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Rinzy Reviews ‘X-men: Dark Phoenix’ (2019)

Release Date: June 7

Starring: Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, et al.

The X-Men face their most formidable foe yet. Technically, they’ve faced this level of threat before in The Last Stand, but factoring the soft reboot of 2014’s Days Of Future Past means the events of that congested movie were erased from the current timeline. Yet, it’s only natural that a question/comparison is raised in the wake of Dark Phoenix‘s arrival. Is it better than its predecessor?

Longtime X-Men movies’ scribe Simon Kinberg finally gets his chance to call the shots behind the camera, and compared to the last movie to handle the Dark Phoenix saga from the comics his improves upon a lot of things, if only by a margin.

For one, Dark Phoenix isn’t jam-packed with lots of fan-favorite characters or plagued by distastefully executed subplots like a cure. This time, we have multiple, mostly nameless characters running around in the name of being aliens in search for the Phoenix force. They come-on and die with no one actually caring much for them. What a waste of Jessica Chastain! We also get the death of a fan-favorite character, which looked more like a push by the actress to resign early from the role than it was a terribly chess piece to advance the main plot and a subplot of Beast teaming up with Magneto and the Brotherhood to take Jean down. Mystique’s death was supposed to provide the shocker that would’ve made viewers really get into this movie with the mindset that anything was possible. Unfortunately, it turned out to be nothing more than a bomb with a bad fuse. It was predictable (judging from the trailer), and, finally, distastefully done.

Sophie Turner’s performance as Jean Grey/The Phoenix is pretty decent. Her puppy eyes grow on you. And she keeps it simple from start to finish, even when she’s crying. Occasionally, you get to see her as the scared, little Sansa Stark from her pre Lady of WinterFell days in Game of Thrones.

Dark Phoenix‘s plot plays it safe from start to finish, and if Days Of Future Past taught us anything, it’s that the X-Men movies can be anything they want to be.

Dark Phoenix shouldn’t have existed.

Thankfully, with Disney acquiring Fox, and the rights of franchise reacquired by Marvel, Kevin Fiege and his team can finally show fans what a an X-Men movie should look like in this age.

Directed By: Simon Kinberg

Rinzy’s Rating: 2.5/5