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Power Is Back, And It’s Still Awesome!!! 

This article is one week late… I know, it’s on purpose.😂. Let’s just get over that fact and move on to expressing our excitement that we’ll be hearing ‘this is a big, rich town weekly, again... 🎶. 

Here is what I had to say after the season premiere last week. Episode 2 drops today… Maybe Dre and/or Tariq might die in this one. 😌. We’re being hopeful. ✌. 

#Power is back! And there’s a lot still happening. 

The season 5 premiere showed us the show isn’t here to play, and that’s certainly a good thing. 

Some things are still constant: 

1. Tariq is still as stupid as ever. 

2. Dre is bloody annoying and needs to die ASAP. 

3. Ghost needs to start taking responsibility for the part he involuntary later in Raina’s death. 

4. Lekeisha is looking to be the world’s greatest friend… And
5. Angela Valdez is as dirty as any dirty cop can be. 

This is a big, rich town, but we’re mostly from the poorest parts. #Power isn’t here to play at all. Strap-in for the ride this season. 👌. #RinzyReviews


9 Thoughts I Had After Watching Power (seasons 1 to 4)

This list encompasses points derived from Power seasons 1 to 4. Enjoy.

1. Black power is the in thing around the world now.

2. Sex is dope, it sells, but black sex is way hotter.

3. Having a side-chick does more harm than good to every man.

4. If you don’t take care of your family, you’ll lose them. Ask Jaime St. Patrick for more info.

5. The thug life is fun and all, but the stench it brings never leaves. Ask Jaime and Tommy.
6. If you’re working a case, you should never indulge in it. It never ends well. Ask Angela Valdez for more info.

7. If you don’t give your son the real talk about life, someone outside will. Remember Kanan and Tariq?

8. Treat your wife nicely, or another man will. Do not let her be troubled like Tasha.

9. Be cool like Tommy. Be good like Jamie. Be sweet like Raina. Survive like Kanan. Be sexy like Tasha. You can have Power if you truly want it.

Power Season 4 Finale Review

I rate it a 5/5.

I blame myself for the late view, but it was totally worth it. Suffice it enough for me to say, watching this season finale kept me on my feet, more excited than Game of Thrones‘ season 7 finale.

Just for fun

Now to the actions. So much happened in this episode; a lot to get excited over. Check out my previous article on how Raina’s death would affect the family she left behind.
Picking up almost immediately where the penultimate episode of the season left, Tariq, Tasha and Jamie sit through a police interrogation on Raina’s murder. Tariq keeps up with his well perfected rule of ‘no snitching’ claiming he doesn’t know who killed his sister, even though we know its corrupt officer, Detective Jones, a.k.a. Ray-Ray.

Tasha and Jamie process their grief well enough to move on with their quest to avenge their daughter. Though they suspect the Jimenez cartel, they’re soon proven to be wrong when Tommy and Ghost go on revenge mission 1; the second thing they discovered from that outing was that Julio’s death was caused by Dre.

Ghost is on a mission on behalf of him and tasha to seek closure for their family; Tariq’s on his own path to redeeming his twin’s memory (I was surprised at this revelation); Tommy ever the good uncle, relegated his little beef with Ghost to seek closure for Raina too. Who would have thought a Raina-centric episode would be so interesting?

In all the running around and all, Tasha got Angela more involved than she should have, which going into season 5 would have dire consequences for her. Tariq stole Tasha’s gun from her safe and slipped out of a house full of sympathizing friends and family to go clip Ray-Ray. Tasha runs to Angela to help clone and track Tariq’s phone. Angie takes the opportunity to issue quality advice to Tasha, 

“If James gets caught killing Ray-Ray, he’ll certainly get the death penalty,” Angela tells Tasha.

Apparently that advice would have been more useful if Kanan had added it to Tariq’s curriculum. Who murders someone using a registered gun? Common, people!

Tariq russling Dre for Ray-Ray’s location – This particular scene showed that whatever loyalt/friendship Dre has with anyone gives way for his ambitions.

I enjoyed the sequence of arrival at the hotel: Tariq, Ghost, Tommy and then Tasha; the choreography here was intense. I was on edge.

As expected, Tommy emptied bullets into his Ray-Ray. Luckily for him, he had adults who cared enough to help clean up his mess. He and his mom finally got a chance to bond better after seasons of been at war. If what it took for them to talk with ease was for a bad cop to die, let  Power keep killing bad people weekly.

The only problem, which would lead into an intense season 5 is that, Tommy to take out a bullet in the wall; as Angela commented, running ballistics on it would give all the necessary info. It seens Tasha knows this is a possibilty and had to sacrifice love with Terry for Job with T.

Another plot thread that’ll make season 5 an interesting watch is the rise of Dre. Dre started out as a villain, switched to the side of hero (or antihero, as you may look at it), and now, full blown villain. He killed one minor character who was extremely likeable (I liked the drug-peddling priest).

Power heads into its fifth season and shows no sign of slowing down. I really enjoyed this season.

Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box below.

Power: What Raina’s Death Means For…

This is a sad one to write about. RIP, Raina.
The title is ambiguous because her death has implications for lots of characters on the show.

In all honesty, Ghost and Tasha are horrible parents; the State needs to sue them for custody of Tariq, before they further ruin the child’s life. 


Raina was his baby girl; she was everything he wanted his marital life to be – peaceful, loving and understanding. Her death will most certainly put a dent on the need for him to go legit. Saving his family has always been his primal instinct, but with the purest of the St. Patrick’s gone, what more is Jamie living for? Be gone Jamie, enter, Ghost.


As a wife, Tasha is 100% everything most men have and take for granted. Loving and worshipping her man even in his greatest time of trouble; how I wish she showered her children that much love and attention. The truth is, Tasha’s failed as a mother. Lord help us! Raina’s death might just be the catalyst she needs to return to her senses and stop fraternizing with Terry The Lawyer and face her two remaining children and husband squarely.


If there’s one character who’s been unapologetically annoying in recent time, it is Tariq. A recent census carried out by RR on Twitter that compared fans death wish for annoying TV characters saw Tariq win it big against heavy lifters such as, Dre, Cersei and LittleFinger. That says a lot. It’s a pity Raina had to die for Tariq to have sense again. I do hope his story arc shows him doing useful things, because I don’t think I can bare it further watching him mess up while Raina lies in a grave.

Notable mentions: Characters like Tommy, Lekeisha and Angela are sure to be bumped by the news of Raina’s death. A chain of events will be triggered. I believe Tommy will be most affected directly, while Angela’s arms might play the role of comforter to Jaime in this great time of sorrow.

Power: Why is Dre overtly ambitious?

I keep wondering why the new kid has so much ambitiousness in him. A season back, I wouldn’t have believed Dre was capable of doing what he did to Julio, but here we are. If he could do that, he definitely can do more. Ghost, Tommy, and everyone they care about ain’t safe anymore.

At first, it started with Dre’s ability to keep something a dire as Kanan being alive a secret from Ghost and Tommy. That was the first sign, and we all turned a blind eye. Now, look where we are. With this new fire burning in him, anybody is disposable in Dre’s quest to become the biggest drug lord in New York.

I ask, why is Dre this ambitious? Why now?

He has a daughter; more than anything he has something great to lose if his schemes don’t continue successfully, especially now Tommy and Ghost are united as a formidable duo.

Or, could it be Dre is doing all these for his daughter, so that she can grow up happy that her father is wealthy and revered around town?

These and many more we’ll continue to speculate until we get our answers. But we all know that  it never ends well for evildoers; take Mike Sandoval who finally bit the dust in last Sundays episode 08 as an example, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, or how many people you kill, justice will always take its pound of flesh.

Power returns tonight on Starz.

Power: Why is Tariq so annoying?

Having children on TV shows is hard. Having children on TV shows with strong adult content is more difficult

The above is the reason my conscience wants to give for Tariq St. Patrick’s annoyance. I want to say it’s the lack of chance to develop this character into something more substantial that gives way to him being utterly annoying. I think it would have been better he remained irrelevant to the plot like his sister, Raina; or nonexistent to the story like the last child of the family without a name. Any of these options would have been better than what we have. What makes it worse is the painful realisation that the actor (Michael Rainey Jnr.) is known for consistently playing the annoying child’s role in his movies (checkout the recent Barber’s shop movie).

Tariq and Tommy

I admit Jamie and Tasha aren’t the world’s best parents: they’re almost never around (especially Jamie), and when they are they’re too invested in their own problems to remember they have kids in their formative years around (this one’s for Tasha). But there are children who made it in life with half baked parents or non at all. The shortcomings of one’s parent should be the decisive factor to go down the drain, something his junior sister, Raina gets very well.

Popularity poll wishes Tariq dead, which is a strong thing to wish a kid.

What do you think? Is Tariq’s character OK by you, or do yo think Starz’s Power will be better off without him? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Power: What will Ghost do to Dre now that he…?

Power is one of the best TV shows on air at the moment. It may not be on the same par with Game of Thrones, but on its level – the street OG – it’s KING! More often than none we hear people compare Power to Empire because both comprise mainly black characters and actors, but it tell you today – Empire is no Power, and it never will be.

Power s04e6 had a lot of positive sides to it – we got to see Ghost again outside the prison, a reunion of some sort between Ghost and Kanan, the death of Jukebox, and many more. The highlight of the episode to me was the death of Julio, and everything that led to it.


Dre has been around since season two. He started out as a causality of Kanan’s quest for revenge against Ghost. But Ghost saw the need to make something better out of this young man with a daughter, and he took the chance. Ghost turned Dre’s life around. So you ask, why did Dre betray Ghost by killing Julio?

Dre and Ghost

The thing there’s that, Dre didn’t necessarily betray Ghost; or at least, that’s how he sees it. Ever since Dre unwittingly got back into Kanan’s employ, to protect both his daughter and Tariq (Ghost’s son), he’s been facing strict competition over who Tommy trusts the most – him or Julio. Naturally, tha’s an easy choice as Julio has been with the gang  since the start of the series. This didn’t go down well with Dre as we realize he’s an ambitious young man who wants to become the better version of Ghost – hosting both the legit and the street life.

His popular quote, “I want to look legit, but not be legit.” Easily comes to mind.

Things get complicated now for Dre should Ghost find out what he’s done. I definitely know what Tommy will do if he finds out, it’s Ghost that I can’t say for sure. The sensible thing to do is to kill him – cut out the cancer before it spreads. With a young man this ambitious around you, your empire isn’t safe.

Will Ghost do the necessary thing?

Will Tommy step in to help his friend should the time come?

Will the secret of what Dre did ever come out?

These and many more are questions we should be asking. Until they are answered, we stay glued to our screens.

Power airs Sundays on Starz network.