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Rinzy Reviews ‘Iron Fist’ Season Two (2018)

Network: Netflix

Release Date: Sept. 7, 2018

Starring: Finn Jones, Sacha Dawan, Simone Missick, Alive Eve, etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 3.5/5


Since the first season of Daredevil arrived in 2015, Marvel has had much luck with their TV shows on Netflix. This lucky stride changed when the first season of Iron Fist arrived in 2016, what used to be all tongue-in-cheek, easy-win fiesta for the mouse house owned body turned into a critical fiasco.

Expectations were almost non-existent when plans for a second season were announced. Even as the release date drew closer, no one seemed to care. I knew no excitement brew in me even thought I knew I was going to eventually watch it.

I’d like to state that season two of Iron Fist is a much better installment: remarkable improvement from the first one; it shows Marvel/Netflix listened to most of what viewers saw as the shortcomings of the first one and did something about them. 

We see a slightly better Danny Rand (Finn Jones): the martial artist, leading the march for a more meaningful story, arguably tighter than that obtained in the first season. But it is the improved production quality that really got me excited. It doesn’t take a genie to notice the acting is far better, the fight scenes, too, reflect better choreography; this time Finn Jones portraying a martial arts experts is certainly believable.

Danny used to be the show’s weakest link in the first season. He mostly came across as arrogant, annoying and impossible to root for, and I believe this changes this season. Though Danny doesn’t magically become the world’s best character, you don’t feel that pressing need to punch him hard every time he appears on screen anymore; this time you just want to punch him very little. ūüėā
Moving on, let’s welcome Iron Fist 2.0, aka Davos (Sacha Dawan). 

Remember how throughout season one of Iron Fist and The Defenders Danny wouldn’t let us rest a second without him repeating the name K’un-Lun or the story about him facing the great dragon to acquire its heart, which gave him the fist? Well, some things don’t just change. We still get hear those boring tales, though less frequently. But it isn’t until the arrival of Davos that we get to understand a bit of what happened during Danny’s 15-years away on that mystical land.

I enjoyed the bits and pieces of Danny and Davos’s history we were fed with in earlier episodes; all the tidbits of how they used to be brothers until, according to Davos, Danny stole his birthright (the iron fist) was fun while it lasted.

In Davos, we get a villain scared and shaken; someone who wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t know how to go about it. Even when he gets honest advice from Joy on how to proceed differently, he honestly doesn’t know what to do with it. I saw in him a man who wants to change the world, but can’t because he’s driven by misguided policies.

Enter Mary Walker 

More interesting than Davos is supporting villain of the season – Mary Walker or rather, Walker. Actress Alice Eve does an excellent job showing us portraying two characters at war with each other in one body. Mary’s vulnerability and Walker’s feistiness which she brought to life made literal the phrase ‘there’s good and evil in all of us at war with each other’. Dissociative Identity Disorder is a serious issue some people battle with and I liked that we were reminded of the people in society battling with the condition. 

Personally, I’d have loved if Walker (the evil alter) took a more prominent role as villain of the season. The way she and Mary (the other one) were written made them appear to have more depth in terms of character history, which obviously made them more interesting. Instead, she was limited to being buddy with Joy, who I honestly didn’t recognize this season, and we’re forced to endure Davos’ repetitive chant of him changing the world as the Iron Fist. Should Walker have been made the main villain, I’m almost certain things we’d have had a more interesting story than the path travelled with Davos. 

Joy and Ward

Joy, this season, was full of surprises. Transformed and with a much better sense of purpose, a character who initially bored me in the first season quickly became one of my favorites. Her alliance with Davos to hurt Danny for returning to her life and bringing hell with it and also Ward shows how much growth her character has attained since the first time we met her. She obviously isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty any more and that’s an important milestone for any one to cross. 

As for Ward… He easily becomes one of my favorite characters. His sneaky one-liners and hard man stares got me chuckling almost everytime he was on screen. Sadly, he doesn’t get much this season other than knock up his woman-friend/counsellor, beg Joy for her forgiveness and trail after Danny as a sidekick.

Everyone’s favorite detective, Misty Knight (Simone Missick), is back and she might just be taking the role that made Claire Temple very popular in this corner of the Marvel universe. She appears in about half the episodes and is a delight to watch every single time, as always. She and Colleen Wing team up once again, after the events of ‘The Defenders’, in what continues to look like a set-up for Daughters of the Dragon, and I love every moment of it. Though it takes Colleen a while to come around to fighting again, once she starts there’s no slowing her down and things continue to get even more interesting with Detective Knight by her side.

The final moments of episode 8 opened a new plot that dangles into the future. The way the season ends changes things drastically for everyone. It hurts I can’t give specifics (sorry, no spoilers this time) but it does leave the possibility for things to be more interesting moving forward.

I also want to say the shorter 10 episode arc helped make the story tighter, Nerflix should consider effecting this change throughout the other Marvel shows in their catalogue.


Most Search TV Series of 2017 on Google

Google has released its list of most searched TV shows of 2017. 
The list is nothing short of predictable because most of the shows there were among the biggest hits of the year. There were also a few surprises there, shows that capitalized on controversial marketing campaign to earn themselves a spot of Google’s searches all over the world.

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Google has released its list of most searched TV shows of 2017. The list is nothing short of predictable because most of the shows there were among the biggest hits of the year. There were also a few surprises there, shows that capitalized on controversial marketing campaign to earn themselves a spot of Google's searches all over the world. From least to most, you have the list below: 10. American Gods 9. Big LITTLE Lies 8. Santa Clarita Diet 7. The Good Doctor 6. Bachelor in Paradise 5. Riverdale 4. Iron Fist 3. This Is Us 2. Game of Thrones 1. 13 Reasons Why Do you agree with Google? Which of these entries surprises you the most? Do you think GOT should have been number one? Do tell. #AmericanGods #BigLittleLies #SantaClaritaDiet #TheGoodDoctor #BachelorInParadise #Riverdale #IronFist #ThisIsUs #GameofThrones #13ReasonsWhy

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From least to most, you have the list below:

10. American Gods

9. Big LITTLE Lies

8. Santa Clarita Diet

7. The Good Doctor

6. Bachelor in Paradise

5. Riverdale

4. Iron Fist

3. This Is Us

2. Game of Thrones

1. 13 Reasons Why

Do you agree with Google?

Which of these entries surprises you the most?

Do you think GOT should have been number one?

Do tell.

#AmericanGods #BigLittleLies #SantaClaritaDiet #TheGoodDoctor #BachelorInParadise #Riverdale #IronFist #ThisIsUs #GameofThrones #13ReasonsWhy

TV Shows of March 2017

Two series premiere this March,

What would life be like if there were no long episode serial shows to either binge-watch or follow religiously every week?

Iron Fist and The Originals come to our screen this month.

1. Iron Fist (Mar. 17)

Network: Netflix

Season: 1


The last long awaited Defender is ready to join his siblings in their shared Marvel TV Netflix corner of the MCU. Danny Rand, the heir to Rand Enterprise returns after years away learning martial arts to take over his father’s company and safe his city. Much more of the plot will be learnt after binge-watching after its release.


2. The Originals (Mar. 17)

Network: The CW

Season: 4

The Originals.jpg

After a long wait, and shift from the usual premiere date of October alongside its parent series, The Originals is making a comeback to our screens. Last we left the city of New Orleans our miscreant Original Vampires were seemingly defeated at the hands of an all powerful Marcel, the invisible Klaus had been rolled over and subdued with Papa Tunde’s blade, while the rest of the Originals (Elijah, Freya, and Rebekah) were induced in a magical coma inside Klaus’ head pending when Hayley finds a way for all of them to be together in the real world again. Judging from the promo trailers, Hayley has been busy and we can’t wait to see exactly what she’s been up to. I caught glimpse of her morphing into a full wolf… awesome! Click here to watch the season 4 promo trailer if you haven’t.

Iron Fist is coming.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at it again. The Netflix corner of the MCU has been heating up since the release of the first season of Daredevil in 2015. This continued with the release of Jessica Jones later that same year, followed by the second season of Daredevil in 2016, and Luke Cage the same year. Now, we are almost at the end of the road, the last character to be introduced in his own eponymous show, before the mini Avengers-styled TV Show titled – The Defenders slated for a release later this year. The Defenders will include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and characters from all their respective shows.

L to R: Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist

The second trailer for Iron Fist was release about a week ago, giving us a more detailed look at this new Marvel series. At this point, everyone has so much confidence in Marvel, because all their productions have been wonderful.

Click here to watch Iron Fist’s trailer.

Click here if you want to know my best Marvel/Netflix TV Show characters.
Things the trailer told us:

1. Meet Danny Rand


With a backstory similar to that of DC’s Green Arrow – rich boy turned vigilante, Iron Fist starts out the same way most superheroes do nowadays.
Danny Rand has returned to his city and father’s company, Rand Industries, after being supposedly believed dead after a plane crash that claimed his parent’s life. Danny had been fortunate to survive, and had learnt martial arts from the greatest masters in the cold region of¬†K’un-L’un, “City of the Immortals” situated between cold mountains.
2. There is magic.

Everyone conversant with the magic knows that Danny learnt to harness the Chi that flows within him, concentrating it on his fist (hence the name, Iron Fist) to dish out punches with devastating effects.
3. Claire Temple


I for one have gotten tired of seeing MCU’s favorite Nurse in every Marvel/Netflix show. Fortunately or unfortunately, she’s in this one also. First introduced as a love interest in the first season of Daredevil, Claire appeared in Luke Cage, featuring as his love interest, your guess is as good as mine what she’ll be doing again in this installment. Ha ha!!
4. Destruction!


We love to see things blow up, we love to see things scatter, the trailer contained just enough to keep us invested in showing up for the series premiere come Mar. 17. Danny kicks a lot of asses with his bad ass martial arts skills, and blows up a lot of structures with his Iron Fist.

5. A Side-kick.


In the person of Colleen Wing. She’s a supporting character with badass martial arts skills. He cage fight sequence in the trailer were awesome and I can’t wait to see her in full action.


Iron Fist looks promising enough for me to anticipate binge watching it. Marvel has had success with three of the three eponymous shows they currently have on Netflix, Iron Fist seems poised to toe and possibly best that line.
Iron Fist comes out on Mar. 17, on Netflix.


First look at Marvel’s Defenders

After the release of the first season of Daredevil on Netflix in 2015, which was quickly followed by Jessica Jones’ release. people have been clamoring for more of what is believed to be the darker, grittier side of Marvel. Luke Cage continued to deliver on that tone, and this year’s Iron Fist, is expected to continue on that promise of excellence.

If there was one thing, Marvel and Netflix promised us, it was that we were going to see all four superheroes come together, in an Avengers kind of way to battle a greater threat to their own corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

That promise is way closer than most realize.

Marvel just released the first set of pictures from the upcoming series, and I am super excited.

The (8) pictures are after the cut.

Photo credit: Netflix, Marvel, Entertainment Weekly.


In addition to our main casts (The Defenders), familiar faces will be returning from all four individual series – Misty Knight, Claire Temple, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Stick, Elektra, Trisha, etc.


Daredevil seasons 1 and 2, Jessica Jones season 1, and Luke Cage season 1 are now available on Netflix. Iron Fist will premiere on March 17, 2017. The Defenders and The Punisher will arrive in 2017. Premiere dates for the newest seasons of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage have not yet been announced.