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TV Review: The Originals (S4E12)

I’ll start this review with the announcement that, Freya and Keel in finally did the deed.

And… I give this episode a B+

Still reeling from the events of the last episode, The Mikesons all feel relaxed and happy with the belief that they’ve defeated The Hollow (unknown to them its in their hope and salvation). Something happened in the first ten minutes of this episode that is common with most broadcast shows, Hope did something off that someone in the person of her mother realized but didn’t take serious. This is a common occurrence and for a show based on the supernatural, every detail should count.

Anyways, it doesn’t take long for the quiet to fade. Sofia (Marcel’s gf) wakes up, and tells Marcel what he doesn’t want to hear. In extension, the whole squads hears about it. Everyone prepares to go deal with the Hollow proper once and for all. Did I mention that Rebecca tried to seduce Marcel just so that her family can remain in New Orleans? She failed woefully. This made me laugh at how much the dynamic of The Originals not been the number one beasts of the world anymore has come to stay.

So, Vincent thinks it wise to channel Marcel to fully learn the spell Inadu’s mother used to trap her 1500 years ago, 

Hayley’s particularly smart in this episode, quickly figuring out that The Hollow is in Hope. She and Freya blankly ponder on what to do as neither of them would hurt Hope. 10 points for The Hollow’s ingenuity! At first, I complained of Hayley’s lack of observation, up until this scene where she showed great observatory skill as is necessary between mother and child. Freya casts a spell that knocks Hope out and sends The Hollow’s essence away.

Back from the land of the dead, Vincent and Sofia think it wise for Klaus to reach into Hope’s head to reassure his daughter to keep fighting The Hollow from the inside until her family can defeat the Big-bad Hollow. This fight from Hope’s angle requires that she not fall asleep else The Hollow wins.

At the quarters, The Hollow, now in her own skin successfully puts every of the Bads down. Technically, this was all a distraction for Vincent to trap her and send her into her cage (the book) using her mother’s spell. Vincent failed. Hope disappeared from her father’s presence, The Hollow also from her confrontation with Vincent. Hope wakes up as The Hollow and the first thing she does is burn her book, the one that gave Vincent ideas on how to defeat her, after which she heads to the church to address her waiting disciples.

Klaus gives a heartwarming speech of how the family can’t give up until they save his heart and soul, Hope. Vincent takes away whatever inkling of family they have left by saying he has an idea but it will be the end of their greatest pledge to each other – Always and Forever.

I think this was a wonderful penultimate episode. Next week’s finale looks to be explosive: I can’t wait to see what Vincent fully meant by his closing remark.

The Originals returns for its 4th season finale next Friday on The CW.

Hollow vs Hope: The inevitable battle

I give it to The Originals: though this season has been a slow-burner it’s been building better towards the inevitable showdown of good vs evil, in this case Hope vs The Hollow. The Hollow has been shown to be a very powerful foe, not yet formidable but very powerful, and as she’s a child there’s only one child in the whole of New Orleans whom we know has the power to match hers – Hope Mikelson. Yes, daddy Klaus will be so proud his daughter would soon be knocking off teeth and chopping heads off.

Hope Mikelson

The Hollow is deadly but time will tell what other trick she has up her powerful sleeve.

Sign of The Hollow

Hope is Klaus’ Hope!

Hope is Klaus’ weak spot!

At the beginning of the season, Klaus is boring and unbearable to watch and this is because he has a daughter.

Ha Ha Ha!! Scratch the above: I was just pulling your legs. We have a new Klaus and I’m loving him; he wouldn’t have been possible without Hope.

Hope Mikelson

Episode 03 of The Originals’ 4th season dealt more on expanding on the new man Klaus has become in the face of his daughter. She’s his redemption, and as such, his Achilles heel. Worst thing is, I can’t imagine what sort of monster Klaus would morph into should anything happen to Hope; I don’t want to imagine it. But then, this kind of devotion makes you wonder what would happen with the series moving forward. If Klaus continues down this redemption path the series would become boring to watch. That’s why in episode 07, when Alaric Saltzman showed up and mentioned about his school for gifted children to Klaus, I was happy. That tiny scene provided the perfect destination should the threat of The Hollow come to an end. There’s no safer place for Klaus to drop his loving daughter off than at the school run by the one immortal girl Klaus has vowed to wait for no matter what; his epic love, Caroline.

So, while we rejoice that Klaus might have found his redemption, his anchor to humanity, do not worry about the series becoming boring because Hope will be shipped off once her mission is complete.



What is behind Elijah’s Red-door?

I believe it’s safe to say one of the main plots of last night’s episode of The Originals (S4 E10) was the inclusion of Elijah’s infamous Red-door. If you’ve been following the TO/TVD universe since inception you must have heard about this door. The quest to defeat The Hollow aside, our favorite family spent the entirely episode trying to rescue Elijah’s fractured mind inside Freya’s pendant to be able to bring him back to life at a later date. At Hayley’s turn inside Elijah’s head (after Freya’s failed attempt), the Red-door appeared. The version of Elijah in his other memories kept fading away at every point of trying to make contact, but the one of the Red-door remained. This version of Elijah was a monster; the kind of monster Esther explained her son truly was. And Hayley experienced the full terror.

Elijah Mikelson

Behind that door is carnage, death, bloodlust, and destruction. Elijah was indeed a monster. It took the intervention of Hope to break Elijah out of his trance like state. This action sort of corrected his fractured mind, keeping him safe for whenever Freya would be ready to pull him out.
Personally, I’m at a crossroad deciding what to make of the direction TO has taken Elijah as a character this season. It isn’t hard to realize that Klaus and Elijah have sort of swapped places in terms of impulse and response to situations. I understand it’s for the reason to further the overall story-arc of Klaus’ redemption relating to his daughter Hope, but Elijah has always been the heart of the Original family and now watching him delve further into the rabbit hole simply because the writers want a monster to replace Klaus hurts me. I’ve always known Elijah was the greater monster of both Mikelsons but watching it play out hurts.

With three episodes to go for this season it’ll be hard to imagine Elijah will sit out the rest of the action, especially now Kol has involuntarily taken side with The Hollow to save his dear Davina.

The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.

TV Review: The Originals (S04 E08)

The history behind The Hollow is reveal, Alaric makes an appearance in New Orleans, and Davina returns.

A lot of interesting things happened in this episode, so so many. Best of the lot is, Hope finally got to use her awesome powers to save her daddy and I loved it.

Remember from last episode Elijah and Freya found out The Lockwoods of Mystic Falls were involved with safeguarding the bones of The Hollow. This episode, Alaric arrived on Klaus’ beckoning to deliver information in his disposal to the identities of family’s bearing other bones. As expected his journey into town didn’t go as smoothly as he’d have hoped.

After exposing Sofia as the new host f The Hollow, team A, which is comprised of Elijah and Marcel hurry to recover the first bone. Sofia attacks again, and even an interception by Hayley (who believes her blood is the key to defeating the enemy) doesn’t go as planned.

Davina in conjunction with the Harvest girls of last week intended to sacrifice Klaus, to fuel the energy needed for Hayley’s blood to destroy The Hollow. This plan doesn’t go so well with The Mikaelsons (Marcel included). Davina decided she can’t wait for her harvest girls to return with The Thorns that can kill an Original. She made Marcel unwillingly donate his venom using magic, and wanted to force it into Klaus’ bloodstream. The timely appearance of Hope caused us not to lose Klaus this episode.

Hope’s powers were awesome. Though for a few seconds, it was the highlight of the episode for me.

Before Davina got vanquished, she did tell the complete tale of The Hollow’s origin. Many years ago, before New Orleans came to be, two family of witches came together to unite their warring factions through marriage. During the nine months of the pregnancy, the witches of the community all imbued magic into the unborn child. After birthing, the child (girl) showed so much pleasure in killing that her community gave her the name, The Hollow. They had to put her down. The elders of the community imbued an axe with a fraction of their magic, and had her mother deal the final blow. Before that, the Hollow recited a spell to be activated upon her death. The spell caused every tribe present there to turn into wolves – thus starting the different werewolf bloodline. Hayley’s bloodline is special because she stems from the family of the Hollow’s mother, thus she and Hope can kill the enemy.

This history made sense. But it also means that all werewolves are all from witches bloodlines since their ancestors were originally witches. Witches rule this show.

Surprisingly, the last seconds of the episode had a surprise – The apparent death of Elijah. After Hayley made Elijah see reason to returning the dagger that could kill Marcel to him, he arrived the apartment only to be greeted by a stake full of those thorns, into his back. Courtesy, The Hollow.

Things are very much heated up now!

The Originals returns this Friday on The CW.

The Originals (S04 E06)

The threat of The Hollow keeps getting bigger.

With Marcel Gerald still in captivity, Klaus decided to throw a party with Elijah to lure servants of the Hollow. Easily predictable is the fact that The Originals ended up being played. We’ll find out how soon.

Remember Josh? The gay vampire guy who was Davina’s BFF. Yes, that guy. He returned in this episode. For one thing, I do like as he’s not being strung along for the sake of having him on the show. Most of his scenes used to be ones that tied with Davina’s, and with Davina dead, Josh has been missing almost all season. Well, Josh was invited to the party thrown by the Mickelson’s for masquerading that all was well between them and clan Marcel. Marcel’s lover (I really need to stop forgetting her name) needed Josh to attend as his plus one in order to find out where the Mickelson’s were holding the most powerful vampire hostage.

Hope is missing from the episode, and I’ll say it’s a disappointment: I’m still waiting for the awesome Witch, Vampire, Werewolf hybridized power promised with this abberation. Keeping her away from our screens week after week isn’t helping with the anticipation one bit. Hayley on the other hand was on a mission to know more about her parents. Naturally, she sought out Freya’s help. This led to one major revelation about the Hollow and its plans to return to the land of the living. More on this later.

The last faction of the episode is the one where Vincent is still collaborating with Klaus and Elijah to save the city from the ancient evil that is the Hollow. Vincent discovered the high priest of the Hollow. The high priest gave Elijah a choice – turn over Vincent and Marcel and the Hollow will spare the Mikelsons. Elijah (who’s acting more like Klaus now) responds by killing the high priest publicly for all of their guests to see. They do learn in time that the talk with the high priest was all a ruse for the other (many) servants of the Hollow to steal Papa Tunde’s blade. Now, Papa Tunde’s blade is revealed to be one of four bones required by the Hollow’s disciples to raise their master. Things are turning out to be more interesting, though as I said before, at a slow rate.

The Originals airs Fridays on The CW

So Far This Season: The Originals

So last week we didn’t get a mee episode for The Originals. Very sad. But on the bright side, we get to talk about the season.

So far so good:

For a season truncated to thirteen episodes, the pacing has been fair. There’s just one big bad (I think), and were almost half way through the season, yet, the identity and true motive of The Hollow still eludes us. In fact, more treachery and hidden agendas of supposed players are still being revealed. I’m talking about Marcel’s new love interest with a vendetta against Klaus.

I don’t get why Rebecca and Kol entering and leaving per season. For goodness’ sake, this is The Originals, and not Klaus, Elijah and Hayley’s diary. If Cami and Davina hadn’t being given the mercy killing they’d have also made the list of eponymous diaries which is frustrating because I want me some more Originals, and not wannabes. I want Mikael (which has happened for half an episode), I want Esther, even Dahlia. I want everyone except Finn (unless he’s possessing Vincent again).

And talking about Finn. I thought the show wanted to give him a love interest; its been years since Eva left him for the darkness of the Hollow, and I’m certain he has needs. The needful should be done ASAP. I don’t really like Maxine, but if it’ll stop him from being a tertiary monk, I support 100%. Here’s me hoping the show does the needful.

As for Freya and her new catch, all I’ll say is, let’s see where it goes.

The intrigue behind the Hollow’s mystery has been refreshing to follow, but each time I remember we’re few episodes to the season finale I get understandably uneasy. I want to see heads roll, vampires get staked, witches burnt at the stake, and werewolves cursed to remain in wolf form. I want all the joyous chaos and sharp twists The Originals is revered for.


The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.