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Supernatural Season 13 Finale Review


If you haven’t seen the episode do good to leave now. You’ve been warned… 😎. 

Supernatural ended its 13th season run by taking our favourites to some very new territories. With a not-so-shocking death of a long time troublesome devilish character, 😊, and a very-shocking transition for another, there’s so much reason to want the show returning ASAP for its 14th season. 

I for one knew Michael 2.0 wouldn’t honour his deal with Dean. Dean, too, should’ve known this, but was too desperate to care; the immediate threat was taking out Lucifer, and in doing so he’d cleared the floor for Michael to take over as the new devil. 😈. I’m all for seeing the many destructions he’ll cause using Dean’s meatsuit… 😂. 

The new state of things on Earth 1.0 leaves this new Michael as the only known Archangel alive… Remember Gabriel and Lucifer’s death? 💀 

Few questions I have:

1) Is #Lucifer truly dead? 

2) Is Dean-Michael going to be the primary villain of the new season?

3) How would Sam, Cass and Jack deal with this loss? 

4) How much longer can the show go on? 😂 

These and many more I hope the show quickly returns to tackle. See y’all in October. 😉.

TV Recap: Supernatural -S12 E23 (finale)

A lot did happen in this season’s finale. We lost two major characters who’ve been with us for many seasons, which makes me think the show might be going for some sort of soft reboot.

Dean, Crowley, Sam, Castiel

This season has been a let down of some kind to me; I feel the show has gotten to its apex and should take a bow before it gets any worse than it already has.

OK! So the two way battle that dragged all season:

  • The Winchesters vs The British men of Letters, and
  • The Winchesters vs The spawn of Lucifer.

Both came to a climatic end of some sort in this two episode season finale. After getting free in the previous episode and stabbing Crowley’s lifeless body, Lucifer set out to find his son. The reunion never happened, not for lack of trying but for the reason we all know – The Winchesters. Haha!!

Supernatural - Lucifer.jpg

As for the British men of letters, I’ll say they’re one of the worst villains of this show (if not the worst). Their characterization was all over the place, switching from bad to good until they finally settled for killing all the American hunters in what I feel is the most uninspired plot for such grievous action. I’m happy every last one of them is dead (especially Mrs. S). Save for the mysterious voice at the other end of the phone, season 13 might not waste time on that silly organization anymore.

Supernatural - Crowley.jpg

Back to Lucifer. Castiel tried his best protecting Kelly; even though he was doing a half baked job by not realizing the Enochian signal Kelly’s unborn child was releasing at every stop they passed through, he tried his best. One of those Enochian symbols resulted in a portal to another universe were Sam and Dean were never born, the earth drowned in the apocalypse, the demons have horns and Bobby is still alive. In the scuffle that ensued (which I found poorly choreographed) Crowley sacrificed himself to activate the spell that’ll keep Lucifer trapped on the other world. Lucy wasn’t trapped (at least immediately. Sorry Crowley, your death meant nothing until…)

Supernatural - Castiel.jpg

Castiel was stabbed at the back by an emerging Lucifer. The Winchester boys weren’t let to grieve two of their long time companions when their mother (Mary) sacrificed herself to trapped Lucifer on the other world. The boys returned inside the house to find Kelly lifeless and bloodied footstep of a grown lad away from her corpse. Same followed the tracks and discovered a grown child of about 8 years, naked, crouched, an evil grin on his face and his eyes flowing yellow.

Talk about an evil child.

Lest I forget, Rowena (Crowley’s mother) also died in this episode: Lucifer killed her off-screen. Mehn! Too much loss.

Supernatural returns for its 13th season later this year.

Supernatural to crossover with Scooby Doo in an animated episode

This is news. It’s not the kind of stuff we hear everyday. RR heard authoritatively that Supernatural intends to feature world famous detective squad in an animated episode next season of the elongated show. RR looks forward to the episode with so much anxiousness, more because of Scooby Doobi Doo!!!!


Supernatural has indeed lost its way.

In the year 2005, a TV show was borne. it brought with it a promise – one that assured quality entertainment. After 12 years it’s still on air: a feat so rare. That’s the tale of Supernatural, a show 7 seasons past what its creator envisioned.

Recently I binge watched the show again, from its pilot episode to the most recent, and I couldn’t help but notice that Supernatural’s way pass its glorious days. I echo what I said in my previous post here, it is time to take a bow.

Over the years a lot of big bads have come and gone with their own motivations, from Azazel the yellow eyed demon wanting an army, The Leviathians wanting a constant food supply, Lucifer and the apocalypse, Metatron wanting Heaven all to himself, etc., Supernatural has always been one of the best place to meet memorable villains. My suspisions that the series had neared its end began when season 11 premeiered and revealed the Darkness as the big bad; I knew there was no way God wouldn’t make an appearance. And I also thought, what could be bigger than an epic battle of God vs The Darkness. I must say season 11’s culmination was a dissapointment, and whatever powers that be that wanted Supernatural to continue made the worst decision possible.

Season 12 has been all over the place. It wasn’t able to decide exactly what it wanted to be in the wake of the epic disaster it sort of was last season finale. Not even the surprise return of Mary Winchester (whom no one actually wanted) could salvage whatever dignity this series has left. The British men of letters were introduced earlier on as foes (which I thought smart), then they became allies (sort of), then foes again; hope you’re beginning to understand why I say they’re all over the place. I understanding from the finale’s trailer that they’re allies once again, to take down Lucifer.

 Yes, you heard right, Lucifer. Lucy is still alive and very much around. I agree Mark Pellegrino’s portrayal of the character is one of a kind, but it has been stretched to its limits. I don’t think the character is as appealing as it used to be. And to think that he’s been served to us as the big bad again shows the writers dwindling  creativty. They told us Lucifer impregnated a woman and all his motivatioj this season has been to watch his nephilim child born into this world to follow in daddy’s footstep. Hmmm!

Supernatural has already been renewed for a 13th season, which makes me all but wonder when this torture is going to end. Jensen Ackles (Dean)  and Jared Padalecki (Sam) along with the other talented casts need something more challenging to throw in their expertise. Supernatural is a sinking ship, the faster they get off board the better what’s left of its good old days will be preserved.

Supernatural returns for its final season this Friday on The CW.

Is Supernatural at its worst this season?

After 11 seasons (currently on its 12th) Supernatural may well be at the end of its game, and experiencing what is known as diminishing returns for a series that has done so well for itself over the last 12 years. We’ve met Angels, Demons, The Darkness, Lucifer, The Leviathans, and even God (Chuck). With an expansive use of mythologies from all works of life, Supernatural has done very well for itself, crafting engaging story-lines, which some might consider blasphemous depending on what he/she believes in. But, our analyses is just to try to justify this question – Is it time for Supernatural to call it quit, to end while the ovation can still stand?


The ongoing 12th premiered sometime in October, 2016, and hasn’t been able to generate enough buzz. Not to say that the 13 episodes already aired are bad, but most have not been able to rise to critical acclaim level for which Supernatural is well known for, including the mid-season/ winter finale. Two episodes so far to have stood out are, episodes 9 (First Blood) and 12 (Stuck in the middle with you); just 2 out of 13.


I believe most of the problem is from The CW President, Mark Pedowitz publicly declaring his love for the series, which coupled with the decent rating the show has always gotten made the Producers of the series decide to keep the series for as long as the lead actors are willing to act. Who wouldn’t love such job security? Not a good thing if you ask me. For a series to work, it must have a definite story to tell, and Supernatural has passed that stage by 7 seasons. A popular belief in the world of TV, is that Eric Kripe (the man who created Supernatural) only wanted 5 seasons to tell his story, and when The CW Network wanted to continue, he stepped away. Those of us who have been with Supernatural from the beginning will remember season 5 as the season where the boys battled Lucifer himself. The season finale felt like what would have made a great series finale, but seven years later what do we have?

Supernatural has been a shadow of itself for a while now, but this season has been a No! No! It’s been Supernatural at its worst, story-wise.


The mess Supernatural is in now began with the way the 11th season was handled. For years many waited for the introduction of the character, God. He was introduced alright, but was so underutilized it would have been better to let sleeping dogs lie. I expected the 11th season to be the final season because, which characters could match up to God vs The Darkness? But, the story went south and Supernatural is left scrambling,searching for a way out.


Enter the British Men of Letters – So far, this organization still shrouded in the mystery of what they truly want is the best Supernatural has got to offer. I do not find them compelling a bit. Each screen time they get tends to upset me more than the last. How am I to connect with whatever they’re supposed to be to Team Winchester if I can’t yet stand 60 secs with them?



Enter Lucifer – As a character, Lucifer has been misused, bastardized; so much that even the face of his most popular vessel, Mark Pellegrino, cannot seem to save the character from being stale now. After he and God made peace last season, I was very surprised to see him acting as a villain this season, but then I remembered… the show must go on.



Enter Mama Winchester – Mary was brought back to life by The Darkness as a parting gift to Dean at the end of the 11th season. In my opinion, the character is still trying to find her feet, and hasn’t really added much to the season in terms of story-telling other than make her boys (especially Dean) emotional.Let’s see how it goes. I’m holding out a  flame of hope because of the events of the 9th episode, when Billy the Reaper warned that if a Winchester doesn’t die by midnight they’d be consequences on a global scale because of the deal Sam and Dean had with her. She was killed by Castiel, and I felt a tingly feel of hope that something interesting might just be headed to Supernatural; only time will tell.



Crowley and Castiel who used to be one of the fun things to watch on this show, have been extremely underutilized in recent times.

Although it is too early to we at RR can only hope it gets better.


Supernatural airs Wednesday on The CW. Available for download Thursday mornings.