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Pearson: Jessica Headlines All The Mature Themes ‘Suits’ Couldn’t Handle

If Suits was the Hyde of USA’s law-side-TV-drama, then Pearson is definitely its Jekyll. This spinoff starring Gina Torres as the ever-formidable Jessica Pearson is very different from its parent show, and that’s not a bad thing.

Suits dealt with the kind of drama shrouding corporate law: with constant scheming in-and-out of courtrooms being its staple without the low-level consequence that’s well-known to the real world, but with Pearson we get a show that’s not afraid to get its hand dirty.

Within the space of ten episodes, Pearson’s been able to lend its voice to a whole lot of issues plaguing everyday society; gentrification, police brutality, bribery and corruption within the government, death by gun violence, crowd protests, you name it. In just one season this show’s been able to touch these conversations its predecessor shied away from not because it’s in a competition, but because it’s a whole, new, different, engaging entity. In Pearson, Gina Torres shows a side of Jessica we weren’t sure existed but still stays true to the character. Jessica’s vulnerabilities are more obvious than ever before, and that’s party because of the show’s Chicago setting, which is where she grew up. You know what they saw about home and what it does to you?

So, next time you or someone close to you wants to criticize this show for being different, make sure you remind them that different isn’t always bad. Pearson is good!

Rinzy’s Rating of Pearson season one: 3/5

All The Times ‘Suits’ Changed The Law Firm’s Name

Fans of Suits were no strangers to change of names during it’s run. It was almost like an every season tradition that makes you wonder, how does a real firm go through this many series of name-change and not tank?

To make it easier for those who’ve forgotten, here’s a list of all the times Suits changed the name of its beloved law firm.

1. Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke

When Jessica joined the firm this we’re the names on the wall, until she and Daniel Hardman usurped the balance because Charles Van Dyke who hired her did so on gender basis, not qualifications, and lied to her face about it.

2. Pearson Hardman

After winning with Jessica Pearson, Daniel Hardman grew a comfortable pair of balls and started stealing from the firm and framing Louis for it. Jessica got Harvey, who was relatively new and ambitious at the time to look into it. The secrets revealed Hardman had been stealing to impress his girlfriend all along.

3. Pearson

For his misdemeanors, Jessica had Hardman’s name off the wall, and for a while rode solo.

4. Pearson Darby

To scrub off the lasting scent of Hardman’s stench, Jessica married Edward Darby for his deep pockets. Well, that lack of romance went well for a while.

5. Pearson Darby Specter

Harvey was unhappy with Jessica’s meager with Darby, so he fought to have his name up there too.

6. Pearson Specter

It turned out Jessica set Darby up to fail from the very beginning; and when her plan finally revealed itself, Darby was back to his solo company, and Jessica and Harvey had the firm all to themselves for a while.

7. Pearson Specter Litt

Louis figured out Mike never attended or graduated from Havard Law, and leverage this info to strong-arm Jessica into publicly announcing him as name partner.

8. Specter Litt

After Jessica leaves for Chicago to have a more quiet life with more good in it, Harvey and Louis are forced to restructure and take down her name in the process.

9. Zane Specter Litt

Jessica’s long-time frenemy leaves Rand, Caldor & Zane to join Specter Litt. This gives them a better standing in the eye of the public following Mike’s trial and Jessica leaving.

10. Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams

When Robert joined the firm he brought Samantha with him. At first, she’s more trouble than good, but she eventually finds footing with the core team and like the ones before her, would trash anyone who stands in their way. This loyalty gets her to name partner within a short time, same as Williams.

Rinzy Reviews ‘The Royal Wedding’ (2018)

I want to believe I’m in a better state of mind to talk about the #RoyalWedding – an event that stole #RachelZane from I and #MikeRoss. 😀.

See, here’s a little backstory of how my πŸ’žβ€πŸ’– turned to πŸ’˜πŸ–€πŸ’”…

Mike and I used to be roommates/friends until he stole a newspaper πŸ“° cutout under my pillow and got the idea to show up at Pearson-Specter and eventually got #HarveySpecter to hire him by roughly said balls πŸ™„; there he met Rachel. If he hadn’t taken what’s mine, I probably might’ve been the one dating her. We’ve been beefing ever since. And now, #PrinceHarry has permanently taken her away from me. He even had her change her name back to #MeghanMarkle, an identity she never used when on #Suits, just so she doesn’t ever return to her one true love – Me. Yeah, he’s that afraid of the power of true love. 

I’m still heartbroken 😒, especially since #DavidBeckham stole the awesome piece I intended we wear on our wedding day, which will never happen now. I just want to die! πŸ€§πŸ€’. Anyone have any ideas? 


7 Interesting TV shows you should follow this summer

Hi! It’s summer again! And with it comes that drought period where it’s difficult to decide which TV show to follow. By now fan-favorite shows of broadcast stations such as The Originals, The Flash, Arrow, Empire, etc. are done for the season, this shouldn’t be bad news as there’s still plenty of entertainment to keep you glued to your screens. Rinzy will help you Review which shows you must be following at this moment.

In no particular order they are:

1.Game of Thrones

I know I said in no particular order, but it’ll be unfair of me to give this juggernaut any spot that isn’t number-1. Yes, for those that don’t know, GOT is back – thanks to delay in production due to special requirements for the story-line, GOT premiered this summer. With just one episode gone, this is a good time to follow one show that continues to unite every thrive and tongue.

GOT s7 - Dany arrives Dragon STone

2. Power

It pains me to see that most people do not realize the awesomeness that’s this show aired by Starz – same network that brought us Spartacus (Remember?) Currently in its fourth season, Power continues to break new grounds with its unique mode of telling a familiar story about a former drug lord who wants out but is held back by complications in his life. #TeamGhost


3. Preacher

For a TV show based on a comic book, Preacher is doing well for itself. Personally, I find it very entertaining, which keeps me coming back for more week after week. I see this series getting a third and fourth season, so yo should join the bandwagon.

Preacher - Jesse poster

4. Orphan Black

Of all the shows on this list this is the only one airing its final season. BBC’s Orphan Black has treated us to five years of unique SciFi; not the type that rubs it in your face, but the kind that carefully drags you in with details. Tatiana Maslaney will make it big in the movie industry, pulling off about 13, 14, or is it 16 different characters with one face (I’ve lost count of the number of clones)


5. Zoo

It’s not everyday you get to watch shows where animals deserve to get top billing credits (just as humans). Zoo takes us to a world where animals are evolving faster, are better coordinated, and want to eradicate humans before we do same. Currently in its third season, Zoo is still a delight to watch.


6. Suits

Suits is back! Many (myself included) were skeptic on the fate of the show when Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson) left. Though not one of the fore leading characters, Jessica had that aura that made the very sight of her in any scene appealing. Though she’s no longer here, Suit still lives on our screens to the honor of her memory.


7. The Strain

This is a wonderful show, and it’s also in its last season. A unique take of vampirism, which I’ve always loved as I’m a big vampire fans (#TVDForever). You need to watch this show now: four seasons isn’t much.

The strain season 3 poster-f48511_960w.jpg


Do you like my list? Which show deserves to be mentioned here? Talk to me in the comment box below.