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You Should Visit The Cinemas More Often

Last weekend, I did something unusual. I went to see an average movie at a very cool theatre.

Now, this movie, ‘Black and Blue‘, is the usual bad cop-good cop kind of movie we’ve seen a gazillion time already. Nothing special about it.

The music, acting, and plot were all basic, but the effects of the theatre bolstered the experience and made it seem extra-special. This leads me to what I’m really trying to say.

Naomie Harris in ‘Black and Blue’ (2019)

When you pay to see a movie, you’re basically paying for the viewing experience first, before the movie.

Cinematic effects have been known to make otherwise dull movies, like ‘Justice League‘ (2017) appear shiny, and that’s no one’s fault. It’s the full package you pay for.

So, if you’re still sitting on the fence about giving your hard-earned money to some bunch of strangers, I think you should come around, the experience might just be worth it.

Rinzy’s Rating for Black and Blue: 2.5/5
Naomie Harris does her best to carry this movie but its greatest disservice is in its inability to offer anything new to this genre. And I think
Frank Grillo really needs to stop starring in this kind of movie.