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‘Reign’ is coming to an end

After three seasons (and a fourth currently airing), period political drama, Reign, is coming to end, and I feel sad already.

The 4th season has been announced to be the last for the series.

Though Reign was never been a ratings monster, its ratings were decent enough to carry it on, until the 3rd season: the series suffered greatly by the inevitable loss of lead character, King Francis II of France. The ratings plunged lower than ever before, mostly because of the love viewers had for the actor – Toby Regbo.

What does Reign ending mean for the story?

According to history, Mary still has a lot to accomplish: get married to her cousin, get killed by Elizabeth, etc. How possible is to cram all these into the final season expected to consist of only 16 episodes?

1. Speed through time.

This is the most logical thing to do. The only problem with this is the news making rounds that Reign’s cancellation came before the shooting of the last sets of episodes. For this reason, I feel the race against time will be rushed, probably haphazardly done.

2. End on a cliffhanger

With the rush to bring the story to a halt, it most probably would end on a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger is mostly used by producers to bait networks and viewers into wanting more. Most times this bait works, and the clamor (if loud enough) brings the series back for a decent conclusion or continuation, as the case may be.

Reign - Mary and Catherine.jpg

It hurts to say goodbye to Reign, over the years I’ve come to love and relate perfectly with the different Queens that make things happen:

Mary, the loving, kind, and compassionate Queen that isn’t content with ruling Scotland simply because she has a claim to England’s throne.

Catherine, the scheming, calculative, and manipulative Queen that’ll to anything to protect those she cares about, her children most of all. And to think Mary and Catherine didn’t used to get along; both characters have come a long way.

Elizabeth, the Queen in desperate need of love and friendship, determined to keep her father’s throne by remaining strong in the eye of those who find a female monarch unworthy.

We can only hope the sendoff is worth it.


Reign airs Fridays on The CW. Available for download Saturday morning.