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Does ‘King Of Boys’ Really Need A Sequel?

Fall 2016 introduced the world to a new side of Kemi Adetiba with the release of The Wedding Party, a movie she co-wrote and directed. Kemi Adetiba the feature film director, a not-so-wide but significant departure from Kemi Adebita the music-video director. At that point, we knew she was going to change the world, a mandate she remained true to when it was announced she’d excused herself from the 2017 sequel, which turned out to be a critical disaster.

Unfortunately, Kemi Adetiba seems to be falling into the same kind of quagmire most stakeholders of a financially successful film find themselves in – milking the cow for everything it’s worth until all that’s left is pain and disgrace in the minds of fans who once loved the franchise.

Don’t get it twisted, King of Boys is a beautiful movie, one of the best Nigeria’s ever produced, and one of the two top movies of Nollywood’s 2018. Thanks to same industry’s 2020 Oscars selection, King Of Boys is on everyone’s lips again, which is testament to its very scintillating art quality.

King of Boys 2 is happening. Though the nature it’ll take isn’t yet public, it’s been confirmed by Kemi Adetiba via her Instagram handle. But does this sequel really deserve to happen?

The answer’s NO, and that’s mostly because the story left itself in a tight corner with that resolution.

The way King of Boys progressed towards the end of its second act into its third makes it near-unreasonable for a direct sequel to happen. It takes away what little credibility the rest of the story up had, from that point. Perhaps, in a world where either Kemi (Adesua Etomi-Wellington) or Kitan had survived, and Eniola (Sola Sobowale) went down as most viewers expected, maybe a direct sequel wouldn’t be sounding so scary.

There’s an easy solution though. Making the sequel more of a prequel than an actual sequel.

The thought of seeing Makanaki (Reminisce) and Odogwu Malay (Illbliss) share a scene again is exhilarating. Both musical artistes made their acting debuts in King of Boys to critical acclaims. And a prequel would gracefully handle their reunion without worrying about the implications of how the first one ended. It could also give Toni Tones more avenue to shine as the younger, more enigmatic version of Eniola Salami.

Time will tell the direction this sequel will take, until then it’s all speculations.

RR’s Top 6 Nollywood Films Of The Year 2018

There hasn’t been a year in Nollywood as good as 2018. It was a fabulous year, especially in its last quarter (particularly the month of December). Multiple nollywood movies garnering critical acclaims at the same time is something not usually seen, so understand why I and some other people might be excited at how far the industry’s come. We can only hope this positive development piques the interests of indifferent viewers into going out of their way to support the industry by watching flicks it puts out for consumption; for without the consumers, the producers produce in vain.

In this year, we had movies spanning multiple genres; from the mouth-watering-cuisine-filled Royal Hibiscus Hotel, to the supernatural thriller Sylvia to gangster-ganja monster-hit King of Boys to family drama Lionheart, there was just about everything for everybody depending on your taste. Fret not, Ebony Life was very much active last Christmas season; they had their usual mindless comedy to thrill fans, this time in the form of Chief Daddy. I’m happy industry now has an official box office system, so we don’t get to believe any of the hogwash EL and filmone forced down our throats in the name of box office king. And, it’s my prayer the ills and sins of Nigeria doesn’t get to taint it before it even kicks off.

I, honestly, don’t get to see as much Nigerian movies at the cinema. This is because I’m careful about what my eyes sees (I don’t want my IQ dropping at an alarming rate). But with the overall performance of the out-gone year, in terms of movie quality, I’m willing to let me guard down a little, and so should you.

Without wasting any more time, let me reveal the six movies I believe redefined the Nigerian movie industry in the year 2018.

6 God Calling

There hasn’t been much Christian-themed production in recent time, and I don’t think there’s ever been one with a quality as great as this one. God calling is that movie you need to supercharge your faith in the right direction.

5 Up North

“Northern Nigerian is beautiful”. That’s a phrase you might have heard from someone who’s visited any of the states there. Thanks to this movie, many people get to visit there too (Bauchi State), and see the north has more to over than the ugliness of Boko Haram.

4 Knockout Blessing

Dare Olaitan thrilled the world when he released Ojukokoro a little over two years ago. With Knockout Blessing, he tells the world in unequivocal terms that he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

3 Sylvia

Supernatural thrillers were a stable of Nollywood back in the days; it was good to see it make a return, and to the big screen. Zainab Balogun puts in one of the best performance of her career as the titular character.

2 King of Boys

Kemi Adetiba brought to life a highly entertaining movie here. With high, octane-filled energy acting, and a cinematography like nothing ever seen before in Nollywood, almost everyone who visited the cinema left feeling entertained.

1 Lionheart

Rightly called “The feel good movie of the year” – Wilfred Okichie; Lionheart is definitely the biggest Nollywood movie of 2018. Becoming the first Nigerian Netflix Original speaks greatly for it. It’s a movie with a simple plot, but its name has been carved into the sands of history. Director and star Genevieve Nnaji put a lot of work into this movie, I’m happy it’s paying off – critically and financially. Click here to read my review.

I’ll like to know what you think in the comment box below.

‘King Of Boys’ Trailer Is Out

The trailer for Kemi Adetiba’s latest movie, King of Boys, is finally out.

This trailer is everything I want from a movie. Stir up enough excitement in me I start asking the unintelligent question “Is it out yet?” daily. 

Tap this to watch the trailer.

Kemi Adetiba (@kemiadetiba) is everything the Nigerian movie industry needs now. She’s a rare gem, one in million, and I love her for giving the industry the uplift it’s in dire need of. I have no doubt this movie will be a hit.

Big mummy Sola Sobowale (@solasobowale) 🙌, I see your good works. I’m sure I’ll like this character, too, just as I did Tinu. God bless you plenty plenty.

Susu (@adesuaetomi), another hit is loading and I’m ready for it.

Reminisce alaga (@iamreminisce), something tells me you’ll nail this role, maybe because you’re in Kemi’s (@kemiadetiba) safe hands.

Mark your calendars for October is the month to rejoice with ‘King of Boys’. 

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