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Review: Power Series Finale Is Disappointing

I have no more hate to give to Tariq anymore… nigga simply disgusts me.

Ghost, Tommy, Angie, Saxe, and everyone who laid the solid foundation at the start of the show deserved better than this resolution we got. Ghost deserved better than Tasha and Tariq.

Rather than marry a wife like Tasha and have a son like Tariq, I’d rather die a monk.


I really hoped the season finale would have, at least, one more trick up its sleeve; apparently, it didn’t. It was a straight-forward, annoying in some parts, weak resolution to six-years of storytelling.

Who do they think will watch whatever bigger trash they’ve got planned with the spin-off?

PS: That epilogue of Jamie, Tommy, and Angie back in 1996 would have had a more fitting punch if only they’d gotten better actors. Sorry Carl Gallagher.

Power: Who Shot Ghost?

Ghost is one selfish, self-centered, delusional motherfucker yet, after this episode, I can’t help but feel bad for him. This was one heck of a midseason finale, Power! (S06E10)Probably to prep us for that not-so-shocking cliffhanger, the bulk of this lengthy episode was hellbent on getting us to hate Ghost. I mean, who does all these in one episode:1. Telling Tasha that she can finally go be Ms. Green. “I release you from our marriage, ” Ghost said. A classic example of ‘use and dump’.2. He couldn’t stop glibbing and listen to what Rashad had to say. If he had, maybe things wouldn’t have ended the way they did for him.3. Talking down on Dre and setting him up to be arrested. Come on, Ghost. WTF?! You should’ve known better than to house a slippery villain like Dre.4. “I don’t need you, Tommy. But you need me!” Really?5. Trying to get Tariq to confess to his crimes. I honestly didn’t see that coming.This is a whole different Ghost than the one we met at the beginning of the show. Here’s a man who’s finally gotten everything he ever wanted in life. But for a man alone, he went about the gloating all wrong and made so many enemies within a short period of time. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when he got shot.Seen the episode yet? Who do you think shot Jamie out of these lot? Paz, Rashad, Tommy, Tariq, Dre, Saxe, Tasha?

EXTRAS:Ghost talking to Raina’s grave that he’s been thinking about her every day, hour, and minute; but we all know that’s a lie because he couldn’t posaihly have been thinking about her while fucking Angela?There wasnt enough Tommy in this episode, I’m sad.I really hoped Saxe would do us a favor amd shoot himself. That would’ve been a season high for me.

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Power: Tasha Wants To Teach Tariq The Drug Game

Tasha has to be the world’s coolest mom now, right? Imagine how the world would be if every mother out there gave into their innermost yearning to see their child happy by giving them exactly what they wanted irrespective of its legality in the country and the child’s soul?

I guess you’re cringing right about now, but that’s exactly what Tasha just agreed to do with Riq in last week’s episode (S06E07). She’s promising to make him better than Ghost ever was, and I just can’t deal.

I can’t even figure out where Tasha learnt the game that much. Yeah, I know the show keeps talking about how good she, Ghost, and Kanan were back in the days, but they’ve also done a poor job making her a believable Drug Lord-ess as much as they did with the other top-guns in the Power-verse.

There’s reports about a Power spin-off in the works, maybe this is how they intend to carry on the show’s legacy, with Tariq St. Patrick. Poor choice if you ask me because people will never learn to love this kid even if he goes full-blown gangstar and has all the juicy TV sex in the world like his father.

It’s a lost cause Courteny Kemp. Abort!

Power: Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, And Keisha All Work Together To Save Tariq

This week’s episode of Power (S06E06) is my favorite in a very, very long time! Post Angela Valdez, the show’s definitely not pulling its punches. And also, because this is the final season, every possibility, as far as its remotely interesting, is fair game.

If you haven’t seen Power S06E06, you should leave now. SPOILER ALERT!!

Seeing the old gang work together again was euphoric. All four of that, and yes, the count includes Keisha aka Mama Kash, aka Tommy’s new Holly, aka Lil Big Ms. very annoying to watch on TV.

The acting in this episode was good, even for Lala Anthony (Keisha)

Ghost has some balls robbing his own place. That’s the side of him I love to see; a man willing to risk everything for what he wants, not whoever that was always pining over Angela in the past.

Ramona will figure out Ghost had something to do with the robbery at the club.

Alfonso got stupid, and Ghost wasted no time throwing him under the bus. His death was a big win for Rashad Tate’s campaign.

Cousin Benny is not to be trifled with; he’ll definitely be on to Tommy soon, and I think Tariq will be a casualty of the ensuing assault.

And, why’s Tacha so shocked Tariq can lie to her face? After all, she and Ghost, by their actions and inactions, helped teach him the art, coupled with his internship with Kanan 🤷.

At this point, the reason for Keisha’s hatred of the St. Patrick’s confirmed. She wants her and Tommy to become the new powerhouse couple so bad she can’t see her hate of them is stemmed from jealousy.

Jason is beginning to get on my nerves. The effontry; who does he think he is? Should James and Tommy put asides their differences again because of him, he’ll to exiting the show in a body bag like all the connects before him. I hope he says “hi” to Lobos for me.

Vincent too should be getting ready to exit this life as he knows it. He messed with the wrong crew.

Dre has the police watching him, and still has the guts to stab someone in broad daylight. That’s some big, saggy balls! 😂

Last, but most important; when will Ghost and Ramona do the do? The suspense is killing me. 🤦

Power: So Angela Is Really Dead.

Starz scored a big hit with Power. Sure, a TV show with the premise of a black man running a drug syndicate in New York was always going to get some form of traction. Six years later, after countless murders and numerous sex scenes, here we are.

In last season’s finale, the biggest cliffhanger yet happened when Tommy went after Ghost and missed because Angela got in the way. The long year wait was spent debating if the not-so-much fan-favorite character was going to survive that assault or not.

Two weeks after the season six premiere, and I still can’t get over the showrunners’ decision to kill off Angela Valdez being that she was a major character, a source of constant, tantalizing sex scenes, and had been around since the first episode of the show.

On the plus side, Angie’s death opens a plethora of possibilities for the show to move on with, amongst which is freeing Jamie for another love interest with new kinds of sex scenes to look forward to.

Though shocking, it’s a good thing whenever shows take such bold step and cancel Christmas on a major character’s ass. It means no one’s truly safe, and that makes for really good storytelling.

Power Is Back, And It’s Still Awesome!!! 

This article is one week late… I know, it’s on purpose.😂. Let’s just get over that fact and move on to expressing our excitement that we’ll be hearing ‘this is a big, rich town weekly, again... 🎶. 

Here is what I had to say after the season premiere last week. Episode 2 drops today… Maybe Dre and/or Tariq might die in this one. 😌. We’re being hopeful. ✌. 

#Power is back! And there’s a lot still happening. 

The season 5 premiere showed us the show isn’t here to play, and that’s certainly a good thing. 

Some things are still constant: 

1. Tariq is still as stupid as ever. 

2. Dre is bloody annoying and needs to die ASAP. 

3. Ghost needs to start taking responsibility for the part he involuntary later in Raina’s death. 

4. Lekeisha is looking to be the world’s greatest friend… And
5. Angela Valdez is as dirty as any dirty cop can be. 

This is a big, rich town, but we’re mostly from the poorest parts. #Power isn’t here to play at all. Strap-in for the ride this season. 👌. #RinzyReviews

9 Thoughts I Had After Watching Power (seasons 1 to 4)

This list encompasses points derived from Power seasons 1 to 4. Enjoy.

1. Black power is the in thing around the world now.

2. Sex is dope, it sells, but black sex is way hotter.

3. Having a side-chick does more harm than good to every man.

4. If you don’t take care of your family, you’ll lose them. Ask Jaime St. Patrick for more info.

5. The thug life is fun and all, but the stench it brings never leaves. Ask Jaime and Tommy.
6. If you’re working a case, you should never indulge in it. It never ends well. Ask Angela Valdez for more info.

7. If you don’t give your son the real talk about life, someone outside will. Remember Kanan and Tariq?

8. Treat your wife nicely, or another man will. Do not let her be troubled like Tasha.

9. Be cool like Tommy. Be good like Jamie. Be sweet like Raina. Survive like Kanan. Be sexy like Tasha. You can have Power if you truly want it.