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Rinzy Reviews ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ (2019)

Release Date: November 15

Starring: Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Tracy Letts, Jon Bernthal, Caitriona Balfe, et al.

A political thriller of some sort, Ford vs Ferrari is an extreme Motorsport movie with a heart, based on real life events and people as automobile giants, Ford and Ferrari battle it out for who’s got the bigger balls.

The bone of contention is the 24 hours Le Mans endurance race in France, arguably the biggest racing competition for cars at the time (1960s). Ford had been experiencing decline in car sale numbers and hoped to enter the race to help boast those numbers and also to humiliate Ferrari for turning down a deal that would’ve seen both companies merge in some way, at last minute. To get the job done, Ford enlists the help of Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) one of the best race-drivers of his time, but is now a car designer and salesman. Shelby in turn enlists Englishman Ken Miles, the best driver he knows.

Miles knows his cars and how to use them to their limit for maximum productivity. With the help of Shelby, they build the GT40 for Ford and would go on to help them achieve all their desires at the tracks.

Ford v Ferrari spends less time beating about the bush and much executing. It’s a car-race action movie also about brotherly love; we could see it when Shelby stakes his company for Miles. It’s also a movie about commitment, good parenting and passion. Unfortunately, Ken Miles never got to achieve the height of the glory he deserved, even after going the extra mile to get Ford the Le Mans win in 1966. He died two months later and, for me, that was the saddest part about the movie.

Is Ford v Ferrari worth a watch?

Most definitely. Even if you aren’t a fan of car racing, you’re sure to enjoy this movie because of its truth – humanity.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5

Directed by: Jake Mangold