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Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Everyone who knows me from way back knows I’m a big fan of The Vampire Diaries (at least that was before I began to dislike The CW and their teen-angst-filled contents 😁).

To celebrate TVD’s ten years anniversary, I’ve decided to share with you some interesting facts from the show’s right season run that you might not have known. Let’s do this!

Interesting Facts About Tvd!

1. Stefan and Damon Almost Had a Different Surname

2. Ian Somerhalder (Damon) Originally Wanted to Star in True Blood

3. Steven McQueen (Jeremy) is Older Than Nina Dobrev (Elena) by six months.

4. Zach (Matt), Michael (Tyler) and Paul Wesley (Stefan) Originally Auditioned to Play Damon

5. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Were a Real-Life Couple

6. Nina Dobrev is Bulgarian, which explains why Katherine spoke the language very well.

7. Kat Graham (Bonnie) Isn’t Just an Actress; she’s a terrific singer too. You can catch her on YouTube.

8. Candice King (Caroline) Has Dated Two Cast Members! – Steven McQueen (Jeremy) and Zach Roerig (Matt)

9. Matt, is a Daddy in Real Life! He’s had a daughter since 2011. Wow!

10. Katherine Pierce Wasn’t Supposed to be Around for so Long. Report has it she should’ve only being at the beginning of season two. Thank goodness that didn’t happen; we’d have been stuck with annoying Elena.

Are there things about TVD I missed you’d like to add? Do tell.

Goodbye, The Vampire Diaries.

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I had to bring myself to a place of sanity and emotional indifference before typing this. This is a review for The Vampire Diaries season finale (TVD S08 E 16); whatever providential power there be knows my heart is as heavy as it can be.

Let’s get started, we have a lot to cover.

The episode picked up from where the last one ended. Bonnie’s in a dream-like transient between dead and alive; there she sees Elena lying on a well decorated bed. Elena soon awakes, her happiness soon turns sour when she recognizes her friend wasn’t yet old and from Kai’s spell could only be here if she was dead. Stefan’s CPR on her physical seemed to work as Enzo appears and drags Elena back to life. Damon and Stefan return home to find Elena resurrected; only that isn’t Elena… Katherine! The evil doppelganger still loves to toy with the boys psych especially Damon’s, what better way to do that if not by playing cross-dressing? It didn’t take Damon long to figure it realize it but then she had already achieved her purpose of taking the joy out of the moment.

TVD - Elena Awake.jpg
Katherine as a resurrected Elena

What did Katherine want?

Simple. She just wanted to see the whole of Mystic Falls burn with everyone in it. Katherine confessed to have been the one pulling the Devil’s string because of how awesome she was, that was the reason he was so invested in claiming the Salvatores soul for himself. As Katherine put it, “he wanted you because I did.” A line of Katherine I loved was when the Salvatore boys inquired the where-about of Elena’s body and she replied “that’s for me to know, and for you to dot dot dot.” 

The Donovans (or The Maxwells, whichever) have had an important story-line this season after seasons of neglect. Vicki who returned last episode couldn’t stop ringing the bell not just because Katherine told her to do so at an interval of 5 minutes to prolong the heroes miseries, but because she was frustrated of the empty tortures of Hell; the place of fiery fire was so frustrating that she didn’t care about burning everyone and everything so she could be liberated into non-existence by Hell’s fire, not even her brother Matty-blue eyes or her father whom she clearly missed after 15 years could talk her out of it. They had a teary reunion but that was all to it – a reunion.

The Donovans.PNG
The Donovans reunite

Being the Queen of Hell meant Katherine could keep returning to earth even as Damon continually killed her, thanks to Matt Donovan opening the door between Earth and Hell when he rang the bell earlier in the season. The effect of her short presence was felt almost immediately; it’s Katherine we’re talking about here, nothing less was expected. When Damon accused her motive of being out of jealousy (which we all know), because he and Stefan would choose Elena over her any day anytime, she replies almost instantaneously, that Elena would still choose Stefan over him any day anytime, and not just Elena, she also, and any other random woman who hasn’t had history with the Salvatores, simply because Stefan was the better man. Even after all these time Katherine still knows the exact thing to say to get under Damon’s skin. Though Damon takes his insecurity easier this time, he kills her again.

Katherine Pierce.PNG
Katherine taunts Damon

Caroline who just got married few hours ago was made to leave her husband when Sheriff Donovan declares a gas leak and immediate evacuation of Mystic Falls. Alaric causes her to choose between her children and the love of her life, “I don’t need to remind you what it feels like to stay without a mother,” he said. Stefan makes it easier for Caroline, by convincing her he can’t leave without Damon his brother who can’t leave because Elena’s body’s was spelled to the boiler room of the Salvatore mansion by Kai (for Katherine).

Elena lifeless body in the boiler room

Bonnie figures out how to save the day. The Salvatores love for each other might be the heart of the series and Elena the bind that holds all together, but it is Bonnie who been its strength over its reign for 8 seasons; without her magic they’d have bee =n screwed long time ago. She’s always the one to come up with a plan, to make the difficult choice and most selfless sacrifice, this time was no different. She had a plan to defeat Katherine and take down Hell permanently by re-channeling its flames back into it, with Katherine inside when it happens. This’ where the episode gets tricky, as Bonnie confessed to Stefan.

Stefan, over the course of the series has been a constant hero of the series. His character arc has been the most consistent and he’s always stayed true to his role as hero – except when on Ripper duties. Remember the theory of the cure, how the it works? Good. Stefan used that mythology to the fullest ,and made the ultimate sacrifice, this time, not so that his brother could find redemption, but so that he could get to share his new found light with his one true love. I am sure I’m not the only one who’s thought their brotherly love to be somewhat gay, but well.

TVD Forever (3)
Damon and Stefan

Damon failed to realize his brother wouldn’t move about as a human without vervain in his system. After failing to properly compel Stefan to give up the thought of being the martyr to hold Katherine in Hell, Stefan who had removed the cure from his blood injected it into Damon and turned his brother human, correcting the greatest mistake of his long life, turning his brother into a Vampire. Now vainly-human, it’s only a matter of time before his long life starts to catch up to him, so Stefan sacrifices himself to commit suicide with Katherine inside Hell’s fire. After he narrates all these to Elena, he walks out of the door and sees Lexi waiting for him to drive off to their implied peace.

TVD finale - lexi.jpg
Lexi in Stefan’s peace land

Bonnie showed the most of her magic which has been latent all season in one of the most visually stunning sequence since the beginning of the series. After Vicki launched Hell’s fire, Bonnie, with the help of the Witches of the Bennett bloodline redirect the flames back into Hell. I shouted for joy when I saw Grams (it’s always a delight seeing her), and when I saw Lucy and some other recognizable faces of Bennetts over TVD’s 8 seasons I couldn’t help but hail the Producers resolve to give us a befitting series finale.

Bennett witches.PNG
The Bennett Witches

After his death, Stefan found Elena (the technicality of this is messed up), and he narrates to her how he died – saving Damon so that she could meet him the new person he had become; the new him which was the same as the pre-vampire him. I believe Stefan knew of Bonnie’s plan to wake Elena up, this must have facilitated his resolve to give Damon the cure and sacrifice himself in the process, selflessly, without a care for his own happiness with Caroline.


Caroline and Damon say their goodbyes to Stefan at his grave site. On leaving they meet Elena at the exit and everyone reunites in tears of joy. Damon and Elena have the hug and share their kiss of passion. The trio whose friendship lived over the course of the 8 seasons talk a little about their lives, and Stefan’s message to Caroline.

TVD - Stefan's grave.jpg
Stefan’s grave

Matt got rewarded for his duties as Sheriff with a bench to his honor, and he is considering running for Mayor of Mystic Falls which is a big step for a character that started out as a busboy at the infamous Mystic Grills.

TVD Finale - Vicki and Tyler.jpg
Vicki and Tyler find peace.

Bonnie finally decides to live her life to the fullest, honoring Enzo by travelling all around the world. Caroline and Alaric set up a school for gifted children, even Klaus makes an appearance in writing by donating $3,000,000 for the upkeep of the school. A lot of old characters make appearances here, Jeremy, Sheriff Liz, Jo, Klaroline, etc.


Damon and Elena get married at last, sealing Delena as the endgame

Damon and Elena got to live a long life with all the shenanigans of life, and died with each finding peace. In the case of Elena peace meant been reunited with her deceased family members – Aunt Jenna, her Mom, Dad, and Uncle John. For Damon it meant being reunited with Stefan, with Damon reciting the last sentence of the series, “Hello brother.” 


Over the years TVD has been a great companion to me, with intriguing story-lines and a cast of mostly unknown actors who excelled at their characters they kept me spell bound for the 6 years since I started following it in 2011. I had always dreaded what my life would be like without TVD, and that’s where I am now. I know the pain will go away, but I can’t help but wonder how fast. Most people think pain comes only from persons lost, but I say it comes from the loss of loved ones, and a loved one can be anything, even a TV show. Hearty cheers to TVD, for a life well spent, for keeping me and millions around the world happy and entertained episode after episode, week after week, season after seasons. I wish the cast and crew success in future endeavors. RIP TVD, TVD Forever!







TVD Villains Gallery

In memory of the series that warmed our hearts for 8 years with different awesome story-lines (though many may say it lost its mojo towards the end), we at RR compiled a list of the most memorable villains to grace the town of Mystic Fallls. This list includes only those who have actually stepped into Mystic Falls at least once in any time period (sorry awesome villains of The Originals); the worthiest of these villains mentioned below caused our heroes great heartaches. And they are:


1. Isobel Flemming: Introduced late in the second season as an ally of Katherine, also revealed to be Elena’s birth mother that jilted her lover (Alaric) for a life of Vampirism, it’s no wonder why this woman should make our list of horrible TVD villains.

TVD - Isobel.jpg

2. The Mikelsons a.k.a. The Originals: What would the world of TVD be without the first family; absolutely boring I’d say. Every member of this family was so intriguing that they were given a spin-off series to deal with their 1000 years rich family history. I remember with nostalgia during season 3 when Klaus lived in constant fear that his siblings would get tired and abandon their always and forever promise to stick with him to continually evade their father – Papa Mikelson.


3. Evil-Alaric: A villain born of the direct consequence of having The Original family in town. In the 3rd season, Ester (Mama Mikelson) wanted to rid the world of Vampires, the abominations she has had to live a 1000 years regretting their creations, she had the perfect opportunity to create the baddest Vampire killing machine since Mikel, and also had the perfect idea to control his life span by tethering him to human-Elena’s life.

TVD - Evil Alaric.jpg

4. Humanity-less Elena: Though not as awesome as Katherine, it was good to see Elena not care about anything for a while.

TVD - Evil Elena.jpg

5. Professsor Shane: The creepy Professor who wanted nothing other than to creep on Bonnie to fulfill his wild fantasy of having a mental orgy with an immortal creature. Nah! I’m just kidding. But, Atticus Shane was very creepy, and because of his actions, Bonnie suffered, and Grams too.

TVD - Aticus Shane.jpg

6. Connor (The Vampire Hunter): Maybe he isn’t a very awesome villain, but he gets points for birthing a story-line that gave Jeremy something tangible to do other than just being Elena’s kid bro.

TVD - Connor.jpg

7. Qetsiyah: It isn’t easy to be the only female crazy enough to be compared side by side Katherine. Though Qetsiyah had a short-lived appearance on TVD, she was a memorable villain; she brought the feel of what it feels like to be scorn by a lover who doesn’t reciprocate your advances. Another point, she created the other side – a magical world that parallels the real world to contain souls of dead supernaturals – just to punish the woman who stole her lover. Ha Ha!!

TVD - Qetsiyah.jpg

8. Silas: Behind every scorned woman is a man responsible. Silas who the anti- to Qetsiyah’s love. Silas was a very powerful psychic who fed on blood to keep things going. He had the entire town of Mystic Falls under his spell; talk about might. He was a replica of Stefan, the first doppelganger, this brought us into the doppelganger theory that explained why Elena looked just like Katherine.

TVD - SIlas.jpg

9. Markos: Maybe not the best TVD has done in terms of villains, but Markos gets a mention because of his mission to rid the world of supernaturals, one town after the other. He chased our heroes away from their home which gives him some points.

TVD - MArkos.png

10. Dr. Wes Maxfield:  The Augustine trained Doctor who wanted nothing more than to rid the world of Vampires by creating even deadlier Vampires that feed on their kind until they get to extinction.

TVD - Dr. Wes.jpg

11. Kai Parker: Crazy kid with a crazy Twitter handle (@cobrakai94) Haha! Kai brought into TB+VD’s 6th season something viewers missed – a memorable villain they would love to hate. Kai is a psycho, a sociopath, there’s no reasoning with his kind in any form: the guy killed his pregnant twin sister, wiped out his entire family, and alternated the life-span of two best-friends, should one die the other starts living again. He was a well written villain that’ll spend the rest of his life in a new prison world created by none other than the rescued daughters of the twin sister he murdered; crime doesn’t pay, karma’s a b*tch.

TVD - Kai.jpg


12. Katherine Pierce: The biggest, baddest b*itch of all, all hail Katerina Petrova, the woman who’s been through it all and still survived, unscathed. The woman who in live had affected the lives of every of our main characters. Even in death, she still rose up the ranks and proved her worth as the everlasting big bad to the heroes of Mystic Falls. What is a good story without a memorable villain? Katherine made up fall in love with TVD, that sometimes it was hard knowing it was the same actress who played her and Elena (big ups to Nina Dobrev).

TVD - Katherine.jpg



So there you have RR’s list on TVD’s most memorable villains. TVD may have ended, gone, but not forgotten.




TVD’s Soundtrack

In loving memory of a show that warmed our hearts for the 8 years it was on air, we’re going to talk about one aspect of TVD that remained consistent – its soundtrack.

Beautiful tracks week after week, TVD have us the best of songs we could wish for at the exact scene were emotions were required to be invoked. From unknown artists to well vast artists TVD crossed all walks of life.
My favorite tracks are:

Sigur Ros a Oelaea (S03 E23 (finale)) – When Elena died and became a Vampire.

Lorde’s Royals (S05E01) – When Elena, Caroline, and Ghost-Bonnie made it to college.

Rihanna’s Stay (S04 E19) – When Bonnie dances with Jeremy (Silas)

All Raign songs (Don’t let me go, When it’s all over, etc) – Sometimes I think Raign has a deal with Julie Plec to have her songs well featured on the show; she’s a terrific artist though.

For more tracks on TVD, click here.

TVD series finale will air on Friday, 10/03/2017 on The CW.

TV Review: TVD S08 E14

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Guess who’s back?

The myth, the legend. The baddest bitch of all, she’s back. Can you try? I am excited already.

TVD S05 E15 saw us saw goodbye to a fan favorite character, and now she’s back to wreck havoc on the citizens of Mystic Falls for the remaining two episodes of the series. My beloved Katerina Petrova a.k.a. Katherine Pierce is back. Remember my article on TVD’s Hell? Click here to read it again.


How did we get here?

Remember the weapon Damon spoke of that could actually kill the Devil? It actually worked. They killed the Devil. More appropriately, Stefan stabbed the Devil in the heart and he exploded in flames.

Cade had wanted Damon to choose between Stefan and Elena, whom he’d prefer to save. This scenario’s one I’ve always wondered what would happen should the day ever come. Everyone knows Damon loves Elena, and that he also loves his brother. It gave me chills when Damon preferred to kill himself than either of them, shows how much Damon has come as a character – from selfish to selfless.

When it was time claim his soul, Cade had to battle it out with Bonnie who wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her best friend. Truth be told, Bonnie would have lost that fight had Stefan not stepped in to Stab Cade to death. The psychic blast from Cade’s death jumped Damon’s soul back into his body.

Now, Kai had told the crew that killing Cade was going to destroy Hell with him, and that was something the team was willing to do… sacrifice all the souls there just to get rid of Cade and his claim of their loved ones souls (Stefan and Damon.) It happened Kai lied (typical Kai); killing Cade let the next in line in the hierarchy of evil to ever walk the face of the earth but now occupying Hell – Katherine – to take over, and as Kai said, she’s coming to take her revenge on them for what they did to her. PS: Kai got locked up for trying to kill Josie and Lizzie (Alaric’s daughters).

By my calculations, Katherine has been gone for 6 years (3 years between season 5 to 8, and the 3 years time jump the show made); to be next in line after Cade to a place as horrible as Hell solidifies Katherine as indeed one of the greatest villains to ever grace the TVD world. Cade has been an immortal and ruling Hell since 4,000 B.C, Katherine had a lifespan of 500+ years, and a death-span of only 6 years, I’ll say she’s done well for herself.

What does Katherine’s return mean for the living?

With only 2 episodes to go, and Elena expected in the next episode (E15), Katherine doesn’t really have much time to cause mayhem, but I am certain she’ll make her mark be felt. Stefan’s about to get married to Caroline (E15 judging by the promo), I don’t think Katherine being Katherine would let that happen since Stefan is the love of her life, a feeling jot reciprocated. Elena is billed to return and if there’s something TVD had thought us it is how much Katherine hates her doppelganger for cheating her off everything good in life, so Katherine should have fun for a little while trying to mess up Elena’s life.


I don’t think Katherine will have a happily ever after story like Elena is expected to, something tells me she won’t be on Earth for long; so it’s either she remains the Queen-B of Hell, only momentarily coming to cause havoc on this plain, or she she is sent into the world to freely live life to her terms (least probable), or she is killed again (looks most probable), time will tell how it’ll go. Meanwhile, let me celebrate the return of my number 1 character in TVD land. This final season has been wonderful in terms of fan service and wrapping up the various story-lines, I just hope they do justice to the final episode.

TVD returns next Friday, March 3rd, 2017 on The CW.


Rinzy Reviews: TVD’s Hell

In this week’s episode of TVD (s08 E12)  we were surprised with the return of one of TVD’s most brutal villain, but strangely, also one of its most loved character – Malachi Parker a.k.a. Kai, the man who killed his younger brother in a duel, his twin sister on her wedding night, the rest of his family, put a young woman under a permanent sleeping curse, and many other unmentionable atrocities. Yes, that guy is back.



At the last moments of the episode, when Damon showed Alaric the weapon he believes can kill Cade, Kai surfaced, saying, Yea… sorry to interrupt, but what if I told you I have a better idea. As though that’ll make

With four episodes before we say our final goodbyes, TVD is really taking risks like never before, and this has reignited our interests, and caused us to be on edge a little. The last time we saw Kai was in season 6 finale, he put Elena in a sleeping curse, tying her life to Bonnie’s; this act causes him to lose his head at the hand of Damon.

How is Kai back… and what does it hold for the rest of the season?

Hell, Rinzy thinks. Kai is back because he slipped through the cracks between Hell and Mystic Falls. Remember when Matt rang the Maxwell’s bell eleven out of twelve time? If Cade could use it to have a strong foothold on this earth, why can’t one of his prisoners also slip through.


If it could work for Cade, it could also work for other characters… is anyone currently thinking about Katerina Petrova a.k.a. Katherine Pierce.

Or, it could be the door Bonnie herself opened. Enzo’s death caused Bonnie so much pain that she experienced a form of magical surge. Most of us wished it was her magic returned, but as we later found out, it was her door to hell she opened; it could be possible this was Kai’s passage back to the land of the living.

Way back in season 5 episode 15, TVD’s producers teased the idea of Hell when Katherine died but her soul couldn’t move to the other side, but was swallowed into darkness. Bonnie pronounced then that Katherine had gone to Hell because of her many evil deeds. We didn’t understand what it meant then, but now, having met Cade, the Sirens, and the almost surprising return of Kai, we know fully well that Katherine making a grand reappearance is almost inevitable.


This also raises another question… How many evil characters from the TVD universe are in Hell?

Truly, there are a few characters in TVD that have been so evil that they certainly deserve a spot in Hell… Markos (The s5 leader of the Travelers), Atticus Shane (The s4 Professor that wanted to raise Silas), Silas (The s5 immortal, the first of Stefan’s doppelganger), Dr. Wes Maxfield (The s5 crazy Vampire-experimenting Doctor) … etc. Though it wouldn’t make sense story-wise to introduce any of them at this point , especially with only four episodes to go, it’ll be nice if the Producers at least name drop those currently flaming the fires of Hell.


So, what do you think about Kai’s return, Katherine’s almost-certain return, and the fact that Kai wants to join forces with Alaric (the man he killed his wife on his wedding night) and Damon (the man he put the love of his life in a magical coma) to defeat the Devil (the one who’s probably been torturing him). Comments are highly appreciated.

Whatever theories we have would be disapproved or approved come Friday, 17/02/2017, when TVD returns for episode 13.

Comments are highly appreciated!!!

TV Review: TVD S08 E11

Unhappy Bonnie Bennett!

God! A very sad episode. Can Bonnie ever be happy?

At this point, I don’t think so: TVD has vowed to make Bonnie the saddest character in all of TV land: whenever it appears she’s close to happiness, something terrible comes along to rip it away, leaving her reeling in pain as she’s still expected to sacrifice everything for her friends. (Do you remember all her many sacrifices over the years, most notably the ones of season 4 and 5 finales.)

Though it makes for a compelling story, it’s very sad: Bon-bon is one of the most loved characters on The Vampire Diaries, she deserves some happiness.

TVD’s eighth and final season has really upped its game in story-telling since it resumed the second half of the season; episode eleven continued on the stride of this roller-coaster of awesomeness.

Cade, the devil, is in town, and everyone’s beginning to feel his heat. He set Stefan free, and put him on an assignment. He later revealed to Damon that he gave his brother the same options as he did him – Kill one hundred guilty strangers, or kill the woman your brother loves. Unlike Damon who’s humanity caused him to choose sanely, Stefan instantly opts to kill Elena, who’s body is timely in the possession of Bonnie and Enzo in a far away land, because according to him, Elena has always been coming between them, and killing her will cause Damon to finally give up on him.

Matt as usual is always complaining about the effect the choices the supernaturals make, affects the humans. (I suspect before the series finale, Matt will be involuntarily turned to a Vampire, and he’ll refuse to complete the transition process. Talk about dying for your belief. Ha ha!)

Now, this is where things get interesting.

Stefan arrived the house Bonnie bought with her Dad’s money, and rips Enzo’s heart from the back, in one of TVD’s most heartbreaking scene in all its eight years.


Bonnie is devastated. She knowingly injected Stefan with the cure she just recovered from Elena’s body (which was supposed to be used in defeating Cade.)

Stefan immediately fell to the floor, and Bonnie ran to cry by Enzo’s lifeless, desiccated body. She lets out a psychic scream.
This psychic scream connects in story-telling to what was said at the start of the season, that Witches and Sirens operate on frequencies that are almost same: that’s why the Siren’s tuning-fork was able to affect Bonnie when struck.

– I think, Stefan’s blood might be drained to get hold of the cure, if Cade is to be defeated. Unless there is a weapon existing that we do not know of yet.

– This might be it for Bonnie. After this, I do not think she can take anymore. The psychic scream also fits the explanation that was given as the origin of Cade’s power. Could Bonnie and Cade go head to head with the same magic variation?

– As a human, how is Stefan supposed to complete his deal with Cade, and how is Caroline supposed to live a happy life with him, if he survives the ripple effects of his recent actions?

And finally, who is worse? Damon for killing Tyler, or Stefan, for killing Enzo. Comment below.

Rinzy’s rating: I give it a 4/5