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Rinzy Reviews ‘Venom’ (2018)

Release Date: Oct. 5, 2018.

Starring: Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, et al.


When Venom starts, we meet Eddie Brooks – careless, ambitious reporter with a soft heart for doing the right thing. This, I believe, eventually made him a worthy host to achieve symbiosis when Venom comes calling.

Tom Hardy easily shines as Eddie Brooks/ Venom. His acting prowess has never been under doubt; years-and-years of delivering outstanding movie and TV roles has earned him the trust of many viewers worldwide. So, when it announced he was the one Sony had selected to un-do and better-do everything Topher Grace did with Eddie/Venom in Spider-Man 3 audience couldn’t be more elated. 

In Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brooks we see a man burdened by the problems of the world, which, ironically, he mostly brought upon himself. And by combining with the symbiote, he gets a chance to right his deep wrongs even though it’s mostly through screwed ways. 

The relationship between Eddie and Venom is one of the beautiful things about this movie. It’s wonderful. It’s believable. And you spend every ensuing second d hoping to see more of them and their relationship dramas. 

 I believe the drama that surrounded venom’s release did more good than harm for it. It’s one of those cases where an unexpected movie review drives more people to go confirm if what they heard is indeed true, only to be stunned with the fact that it isn’t half as bad as what was stated. This unexpected publicity has helped Venom greatly, driving sales to the point that it’s sure to be a commercial success. 

Once more, Venom has helped raise an age old question: what really makes a movie a hit, audience reception or critics consensus? 

Many critics cited the movie’s CGI as one f its weak point, but I thought it was just fine. Finely decent. The bulk of its weakness is made obvious duirng the Venom vs. Riot brawl, but it’s possible to ignore and enjoy the movie.

The music, cinematography, fight choreography, too, were also finely decent. ๐Ÿ˜

Every hero (or antihero in this case ๐Ÿ˜) needs a villain to mess around with. In this case, for Eddie/Venom that’s Riz Ahmed’s  and his Life Foundation experiments. Just like Mr. Hardy, Ahmed, too, shines in his role. Ever since I first saw him on HBO’s The Night Of I’ve been a big fan. He’s incredibly talented and I can’t wait for him to continue to do greater things. 

Here’s my take: Even though Venom eats lots of people during the course of this movie, Venom is a richly entertaining movie. Ignore the critics on this one and go make up your own damn mind for once. ๐Ÿ˜

Remember to sit through the post credit scenes… There will be Carnage. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Rinzy’s Rating: 3.5/5