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Rinzy Reviews ‘Big Little Lies’

Have you watched HBO’s ‘Big LITTLE Lies’?
If you haven’t, you should see it. It’s one interesting miniseries later turned into a show (even though I think they shouldn’t have) but it’s still a good watch. I hope I made sense. 

The show starts with a flashward mystery, somebody dies and we have to guess who it was.

In a small town where nothing ever happens, we have three women passing through various struggles as women and as parents:

We have a young single-mom running 🏃 from her past whilst still trying to give her son the best life she can afford; another woman who chooses to remain in an abusive 😞 marriage thinking its a form of love expression between her and her husband because of the sex that always comes out of it; and another woman jiggling between keeping her home in order and being the town’s pseudo-queen bee; these and many more make up the very story of the people living in a small town by the sea. 

Though I had a problem with the predictability of the story, I was okay with its execution. It was a good watch and I recommend it to those who haven’t seen it yet. 

Lest I forget, the show boasts of an impressive cast, from my personal person Alexander Skarsgård to Nicole Kidman to Shailene Woodley to Reese Witherspoon to Laura Dern to Zoe Kravitz, the show isn’t short of impressive faces who bring their A-game to the table. 

#HBO #BigLittleLies   


Why Tormund Giantsbane Shouldn’t Survive The Attack On The Wall.

Game of Thrones season seven finale ended with a cliffhanger that’s been long expected – The fall of The Wall. Earlier seasons of the show made it clear that the most important battle was that between the living and the dead and not the game of thrones as the show’s title would make us believe, we realised that for the dead to strike a devastating blow, The Wall had to come down.

The Wall Before Collapse

Seven seasons gone, and The Wall is down thanks to the powers of an undead Viserion in collaboration with The Night King.


Unfortunately, it seems The Wall came down with lots of good guys still on it, including fan favorite Wildling, Tormund Giantsbane.

Tormund Giantsbane

I believe the producers might be tempted to keep Tormund alive, beyond reasonable doubt, for one reason or the other; and I think it won’t be right.


The realism of death has always been one of the selling points of GOT. Resurrecting Tormund would be spitting on the memories of the earlier, more realistic seasons of the show. Yes, realistically speaking, we all know there’s no way Tormund would survive that – the debris, the height, Viserion’s laser ice-blast – no way! So, unless GOT has a good (magical) reason to give, he shouldn’t be said to be alive.

It pains me, I for one want to see Tormund and Brienne of Tarth make wonderful angry babies, just like he described to The Hound. 

After Margerey unexpectedly died in the season six’s finale, I swore to never be shocked by whom GOT kills off; so, Tormund, this is goodbye.

Why Tyrion Was Disappointed With Daenerys.

About two episodes back, S07E05, on HBO’s Game of Thrones, we saw Tyrion and Daenerys roughly discuss (if we can call it that) the line of succession when she does take the Iron Throne from Queen Cersei Lannister. That conversation did not end well: Daenerys practically shouted Tyrion down saying,

“We’ll discuss the line of succession after I take the throne.”

Her plan sounds fair enough.

Fast forward two episodes later, the season finale, S07E07, we see a long time fan-anticipated scene come to fruition – Jon and Daenerys’ sexual romp – Tyrion, more or less, saw it too, and boy, was he disappointed. Thelook on his face showed him clearly conflicted on Daenerys’ stance now that she had been compromised by love (or lust).

The question is, why that look on Tyrion’s face?

Tyrion Lannister

The answer is simple. As the Hand of the Queen, all Tyrion wants is to see Daenerys succeed, to see the new world he knows she can bring become a reality. The problem is, she can’t do that if she’distracted having a sexual romp with a man as enticing as Jon Snow when she knows it would lead to nothing – no offspring.
Tyrion is a reasonable man and just like Varys, would do anything for the good of the realm. 

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is expected late in 2018 or early 2019.

Game Of Thrones: What Next?

The Wall is down. I repeat, The Wall is down!

The above is all I’ve been shouting since I watched the season seven finale of GOT. I wasn’t shocked at the event, because I already knew it was upon us, though the visuals thoroughly impressed me.

The Night King and his Army are finally upon Westeros, and the North will feel their wrath first. Chaos is expected to reign supreme now that the about 300 year old magically barrier is down.

A reanimated Viserion

Going into the final stretch of episodes, confirmed to be six, the right question to ask now is, what’s next?

  • There’s so much running plots six episodes can tie up, or at least, give a proper send off.
  • There’s no much time for sex, otherwise I’d have asked for a rematch for Jon and Dany as I did here.
  • How far will Cersei go with her double plots for revenge? Contracting The Golden Company of Essos is  certainly to become the second front war against Daenery and The North is waged.
  • The glorious war: Viserion vs Drogon and Rhaegal.
  • The death of Cersei, to complete the prophecy concerning her. Jaimie leaving her is a step in the right direction for this. 
  • The death of Jon or Daenerys.

    Are there any plot points you feel should be here? Let me know.

    Jon and Daenerys’ sex was disappointing.

    I felt let down.

    I say this with plenty sorrow in me.

    After waiting seven years, all I got was five seconds of child’s play intertwined within flashes, in a scene intended to confirm roughly 20 years of fan,guessing and theories. I am pained!

    Game of Thrones finally ended its seventh year run, but not before setting the entire world on fire before going on its last break between seasons – certianly , life will never be the same again, for the real world and for the world of Ice and Fire. The show made us hate incest between twin siblings but root for that between aunt and nephew. Damn!

    And when the time finally came to carry out the deed, see all we got!

    We are down to the final did episodes, so there’s almost certainly not going to be any more sex, not with The Wall down and the undead heading for The North now.

    What Happens When GOT Ends?

    Few things have been able to unite people of different views and ideas successfully. Football has been universally acclaimed for the ease with which it achieved this feat; but there’s another hero – its name is Game of Thrones.

    The hit show from HBO has been a force to reckon with ever since it first premiered in 2011. GOT, as it’s easily referred to, is the best show of the ’10s, and arguably the best TV show of all time. It has only grown in strength – popularity, piracy, hackers, viewers, merchandise sales, story and production quality. All these and many more bear testament to the fact that GOT is the real deal. A common saying nowadays is, if you’re not watching Game of Thrones, you haven’t started watching TV. And it is very true.

    This is the reason many dread a world without GOT. And that world is fast approaching. The inevitable end is near.

    GOT has done so much for us – It gave us a companion when we needed one the most. It gave us something great to talk about every week on social media. It raised the standard of TV productions, and made it a more profitable venture. It thought us to love, to not fear death and many other life lessons. These lessons are what we have to hold on to when the show is gone.

    We have a season finale to worry about tonight, and one more season of captivating TV to look forward to. #GOTForever


    Is Game of Thrones Becoming Too Predictable For you?

    Admit it all you die hard fans, that Game of Thrones is coming to an end. Many loose plots are finally coming together – Jon Snow and Daenerys Targayrean meeting after seven seasons signaled the painful truth that the end is near and that Winter had finally come. With this feel of finality looming over the show also comes the aura of predictability. One of the things that made GOT special was its very large cast, its abundance of characters made unexpected twists the order of the day. We all can see that there’s been a severe thinning of the original characters we started this journey with, meaning in this seventh season there were lesser characters to kill to get out of tight plot corners. The product of this is GOT becoming more and more like other TV shows. Admit it! GOT is losing the GOT element that made it special.

    GOT - Dragon-in-Game-of-Thrones-Season-7 (1)

    Plot-holes in action sequences, such as Uncle Benjen miraculously appearing, just in time to save Jon Snow from the walkers in GOTs7e6 can be forgiven. The beautiful aesthetics and CGI they show has always been known for makes up for most of these forgivable holes.

    Personally, I’m not worried because the end is so close, we’re seven episodes away from saying goodbye, there’s no way the show will mess up big time within this short period. I applaud the Executive Producers’ resolve to end the show now even as HBO didn’t mind milking the money cow some more.

    After the season finale next Sunday, we can look forward to Game of Thrones premiering one more time to unite the world, before rendering our final goodbyes.