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About The Arrowverse 2018 Crossover – Elseworlds

When Arrow birthed The Flash in 2014 and, by extension, what we’ve come to know as the Arrowverse, it marked a new age of comic book properties on television. Comic book inspired shows have become increasingly popular over the years, and doesn’t show any sign of stopping anytime soon, which is both good and bad depending on how you look at it.

2015 saw the first crossover between shows in the Arrowverse; Arrow and The Flash started it, and since then it’s become an annual event that’s only gotten bigger as the years go by. Remember the awesomeness that was Crisis on Earth-X? So, when the crossover event for 2018 was announced – Elseworlds – core fans of the event, like me, were understandably elated being that it was the only time in the year the Arrowverse shows were extremely fun and bearable.

But, honestly, what we got in Elseworlds isn’t what any of us bargained for.

From a cheesy, overhyped introduction to Kat Kane aka The Batwoman, which served as a backdoor pilot to her own spin-off show; to underwhelming villains in The Monitor and Professor Psycho; to an even more underwhelming plot that made the entire three-episode event seem like filler episodes for the grander, more popular ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ storyline coming next year, I think the time has come for the Arrowverse to wrap things up for some of its shows that have overstayed their welcome.

The first entry in Elseworlds, that’s The Flash’s episode stands out as being the best of the trio. Arrow tried its best to sustain what was given to it, but its the Supergirl installment that wrecked the entire thing. Effortlessly turning it into a senseless pile of garbage. And I’m pissed!

One of the hardest things in life is saying goodbye, but one of the wisest is knowing when to call it quits. I believe the Arrowverse has overstayed its welcome judging by how lackluster most of its shows now are… The Flash easily comes to mind; I mean, what the heck is a meta-tech? ūüė•

Whatever sacrifice and trial next year’s Crisis on Infinite Earth’s crossover brings, I hope the Arrowverse comes to an end as the story provides the perfect closure.

Honourable mentions:

1. Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane looked rather believable. I’m sad to see her and written off almost as soon as her debut.

2. Tyler Hoechlin continues to shine as Superman.

TV Recap: The Flash – S03 E23 (Finale)

Someone died and it wasn’t Iris.

Remember when HR was introduced as a version of Harrison Wells from Earth 19? He came with a new toy that allows him wear the face of anyone. That toy came into play this episode; HR took the face of Iris somewhere along the line and sacrificed himself do that Iris might live. This heroic sacrifice of him caused the future to be restored and Iris to write the article when The Flash got missing in Infinite Crisis.

I keep wondering why no one is talking about Barry missing in the year 2024.

Savitar (Evil Barry) got to unveil his ultimate plan immediately after the shenanigan of Iris’ survival. He intends to split his existence throughout time, the past, present and future, that way the paradox of Iris’ survival won’t be able to wipe him out of existence. It was a nice plan but it lacked substance because Savitar required Cisco to make it happen. Instead of Cisco doing so, he causes the Speedforce bazooka to instead release Jay Garrick from his speedforce prison. In all the scuffle that ensure, Killerfrost (or should I say, a new version of Caitlin) saves Cisco from Savitar. It’s all fun and chill, three Speedsters, two Vibes and a host of others take on Savitar. I found it ironic that Iris was the one who struck the final blow – shooting Evil-Barry at the back before he could hurt good Barry. You should find time to ask, why Barry couldn’t phase into Savitar’s suit all season. Since that was a possible thing, why wait till now to execute in the name of anger.

Barry vs Barry
It isn’t The Flash if they don’t leave us with a cliffhanger into the next season. Because Jay was released from his prison the speedforce was short an occupant and decided to descend on the whole city in the form of special coloured lightening. Barry ever the hero sacrificed himself to save the city and invariably the world.


This season of The Flash has been fairly predictable, and I’m glad the producers hope to revamp the show by leaving the formula of unmasking an evil speedster. It did work before (especially the first season), but now, it’s extremely annoying. 

After building all season towards revealing Savitar as a force to be reckoned with, he finally was shown to be a weaker version of Barry – sort of a let down.

In all, this season of The Flash could have been a whole lot better. Hopefully, next season turns out fantastic. The Flash could take a cue from Arrow and get their act together.

RR rates the season a 6/10

The Flash: Savitar unmasked

Over the course of The Flash’s current (3rd) season one mystery has taken central stage just like the previous two seasons, and it was about in masking the big bad – Savitar. In last night’s episode (E20), Savitar was finally revealed. Some viewers might be satisfied with the revelation, others  not so much. Maybe it didn’t go down well with your theory, maybe it did, but Savitar is none other than Barry Allen. At least some version of him. The next question now is, was the reveal worth it? 

Many viewers thought Savitar was either going to be Ronnie or Wally, because of the many tricks the producers played in toying with the future. A few went with the option that his version of Harrison Wells was yet another villain. Another faction did support the idea that Barry was both the hero and the villain of this season, citing the issue of the time remnant he created when he defeated Zoom. Only time will give us the explanation.

The Flash continues next Tuesday on The CW.

TV Recap: The Flash (S03 E18)

All hail Killer Frost!

Since The Flash aired in 2014 there has been speculations over when Caitlin Snow would finally take over her comic book alter-ego. Even after a prolonged delay and dillydally over her final allegiance, I’m happy to finally announce that it happened in this episode… somebody please turn on the heat!

The villain of the week is known as Abra Kadabra – and he has history with Gypsy. Kudos to the production team on Kadabra’s futuristic voice; I liked it.

Abra Kadabra in The Flash.

Barry and friends quickly capture Kadabra, and have to contend with Gypsy who wants him in custody for contributing to the death of her late husband. I didn’t particularly enjoy Gypsy in this episode: the purpose of her inclusion wasn’t really a good one.

All this episode did was toil with the idea that Iris could be saved; truthfully, I am tired of hearing this. Most if this season’s episodes have been a bore because of its being centered on saving one person. And, the idea going round that Savitar might be someone the team knows doesn’t sit well with me, I think it’s lazywriting that the story must always come full circle back this kind of reveal – after two seasons with related climax reveals something new is needed.

Around this episode in past seasons anticipation’s already over the top. Truthfully, this season has been a let down and one can only hope it gets better.

The Flash returns April 25, on The CW.

The Wrath of Savitar

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The Flash returned this week with the 15th episode of its 3rd season and I must confess it was entertaining in its own right as compared to most lackluster episodes that have plagued this season. As the title suggests the episode is a Savitar-centric one, and it does justice with moving the main plot of the season forward. The reason for Wally becoming a speedster at the hands of Alchemy was revealed and the end-game was sad for Wally.

The Flash - Savitar.jpg

The episode picked up in momentum with Wally not just seeing Savitar but his actions and personal surrounding being influenced by the god of speed. After confessing to the team and making a lot of stupid choices to fight off the hold Savitar has on him, Wally played directly into the hand of the bully who has vowed to kill his sister. He gave Savitar the things he needed to escape his prison in the multifaceted speedforce –¬†the philosopher stone and a speedster replacement with the same kind of speed to match his.¬†What I could understand from the latter was that, the speedforce worked on a cost and effect principle, to get something out of it, another thing must be gifted in exchange. Emphasis on the word ‘must’ because Wally was immediately sucked into the speedforce the moment Savitar’s return to earth became inevitable.

Team Flash is wrecked by emotions, because not only did they lose Wally (who’s suppose to be the one fast enough to save Iris), the future is becoming all the more set in stone, everything to effect Iris’ death is coming to past.

I did notice Savitar had lesser speed when he returned to form; it could be that he’s weak and needs time to reinvigorate fully into his freedom, or it could be another lapse from the producers simply because the episode wasn’t focusing on his speed.

Caitlyn yet again has another love interest, in the person of former Archaeologist but now forensic scientist, Julian. Something tells me that just like her other two relationships this wouldn’t last; it could even be the suffering of a heartbreak that causes her to go into full-blown Killer-Frost mode, because the show has dealt a lot of energy into establishing Julian as her connection to her humanity.

In all, this episode was decent, but not strong enough to catapult The Flash into the list of series I am currently passionate about.


The Flash airs, Tuesdays on The CW.

So far this season: The Flash

Fresh, and just premiering on Rinzy Reviews is ‘so far this season.’This is a platform where the current season of various TV shows will be¬†analysed to know how well they’re doing with the viewers.

Today we’ll be discussing the third season of The Flash. Currently in its 14th episode, The Flash has been a mixture of lackluster and thorough-mundane.

Unlike the first two seasons where team Flash has had to fight a masked speedster and struggle to identify who’s behind the mask, they opted for another route of story-telling, and it isn’t working.


The thrill viewers once felt watching episode week after week piecing clues left on the trail to deciphering who the Reverse Flash (S1) and Zoom (S2) was, that’s what made those seasons very enjoyable. This present season, what we have is a robotic/alien villain in the form of Savitar, who’s CGI is extremely unpleasant to the eye. Alchemy who was the first thrill of the season was quickly unmasked as a means of bringing Julian into the fold (Julian, who in my opinion isn’t needed on team Flash). All we have to look forward to this season is Barry trying hard to avert Iris’ death and Caitlin not going full-blown Killer Frost. (Not good!)

Recently in bad memory is the ‘Attack on Gorilla City’ two-part story, the CGI was horrible, and the story unnecessary; we get people loved Grodd in his little appearances in the seasons before now, but bringing him full fledged in a two episode story when The CW’s budget isn’t worthy enough to handle is a no no!

I think the problem this season started when the producers opted to have a taste of the flashpoint paradox storyline but couldn’t handle it effectively, and everything since then (including Iris and Barry’s love story) has been a bad taste of a meal that’s lost its scent while still cooking.

The Flash airs on The CW, Tuesdays by 8pm.

The Flash debuts a new speedster

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The Flash S03 E14 unveiled a new speedster, the one of Earth 19.

Here’s the first look at the speedster comic book lovers will recognize as The Accelerated man.



Who is Accelerated Man?

He is the Flash of Earth 19, the earth that houses Gypsy (the female with Cisco like powers). As a speedster he is expected to have powers associated with speedsters (speed, accelerated healing, connection to the speed force, etc.) We don’t know about this character yet being that he had just about 5 awesome seconds of ¬†screen time. I really like the characterization of his speed, if you re-watch the clip off the episode take time to notice how he fled after being addressed by Gypsy… it was awesome!

Accelerated man is the 9th speedster to be introduced into The Flash TV series, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of him very soon.