017.

The Next Xmen Film Is Titled Supernova

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The Xmen will be back to the cinematic world in an installment tagged Xmen: Supernova.
After a decent box-office performance, lower than expectations after the unprecedented success of Xmen: Days of Future Past, the future of the Xmen was under a lot of speculations and scrutiny; now that future has been confirmed to still be one that 20th Century Fox (the studio behind the Xmen movies) still believes in. Why won’t they, when the Xmen franchise is one of their most commercially successful brands?

Xmen: Supernova is believed to be a remake of 2006’s Xmen: Last Stand, that horribly treated the Dark Phoenix story-line . With this remake  (if successful) Fox hopes to right the wrongs of more than a decade ago.

Xmen: Supernova is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2018. Casting news hasn’t been confirmed, other than Sophie Turner as Jean Grey every other person is a potential cast.Another thing is that, this movie will be situated in deep space. Time will tell if Fox will get it right this time because I have to admit, Xmen: Apocalypse was a let down especially with the titular bad guy.


RR will keep you updated.