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Rinzy Reviews ‘The Hustle’ (2019)

Release Date: May 8

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Alex Sharp, et al.

I can’t remember the last time I saw an unbearable Anne Hathaway movie. But for Rebel Wilson, I most certainly do. So, I’m going to put the bulk of the blame of this overbearing piece of art trash on the latter. She basically plays the same character and does the same thing in all her movies like its a feature length sketch, and I think I’ve had enough.

So, congratulations Anne, today’s your lucky day! This review won’t be critiquing your equally poor performance.

The Hustle is a gender-switch reboot of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988), which starred Michael Caine as a smooth Brit conman in the south of France, and Steve Martin as his American rival-slash-partner. For this reboot, the gender’s reversed and we’re stuck with Hathaway and Wilson playing Josephine and Penny. Josephine is supposed to be the posh, big-time con-artist and Penny’s the amateur who doesn’t know she needs to go big or go home until she crosses paths with Josephine. Both characters have one major thing in common asides from both being terrible cons – they’re equally terrible at evoking a decent laugh from an audience, and are a chore to watch prance about for 94 minutes.

To put it mildly, The Hustle is forgettable, and does a huge disservice to some of its more incredible supporting cast with that poor script. It’s the kind of movie you see and wonder why was this made in the first place.

If you still haven’t seen The Hustle and aren’t sure if you should, maintain your resolve, you won’t be missing anything.

Directed By: Chris Addison

Rinzy’s Rating: 1.5/5