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Pearson: Jessica Headlines All The Mature Themes ‘Suits’ Couldn’t Handle

If Suits was the Hyde of USA’s law-side-TV-drama, then Pearson is definitely its Jekyll. This spinoff starring Gina Torres as the ever-formidable Jessica Pearson is very different from its parent show, and that’s not a bad thing.

Suits dealt with the kind of drama shrouding corporate law: with constant scheming in-and-out of courtrooms being its staple without the low-level consequence that’s well-known to the real world, but with Pearson we get a show that’s not afraid to get its hand dirty.

Within the space of ten episodes, Pearson’s been able to lend its voice to a whole lot of issues plaguing everyday society; gentrification, police brutality, bribery and corruption within the government, death by gun violence, crowd protests, you name it. In just one season this show’s been able to touch these conversations its predecessor shied away from not because it’s in a competition, but because it’s a whole, new, different, engaging entity. In Pearson, Gina Torres shows a side of Jessica we weren’t sure existed but still stays true to the character. Jessica’s vulnerabilities are more obvious than ever before, and that’s party because of the show’s Chicago setting, which is where she grew up. You know what they saw about home and what it does to you?

So, next time you or someone close to you wants to criticize this show for being different, make sure you remind them that different isn’t always bad. Pearson is good!

Rinzy’s Rating of Pearson season one: 3/5

Rinzy Reviews ‘The Royal Wedding’ (2018)

I want to believe I’m in a better state of mind to talk about the #RoyalWedding – an event that stole #RachelZane from I and #MikeRoss. 😀.

See, here’s a little backstory of how my πŸ’žβ€πŸ’– turned to πŸ’˜πŸ–€πŸ’”…

Mike and I used to be roommates/friends until he stole a newspaper πŸ“° cutout under my pillow and got the idea to show up at Pearson-Specter and eventually got #HarveySpecter to hire him by roughly said balls πŸ™„; there he met Rachel. If he hadn’t taken what’s mine, I probably might’ve been the one dating her. We’ve been beefing ever since. And now, #PrinceHarry has permanently taken her away from me. He even had her change her name back to #MeghanMarkle, an identity she never used when on #Suits, just so she doesn’t ever return to her one true love – Me. Yeah, he’s that afraid of the power of true love. 

I’m still heartbroken 😒, especially since #DavidBeckham stole the awesome piece I intended we wear on our wedding day, which will never happen now. I just want to die! πŸ€§πŸ€’. Anyone have any ideas?