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Rinzy Reviews Crisis on Earth-X

WTF! Victor Garber’s send forth could only be realized by killing off his character Martin Stein…. why?

On this note I begin my review of 2017’s Arrowverse massive crossover.

Ever since ‘The Flash’ was spun out of Arrow in 2014, the Arrowverse has continue to grow with more characters added to its ever growing list and its crossover becoming more and more ambitious. This year’s wasn’t an exception. It’s the best so far.

A lot of things happened. We had the disaster wedding of the moment, courtesy of Nazi soldier’s from Earth-X interrupting Barry and Iris. We also had them getting married at the end courtesy of John Diggle, with a spoiler, Oliver and Felicity also got married… I didn’t see that coming.

We got to see evil doppelgangers of our heroes and the return of the Reverse Flash. I think the producers have gotten tired of explaining his return, so much, that they just skipped it, on purpose, this time. Barry needs his Eobard, this we know, it’ll be easier if they just stopped killing and rewriting him. 

I enjoyed the crossover. An article from ‘Screen rant’ said it was a better DC team up than the cinema-released Justice League. Ouch!

The stakes keep getting bigger, more expensive, I really wonder what they’ll do next year.

All shows in the Arrowverse return for their mid season finales next week.

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The Framework Is Twisted

I don’t think I can stop praising how effective Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been this season with their storytelling. This weeks episode (S04 E17) did in no way slow down the high tide it’s been riding with.

The episode starts by rehashing the final moments of E16, when Xoulson remembered Daisy. It turns out he remembers mostly her name, while the rest of his memories are returning in pieces. He does turn out to be an effective ally for Jemma and the resistance though.

Who remembers Mack and the tale of his daughter who died? Both come to play also. Mack is living a quiet life with Hope, up until someone in the Triskelion has the brilliant plan to arrest them as bait for Daisy to finally oust herself as a terrorist; which is what Aida calls S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

Talking about Aida, she goes by the name, Madame Hydra in this world, and she has Fitz so wrapped around her fingers, Jemma appears to have no hope getting through to him.

Jemma, Coulson, and Ward pay a visit to Radcliffe, searching for a way out. Things go horribly south. Madame Hydra and Evil Fitz arrive in all their glories to arrest the submissives. At first Madame Hydra thinks she’s losing Fitz to Radcliffe’s fatherly love and all, but then he quickly proves himself worthy of her love and his new evil status quo.

Honourable mention this weeks goes to Agent May, she’s still as badass as ever; every moral inhibition in the real world doesn’t exist here as she’s 100% pro-Hydra.

This was a wonderful episode.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesdays on The CW.

Which Is Your Best Xmen Line-up?

In the year 2000, Xmen was released and it relaunched the way way we see Superhero movies even till this day. After the third installment in 2006, 20th Century Fox felt unimpressed with the reception of their latest movie an opted for a new direction. The planned Xmen: Origin stories failed on arrival, and this prompted the need for a reboot – a soft reboot – of some sort. This was the birth story of the Xmen: First Class movie.

The question is – Which do you prefer, the original line up, or the younger versions of their characters?

Characters like Wolverine, who’s been the leading man of the franchise up till Logan’s release earlier this month have been consistent over all movies in the franchise, hence, can not be stated as a reason for selection.

Xmen - original cast.jpg
Original Cast


New Cast

Rinzy Reviews: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S02

It’s the end of what has been a wonderful season – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has been one of the most entertaining shows on air this season, and it didn’t disappoint with its season finale.

When the sophomore season of LoT premiered late 2016, many felt it was a waste of time mainly because of how messed up and all over the place its first season was. The only reason I continued with it was because of how awesome The Flash was: that was the reason I was willing to give it another shot, and I’m glad I did.

Legends of Tomorrow.jpg
The Legends in season two.

The Legends witnessed a lot of changes to effectively push the story forward. Rip had to vacate the position of captain, and Sarah became Captain Sarah; boy, did she make a good captain.

The villainous focus of the season was a band of men that made LoT’s mother shows awesome during their time there. We had the Legion of Doom – Malcom Merlyn, Damien Dahrk, and Eobard Thawne. All three men wanted something in common: to rewrite history; something only possible with the use of The Spear of Destiny. As expected, this mystery drags throughout the season, coming to a near halt towards the penultimate episode.

The Legion of Doom.

When the penultimate episode of the season began, all hope happened to be lost because the Legion of Doom had successfully rewritten history. Along the line, most of The Legends regain their memories and someone had the (brilliant but not so brilliant) idea of breaking the number one rule of time travel just to save themselves (The Legends); to redeem reality at least back to what we know it, the Legends have to revisit a time period they already have, damning the consequences (which turned out damning at the end).

There were a lot of things I loved about this season’s finale; in fact, there were  lots of things I loved about the season. The Legends have turned out to be very entertaining to watch. Over their two years on air, things have been very intriguing.

After defeating the Legion of Doom, the Legends are faced with the new reality that their actions had borne – the whole of present day flooded with dinosaurs.

The cliffhanger of showing the repercussion of breaking time-travel’s number one rule as the infestation of dinosaurs in modern day is more than enough to keep we the viewers continuously anticipating the next season.

How will The Legends set things right? How will their actions affect the entire Arrowverse? These and many more are questions I can’t wait to see answered.

TV Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S04 E16)

Astonishing plot twists – that’s what AoS continues to deliver this season.

This episode picked up almost where the last did. Once inside the framework, Daisy tried to locate Lincoln and Jemma immediately she got to work at the Hydra-led Triskelion. She tried her best to stay away from Ward, who surprisingly is revealed to be on her side in this world – he’s a part of the resistance, and his main aim is protecting Daisy from the inhuman hating Hydra.

Agents of SHIELD - Agents of Hydra 2

Jemima finally arrives the framework, and has to crawl out of her grave. She wastes no time trying to convince Coulson about whom he really is. This action tips Hydra, semi-led by and evil Fitz after her.

As expected, the person in charge of this world is no other than – Aida – Fitz reports to her.

Things are off to a dramatic start on the final pod of AoS this season. Aida has tweaked the framework so no one leaves, and with how real this world where everyone’s greatest pain has been corrected, there’s no telling the consequence of remaining in it for too long.

AoS airs Tuesdays on ABC.

TV Recap: The Flash (S03 E18)

All hail Killer Frost!

Since The Flash aired in 2014 there has been speculations over when Caitlin Snow would finally take over her comic book alter-ego. Even after a prolonged delay and dillydally over her final allegiance, I’m happy to finally announce that it happened in this episode… somebody please turn on the heat!

The villain of the week is known as Abra Kadabra – and he has history with Gypsy. Kudos to the production team on Kadabra’s futuristic voice; I liked it.

Abra Kadabra in The Flash.

Barry and friends quickly capture Kadabra, and have to contend with Gypsy who wants him in custody for contributing to the death of her late husband. I didn’t particularly enjoy Gypsy in this episode: the purpose of her inclusion wasn’t really a good one.

All this episode did was toil with the idea that Iris could be saved; truthfully, I am tired of hearing this. Most if this season’s episodes have been a bore because of its being centered on saving one person. And, the idea going round that Savitar might be someone the team knows doesn’t sit well with me, I think it’s lazywriting that the story must always come full circle back this kind of reveal – after two seasons with related climax reveals something new is needed.

Around this episode in past seasons anticipation’s already over the top. Truthfully, this season has been a let down and one can only hope it gets better.

The Flash returns April 25, on The CW.

TV Recap: Arrow (S05 E18)

At the end of this episode, the SCPD finally knows that Adrian Chase is the Throwing Star Killing a.k.a. Prometheus.

After getting broken by Chase, Oliver wastes no time disbanding Team Arrow. Naturally, this doesn’t go down well with everyone, especially when Oliver invites Anatoly and the rest of the Bratva brotherhood. Diggle doesn’t take this well; he and Oliver clash over differences in belief and how Oliver’s choice to invite Bratva to their battle over his teammates isn’t the best.

Meanwhile, Felicity’s deal with Helix does a lot of good today; they try to connect Prometheus and DA Chase as the same person, which does work. Though it took a lot of work and for Curtis to be roped in, the video evidence of Prometheus unmasking himself to reveal Adrian Chase underneath was gotten and circulated; though it was gotten late – because Chase was already in custody of the Feds to federal protective custody.

At the end of the episode, Chase is a fugitive, Oliver and Anatoly are enemies because of a major fall out, team Arrow is back though without Oliver, and things appear heated as we head into the final lap of the season.

Arrow returns April, 26 on The CW.