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Hulu’s ‘Into The Dark’ Is The New ‘Black Mirror’.

Ever since Ryan Murphy brought us ‘American Horror Story‘, anthology series have been on the rise. A new market for the once dying television format. In the years since its first season -Murder House- other shows like Fargo and True Detectives have wetted raging appetites for this age old format. 

Since 2013, when ‘Black Mirror’ arrived on Netflix, the format was taken to a whole new level. Instead of the season reboot of story and characters as was familiar with the other ones, ‘Black Mirror’ gave us anthology on a episodic level. For new TV fans, this provided the opportunity to delve into any critically acclaimed episode without the bane of having to see countless ones before it to follow the story. This, to me, has been the selling point of the web-series.

So, when it came to my notice that Hulu was producing a similar, but unique content; one where the stories are episode-contained and, this time, with a holiday twist, I was elated. 

‘Into The Dark‘ is the answer to my prayer for something anthologically refreshing. The feature length first episode -The Body- tells the story of a hitman who runs into a snag trying to deliver a corpse to his contractor on Halloween night. The bulk of the episode shows him trying to tie up loose ends he unwittingly created for himself and his employer.
From a narrative angle, The Body doesn’t really try or pretend to be ambitious; old, recycled plot handled in same, old cliche manner. The Boogeyman successfully hunts down everyone who got in his way. The thing I liked about this plot was the surprise twist at the end.

Honestly, there’s nothing spectacular about The Body, but that doesn’t make it an unbearable watch. I sat through it and came out the other end without feeling like I’d wasted 80 mins. + of my life. I believe the show has potentials. Every month an episode is released gives it the opportunity to tell a horror story inspired by a popular holiday from that month. That gives it the opportunity to be everything Black Mirror isn’t.

Rinzy’s Ratings: 3/5