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Hello, Watchmen HBO? (2019)

Network: HBO

Starring: Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jean Smart, Tim Blake, et al.

The only times in history I’ve felt pure, intense, unadulterated love for a TV show were the scenes where Ned Stark got beheaded and, also, when Damon showed up at the Salvatore mansion uttering two life-changing words to Stefan, “hello, brother”.

Hello, Watchmen?

You’ve changed my life and put a wide smile on my mostly murky face. In a year where a Game of Thrones event premiered to mostly middling reviews, you’ve added a special color and given it the grace to wrap up nicely.

I say a big thank you to Queen Regina King for ever agreeing to run around in a mask looking extra-awesome. I was watching an interactive session of the cast on ‘Build’ from Yahoo and got to know there was a chance she’d have said “no” to the role. Imagine existing in such a world. Regina is so good as Angela Abar it’s almost impossible to think of anyone else in that energetic role.

Director Lindelof had a choice, to pick up the story of the Watchmen in the ruins left in the wake of the comic/Snyder’s movie or craft something new from scratch; he choose the latter and managed to make it feel familiar as much as original.

There’s a ton of nudity and plot twists in this show; almost nothing of the former being gratuitous, both rubbing off each other as two sides of any HBO coin.

Recurrent themes on this season of the show are bordered around the topics of racism, white supremacy, godlikeness and intellect, true identity and justice, civil rights, and political beliefs. Presently, there’s no news about a second season and I hope it stays that way. No need to fix it if it ain’t broken.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4.5/5

Watchmen: Will Is Up To No Good

HBO’s Watchmen is one helluva weird show. I mean, who wipes the swear off his mask? How’s that supposed to even work?


If you’ve not seen s01e04, it’s time to leave, now!

Looking Glass appears like a character with much depth, I hope the show does him justice soon.

Sister Night and Laurie Blake continue to toe the line of frenemies. Even I am not sure the latter can be trusted. She might have been a goddamn hero once, but now she sounds like a broken record still pissed with her ex. I think Night is right to tread cautiously around this one.

Will is definitely up to no good. When a man above 100, who has been pretending to be paralyzed, suddenly gets up and walks without aid, something’s definitely fishy. 🐟

HBO wants to fuck with my brain, but after this episode, I strongly believe Will is connected to Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias), one way or another.

One more thing. Who the fuck was that guy that slid into the sewers? That was fucked up!

Watchmen: What happened to Laurie Blake?

The questions on HBO’s latest offering keeps piling up. Fans clamoring for familiar faces from the comics are finally getting the show they wanted, but it isn’t happening the way they expected. Typical HBO.

Two characters from the comics make their official arrival in this week’s episode (s01e03) – Ozymandias, which we sort of all knew Jeremy Iron was playing, and Laurie Juspeczyk now better know as Special Agent Laurie Blake.

The sweet girl, rebellious daughter, fiery lover, and resilient vigilante is definitely gone. This Laurie is more a replica of her father, The Comedian, than whatever used to be good in her; which raises a question – what happened?

What broke Laurie and turned her into this dry comedienne? Was it her break up with Jon/ Dr. Manhattan or Dan/ Night Owl going to prison? We need answers, HBO, and we need them ASAP!

On the plus side, the tension between her and Angela Abar (Sister Night) is smoking. I want to see them interact more, especially after that explosive funeral.

What did you think of this episode? Did you like it as much as I did?

Rinzy’s Rating: 3/5

Rinzy Reviews ‘Euphoria’ Season One (2019)

Network: HBO

First episode aired: June 16

Starring: Zendaya, Elordi Jacobs, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, Eric Dane, et al.

Euphoria is the most realistic teen show you’ll find on air at the moment. The way it handles mature themes is most certainly commendable. Unlike idealistic beliefs, high school kids experiment – they have sex, they do drugs, and they consume large quantities of alcohol even though it’s illegal. Euphoria does its best to tell a realistic story around these themes without romanticizing the idea or making light the struggles of real life people.

Zendaya as Rue is one very interesting character. Her struggle with drug addiction is quite relatable. Actually, most of the characters actually are relatable. In Euphoria, we see teenagers struggling daily to cope with teenage stuff, and sometimes adults secrets – like with Nate Jacobs.

Euphoria‘s season finale left me with mixed feelings. To put it simply, I expected more, but seems the show’s more concerned with setting things up for future season than laying most of its cards on the time, which may be fine for most people, but not me (for some weird reason).

Nate (Elordi Jacobs) is depicted as a character struggling with demons inherited from his father’s secret. He’s let these demons define him for so long, that he’s obviously lost his way, and would do anything to maintain status quo. I wanted him dead by the season finale for what he did to my Fezco, but that didn’t happen, which is both good and bad . That I hate the character so much is testimony that he’s a good one and that the actor and writers have done a great job. I’ll like to see him pay for his sins; poor upbringing isn’t an excuse for bad behavior.

The acting in the show is phenomenal; the casting is perfect. The characters are intriguing, and their personal journeys fascinating. Zendaya does some of her best work yet here. She’s got a way of making you root for Rue to get her way even though you know she desperately needs helps with her addiction. Rue and Jules (Hunter Schafer) have a lot to talk about next season; I hope their fairytale love survives the bomb of the former leaving. And talking about bomb, Maddie has a weapon of mass destruction in her possession, Nate’s dad really should be scared.

This season was a good one, and I’m glad I got to see it. The cinematography bringing, costume, and make up constantly translating what the characters are feeling onto the screen is commendable, and one of the reasons I just can’t get enough of the show. Although I’m not really happy with the season finale, I’m still excited for the future, and the many ways the show can progress. Great job as always, HBO.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5

Rinzy Reviews ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 (2019)

Network: HBO

Starring: Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, Maisie William, et al.


Game of Thrones is arguably the best TV show to ever air on this earth; and also one of the most expensive ever. Its fans are people from all walks of life, and cut across any barrier one can think of – geography, race, age, name it. And after a very long wait since the last episode of the penultimate season, expectations were very high going into the eighth and final season of the show. And, while the season premiere wetted appetites and gave viewers something to talk about after it’d aired, the enthusiasm with which most entered the season only continued to dwindle with each passing episode, starting from episode 3.

Enter: The Long Night aka The Battle of Winterfell

The third episode of the season, The Long Night, was heavy teased and marketed as one featuring the longest battle scene in TV/movie history; it was even said to be longer than that in The Lord of the Rings. Appetites were drawn, and the wait continued for months, but by the time the closing credits aired viewers all over the world found themselves polarized, and the emergence of various factions. To name but a few, were those who believed The Night King got a fitting end to his series long arc, and that it didn’t matter he never got to say a word. Also, were those not to impressed at all, especially with the fact that it was Arya who got to strike the kill blow and not Daenerys or Jon. Whatever the bone of contention was, there was one popular, loud consensus at that point – that the show had sacrificed logic and pacing for the Wow! factor; a trap it’d successfully avoided all these years, which arguably made it so popular.

Viewers fears continued to be proved right as the season progressed and the producers continually ignored logic and due process as they meticulously did in the past; this was quite glaring in the fourth episode ending when Daenerys got ambushed midair by Euron Greyjoy’s iron fleet, which saw the death of Rhaegal, near mundane capture of Missandei and her eventual death moments later. All these would later culminate to the explanation for why Daenerys, who viewers has followed for years liberating cities and slaves, burn a city and its helpless citizens down to the ashes.

Now, one might argue that the people of King’s Landing deserved it, after all they cheered when Joffery ordered for Ned Stark’s head in the penultimate episode of the first season, but, then, one would be forgetting that casual citizens have no say in the heavy politicking of the land, and only have information giving to them to go by. Ned Stark confessed to being a traitor, and as far they were concerned, it was a traitor to the realm that was beheaded. I don’t think that makes them bad people.

I, for one, hoped the season would proceed differently. I believe D&D (the popular abbreviation for the showrunners D. B. Weiss and David Benioff) had the best intentions, but it was their selfish decision to shorten the seventh and eighth season that actually hurt the show. I call it selfish because it’s now popular knowledge they rushed through the show so they could jump ship to go do a Star Wars project, which is good for their career and bad at the same time. Now, most fans have lost confidence in them to properly wrap up whatever project it is they start next, which might hurt them in the near future. Making full ten episodes of both seasons would’ve added an extra seven episodes, which would’ve been more than enough to satisfy the urge of fans who wanted more depth to the series’ resolution.

Enter: King of the Six Kingdoms

My reaction to the revelation that Bran the Broken would become King of the seven kingdom is something I’ll never forget in a hurry 😂. It was a mixture of surprise, shock, and a dose of sinister laughter borne out of grave confusion, which quickly gave way to iritation when Bran gave that awkward response to Tyrion’s prompting: “why do you think I came all this way?”

What an arrogant young man?!! 🤣🤣🤣

It was shocking and unexpected, yes. The most unlikely candidate, a big yes. But if you think about it, Bran’s actually the best person to be king. With his abilities as the Three-eyed Raven he could put an end to plottings and conspiracies before they even happened, if he so wanted to. The off thing with his response is that it puts him in the dark light as the show’s real big bad, one who’s been bidding his time for the iron throne, and plotting all these years.

His response raises an eyebrow.

Maybe that wasn’t the producer’s intention, maybe it was; but I see fans discussing this for a very long time.

It wasn’t all sad and gloom on the show this year, as this season featured some of the very best cinematography seen on a TV budget. But let’s be honest, Game of Thrones episodes fot this final season got a budget of about $15M each, that’s more than most movies receive 🤣. The bulk of the money can be seen in the show’s lavish fight scenes, especially those involving the dragons in episode three; that cloud scene was orgasmic 😍.

It want like Game of Thrones to end on a hopeful note, but that’s exactly how we left the vast kingdom of Westeros… Happy. Save for Daenerys and the bastard Jon, the rest od rhe living pretty much had something to hold on to for coming out of many great wars alive. Bran is King, Sansa is queen, and Arya is putting her many skills into a career in land exploration, what more could you hope for? It’s almost as if a Stark wrote the final episode.

Whatever opinion I or anyone might have about the final season still doesn’t negate what I said in my opening paragraph: Game of Thrones is arguably the best TV show to air on this Earth, and it’s got its online ratings to prove it.

RIP to the ones who died this season – Varys, Jorah, Missandei, Cersei, Jaime, Euron, The Hound, The Mountain, Qyburn, Daenerys, the countless citizens of King’s Landing, and many more. Y’all nearly made it to the finish line. Better luck next time.

Let Me Tell You What Will Happen On ‘Game Of Thrones’ This Final Season

Let me tell you what will happen on GOT this season:

Disclaimer: I wrote this before season 8 premiered.

We all know the wall is down, thanks to an undead Viserion. What we don’t know is that because living Viserion had a telepathic link with Daenerys Baby girl Targaryan, this livid version of the dragon is still connected to her and (plot twist) also connected to The Night King (TNK).

What this means is that, through Viserion, Dany and TNK are one in the head.

We all know how TNK hasn’t yet said a word on the show? That’s about to change. Guess who he’ll first speak to? (Shocker) A naked Dany. He’ll be pestering her, trying to get her to talk, until he reveals himself to her while she’s having a bath at Winterfell.

Jon is out trying to safeguard the North.

Jorah is outside her door, still hoping she changes her mind else he truly becomes Batman.

And Daario is still in Meerin waiting for her to call him to come to Westeros.

So, TNK bargains for Dany to have sex with him in exchange for saving the rest of the living.

She thinks it, it’s a no-brainer. After all, she’s done it with a Dothraki, a seven son, even a bastard; why not add an iced d*ck man to that list.

Your guess is as good as mine if that singular act saved the entire world from extinction; after all, she’s been called the most beautiful woman in all of Westeros.

RR’s Top Ten TV Shows Of 2018

The amount of contents yearly produced for the small screen makes it almost impossible to keep up, even for people whose full time job is watching and talking film. Notwithstanding, I did my best. It’s been a terrific year for the small screen, many classic works of art aired to millions around the globe. And, as usual, I’ve put together a list to appreciate all the shows that made me feel good.

Below is my list of TV shows that struck something in me, irrespective of genre or professional critics’ opinion.

PS: 2018 has a lot of great TV shows; and it was tough limiting them to ten. I apologize in advance if your favorite(s) don’t make the list. Do air your grievance in the comment box.

10. Marvel’s Runaways s2

Even though its a late year release, Runaways sees a vast improvement in its writing, acting and story in its sophomore year. It’s a better outing than its first.

9. The Hunting of Hill House s1

Netflix continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. I really enjoyed this horror show about a small family terrorized by their past. Even though it got neatly tied out, a part of me still wishes it’ll have a second season focusing on the same family. You can read my review here.

8. American Crime Story s2: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Even though though it’s got a misleading title, fans can’t stop raving over the beauty that’s this year’s entry into the American Crime Story anthology, and that’s largely due to Darren Criss’ performance. We sure owe him a lot.

7. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina s1

Another Netflix offering that helped make the year better.

6. The Handmaid’s Tale s2

In Gilead, things bad things happen. And it’s up to Offred (or June, whatever she goes by these days) to change the narrative back to the saner days.

5. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD s5

Everyone who knows me knows Agents of SHIELD has been one of my favorite shows for some years now. The shows never disappoints. It’s sad I have to wait longer for another season to arrive.

4. Marvel’s Daredevil s3

Daredevil was arguably at its best this season. A nice retrace back to its root. Which makes its sudden cancellation all the more painful.

Just before I unveil my top three, I’d list to list some honorable mentions. Please note that they’re in no particular order.

  • Titans s1
  • AHS s8
  • The Deuce s2
  • Jack Ryan s1
  • Luke Cage s2
  • Krypton s1
  • Barry s1
  • Dirty John s1

3. Westworld s2

After a wonderful first outing in 2016, Westworld tries its best to live up to the hype that its the goto show for unexpected twists and turns in timelines.

2. HTGAWM s4&5

Previously on How to get away with murder….

That’s all I need to hear to make my Thursdays. Viola Davis and the rest of the remarkable cast continue to do impressive works. Coupled with the fact that Wes is still dead, this show is definitely one of my favorites.

1. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow s3&4

Never in the history of TV has a show as silly and self-aware as Legends of Tomorrow ever existed. Whoever birthed the idea to make it this way sure has my respect. The sillier the show gets, the happier I become.

I followed a lot of TV shows this year, and it’s only fitting I liked some more than others, doesn’t mean those not mentioned are bad. As I said earlier, I’d like to know your thoughts in the comment box..