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Teen Wolf Is Unrealistic This Final Season

The producers of MTV’s Teen Wolf choose to mtake a supernatural show and turn it realistic. This isn’t going as fine as it might have on paper. Teen Wolf is officially a shadow of its former self – lost in the shadow of its former glories, the good old days of the mighty true alpha, Scott McCall and his crew.

In the realm of fantasy, there’s a limit to what is acceptable and what isn’t; this season 6B, Teen Wolf flutters the border of that line very much and it’s bad.

Take the new school counsellor for example (whatever her name is)… her role in this season’s quest is the height of unrealism. 

  • How does a counsellor get to turn students into killers, and the school authority doesn’t get to know?
  • How does she challenge the FBI without repercusuon?
  • How is it that she’s so fierce and annoying in every scene she appears?

I’m very much confused.

I also wondered how Gerald was free again, until I did my research. You can read up here.


How Is Gerald Argent Back On Teen Wolf?

For those fans of Teen Wolf who can’t rememeber how Gerald Argent got back on his feet and is wrecking havoc once again in Beacon Hills, Rinzy is here to help out.

Back in the early days of Teen Wold, when we met Gerald, season 2 to be exact, he was a ruthless, manipulative man. He wanted the bite of an alpha to defeat cancer, but was outsmarted by Scott McCall, which resulted in him having black blood ooze from all orifice of his body.

Gerard Argent

Gerald remained at a special home, up until season 5, when his son, Chris, provided him with a special plant, a yellow wolfsbane. This healed his cancer and restores him back to his human default. And after his assistance defeating the dread doctors, he fadd away, until this season.

There you have it. Hope this helped? Tell me in the comment box below.

TV Review: Teen Wolf (S06 E11)

Rinzy rates it a B!

The final set of episodes for Teen Wolf has began! After 6 years we say goodbye to the supernatural works of Beacon Hills for good (… or for now)
After the adventure with the Ghostriders, there seemed to be no dangling plot on the show worthy to expand upon; understandably, this brought about some sort of confusion/intrigue on what to expect. But trust Teen Wolf to surprise we the viewers.

Whatever the theme is this year appears to be a repercussion of our teens interfering with the wild hunt of the Ghost riders – they let something out.

For years on the show we’ve only had one Hellhound – Parish; and now we’ve got a new one, who happens to be more in tune with his powers than Parish. After creeping about the first 30 minutesof the episode, this new guy got to fight and ddefeat our hero, and almost Liam. Our villain (for now) appears to be searching for someone the wild hunt couldn’t keep, as evident from his dialogue with Liam.

“It won’t stay hidden. It must be stopped. Nothing else matters.” Those were his exact words.


Lydia with her Banshee powers gets a premonition that gives her (and us) better insight into the first plot of the year.

When the squad returned from the other side (where the Ghost riders kept them), they brought back something with them; something they think only the new Hellhound can send out.

Then there’s the creepy new counsellor of the school. At first, she seemed too inquisitive; not too long later, she appeared creepy. Finally, she came about as scarry. Our sexy new counsellor surprised us when she appeared to have ties to the hunters, and killed the new Hellhound… We’ll let time better sort out that plot.

This episode wasn’t funny, and I want to believe it’s because Stiles wasn’t in the bulk of it. I felt Malia gave lines that seemed forced. She tried too hard to be funny.

Added bonus: We get to see, or should I say perceive, Derek Hale again. At the FBI academy where Stiles currently hopes to start his future, the introductory class they have contains  a video footage of Derek running in the woods (from season 1). And when Stiles asks why he’s on the footage, he’s told Creek is wanted for mass murder. I think the FBI opened an investigation into the Hale family’s arson case we the viewers knew was caused by Peter Hale (Derek’s uncle). 

We’re off to a good start, let’s see how this final season goes.

Teen Wolf airs Sundays on MTV.