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This Is Us: Beth and Randal Pearson Are Still Together!

This year, I don’t think I’ve been as happy as I was the moment I found out RnB (the internet name for Randal and Beth) never got divorced.

With the introduction of the flashforward timeline at the start of the just concluded third season, I’ve held my heart in my mouth this entire time thinking the worst has truly come for one of TV’s most perfect couple of all time. Luckily, for me (and many) it happened to be a case of the network baiting us all along… Another period in a married couple’s life, and that they were able to work out their differences.

This Is us isn’t a supernatural show, so I’m sure RnB’s future is set in stone; and there shall be no surprise, last minute changes to their marital status. They’re safe.

The season three finale did reveal a whole lot of interesting stuff about the rest of the Pearsons – like Rebecca living a very long life, enough to see her grandchildren, possible great-grandchildren, and even Kevin’s child (shocking! 🤣). The cliffhanger about the state of her health isn’t much of a cliffhanger to me; I believe she’s had a great time, more than most people would ever ask for.

Are you happy Beth and Randal were able to fix most of their problems at last? Do tell.


2018 TV: Renewals and Cancellations

It’s that time of the year again. When TV lovers dread getting off the bed for fear of being greeted with the destabilizing news of their fav shows cancelled. Unfortunately, TV renewal and cancellation news are part of life and cannot be avoided (forever 😔). So, we’ll just get right to it: 2018 renewal and cancellation news compiled for your reading pleasure and/or displeasure. 

NB: The shows listed here are ones I deem valid and necessary. The list isn’t exhaustive. 


Broadcast TV

1. The 100 (The CW)

2. 9-1-1 (FOX)

3. The Amazing Race (CBS)
4. American Idol (ABC)

5. America’s Got Talent (NBC)

6. Arrow (The CW)
7. The Bachelor (ABC)
8. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

9. Black Lightning (The CW)
10. Blue Bloods (CBS)

11. Chicago Fire (NBC)

12. Chicago Med (NBC)
13. Chicago PD (NBC)

14. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW)
15. Dancing With the Stars (ABC)
16. Days of Our Lives (NBC)
17. Dynasty (The CW)

18. Empire (FOX)
19. The Flash (The CW)

20. The Gifted (FOX)
21. The Goldbergs (ABC)

22. The Good Doctor (ABC)
23. Good Girls (NBC)
24. The Good Place (NBC)
25. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
26. Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)
27. Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)
28. How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) 

29. Jane the Virgin (The CW)
30. Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
31. Legends of Tomorrow (The CW)
32. MacGyver (CBS)

33. Madam Secretary (CBS)

34. Masters of Illusion (The CW)
35. Midnight, Texas (NBC)
36. Modern Family (ABC)
37. Mom (CBS)
38. NCIS (CBS)
39. NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
40. NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)
41. The Orville (FOX)
42. The Resident (FOX)
43. Riverdale (The CW)
44. Roseanne (ABC)
45. Salvation (CBS)
46. SEAL Team” (CBS)
47. The Simpsons (FOX)
48. So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)
49. Supergirl (The CW)
50. Supernatural (The CW)
51. Survivor (CBS)
52. This Is Us (NBC)
53. Will & Grace (NBC)
54. Young Sheldon (CBS)

Cable and Streaming services

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)
2. American Dad (TBS)
3. American Horror Story (FX)
4. American Vandal (Netflix)
5. Archer (FXX)
6. Ballers (HBO)
7. Barry (HBO)
8. Billions (Showtime)
9. Black Mirror (Netflix)
10. Counterpart (Starz)
11. Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
12. Dark (Netflix)
13. Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)
14. Fleabag (Amazon)
15. Fuller House (Netflix)
16.Grown-ish (Freeform)
17. The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)
18. Homeland (Showtime) 
19. House of Cards (Netflix)
20. Insecure (HBO)
21. Jack Ryan (Amazon)
22. Jessica Jones (Netflix)
23. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!)
24. Killjoys (Syfy)
25. The Last O.G. (TBS)
26. Lore (Amazon)
27. The Magicians (SyFy) 
28. MINDHUNTER (Netflix)
29. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (Netflix)
30. Narcos (Netflix)
31. On My Block (Netflix)
32. One Day at a Time (Netflix)
33. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)
34. Outlander (Starz)
35. Power (Starz)
36. Preacher (AMC)
37. The Punisher (Netflix)
38. Queen Sugar (OWN)
39. Ray Donovan (Showtime)
40. Runaways (Hulu)
41. Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)
42. Shameless (Showtime) 
43. Shooter (USA)
44. Silicon Valley (HBO)

45. The Sinner (USA)

46. South Park (Comedy Central)
47. Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access)
Startup (Crackle)
48.The Story of God with Morgan Freeman (Nat Geo)
49. Stranger Things (Netflix)
49. Strike Back (Cinemax)
50. Suits (USA)
51. Van Helsing (Syfy)
52. The Walking Dead (AMC)
53. Westworld (HBO)
54. You’re the Worst (FXX)



1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
2. The Expanse (Syfy)
3. Harry (Syndicated)
4. Life Sentence (The CW)
5. Living Biblically (CBS)
6. The Mayor (ABC)
7. Me, Myself & I (CBS)
8. The Night Shift (NBC)
9. Ten Days in the Valley (ABC)
10. Valor (The CW)
11. Wisdom of the Crowd (CBS)
12. Zoo (CBS)

13. Quantico (ABC) 

14. Designated Survivor (ABC) 

15. The Exorcist (Fox) 

16. Lucifer (Fox) 

17. Inhumans (ABC) 

Cable / Streaming

1. Ash vs. Evil Dead (Starz)
2. Beyond (Freeform)
3. Chance (Hulu)
4. Chelsea (Netflix)
5. Damnation (USA)
6. Dice (Showtime)
7. Disjointed (Netflix)
8. Everything Sucks! (Netflix)
9. Game Shakers (Nick)
10. Here and Now (HBO)
11. I Love Dick (Amazon)
12. Jean-Claude Van Johnson (Amazon)
13. The Librarians (TNT)
14. The Mist (Spike)
15. Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon)



1. The Middle (ABC)
2. New Girl (FOX)
3. Once Upon a Time (ABC)
4. The Originals (The CW)
5. Scandal (ABC)
6. Shades of Blue (NBC)

Cable / Streaming

1. 12 Monkeys (Syfy)
2. The Americans (FX)
3. Being Mary Jane (BET)
4. Halt and Catch Fire (AMC)
5. Love (Netflix)
6. Major Crimes (TNT)
7. The Mindy Project (Hulu)
8. Nashville (CMT)
9. Portlandia (IFC)
10. Red Oaks (Amazon)
12. Star Wars Rebels (Disney X D)
13. Survivor’s Remorse (Starz)
14. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
15. Vice Principals (HBO)
16. Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s (OWN)
17. Young & Hungry (Freeform)

‘Rise’: The New Show From NBC

‘Rise’ looks promising. I enjoyed the series premiere and would definitely watch the second episode. I hope the quality doesn’t swerve like ‘Black Lightning’ did. 🙄. 

It was wonderful seeing Josh Radnor (a.k.a. Ted Mosby) in something other than ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I thought it’d be difficult watching him in a more serious role, but, surprisingly, it wasn’t. He was spot on consistent with his performance and I look forward to seeing more of him in this new lead role. 

If you haven’t started ‘Rise’ feel free to, or you could wait to see if I have something bad to write after its second episode has aired. 😂. 

PS: There were weak moments during this premiere, but, overall, the show looks really promising. And… Watch out for the camera angles, which I find beautiful. 

#NBC #Rise

This Is Us (s02e14)

Ever since ‘This Is Us’ revealed Jack Pearson didn’t live long enough to see the 21st century, everyone has been waiting impatiently to see how exactly he died. The recent episode (s02e14), which is a Jack-death-centric one, reveals everything and it’s a painful one. 

If you haven’t watched it, go do so before SPOILERS fall on you. 

I’ll just drop something here. Remember how Kate has always blamed herself for her dad’s death? Yes. She deserves the blame and more. She did kill her dad. To find out how this happened, you should go watch the episode. ✌. Mandy Moore’s performance is killing it! Those tears. The intensity with which she brings forth Rebecca’s emotions is nothing short of beautiful.
Randal, Kevin, Toby and Miguel also make appearances, but this episode wasn’t really for them to shine. Lest I forget, Randal’s first born Tess did shine in this episode. I liked the twist even though I saw it coming (it was the same twist employed in the first episode of the show: the one that got me engrossed). #ThisIsUs #NBC #JackPearson #KatePearson

Raymond Reddington Is Now Poor And Miserable On The Blacklist

‘The Blacklist’ has been a very good show for NBC; so good that it spun its own unsuccessful show ‘The Blacklist: Redemption’ last year. With dropping ratings, many have gossiped about its cancellation, but with James Spader, I don’t think this show can do no wrong.

After four seasons of running the show, Raymond Resdington is still in charge, but in another dimension. The Reddington this season gives to us is broke, still happy, but he’s broke, very broke. This is as a result of the series of hits he received from Mr. Kaplan last season. 

Red and Liz

Red and Liz spend a lot of father and daughter time in the season premiere, making the show feel like it underwent a soft reboot.

The future is uncertain, and just like Liz assumed, Raymond is scared, we the viewers are scared. I just hope we’re ready for where the story takes us this season. Raymond has us believing he can build his empire back, let’s see how it goes.

PS: Even as Raymond takes time off to bond with Elizabeth, Dembe is very much on the trail of the box left by Mr. Kaplan for Elizabeth, which is in Tom Keen’s possession. By the way, Tom’s appearance at the end got me confused: too confused.

The Blacklist returns next Wednesday on NBC.

What I Think Of Midnight Texas

I just started watching the new supernatural show from NBC – Midnight Texas – and I must confess, I like it. It vibes me into remembering a show I miss so much – True Blood.

Fantasy shows with strong ties into the supernatural are soon going to be rare; The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, are no more, Teen Wolf is nearing completion, and long standing show, Supernatural, could be done any year from now.

Midnight Texas comes at a time when its genre is at risk. It boasts of notable stars from TV shows that have ended, such as, Dylan Bruce from Orphan Black, Arielle Kebbel from The Vampire Diaries, Peter Mensah from Spartacus, and many more.

Let me binge-watch up to where the show’s at, then I can return and give me full verdict. Until then… Midnight is the town to be.

Watch the trailer below.

Rinzy Reviews: Emerald City

Original air date: January 6, 2017 – March 3, 2017.

Season(s): One

Episode duration: 43 mins

Network: NBC

With a lackluster series premiere, Emerald City failed to bring an appealing story of the popular Dorothy shenanigan within its first 15 minutes. The intrigue of what makes Oz such a special place I’m fictional history is clearly missing, but the introduction of The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz held enough promise to immediately spice things up.


Emerald City - Dorothy.jpg
Dorothy just arrived Oz from Earth

Dorothy is consumed in a strange tornado and transported to an unknown world – Oz. Immediately she arrived Oz powerful persons could tell a foreigner had arrived, a guest who smelled of trouble. The Great Wizard sent his warrior, Eamonn, to bring the dead body of the intruder to him. Dorothy’s arrival caused the false death of the Witch of the East (one of the three Cardinal Witches). Her death is soon made true by Dorothy in a bid to save her life and her newfound male companion (Lucas) using a weapon foreign to Oz (a handgun). The remaining two Cardinal Witches (North and West) suspect the Wizard of causing their sister’s death because of former bad blood between them, and agree to set aside their hatred for themselves to fight the common enemy.

The Great Wizard had a deal with the Eastern Witch which he hopes her sisters (Mistress North/Glinda and Mistress West) can help with, even though there’s obvious resentment between them (especially with Glinda).

There’s also the story of a boy (Tipp) who discovered he really is not just a girl but a one older than the body he was trapped in. He’s put on a journey of full discovery to bring to life the person his adopted mother had always tried to hide from the world. Though poorly told, her story evolves and reveals her to be the true heir to the throne (her father, the previous King was killed when the Wizard took control of Emerald City).

I have a problem with The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz, who I never got to see use magic. The Wizard appeared to be an advocate of science and showed a great hatred towards the use of magic, killing children if need be. This is weird because we all know the history of The Wizard of Oz… he’s a wizard aafter all, as the name suggests. Though every story is open to a writer’s intepretation, this wasn’t really enjoyable as it quickly established the story to be one of science laced with magic, when all we wanted to see was magic magic magic!

The Wizard is assigned women to aid his activities, they make up his council. He falls for one but kills her when her loyalty was in question, to prove he wasn’t one fall easy for love.

One thing Emerald City does get right is its ability to split characters on missions of their own, and still find ways to bring the together for engaging story-lines; take for example, when Lucas found out the warrior sent by the Wizard after Dorothy not only knows him but was his leader in the army, or how Tripp ended up as the acolyte of the Witch of the West and came across Dorothy again (after the events that set her free from her adopted-mother). Emerald City did a good job with making story-lines go full circle, only that the pacing of story-telling’s poor.

Next, I want to talk about The Beast Forever. What ever this is, it was declared the central villain of the story from the very first episode. Though its name kept on appearing again and again, it wasn’t seen until the 10th episode.

Dorothy had most characteristics of a typical protagonist – kind, selfless, and caring, but those weren’t enough to make me fall in love with the character.

Things do really start to get very much interesting by the 6th episode when it was revealed Dorothy and The Wizard have history together ooutside of Oz, one that predates her birth. The Wizard capitalizes on this to cajole Dorothy into setting out to kill Glinda (The North Witch) in order to return to her world. This mission goes awry when Glinda restored Lucas’ memories and its revealed both of them are married.



Overall, Emerald City is A half-baked story, poorly constructed, poorly acted. At first, the unique take on the Wizard was intriguing, but as time went by, the character became more annoying and almost intolerable.

The myth of The Beast Forever dangled for too long, and the ultimate reveal of the villain was… anti-climatic. He didn’t even have enough screen time for someone who’s  presence hung over the entire season since the series premiere. Worst is the fact that the season ended In a poorly constructed cliffhanger of revealing The Beast Forever conquered Oz, and only Dorothy can save the whole kingdom… cliche!

To bait a second season renewal.

If you’re searching for a miniseries with fantasy, magic, then Emerald City is for you, but if you’re in search of quality TV entertainment, its pacing will certainly turn you off.