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Trailer Alert – The Cult of Chucky

Remember Chucky? That evil, man-killing dull. Yes. He’s back! And I’m super excited.

The trailer for the movie did everything a trailer should, kept me on my toe as I anticipate the movie’s arrival.

Taking a quote from one of the characters in the movie… “A true classic never goes out of style.” The movie seems to be about a cult in a mental hospital trying to reinstate Chucky’s reign, in the hearts and minds of her inmates.

Click here to watch the trailer.


Hope is Klaus’ Hope!

Hope is Klaus’ weak spot!

At the beginning of the season, Klaus is boring and unbearable to watch and this is because he has a daughter.

Ha Ha Ha!! Scratch the above: I was just pulling your legs. We have a new Klaus and I’m loving him; he wouldn’t have been possible without Hope.

Hope Mikelson

Episode 03 of The Originals’ 4th season dealt more on expanding on the new man Klaus has become in the face of his daughter. She’s his redemption, and as such, his Achilles heel. Worst thing is, I can’t imagine what sort of monster Klaus would morph into should anything happen to Hope; I don’t want to imagine it. But then, this kind of devotion makes you wonder what would happen with the series moving forward. If Klaus continues down this redemption path the series would become boring to watch. That’s why in episode 07, when Alaric Saltzman showed up and mentioned about his school for gifted children to Klaus, I was happy. That tiny scene provided the perfect destination should the threat of The Hollow come to an end. There’s no safer place for Klaus to drop his loving daughter off than at the school run by the one immortal girl Klaus has vowed to wait for no matter what; his epic love, Caroline.

So, while we rejoice that Klaus might have found his redemption, his anchor to humanity, do not worry about the series becoming boring because Hope will be shipped off once her mission is complete.



Rinzy Reviews: The Exorcist (s1)

Original network: Fox

Episodes: 10

Starring: Alfonso Herarra, Ben Daniels, etc.

Rinzy’s Ratings: 3.5/5


The Exorcist TV show is a sequel of the 1978 movie. It is well told, extremely captivating and entertaining in a neat horrific manner.

The story follows a young Reverend of a local parish, Father Thomas banding with a rebellious yet resilient Father Marcus to deliver a young girl possessed heavily by a demonic spirit.

Father Marcus

I appreciate the manner with which the story proceeded. A well fleshed backstory to guide the lead characters of Thomas and Marcus, their motivations and all. Father Marcus is extrenely flawed, he could very well pass as a thug (should you stumble upon him), but all that is as a result of what he’s been through. Or better put, the exorcism that break him. Nineteen months before the series’ premise, Fr. Marcus carries out an exorcism without permission from the Papacy that led to the death of the possessed boy. The memory of that day taunt him up till now; same memory is what brings Fr. Thomas searching for him.

One family from the numerous in Fr. Thomas’ parish has something interesting happening with them. With a mother (Angela) barely keeping it together, a father recovering from brain injury, a daughter (Kathy) also recovering from an accident she had five months ago, and another daughter (Cassey) who’s bitchy and also possessed by a demon.

Casey’s the vessel the devil chooses to torment the earth with this time. A cheerful girl seeking for whom to befriend. The entire process started with her befriending an imaginary friend, an older man who showered her with love and attention. Even though Fr. Marcus’ expert intuition showed up on time, various actions and inactions causes things to go wrong and everyone out of time. When things got so heated, various secrets start to crawl back to the surface including that the demon after Casey used to be after Angela, her mother. Angela had to leave town and changed her identity after her mother used her experience to write a book for profit. Angela’s personal experience explains why she knew so much at the beginning of the series, why she was so convinced that her daughter was possessed by a demon.

Another interesting thing was that as all the actions were happening in the household of Casey, somewhere in the city of Chicago, a group of demons were killing people and harvesting their organs for a ritual to summon an entity, which turned out to very much be connected to the demon (The Captain) tormenting Casey’s family.

In all honesty, The Exorcist was a decent series, it did well for itself: at least it captivated me from start to finish and got me excited at the prospect of a second season because of loose ends (such as the origin of The Captain and his followers, Father Marcus’ past, Father Thomas’ desecration of his sacred vows, etc.)

The Exorcist returns on FOX sometime in the future.

Rinzy Reviews: Grimm

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After six seasons, multiple deaths, sensitization of awesome transformations (voguing) into beautiful Wesens (monsters), NBC’s Grimm has come to an end. It’s been one hell of a ride; like the saying that wine tastes better with age, so this also as its seasons went by – particularly during its 5th season run when the stakes were raised very high – the period when Adaline and Juliet swapped sides in the battle for their humanities.

L -R: Adaline, Renard, Rosie, Monroe, Nick, Juliet, Hank and Wu.

So, the 6th and final season tidied a lot of story-lines that had been on for seasons – Nick’s heritage as a Grimm: the stick of unknown origin with unimaginable repair/healing powers he and Monroe discovered during the fifth season’s run. So great is the stick’s ability to heal that it caused a lot of the magic of Juliet’s transformation into Hexenbeast Eve to come undone. This new version is more like the Juliet we knew in the earlier seasons of Grimm, kind, caring, compassionate, but with the powers of a Hexenbeast; causing some sort of haphazard love triangle between her, Nick, and Adaline.

About the most stable couple in the Grimm universe – Monroe and Rosie – the final season was more than rosie for them. Rosie’s expecting triplet which is good news, but the amount of children coming at the same time scares Monroe… Haha! A proper family drama.

Grimm - Monroe and Rosie.jpg
Monroe and Rosie.

Diana has been at the center of a lot of happenings, especially with her freaky god-level powers. A statement from Nick’s mom, Kelly something in season 3, in the wrong hands Diana could be a weapon, while in the right hands she could be used to affect destiny. Diana’s powers are over the top, and as a child her age who scares all the adults she has great potentials that tied greatly into the ultimate big bad of the season/series.

Grimm - Diana.jpg

Throughout the season I felt Renard was the personification of the wrong hand Kelly warned about, as every time Diana was with him (shared custody) something off always occurred. As a father he loves his daughter but choices made most times never reveal the best of intentions until it’s too late.

Hank and Wu are the perfect definition of side kicks. I liked the fact that Hank remained human till the end. The only problem I had with Wu’s character this season was the lack of proper utilization of his Wesen nature.

Now, to address the big bad of the season: a great evil, a monster that lives in the world behind the mirror – Zerstorer – This is Grimm’s version if the monster popularly known as the devil. I want to believe this has always been the producer’s dream, because of how much the final wrap makes sense story-wise. Okay! The final wrap:

Grimm - Zerrstorer 1.jpg

Eve finds a way to pass through to the world behind the mirror using Hexenbeast’s blood magic. Nick soon follows behind using the magic of the stick, though the stick couldn’t pass through with him. It doesn’t take long for both to meet and figure out that the magical world is one where Wesens exists permanently in their beast form. Eve begins to transform involuntarily, and has to hide it from the human community they meet that finally directs them to where Zerstorer lives.

When they first arrived, Nick used the magic of the gun to kill Blutboads that attacked them, one escaped and announced their presence to Zestorer who wasted no time showing them the extent of his powers. Meanwhile, the squad brings Renard up to speed on all that’s been happening, and he in turn shares his Russian source who reveals a prophecy that States the devil is to take a bride he’s to make a thousand babies with. She believes Diana is this bride promised to the devil, and his target all this while. This revelation raises the stakes fully roping Renard into the battle against this monster that wants his daughter.

Diana helps bring back Eve and Nick. Obviously, Zerstorer hitched a ride back, and wore human flesh to better fit in. Eve’s return causes her to lose her Hexenbeast power – which is quite annoying, because I liked Hexenbeast-Juliet.

Grimm - Juliet Hexenbeast
Juliet’s Hexenbeast transformation.

The final showdown takes everyone into the forest as they prepare for am all powerful ancient entity that has his eyes on not just Diana but Nick’s stick of destiny. Hank and Wu don’t make it into the series finale episode… blame it on being at the wrong place.

The series finals tries its best to raise the stakes and then undo itself at the final moments to avoid living through history with a bad memory and also to end like every fairy-tale – A Happy Ending.


Everyone Nick knows died in the finale except his son and because of this he pushes the rest button and in the new timeline that followed he, the squad, his mother and Aunt Marie (both newly revived for the finale) band together to defeat the great evil.

Diana who was having some sort of epiphany around Zestorer, to the point of siding with him against her father, returns to normal once he’s defeated; this confused me a bit.

As a parting gift, we’re shown a grown Kelly and Diana, twenty years into the future – hunting Wesens with their mom and Dad(s). This closure, though not paramount, was necessary for fans who love to speculate about how Nick and co’s future turned out to be.

In all, Grimm had been an entertaining ride, it was fun watching magic in a new dimension. It will be missed. Here’s to hoping the cast move on to better projects. Cheers! And, goodbye Grimm!

TVD Villains Gallery

In memory of the series that warmed our hearts for 8 years with different awesome story-lines (though many may say it lost its mojo towards the end), we at RR compiled a list of the most memorable villains to grace the town of Mystic Fallls. This list includes only those who have actually stepped into Mystic Falls at least once in any time period (sorry awesome villains of The Originals); the worthiest of these villains mentioned below caused our heroes great heartaches. And they are:


1. Isobel Flemming: Introduced late in the second season as an ally of Katherine, also revealed to be Elena’s birth mother that jilted her lover (Alaric) for a life of Vampirism, it’s no wonder why this woman should make our list of horrible TVD villains.

TVD - Isobel.jpg

2. The Mikelsons a.k.a. The Originals: What would the world of TVD be without the first family; absolutely boring I’d say. Every member of this family was so intriguing that they were given a spin-off series to deal with their 1000 years rich family history. I remember with nostalgia during season 3 when Klaus lived in constant fear that his siblings would get tired and abandon their always and forever promise to stick with him to continually evade their father – Papa Mikelson.


3. Evil-Alaric: A villain born of the direct consequence of having The Original family in town. In the 3rd season, Ester (Mama Mikelson) wanted to rid the world of Vampires, the abominations she has had to live a 1000 years regretting their creations, she had the perfect opportunity to create the baddest Vampire killing machine since Mikel, and also had the perfect idea to control his life span by tethering him to human-Elena’s life.

TVD - Evil Alaric.jpg

4. Humanity-less Elena: Though not as awesome as Katherine, it was good to see Elena not care about anything for a while.

TVD - Evil Elena.jpg

5. Professsor Shane: The creepy Professor who wanted nothing other than to creep on Bonnie to fulfill his wild fantasy of having a mental orgy with an immortal creature. Nah! I’m just kidding. But, Atticus Shane was very creepy, and because of his actions, Bonnie suffered, and Grams too.

TVD - Aticus Shane.jpg

6. Connor (The Vampire Hunter): Maybe he isn’t a very awesome villain, but he gets points for birthing a story-line that gave Jeremy something tangible to do other than just being Elena’s kid bro.

TVD - Connor.jpg

7. Qetsiyah: It isn’t easy to be the only female crazy enough to be compared side by side Katherine. Though Qetsiyah had a short-lived appearance on TVD, she was a memorable villain; she brought the feel of what it feels like to be scorn by a lover who doesn’t reciprocate your advances. Another point, she created the other side – a magical world that parallels the real world to contain souls of dead supernaturals – just to punish the woman who stole her lover. Ha Ha!!

TVD - Qetsiyah.jpg

8. Silas: Behind every scorned woman is a man responsible. Silas who the anti- to Qetsiyah’s love. Silas was a very powerful psychic who fed on blood to keep things going. He had the entire town of Mystic Falls under his spell; talk about might. He was a replica of Stefan, the first doppelganger, this brought us into the doppelganger theory that explained why Elena looked just like Katherine.

TVD - SIlas.jpg

9. Markos: Maybe not the best TVD has done in terms of villains, but Markos gets a mention because of his mission to rid the world of supernaturals, one town after the other. He chased our heroes away from their home which gives him some points.

TVD - MArkos.png

10. Dr. Wes Maxfield:  The Augustine trained Doctor who wanted nothing more than to rid the world of Vampires by creating even deadlier Vampires that feed on their kind until they get to extinction.

TVD - Dr. Wes.jpg

11. Kai Parker: Crazy kid with a crazy Twitter handle (@cobrakai94) Haha! Kai brought into TB+VD’s 6th season something viewers missed – a memorable villain they would love to hate. Kai is a psycho, a sociopath, there’s no reasoning with his kind in any form: the guy killed his pregnant twin sister, wiped out his entire family, and alternated the life-span of two best-friends, should one die the other starts living again. He was a well written villain that’ll spend the rest of his life in a new prison world created by none other than the rescued daughters of the twin sister he murdered; crime doesn’t pay, karma’s a b*tch.

TVD - Kai.jpg


12. Katherine Pierce: The biggest, baddest b*itch of all, all hail Katerina Petrova, the woman who’s been through it all and still survived, unscathed. The woman who in live had affected the lives of every of our main characters. Even in death, she still rose up the ranks and proved her worth as the everlasting big bad to the heroes of Mystic Falls. What is a good story without a memorable villain? Katherine made up fall in love with TVD, that sometimes it was hard knowing it was the same actress who played her and Elena (big ups to Nina Dobrev).

TVD - Katherine.jpg



So there you have RR’s list on TVD’s most memorable villains. TVD may have ended, gone, but not forgotten.