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2019: RR’s Top TV Shows

Say what you may about its final season, Game of Thrones still isn’t anyone’s mate. Since 2011, thanks to the show, fans worldwide have been privy to high-quality entertainment, the best in decades, so I’ll be damned if I let one polarizing season mess things up so much I don’t give honor to whom its due:

Game of Thrones is RR’s show of the decade! 👑

(Breathes heavily)

Now that we’re done with that, here are the top 20 TV shows that made 2019 awesome for us.

PS: This list includes miniseries, traditional TV series and web-series, and are arranged in no particular order.

1. Four Weddings and a Funeral – Hulu

This miniseries presented a heartfelt, self-contained story about love and loss. It’s n exceptional watch.

2. Euphoria s1 – HBO

Teen angst has never been well captured as HBO did it with this one. Expect lots of sex, drugs and all other crazy teen stuff.

3. Watchmen – HBO

A lot of people are calling this the show of the decade; for a show that premiered just two months ago, that’s pretty commendable. If you haven’t yet, you should watch Regina King kick-ass the HBO way.

4. When they see us – Netflix

There was a time in America when racial injustice didn’t receive as much backlash as it does today; this show takes us back to those perilous times and how four men eventually got compensated for losing their youthful days to an unjust system.

5. Sex Education – Netflix

Gillian Anderson is sexy and we now know it very much, thank you.

6. Chernobyl – HBO

Although one of the biggest disasters to have occured, not much was known about it; this show’s changed that.

7. The Mandalorian – Disney +

Pedro Paschal is having the time of his life playing really fun characters. Though Mando might not seem like it, he’s been having twice his normal fun since Baby Yoda came into his life.

8. Undone – Amazon Prime

The shooting technic used to create this live-action-animation easily makes it one of the best shows of this year. Then, factor in its strong story and cast performance, you’ve got a big winner.

9. See – Apple TV

If you thought Jason Momoa’s awesomeness had peaked out playing Khal Drogo and Aquaman, wait to you meet Baba Voss, his fiercest yet.

10. The Morning Show – Apple TV

Jennifer Aniston is back on TV as Alex Levy. I can tell you one thing though, she’s no Rachel.

11. Barry s2 – HBO

Bill Hader continues to impress as Barry. He’s on fire and so is his character.

12. The Hot Zone – Nat Geo

Ebola is a disease that’s always wiped out large number of people whenever it reappears. This is a trip to one of its earlier occurrence in history.

13. Evil s1 – CBS

Our current world is inherently evil and CBS has found a way to phone-in to make a truly drama from these happenings. If you didn’t like Mike Colter during his time as Luke Cage, then you should like him here as a priest-in-training.

14. Swamp Thing s1 – DC Universe

Although this show got cancelled, it still remains one of the best things to come out of 2019. It’s a pity its strong story and cast performance couldn’t save it from issues behind the scenes.

15. The Boys – Amazon Prime

What will be said of 2019 if we don’t mention the show that gave us the best instance of what it’d be like if Superman and the rest of the Justice League were evil? Nothin good.

16. How to Get Away with Murder – ABC

The current season 6 might be its weakest, but the love I’ve got for the show just wouldn’t let me not include it on this list. I’m sorry.

17. Fleabag s2 – BBC One

Fleabag is hilarious, entertaining, and mostly educative. It’s obvious a lot of work went into the crafting of this piece of art; great writing, awesome acting, and a very believable world; definitely worth all the hype.

18. Doom Patrol s1 – DC Universe

Another DC offering that really surprised me. Just like Legends of Tomorrow, this show knows it’s stupid and embraces it well.

19. Stranger Things s3 – Netflix

Allow your mind to be blow again by Eleven and her crew of merry men and women.

20. Carnival Row s1 – Amazon Prime

No doubt, 2019 was a good year for Amazon. This Orlando Bloom/ Cara Delevingne lead fairytale fantasy also helped make it so.

Honorable mentions: The Crown; Love, Death & Robots; The Terror; Good Omens; Mindhunter s2; Emergence; AHS: 84; Godfather of Harlem; Succession; A discovery of Witches; Stranger Things; Killing Eve s2; The Politician s1; Agents of SHIELD s6; All Rise s1.

Rinzy Reviews ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 (2019)

Network: HBO

Starring: Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, Maisie William, et al.


Game of Thrones is arguably the best TV show to ever air on this earth; and also one of the most expensive ever. Its fans are people from all walks of life, and cut across any barrier one can think of – geography, race, age, name it. And after a very long wait since the last episode of the penultimate season, expectations were very high going into the eighth and final season of the show. And, while the season premiere wetted appetites and gave viewers something to talk about after it’d aired, the enthusiasm with which most entered the season only continued to dwindle with each passing episode, starting from episode 3.

Enter: The Long Night aka The Battle of Winterfell

The third episode of the season, The Long Night, was heavy teased and marketed as one featuring the longest battle scene in TV/movie history; it was even said to be longer than that in The Lord of the Rings. Appetites were drawn, and the wait continued for months, but by the time the closing credits aired viewers all over the world found themselves polarized, and the emergence of various factions. To name but a few, were those who believed The Night King got a fitting end to his series long arc, and that it didn’t matter he never got to say a word. Also, were those not to impressed at all, especially with the fact that it was Arya who got to strike the kill blow and not Daenerys or Jon. Whatever the bone of contention was, there was one popular, loud consensus at that point – that the show had sacrificed logic and pacing for the Wow! factor; a trap it’d successfully avoided all these years, which arguably made it so popular.

Viewers fears continued to be proved right as the season progressed and the producers continually ignored logic and due process as they meticulously did in the past; this was quite glaring in the fourth episode ending when Daenerys got ambushed midair by Euron Greyjoy’s iron fleet, which saw the death of Rhaegal, near mundane capture of Missandei and her eventual death moments later. All these would later culminate to the explanation for why Daenerys, who viewers has followed for years liberating cities and slaves, burn a city and its helpless citizens down to the ashes.

Now, one might argue that the people of King’s Landing deserved it, after all they cheered when Joffery ordered for Ned Stark’s head in the penultimate episode of the first season, but, then, one would be forgetting that casual citizens have no say in the heavy politicking of the land, and only have information giving to them to go by. Ned Stark confessed to being a traitor, and as far they were concerned, it was a traitor to the realm that was beheaded. I don’t think that makes them bad people.

I, for one, hoped the season would proceed differently. I believe D&D (the popular abbreviation for the showrunners D. B. Weiss and David Benioff) had the best intentions, but it was their selfish decision to shorten the seventh and eighth season that actually hurt the show. I call it selfish because it’s now popular knowledge they rushed through the show so they could jump ship to go do a Star Wars project, which is good for their career and bad at the same time. Now, most fans have lost confidence in them to properly wrap up whatever project it is they start next, which might hurt them in the near future. Making full ten episodes of both seasons would’ve added an extra seven episodes, which would’ve been more than enough to satisfy the urge of fans who wanted more depth to the series’ resolution.

Enter: King of the Six Kingdoms

My reaction to the revelation that Bran the Broken would become King of the seven kingdom is something I’ll never forget in a hurry 😂. It was a mixture of surprise, shock, and a dose of sinister laughter borne out of grave confusion, which quickly gave way to iritation when Bran gave that awkward response to Tyrion’s prompting: “why do you think I came all this way?”

What an arrogant young man?!! 🤣🤣🤣

It was shocking and unexpected, yes. The most unlikely candidate, a big yes. But if you think about it, Bran’s actually the best person to be king. With his abilities as the Three-eyed Raven he could put an end to plottings and conspiracies before they even happened, if he so wanted to. The off thing with his response is that it puts him in the dark light as the show’s real big bad, one who’s been bidding his time for the iron throne, and plotting all these years.

His response raises an eyebrow.

Maybe that wasn’t the producer’s intention, maybe it was; but I see fans discussing this for a very long time.

It wasn’t all sad and gloom on the show this year, as this season featured some of the very best cinematography seen on a TV budget. But let’s be honest, Game of Thrones episodes fot this final season got a budget of about $15M each, that’s more than most movies receive 🤣. The bulk of the money can be seen in the show’s lavish fight scenes, especially those involving the dragons in episode three; that cloud scene was orgasmic 😍.

It want like Game of Thrones to end on a hopeful note, but that’s exactly how we left the vast kingdom of Westeros… Happy. Save for Daenerys and the bastard Jon, the rest od rhe living pretty much had something to hold on to for coming out of many great wars alive. Bran is King, Sansa is queen, and Arya is putting her many skills into a career in land exploration, what more could you hope for? It’s almost as if a Stark wrote the final episode.

Whatever opinion I or anyone might have about the final season still doesn’t negate what I said in my opening paragraph: Game of Thrones is arguably the best TV show to air on this Earth, and it’s got its online ratings to prove it.

RIP to the ones who died this season – Varys, Jorah, Missandei, Cersei, Jaime, Euron, The Hound, The Mountain, Qyburn, Daenerys, the countless citizens of King’s Landing, and many more. Y’all nearly made it to the finish line. Better luck next time.

Let Me Tell You What Will Happen On ‘Game Of Thrones’ This Final Season

Let me tell you what will happen on GOT this season:

Disclaimer: I wrote this before season 8 premiered.

We all know the wall is down, thanks to an undead Viserion. What we don’t know is that because living Viserion had a telepathic link with Daenerys Baby girl Targaryan, this livid version of the dragon is still connected to her and (plot twist) also connected to The Night King (TNK).

What this means is that, through Viserion, Dany and TNK are one in the head.

We all know how TNK hasn’t yet said a word on the show? That’s about to change. Guess who he’ll first speak to? (Shocker) A naked Dany. He’ll be pestering her, trying to get her to talk, until he reveals himself to her while she’s having a bath at Winterfell.

Jon is out trying to safeguard the North.

Jorah is outside her door, still hoping she changes her mind else he truly becomes Batman.

And Daario is still in Meerin waiting for her to call him to come to Westeros.

So, TNK bargains for Dany to have sex with him in exchange for saving the rest of the living.

She thinks it, it’s a no-brainer. After all, she’s done it with a Dothraki, a seven son, even a bastard; why not add an iced d*ck man to that list.

Your guess is as good as mine if that singular act saved the entire world from extinction; after all, she’s been called the most beautiful woman in all of Westeros.

Most Search TV Series of 2017 on Google

Google has released its list of most searched TV shows of 2017. 
The list is nothing short of predictable because most of the shows there were among the biggest hits of the year. There were also a few surprises there, shows that capitalized on controversial marketing campaign to earn themselves a spot of Google’s searches all over the world.

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Google has released its list of most searched TV shows of 2017. The list is nothing short of predictable because most of the shows there were among the biggest hits of the year. There were also a few surprises there, shows that capitalized on controversial marketing campaign to earn themselves a spot of Google's searches all over the world. From least to most, you have the list below: 10. American Gods 9. Big LITTLE Lies 8. Santa Clarita Diet 7. The Good Doctor 6. Bachelor in Paradise 5. Riverdale 4. Iron Fist 3. This Is Us 2. Game of Thrones 1. 13 Reasons Why Do you agree with Google? Which of these entries surprises you the most? Do you think GOT should have been number one? Do tell. #AmericanGods #BigLittleLies #SantaClaritaDiet #TheGoodDoctor #BachelorInParadise #Riverdale #IronFist #ThisIsUs #GameofThrones #13ReasonsWhy

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From least to most, you have the list below:

10. American Gods

9. Big LITTLE Lies

8. Santa Clarita Diet

7. The Good Doctor

6. Bachelor in Paradise

5. Riverdale

4. Iron Fist

3. This Is Us

2. Game of Thrones

1. 13 Reasons Why

Do you agree with Google?

Which of these entries surprises you the most?

Do you think GOT should have been number one?

Do tell.

#AmericanGods #BigLittleLies #SantaClaritaDiet #TheGoodDoctor #BachelorInParadise #Riverdale #IronFist #ThisIsUs #GameofThrones #13ReasonsWhy

Why Tormund Giantsbane Shouldn’t Survive The Attack On The Wall.

Game of Thrones season seven finale ended with a cliffhanger that’s been long expected – The fall of The Wall. Earlier seasons of the show made it clear that the most important battle was that between the living and the dead and not the game of thrones as the show’s title would make us believe, we realised that for the dead to strike a devastating blow, The Wall had to come down.

The Wall Before Collapse

Seven seasons gone, and The Wall is down thanks to the powers of an undead Viserion in collaboration with The Night King.


Unfortunately, it seems The Wall came down with lots of good guys still on it, including fan favorite Wildling, Tormund Giantsbane.

Tormund Giantsbane

I believe the producers might be tempted to keep Tormund alive, beyond reasonable doubt, for one reason or the other; and I think it won’t be right.


The realism of death has always been one of the selling points of GOT. Resurrecting Tormund would be spitting on the memories of the earlier, more realistic seasons of the show. Yes, realistically speaking, we all know there’s no way Tormund would survive that – the debris, the height, Viserion’s laser ice-blast – no way! So, unless GOT has a good (magical) reason to give, he shouldn’t be said to be alive.

It pains me, I for one want to see Tormund and Brienne of Tarth make wonderful angry babies, just like he described to The Hound. 

After Margerey unexpectedly died in the season six’s finale, I swore to never be shocked by whom GOT kills off; so, Tormund, this is goodbye.

Why Tyrion Was Disappointed With Daenerys.

About two episodes back, S07E05, on HBO’s Game of Thrones, we saw Tyrion and Daenerys roughly discuss (if we can call it that) the line of succession when she does take the Iron Throne from Queen Cersei Lannister. That conversation did not end well: Daenerys practically shouted Tyrion down saying,

“We’ll discuss the line of succession after I take the throne.”

Her plan sounds fair enough.

Fast forward two episodes later, the season finale, S07E07, we see a long time fan-anticipated scene come to fruition – Jon and Daenerys’ sexual romp – Tyrion, more or less, saw it too, and boy, was he disappointed. Thelook on his face showed him clearly conflicted on Daenerys’ stance now that she had been compromised by love (or lust).

The question is, why that look on Tyrion’s face?

Tyrion Lannister

The answer is simple. As the Hand of the Queen, all Tyrion wants is to see Daenerys succeed, to see the new world he knows she can bring become a reality. The problem is, she can’t do that if she’distracted having a sexual romp with a man as enticing as Jon Snow when she knows it would lead to nothing – no offspring.
Tyrion is a reasonable man and just like Varys, would do anything for the good of the realm. 

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is expected late in 2018 or early 2019.

Game Of Thrones: What Next?

The Wall is down. I repeat, The Wall is down!

The above is all I’ve been shouting since I watched the season seven finale of GOT. I wasn’t shocked at the event, because I already knew it was upon us, though the visuals thoroughly impressed me.

The Night King and his Army are finally upon Westeros, and the North will feel their wrath first. Chaos is expected to reign supreme now that the about 300 year old magically barrier is down.

A reanimated Viserion

Going into the final stretch of episodes, confirmed to be six, the right question to ask now is, what’s next?

  • There’s so much running plots six episodes can tie up, or at least, give a proper send off.
  • There’s no much time for sex, otherwise I’d have asked for a rematch for Jon and Dany as I did here.
  • How far will Cersei go with her double plots for revenge? Contracting The Golden Company of Essos is  certainly to become the second front war against Daenery and The North is waged.
  • The glorious war: Viserion vs Drogon and Rhaegal.
  • The death of Cersei, to complete the prophecy concerning her. Jaimie leaving her is a step in the right direction for this. 
  • The death of Jon or Daenerys.

    Are there any plot points you feel should be here? Let me know.