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Rinzy’s best TV shows of the season 2016/2017

It’s the month of June, a month after most of our favorite TV shows have taken a bow for the season. As expected, most networks have rolled out announcements for shows that will an won’t be returning to our screens (that’s a topic for another time). Today, Rinzy will be listing TV shows that gave him excitement week after week, shows that caused him inability to sleep because of anticipation. This is Rinzy’s review for best shows of the TV season 2016/2017.

  • Arrow (S5)

Arrow - New team

Oh! Ohh! Ooooh! My sweet sweet Arrow. Who would have every thought it was possible for a show that has lot its way for two seasons to get back on track? Definitely not me. But with the miracle of this season, I’ve learnt that nothing is impossible with regards to this.

Behind every Hero there must be a more awesome Villain. Arrow’s fifth season buttressed that point. Since the time of Slade Wilson, Arrow hasn’t received much in terms of villain’s development, until now. Prometheus is his name, the man who gave Arrow a new breath of fresh life. I enjoyed every little detail of this season, every episode. Prometheus was so good and the effects of his existence so awesome that he committee suicide to drive home his point.

  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (S4)


 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been one of the most consistent shows on TV today. Since its sophomore year, AoS has consistently upped its game in a way that’ll easily make some low budget SciFi movie go to bed in shame. This year, they did it again: Bigger and Better they call it, and its because the show’s producers did their homework well with the three ppd story formula (and also because of The Ghostrider). No hard guesses why AoS is easily one of my favorites this year. It’s a pity that the long future of this show is in doubts because of ratings; I keep wondering why same people invest so much time in insane shows. Don’t answer that: I know why.

  • Feud


Anything with Jessica Lange is Okay by me. Yes! Then, through in Susan Saradon and a host of others jn a shpw self titled ‘Feud’, amd you’ve got me hooked for 8 weeks. Feud was easily one of my best choice for 2017: A time-period show based on the constant friction between two household actresses of the 20’s. Who wouldn’t love that?

  • Legion (S1)

    For as far back my memories go, I’ve been a fan of all things Xmen. I grew up loving them. But for some reason, I couldn’t keep up with Legion when it originally aired in Febrary. I recently tried it again, and gbam! Awesome. This show is arguably one of my favorite this year. Thankfully, it’s returning for another round of adventure with The Shadow King.

    Rinzy Reviews: Teen Wolf season 6a

    Date of run: Nov. 15, 2016 to Jan. 13, 2017
    Network: MTV
    IMDB’s Rating:7.7
    Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5


    After a climatic fifth season with the Dread Doctors and The Beast of Gervude, Teen Wolf returned to our scream last November, for the first half of its sixth and final season.

    Teen Wolf’s producers wasted no time in introducing us to the villains of the season – The Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt – within the first seven minutes of the season, and we had a lot to chew all through the rest of the half-season story-line.

    I particularly liked the way the season started; Hayden and Liam are running in the woods, and suddenly notice the sky has green linings. They also see a car driving itself there way. On examination they find a young boy, Alex, hiding at the back-seat, he said, ‘Don’t let them take me. Don’t let them take me too,’ referencing his parents who had already been kidnapped by the mysterious villain. Further investigation into the head of the only surviving son, by Scott, showed that his parents were taken by a mysterious, tall, mouth-less male figure, cloth in black cowboy-like attire, and riding a dark-horse.


    The story carried on with the pack figuring out that The Ghost-Riders take people, and when they’re taken, those they leave behind forget everything about them. Stiles found himself taken, and the rest of the season follows the different things that happens for the pack to remember that someone like Stiles once existed in their lives. During this story we got something that had been teased since the first season of this show – Stiles and Lydia. I think this is where I’ll start my review of the season from.

    1. Stiles and Lydia’s kiss.
    Rinzy’s rating: 3/5.
    After being teased for six years, Stydia (portmanteau for Stiles and Lydia) finally happened. Everyone who’s been following this show since its first season knows that Stiles has always been obsessed with Lydia, who never really cared about him until she became invested in the world of the supernatural. They shared a brief kiss in season , but Lydia claimed it was to help stop Stiles’ panic. In as much as Stydia happening is for fan-service, I’ll like to see what they do with it in the final ten episodes of the series.

    2. The Ghost-Riders
    Rinzy’s rating: 3.5/5
    What’s a good story without a memorable villain?
    The Ghost-Riders, though captivating in their first few scenes, soon became a bore, and chore to watch. In typical Teen Wolf stile, where the vast majority of their villains do not speak (remember The Onis, The Beserkers, The Dread Doctors?) the Ghost-riders are no exception. I for one, have always loved as Teen Wolf is able to constantly re-brand itself , season after season, giving me the chance to appreciate new story-lines.

    3. The Nazi Wolf
    Rinzy’s rating: 3/5
    Probably to make the story appear full circle and connected, Teen Wolf’s producers thought it best to bring in the mysterious creature in the Dread Doctor’s lair in season 5 into this story-line. And they also thought it best to make him a teacher in Beacon High (I’ve lost count of how many of their teachers have gone rogue.) I didn’t really enjoy it. I thought his motivation for wanting to join the world of the Ghost-Riders and Beacon Hills together as weak and uninspiring.
    4. Coach
    Rinzy’s rating: 4/5
    Every scene with this man is pure bliss. Though not in any way furthering the plot, Scott’s lacrosse coach’s appearance has always been a welcome comic relief. He wasn’t around for long, but his appearance was very much appreciated.

    5. Stiles
    Rinzy rating: 3.5/5
    Maybe Dylan O’Brien is becoming too busy, that’s why this season we had too little Stilinski, and that isn’t good. Stiles has always been the heart of this show, and it would be good to always have him around going forward in the last stretch of the series.

    6. Parish Hell-Hound
    Rinzy’s rating: 2/5
    The Parish is being utilized on this show hurts me, because this is a character that has so much potential. Though the producers did a non-existent job in explaining why the Ghost-Riders were able to control him in Hell-Hound mode, every scene with him was a delight to behold.

    Over all, the season was a decent one. I’d like to see how the series concludes a lot of hanging threads of story-lines, Theo’s redemption, Malia’s mother/desert wolf, the new Argent and McCall lovers, Stydia, Derek, Issac, and Pa Gerard’s whereabouts, etc.
    Though not my best season (in terms of story-lines) it certainly isn’t my worst.

    I rate it 3.25/5

    Rinzy’s 5 worst performing movies of 2016

    These 5 movies were Rinzy Reviews’ worst for the year 2016. After major hypes, and enticing trailers (God! We hate it when they use trailers to lie!) These movies fell way below expectations when we finally got the chance to watch them.
    In increasing order of disappointment, they are:


    5. Divergent: Allegiant

    Budget: $110m
    Box-office: $179.2m
    Starring: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Jeff Daniels, etc.

    I’m not so surprised this movie is here. The last two installments (especially, Insurgent) had been struggling to survive: with lesser box office revenues, and lower ratings, a lay-man would have suspected. And now, this once promising series has finally met its creator. It’s situation is so bad that Lionsgate (the studio in charge of its production) is considering sending the last installment to the TV to die.


    Photo credit: Lionsgate



    4. Ben Hur

    Budget: $100m
    Starring: Jack Huston,Toby Kebbel, Morgan Freeman, etc.
    One of the movies to get me excited for it release through the awesomeness of its trailer was Ben Hur. This bible adapted story had a lot going for it in the trailers, but all fell short of the hype when it was released. Probably it is God punishing them for making a movie of a man during the life time of his son.


    Photo credit: Paramount pictures



    3. Suicide Squad

    Box-office: $745.6m
    Starring: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davies, Jai Courtney, etc.

    This David Ayer’s directed movie confirmed to me that DC haven’t perfected the art of making quality movie. Two things. They had either hire back Christopher Nolan. Or, they get Greg Berlanti of the Arrowverse (CW’s DC TV-universe Director) to handle the big screen for them. This was a huge disappointment, and having big named stars to its credit couldn’t save it.

    Just like the other DC movie in this list, it raked in a lot of money despite its very poor review.

    DC had better not repeat history with their planned DC Gotham City Siren movie.


    Photo credit: DCEU



    2. Gods of Egypt

    Budget: $140m
    Box-office: $150.7m
    Starring: Gerald Butler, Elodie Yung, Nikolaj Costar-Waldau, etc.
    Talk about resources being thrown into the trash. After suffering through backlashes from the public for white-washing (using white actors to play traditionally colored characters) this movie still bombed big time. The graphics were so poor, too bright, yet poor. The story-line, painfully plotted. God have mercy.


    Photo credit: Lionsgate



    1. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Box-office: $873.3m
    Starring: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, etc.

    This is the most horrible movie of the year, 2016. I should have said it is the greatest bomb in recent memory, but the scar Fantastic Four (2015) left on me is still fresh. The trailers offered us hope. Batman, Superman, and Wonder-woman in the same movie. DC’s Trinity in the same movie! But the result after years of hope was painful. A poor plot. Common! Who stops a catastrophic fight simply because their mothers have the same first name? Worse was, How could Batman have withstood Superman for that long in a fight were a punch from Supes could wrangle Battie’s neck?

    Zack Snyder really did outdo himself with this.

    And messed up my year.


    Photo credit: DCEU



    Notable mentions
    – The Huntsman: Winters war: This was a very unwanted sequel. Though the hypes and talks of the dreaded Huntsman from Snow White and The Huntsman made us doubt our resolve to say no to more. This sequel confirmed our initial decision.

    – Alice Through The Looking Glass: The movie producers of this franchise thought they could bait us with a half-baked sequel after six years of them making more than a billion with the first installment.



    For those who haven’t watched to know what they’re going into when they want to.


    With the year 2016 gone, it is more than due to unveil the movies that will rule this New year, 2017. From Tweets to trends all over the internet, the movies listed here are the most talked about. The once asterisked (*) are Rinzy’s most anticipated.

    May we begin!

    In the order of their release dates:

    1. Underworld: Blood War (Jan. 6)

    Joining Kate Beckinsale for her fifth adventure as protangist Selene. The battle between Vampires and Lycans continue as usual. The Underworld franchise hasn’t really been a financial hit, but they’ve been popular enough to get average tongues wagging in aticipation of their next installment. Moreover, Kate is a terrific actress for someone in her 40’s, and I’m sure she’ll be able to pull this one through too.

    Photo credit: Sony

    2. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter  (Jan. 27)

    This video-game adaption is finally taking a bow, after six installments. Finally, Alice (Milla Jovovich) might get to completely destroy the evil organization – Umbrella.


    Photo credit: Sony and Capcom Entertainments

    3. John Wick 2 (Feb. 10)

    If there is one movie that surpassed even the expectations of its producers, it has to be John Wick. The story was refreshing, and coupled with the very believable performance by Keanu Reeve, one would be swayed the instant he/her takes a look at John Wick. The sequel promises to be just as much fun.


    Photo credit: Summit Entertainment

    4. Fifty Shades Darker (Feb. 10) *

    The first of Rinzy’s choice for 2017. I can remember when Fifty Shades of Grey was released, Feb. 13, 2014, the frenzy and all made me research the three books of the same titles by E.L. James. I was hooked. God help me!

    Christian Grey and Annastesia Steele return to our screens soon.


    Photo credit: Universal Studios

    5. The Wall (Mar. 10)

    The Wall is an upcoming American war film directed by Doug Liman and written by Dwain Worrell, about two American soldiers trapped by an Iraqi sniper. The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and John Cena (Wikipedia).

    I am not a fan of war movies. I know I should be, but its difficult.

    6. The Great Wall (Feb. 17) *

    Give me Matt Damon in any form, and I’ll watch. Now, give me Matt Damon and some Monoglian action, and I’ll hail you non-stop. (Thank you Marco Polo!)
    This movie is sure to be a hit. I look forward to it.

    7. Logan (Mar. 3) *

    Each time I recall this is Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine, I feel sad: he’s been a terrific actor, and has played the part perfectly for the last sixteen years. Fareware, Logan.

    With an R-rating, this is sure to be as hardcore as Deadpool was.
    Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

    8. Power Rangers (Mar. 24) *

    The trailer for this is really amazing; it had a different tune, more matured than the Power Rangers we grew up knowing. Really anticipating this.


    Photo credit: Lionsgate

    9.The Fate of the Furious. …(April 14) *

    Give this franchise a medal for knowing how to reinvent itself. Many (myself included) thought how the story will progress without Brian (Late Paul Walker) who was an inegral part of the story; never did we think we’d see what were given in the trailer. Dominic Toretto has gone rogue! And the guys are racing against a submarine! Just when we thought we’ve seen it all.

    Photo credit: Universal Studios

    10. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. … (May 5) *

    The first installment was a surprise hit. Marvel has established they’ve got the Midas touch. Time will tell what The Star Lord and his team have in stock for us.


    Photo credit: Marvel Studios

    11. Kong: Skull Island (Mar. 10) *

    Judging by the trailer, this movie means business. Kong is still as angry as ever (Even in a reboot!)

    Photo credit: Warner Bros.

    12. King Arthur: Legend of the sword (May 12)

    Another retelling of the epic story of Camelot. There’s Guinevere, there is Excalibur, but I haven’t heard anything about Merlin.

    Photo credit: Warner Bros.

    13 Beauty and The Beast (Mar. 17)

    Riding in the stride of Disney’s resolve to make huge money from the live -action retelling of its classic cartoons, comes Beauty and the Beast. Emma Watson is as beautiful in the role of Beauty as one would have imagined.

    Photo credit: Disney Studios

    14. Alien: Covenant (May 19) *

    Don’t shame me for confessing I just watched Prometheus (2012) during the Christmas break. I was a nice watch, and got my interest enough to research The Alien franchise. I need to see where the story goes from there, as this is a sequel to Prometheus, still set as the prequel to¬† Alien (1979).

    Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

    15. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (May 26) *

    ‘You will always remember this day as the day you nearly caught Captain Jack Sparrow!’

    The above sentence will always resonate with me. Johnny Depp returns as the iconic Jack Sparrow in the fifth installment of Disney’s hit franchise. This time he battles the Late, but not dead, Captain Salazar.

    Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) makes a return as the Captain of The Flying Dutchman in this installment an absence in On Stranger’s Tides.

    Photo credit: Walt Disney’s STudio

    16. Wonder Woman (June 2) *

    I really look forward to watching Gal Gadot as Diana of Themyscira.
    Photo credit: DCEU

    17. The Mummy (June 9) *

    Adding Tom Cruise gives this reboot hope. But I don’t think I liked the female Mummy from the trailers. Time will tell.

    Photo credit: Universal Studios

    18. World War Z 2 (June 9) *

    Bring it on, Brad Pitt. This sequel is long overdue.

    Photo credit: Paramount Studio

    19. Cars 3 (June 16)

    Everyone who grew up to watch Cars(2006), should be old enough to visit the cinema this time with his/her child. I won’t say more than that.


    Photo credit: Pixar Animation Studios

    20. Transformers: The Last Knight. … (June 23) *

    Another certain mega-hit. Just like Dom, Optimus Prime, has gone rogue. And he’s seen fighting Bumblebee (everyone’s favorite Auto-bot), Not good Michael Bay, not good!

    Photo credit: Dream works Studio

    21. Despicable Me 3 (June 30)

    Can we have more screen-time for The Minions. Awesome puppets.
    Photo credit: Universal Studios

    22.Spider Man: Homecoming (July 7) *

    Marvel and Sony present to us the first fruit of their collaboration. Tom Holland has shown us he can do no wrong with the role, judging from his performance in Captain America: Civil War.


    Photo credit: Marvel Studios

    23. War for the Planets of the apes (July 14)

    Another war between Man and Ape. Man had better win, else, we’d be going to Mars faster than we’ve planned to.
    Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

    24. Dunkirk (July 21)

    Another hit by Christopher Nolan.

    Photo credit: Warner Bros.

    25. The Emoji movie (Aug. 4)

    Another movie like The Angry Birds (2016)

    Photo credit: Sony Pictures

    26. Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Oct. 6)*

    Highly anticipated and overdue: people couldn’t stop clamouring for more after the first first installment.

    Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

    27. Thor: Ragnarok (Nov. 3) *

    Chris Hemsworth returns for his third installment as Thor (The god of thunder).  Mark Ruffallo and Benedict Cumberbatch as (The Hulk and Doctor Strange) respectively.

    Photo credit: Marvel Studios

    28. Justice League (Nov. 17) *

    After many years of hoping, it is finally happening. As directed by Zack Snyder. Let’s hope this isn’t another Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie.

    Photo credit: DCEU

    29. Star Wars: Episode VIII. … (Dec. 15) *

    The Star Wars franchise continues to outdo itself with more spectacular performances with each new release. Lucas Films have a pot of gold in hand, and they wouldn’t stop milking it. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is still in cinemas breaking more records with each day.
    Photo credit: Lucas Film

    30. Jumanji (Dec. 22)

    A reboot of the classic movie Jumanji (1995) we grew up watching. It stars Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), Kevin Hart, and others.

    Photo credit: Sony Pictures

    31. Pitch Perfect 3 (Dec. 22)

    The Barden Bella’s are coming back for their third (and hopefully, last) outing. Anna Kendrick wowed us in 2012, with the Cups single. The second installment found itself struggling to tell a story. Let’s hope this one makes a difference.


    Photo credit: Universal Studios

    The reason for this sermon.
    It is a New Year, and everyone should have his/her movie calendars by their side for easy remembrance.

    Author’s note.
    I have 18 asterisked movies in the list. Not bad.
    Let me know what you think about the list. Which are your favorites, and most anticipated? Let’s talk in the comment box below.

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    Top TV shows and characters of 2016

    I watch and follow a lot of TV series, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to make a list of the series that did it for me this year, in terms of story-lines, characters, actors, production, and a host of other minute attributes that sort of adds up inside my head.
    I should state here that a lot of the TV shows in this list are newcomers; they are here not because they’re green, but because their stories are refreshingly packaged, and provide something new from the norms already shown on The USA TV.

    Here are Rinzy’s top TV shows and characters of 2016.


    1 . Game of Thrones
    Season: Six
    Network: HBO
    Favorite character(s): Lyanna Mormont, Cersei Lannister
    Starring: Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Peter Dinklage, etc.
    Rinzy’s rating: 9.5/10

    It is no secret, how much love I have for this world created by George R.R. Martins. Game of Thrones is a series that will be remembered for many years to come because of the beautiful imagery, story-lines, and cast it keeps bringing to our screens year after year.

    This year, in its sixth season, Game of Thrones has still showed no sign of slowing down. Following the many cliffhanger that closed the fifth season, most of the speculations during the nine months break between seasons was if Jon Snow [our favorite self-righteous hero] was truly dead, and if yes, whether he’ll come back to life anytime soon. Luckily, our prayers were answered and here we are.
    Over the course of its sixth season, Game of Thrones as usual, introduced us to a few new characters, and of the lot, the only to steal my heart, is young but fierce, Lyanna Mormont.


    Ever the tough one, Lyanna Mormont had little screen time that resonated with a large percentage of the Game of Thrones loving community [That is a lot of people!] That particular scene were she headed the chant, ‘The King in The North!’¬† to declare Jon Snow stole the heart of millions, including my stone heart. Here’s to hoping we see more of Lyanna in season seven.


    Another character that that I’ve always loved, and appreciated her art further this season is old but not senile, Cersei Lannister.


    Cersei went through a lot last season; from her lengthy torture at the hands of the High Septa, to her infamous walk of shame, last year wasn’t the best for her. But this year, she finally had the opportunity to take care of most of her enemies at once, in a scene second only to the infamous battle at black-water (in terms of similarities). If you haven’t watched the explosive scene for any reason, you really need a rethink. Wild-fire is bae [Ha Ha Ha!!!]


    Two other notable mentions of the season are: The battle of the bastards (Jon Snow vs Ramsay Bolton, for who controls The North). This was one, if not the best fight sequence I’ve witnessed on Game of Thrones [The Battle of Black-water comes to mind here]. Jon Snow of course won, and his victory brings us steps closer to reuniting The Starks, who have suffered the most on this show.
    The other notable mention, is Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen – The Mother of Dragon. This season we felt for the first time the full effect of that name. Daenerys flew with her fully grown dragons, and brought the Slave-masters of Meereen to their knees. As of where the series left us, she’s on her way to Westeros [FINALLY!]




    Photos credit: HBO


    2. Stranger Things
    Season: One
    Network: Netflix
    Favourite character(s): Eleven, Duncan, pretty much all the children.
    Starring: Wyona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, etc.
    Rinzy’s rating: 9/10

    With only eight episodes, this is one series that took everyone¬† by storm this year. Very unexpected that a show ran by children takes adult captive. Maybe its cos of the tribute to movies of the 80’s as older folks say.
    I love Eleven so much because of the mysterious feel she has around her. She’s killed a lot of people, and the series found a way to not make the fact matter to the viewer, at all. Especially with the way the season ended, I’m certain we’ll be seeing more of Eleven, and whatever that Supernatural creature was that she gave her life up to seemingly-destroy.



    To the other children (Dustin, Will, Mike, and Lucas), I say a big thank you for making me want to relive my childhood again [Probably Will shouldn’t be in the list because he was missing for almost the entire season]. The way the boys run up and down piecing clues to find their best-friend is reminiscent of how most of us spent our childhood.

    Hopefully, season two will continue on the climax the awesomeness that was season one has built.

    Photos credit: Netflix

    3. American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson
    Season: One
    Network: FX
    Favorite character(s): Marcia Clark
    Starring: Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jnr., John Travolta, etc.
    Rinzy’s rating: 9/10


    Sarah Paulson! Sarah Paulson! Sarah Paulson! [How many times have I called you?] This is one of the most talented actresses in history. I’ve been a fan of hers from the American Horror Story series, but I am now a great fan: she pulled off the character of Marcia Clarke with so much realism, that it made me start researching the actual trial that the docudrama was based on.


    Marcia’s character is the one that did it for me in this series. The only other character that made me invested a little is John Travolta’s Robert Shapiro.

    Photos credit: FX


    4. Westworld
    Season: One
    Network: HBO
    Favorite character(s): Maeve, Dr. Ford.
    Rinzy’s rating: 9/10


    HBO over the years has established itself as one of the Networks willing to spend huge millions of dollars to produce quality TV shows. Westworld is HBO’s latest show riding on the horse of that pledge. With a cliche story-line of Robot vs Man, executed in the most uncommon of ways, Westworld earned itself the title of The Most Talked About Series of 2016 – Almost everyone (Film-freaks) were constantly discussing, week after week, the many possible theories of what exactly was happening at the Park.

    With Game of Thrones coming to an end, HBO is desperate for another mega-hit to take its place. I certainly believe Westworld can do it. With a release date for next season slated for 2018, the year Game of Thrones airs its 8th and final season [Talk about conspiracy theory].

    I’ve been a fan of Thandie Newton since I watched her in 2014’s Docu-drama – Half of a yellow sun, and it was wonderful seeing her when Westworld premiered. A few episodes in, and I was hooked to Maeve’s story-line (Maeve is Thandie Newton’s character on the show).


    Maybe not as intriguing as Dolores, but more compelling to follow, and she wins my love for this show.

    Dr. Ford, always the sly. It wasn’t hard to realize he was playing God, and hence was the villain of the story. I still suspect he found a way to transfer human consciousness into hosts, hence his willingness to let himself be killed to set into motion his new narrative. Only time will confirm or disprove this theory [Only time will tell.]

    Photos credit: HBO

    5. Marvel’s Luke Cage
    Season: One
    Network: Netflix
    Favorite character(s): Misty Knight, Mariah Dillard, Shades
    Starring: Mike Colter, Mahershala Ali, Simone Missick, etc.
    Rinzy’s rating: 8/10


    Carl Lucas, Luke Cage. Which ever you choose to call him, he still remains who he is – Power Man.

    I liked this series. It was a decent one. Most loved by me was Detective Mercedes Misty Knight. Asides being hot [Damn! She was hot] I was invested in her from the first episode, because of the way the series graphically described her detective-skills. I was waiting through the entire episodes for someone to confirm if that was just camera-awesomeness, or if Misty had super powers.


    It was an entertaining watch, save for the scenes Claire Temple were in. [Someone please tell her to stick to Hell’s Kitchen]

    I also loved Mariah. She was crazy, and what’s worse was that she didn’t even know it till it was too late.

    The only thing I loved about shades was the way he wore and took off his dark shades. A looked to me like a more mysterious character than the show’s producers tried to paint him. I want to believe there’s more to his backstory than the guy who contributed to turning Carl Lucas into Luke Cage.

    Photos credit: Netflix
    6. Narcos
    Season: Two
    Network: Netflix
    Favorite character(s):
    Starring: Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Paschal, etc.
    Rinzy’s rating: 8/10

    Talk about one series I wasn’t sure if I should watch. I actually binge-watched Narcos from season one, but this review is limited to the second season only.

    Strange thing is I don’t have a favorite. Maybe its because I can’t get fully attached with any characters [Blame it on the language]. But then, Narcos is the first none-English film of any kind that I’ve had no problem watching, and understanding. That’s a huge feat. Pablo Escobar is a very compelling character [More compelling in season one]. He makes some terrible life choices, that made me google-search at every spot if it did happen. Talk about a savage.

    Pablo may be dead now, but the underworld of the narcotics isn’t done with us yet.

    Photo credit: Netflix


    7. Orphan Black
    Season: Four
    Network: BBC America
    Favorite character(s): All the clones (especially Crystal)
    Starring: Tatiana Maslany, Ari Millien, etc.
    Rinzy’s rating: 7/10


    Shout out to one of my best Actresses of all time – Tatiana Maslany. I keep wondering the amount of work she puts into filming her multiple personalities (clones) per season: An average person would break down.

    And she finally got the Emmy she deserved.

    Now, this year on Orphan Black did a lot of things, most noticeably, it showed us Rachael Duncan can never change, as she’s still the same manipulative, conniving bastard she was from the first day we met her. She killed her mother (Susan Duncan), just when we finally confirmed Susan was one of the good guys. Damn! Things are bound to get messier [and more interesting] as Sarah, and her clone club head into their fifth and final season. I believe a lot of questions will be answered in the new season; whoever is truly running the show at Neolution will finally be exposed [and euthanized if need be].

    Photo credit: BBC America

    8. Darevil
    Season: Two
    Network: Netflix
    Favorite character(s): Frank Castle (The Punisher), Elektra Natchios
    Starring: Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal, Elodie Yung, etc.
    Rinzy’s rating: 7/10

    Every scene Jon Bernthal appeared here as The Punisher, he stole the show: almost forcing Daredevil to be a recurring character in his own show. I also loved Elektra. Simply because I’ve loved the character since her appearances in 2003’s Daredevil movie and her 2005 solo movie outing with Jenifer Garner, I anticipated her introduction, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Photo credit: Netflix

    There you have it Rinzy Reviews the top TV shows and TV characters of 2016. As always, forward ever, backward never, 2017 promises to be a better year.

    Coincidentally, most of the series here are from Netflix, which makes my subconscious want to tell my conscious that Netflix produces better series than any other Network. [Nah! HBO is still number one!]

    Ghost-Rider (ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD): He’s been very awesome since the season started. Who doesn’t love Ghost-Rider? Who?

    TV shows such as The Crown, Preacher, Atlanta, The Night Of etc., are still in my waiting list, hence I couldn’t¬† pass my personal view on their wide acclamation. But I sincerely believe they’ll be good views as most critics have already said. I’ll talk about them as soon as I’m done.

    TV shows have come a long way from what they used to be; I believe that soon, TV shows would be in more demand than Movies. Time will tell. This ranking appreciates the effort these Actors, Producers, Directors, etc., put into their crafts. We thank you all. We know 2017 will be a better year. Cheers! Happy 2017 in advance.

    Welcome to Rinzy Reviews Films

    It’s been a few years since I became engrossed in the art of film-watching, and a little more for story-writing. It’s also approximately a year since I nursed the idea of¬† having a platform where I pen my many film (movies and TV) theories and discuss film ideas with a public as enthusiastic about the art as myself. So, here we are – Rinzy Reviews Films: A dream made reality.

    Though not the best attempt, I strongly believe it’s a step in the ‘write’ direction. I believe, greatly, in planting a vision and nursing it into a mission. And, I know we’ll have great times here making memories we’ll treasure for many years to come.

    My name is Rinzy Talius Dike, your chief-servant and I say Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

    – Rinzy, 2016.



    Hey guys, thank you for sticking with RR Films over the last two years. I love y’all so much! ūüėć.

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