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Muna: Adesua-Etomi Wellington Is Ready To Kick Ass

The trailer for ‘Muna‘ starring Adesua-Etomi Wellington dropped a few days ago. Muna is sure to be a kick-ass movie, and it’s safe to say it’s one of Nollywood’s most anticipated movie of 2019.First teased by the star actress in Summer 2017, the beautiful wife of actor/musician/ political aspirant Banky-W is set to wow global audience with this collaboration between Hollywood and Nollywood. Judging by the trailer, there’s not going to be any dull moment in this movie. Or will there?

We’vecome a long way to continue to fall hook, line and sinker for this new Nollywood game. It’s relatively new, but still has been done so much time it’d be weird to not acknowledge what’s really happening. Nollywood has gotten very good at cutting trailers. A round of applause for the powerhouse industry.

Banana Island Ghost, Up North, The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai are some of the high-profile movies in recent years to follow this route. Awesome trailers which gets you nothing short of hopeful and willing to dole out those Naira notes you hold dear. Unfortunately, none of these movies ever lived up to the hype. And I fear Muna might follow suit.

Yet, it still wouldn’t be far-fetched to fan the flames of optimism. Who knows, Muna might just surprise us, and break the curse?

Rinzy Reviews ‘Royal Hibiscus Hotel’s (2018)

Release Date: February 10

Starring: Kenneth Okolie, Zainab Balogun, Jide Kosoko, Rachel Oniga, Kemi Lala Akindoju, OC Ukeje, Deyemi Okanlawon, et al.


Ope (Zainab Balogun), a London-based Nigerian chef returns home to take her family’s heritage – The Royal Hibiscus Hotel – and turn it into all she’s ever dreamed of. Matter gets complicated when she falls for the man who wants to buy the hotel. The rest that follows is pure fairytale love.

Ebony Life Film is deep in the art of crafting fanciful rom-coms targeted at specific holiday seasons. Last Valentine, this was their big offering. Royal Hibiscus Hotel is a self-indulgent movie that promises you a good time. Does it deliver?

The movie had healthy doses of laughter, effortlessly incited, which I really enjoyed.

Zainab Balogun put up a strong performance as Ope, which would’ve been better given proper motivation. But, hey, it was her first lead-role; she’s gotten a whole lot better since then. Kenneth Okolie tries in his stint as the wealthy but surreal Deji. Okolie has almost the same set of expression in every movie or show I’ve seen him in (Hello, Husbands of Lagos?). Well, he and Zainab have got good onscreen chemistry, which made their romance believable even in places where the script failed. The bulk of the supporting cast, too, try their best… Rachel Oniga and Jide Kosoko, once again, show us why we should still revere veterans. It’s just a pity they were cast in their respective roles which they visibly struggled with from start to finish.

I still wonder whose idea it was to put Old Jacobs and Joke Silva onscreen in none-speaking roles 😒?

And… OC Ukeje 😍! Every scene with you is gold. A pity, you got a small role in this one.

Kemi Lala Akindoju’s larger than life Chika is easily one of my favorite characters. She’s annoying enough she gets to you, and easily reminded me of Rita Dominic’s performance in the 2011 movie The Meeting. The truth is, many of Chika’s behaviors would instantly get her a sack in the real world but then, the movie’s truly self-indulgent and doesn’t take itself serious, which is what makes it fun.

Same can be said for Deyemi’s stint as Martin, and the entire plot. The whole thing feels like a badly translated super-romance novels from older times. Very fantastic.

The movie doesn’t take itself too serious; you, too, shouldn’t. It demands that you watch and have a mindless good time.

PS: The choice of Nigerian hit singles for its soundtrack was a win for me. Every song was fit for the scenes they were in.

Directed by: Ishayo Bako

Rinzy’s Rating: 2.5/5

Rinzy Reviews On The Real

I took a break from my routine to watch every episode of the first season of On The Real, the hit TV show produced by Temidayo Abudu for Ebony Life TV. It was supposed to be a one episode trial but I found myself binge-watching the entire season and remaining hopeful that I’ll find a way to watch every episode of the recently premiered second season.

On The Real takes us on a journey into the lives of stars of a fictional hit reality TV show, rightly titled, The Real – BJ, Wana, Farida, Amaka and Efosa are the lead characters and shoulder the bulk of the story, while minor characters like Lolu and Autu generate and balance the drama and many twists. Their lives in and out of the reality show makes for an interesting watch. At first, characters like Efosa and Lolu come across as impractical (especially in the pilot episode), but they soon grow on you and you can’t help but lookout for hem in every scene.

My favourite character has to be BJ – he’s so relatable. I believe it’s because of his effortless blend of pidgin with impeccable English and his hustler spirit which is glaring.

After watching the first season, I’ll say the weakest link is Autu – definitely not her fault because she was brought in late; I do hope her role is expanded in the second season.

On The Real is a beautiful show, one that tries to tell the Nigerian story of privileged youths and how much most would give to remain relevant in whatever assures them success in the society.

RR rates it a 3.5/5

Rinzy Reviews: The Wedding Party (2016)

Release date: December 16, 2016

Production Studio: Film.One Distribution

Budget: N60m

Box Office: N450m

Starring: Bankole Wellington, Adesua Etomi, Sola Sobowala, Alibaba, Richard Mofe Damijo, Ireti Doyle, AY, EmmaOhMyGod, etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4.5/5


I haven’t been this high after watching a Nigerian movie for many years now, until The Wedding Party.

The buzz this movie generated in the media upon its release in December 2016 caused me to almost bat an eyelid then. Having watched it now, I regret I didn’t do so sooner.

Just as the title reveals, the movie details as much as it possibly can the excitement of a Nigerian wedding. It takes things a step further by making the lovers persons of different ethnic tribes who take a vow of chastity as they look forward to their ground-shattering wedding night. The insecurities of the virgin bride concerning the reformed playboy groom, the feel of superiority by members of both families, especially the groom’s mother – Mrs. Obianuju Onwuka (as played by Ireti Doyle), all make for a very interesting watch.

The Wedding Party - The Onwukas's.jpg
The Onwuka’s

I must commend Director – Kemi Adetiba – for a job well done. Almost everything about the movie was perfect, because she took something almost every Nigerian can relate to and made it extremely colorful. The costumes were on-point, every aspect of the props used were very good. The actors were the main dish: I could have swore I was watching a real Nigerian wedding ceremony. Whoever supervised the casting did a superb job. Kudos! If I didn’t know Banky W as a musician, I’d vow he’ll make it as an actor: he played the lead role of Dozie Onwuka which such excellence one could easily think he acts for a living. His co-lead, Adesua Etomi – who played Dunni Coker – did a very good job as she always does.

The Wedding Party (3).jpg
Adesua Etomi and Banky W in The Wedding Party

Another commendable thing was how easy it was to fall in love with all the supporting cast – everyone was just too good; from the nagging mother and soft-talking father of the groom (as played by Ireti Doyle and RMD) to the typical Yoruba loving parents (as played by Alibaba and Sola Sobowale), to the good-bad friend (as played by Ikechukwu) to the slutty ex (as played by Beverly Naya) – everyone was awesome. Specially commendation to the party planner, the party crashing family, the thief who stayed seven years in a university and still graduated with a first class, and Iya Michael. Everyone brought some form of dynamic to everyday characters Nigerians are familiar with.

My best character is Mrs. Cooker as player by Sola Sobowale. Every scene with her was a delight for me to watch. She brought what it was to be a Nigerian mother hoping to not have your child’s wedding go sour, because every Nigerian mother terribly longs for the day her child will get married.

The Wedding Party (1).jpg
Sola Sobowale and Alibaba as the Cokers.

My best scene was when it was the Coker’s turn to dance in. The perfect tune of Yinka Ayefele’s eyin temi bawo ni o! brought caused me to involuntarily join the family in dancing in. Everyone who’s been to a Yoruba party certainly know they don’t joke with their dance.

In all, The Wedding Party is highly recommended for those who haven’t seen it yet. The movie is extremely colorful, entertaining, and has perfect Nigerian songs for fitting scenes. There’s no dull moment from start to finish.

AMVCA 2017 Full list of Award Winners

“Oloibiri” beat “A Trip to Jamaica,” “76,” “93 Days” and “The CEO” to win the 2017 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award best movie West Africa.

The fifth edition of the prestigious Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) held on March 4, 2017.

The event which held at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos, was hosted by IK Osakioduwa and Minenhle ‘Minnie’ Dlamini.

From “76” to “Oloibiri,” Rita Dominic and Sambasa Nzeribe, check out full list of winners;


1. Trailblazer Award: Somkele Idhalama

2. Best Make Up Artiste (Movies/TV series): Oloibiri – Hakeem Onilogbo Ajibola, Perekeme Odon

3. Best Costume Designer: 76 – Pat Egwurube

4. Best Art Director: 76 – Pat Nebo

5. Best Sound Editor (Movies/TV series): Vaya

6. Best Picture Editor (Movie/TV series): Oloibiri – Nnodim Chigozie, Paula Peterson

7. Best Lighthing Designer (Movies/TV series): 93 Days – Elliot Sewape

8. Best Cinematographer: Happiness is a Four Letter Word – Lance Gewer

9. Best Documentary: Alison

10. Best Short Film or Online Video: Cat Face

11. Best Actress in an M-Net original comedy series: Deborah Anugwa – Hustle

12. Best Actor in an M-Net comedy series: Samuel Ajibola – “The Johnsons”

13. Best Actress in an M-Net original drama series: Meg Otanwa – “Hush”

14. Best Actor in an M-Net original drama series: David Jones David – “Hotel Majestic”

15. Best M-Net original comedy series: The Johnsons

16. Best M-Net original drama series: Tinsel

17. Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Swahili): Zilizala

18. Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Hausa): Yaki Da Zuciya

19. Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Yoruba): Somwhere in The Dark – Abiodun Jimoh, Jumoke Odetola

20. Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Igbo): Amoye-Bu-Onye

21. Best Soundtrack/ Original Score: The Encounter – Michael ‘The Truth’ Ogunlade

22. Best TV series: Jenifa’s Diary

23. Best Writer: Vaya

24. Best Supporting Actress: Ebele Okaro – Four One Love

25. Best Supporting Actor In A Drama (Movie/TV series): Rotimi Salami – Just Not Married

26. Best Actor in a Comedy: Imeh Umoh Bishop – The Boss is Mine

27. Best Movie East Africa: Kati Kati

28. Best Movie West Africa: Oloibiri

29. Best Movie South Africa: All About Love

30. Best Actress in a Drama (Movies/TV Series): Rita Dominic – 76

31. Best Actor in a Drama: Sambasa Nzeribe – Slow Country

32. Best Overall Movie: 76

33. Best Director: 76 – Izu Ojukwu

34. Life Achievement Award: Chika Okpala


Credit: Pulseng, African Magic, Mnet Africa.