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Rinzy Reviews ‘Undone’ (2019)

Release Date:

Network: Amazon Prime

Starring: Rosa Salazar, Siddharth Dhananjay, Angelique Cabral, Bob Odernirk, et al.

Undone is a beautiful show. A fresh of breath air.
Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy, two of the minds behind Netflix’s brilliant BoJack Horseman, are the creators of Undone. But this is different from the former. It’s not everyday you see an animated show that looks like live-action at the same time, something called rotoscoping. Actually, Undone’s made history by being the first serialized show to actually feature this technique. Isn’t that great?

We’re quickly introduced to our dysfunctional protagonist Alma (Rosa Salazar), a daycare employee in a weird relationship with her boyfriend Sam (Siddharth Dhananjay). Her younger sister Becca (Angelique Cabral) is about to get married but she doesn’t feel bad about it. Alma breaks up with Sam and gets into an argument with Becca just before getting into an accident, which marks the beginning of visions of her father and the story proper.

Undone’s plot is hopeful and simple, and it works its way quickly to an even more hopeful finale. It’s a story about family, sacrifices, and responsibility mashed together with the ever jeering element of time-travel.

Much of what Undone did this first season is mostly setup for other seasons, it opens the door to endless possibilities in this universe. Time-travel is possible, and bringing the dead back to life is also possible, if this isn’t the kind of show that brings sweet chill to your body, what is?

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5