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Is Game of Thrones Becoming Too Predictable For you?

Admit it all you die hard fans, that Game of Thrones is coming to an end. Many loose plots are finally coming together – Jon Snow and Daenerys Targayrean meeting after seven seasons signaled the painful truth that the end is near and that Winter had finally come. With this feel of finality looming over the show also comes the aura of predictability. One of the things that made GOT special was its very large cast, its abundance of characters made unexpected twists the order of the day. We all can see that there’s been a severe thinning of the original characters we started this journey with, meaning in this seventh season there were lesser characters to kill to get out of tight plot corners. The product of this is GOT becoming more and more like other TV shows. Admit it! GOT is losing the GOT element that made it special.

GOT - Dragon-in-Game-of-Thrones-Season-7 (1)

Plot-holes in action sequences, such as Uncle Benjen miraculously appearing, just in time to save Jon Snow from the walkers in GOTs7e6 can be forgiven. The beautiful aesthetics and CGI they show has always been known for makes up for most of these forgivable holes.

Personally, I’m not worried because the end is so close, we’re seven episodes away from saying goodbye, there’s no way the show will mess up big time within this short period. I applaud the Executive Producers’ resolve to end the show now even as HBO didn’t mind milking the money cow some more.

After the season finale next Sunday, we can look forward to Game of Thrones premiering one more time to unite the world, before rendering our final goodbyes.

Game of Thrones: Wights and White Walkers

Disclaimer: This article was originally posted on ScreenRant.com; it is here because it contains information useful to GOT fans.

As Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch have long warned anyone in Game of Thrones who would listen, Winter is Here. Finally, in episode 5 of season 7, “Eastwatch,” Daenerys Targaryen believes the King in the North. However, Daenerys’ council, including her Hand Tyrion Lannister, agreed that Daenerys’ rival and current occupant of the Iron Throne, Cersei Lannister, would never believe their word that everyone in Westeros needs to cease their hostilities and combine their forces to wage war against the Army of the Dead coming from beyond the Wall.

In this week’s episode “Beyond the Wall,” a team led by Jon including Jorah Mormont, Gendry, Sandor Clegane AKA The Hound, Thoros of Myr, Beric Dondarrion, and Thorin Giantsbane headed into the winter lands north of the Wall. Their mission was to capture one of the undead so they can bring it back and show Cersei that the threat of the White Walkers is very real. This foolhardy endeavor of course meant Jon and his team would come face to face with the entire Army of the Dead led by the Night King, and it would be costly and tragic.

The White Walkers and the Army of the Dead are something Game of Thrones has not taken great pains to explain. Since they’re regarded as a myth by the people of Westeros, very little is known about them. Not helping matters is that, as ice zombies, the White Walkers don’t speak, and thus aren’t prone to offering necessary details about their origins, functions, powers, and organizational structure. The general term ‘White Walkers’ tends to be applied to every type of undead creature coming from beyond the Wall. However, there are actually differences between the White Walkers and the foot soldiers that comprise the Army of the Dead, also known as the Wights. Here’s what you need to know to survive the winter.



Led by the Night King, who was the first and most powerful of them, the White Walkers are a humanoid race of ice creatures. They are thousands of years old and possessed of powerful ancient magic. Like the Night King, they were created by the Children of the Forest to help them in their war with the First Men, but they broke free of the Children’s control and became the greatest threat to all life in Westeros. However, they had faded into legend for hundreds of years, to the point where few in Westeros believe they are real.

The White Walkers tend to have long white hair, white beards, grey-white, mummified-looking skin, and glowing blue eyes. They are much stronger than humans, and they wield swords and spears made of what appear to be ice crystals. They have ice and cold-based powers, can create cold winds and frost to announce their imminent arrival, and they can freeze anything they touch. One of their most fearsome abilities is their power to reanimate the dead and turn them into Wights. They can turn not just dead humans, but animals like horses, bears and, as we found out in “Beyond the Wall,” even a dead dragon into Wights.

The Night King himself has the power to turn humans into White Walkers; the Wildling Craster sacrificed his infant sons to the Night King, who would touch their foreheads and turn them into White Walkers.

The only known ways to kill a White Walker are with weapons made of dragonglass or Valyrian steel. White Walkers’ bodies crack and fall apart when pierced by dragonglass, whereas Valyrian steel can instantly shatter them with a single blow.



Wights are the undead; corpses reanimated by the White Walkers to serve as their army of foot soldiers. Wights can be both dead humans and dead animals; White Walkers ride undead horses into battle, and Jon Snow’s company battled a bear turned into a Wight in “Beyond the Wall.” Once turned into a Wight, the undead body shows no sign of rot or decay, regardless of what condition the corpse was in before it was transformed.

Wights lose their vestiges of humanity when they rise undead; they are unable to speak and it’s unclear how much intelligence they retain or how much they can act independently of their White Walker masters. Unlike the zombies in The Walking Dead, however, the Wights can run and attack quickly, and are able to use weapons like swords. They have the same icy blue eyes as the White Walkers.

Wights can’t be destroyed by conventional means of attack; even hacking off a limb or decapitation will result in the limbs still functioning separated from the main body. However, enough hacking and slashing will incapacitate a Wight from being able to attack. Fire is the Wights’ weakness. The Wildings traditionally burned their dead to prevent them from turning into Wights. In “Beyond the Wall,” Daenerys’ three dragons burned legions of Wights with dragonfire.

Perhaps the most horrifying development yet occurred in “Beyond the Wall,” when the Night King killed Daenerys’ dragon Viserion with an ice spear. Later, he had the Wights pull Viserion’s corpse from beneath a frozen lake with chains and then touched his head, turning Viserion into a dragon-Wight. What new powers Viserion will have as an undead servant of the Night King, and whether he will have any of the same vulnerabilities as the other Wights remains to be seen.

The death and transformation of Daenerys’ dragon showed that even the greatest weapon the living have against the White Walkers can fall and be turned into a weapon against them. The biggest question to be answered in Game of Thrones is whether there is anything that can ultimately stop the White Walkers once and for all, or if Winter will ultimately claim all life on Westeros.

GOT returns for its season finale next Sunday 27th August, 2017.

Game of Thrones: The Birth of The Ice Dragon

For years, fans and theorists alike have wondered how and when an ice dragon would arrive in Westeros. Like the White Walkers themselves, the blue-eyed beasts were the stuff of legend. They were rumored to fly amidst the frozen lakes in The Land of Always Winter. Some thought an ice dragon was housed deep inside The Wall, and others even wondered if one might materialize out of the frozen pond near the godswood at Winterfell (Adapted from ScreenRant.com)

It all started when Daenerys taught it good to do something heroic and save the day, against Tyrion’s advice. As would be expected, the rescue mission didn’t go well. As Jon fought off wights and his band of merry men mounted Drogon, The Night King in his wisdom threw an Olympic sized javelin perfectly into Viserion, causing the most insignificant of Dany’s children to crash like an airplane leaking fuel (blood), and subsequently slipping into the ocean.

The undead dragged out the corpse and The Night King expectedly raised it to life.

Viserion as The Ice Dragon.

Ice dragons are rumored to be very feared beasts; they are believed to have entirely magical properties. They’re not just animals; they’re mystical creatures. So enigmatic are the ice dragons that many ASoIaF fans believe an ice dragon was housed in The Wall, thus supplying the legendary barrier with its enchanted abilities to ward off White Walkers. While that may still prove true in George R. R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter, it’s more likely that undead Viserion will be used to bring down The Wall in Game of Thrones, then ride beyond it to decimate the Seven Kingdoms. (Adapeted from ScreenRant.com)

Though the battle between Drogon and Rhaegal vs Viserion is inevitable, it is certain the battle won’t end on a mild note.

GOT returns for its finale next Sunday, 27th August, 2017.

Game of Thrones: Will Daenarys become the Mad Queen?

For years, the world waited patiently for Daenarys Targayrean to arrive Westeros as the Queen that was promised – The rightful heir to the Iron Throne as she always rubbed on our faces. After having arrived, things haven’t really gone as easy as she might have hoped; in fact, until the 4th episode – ‘The Spoils of War’ Dany had encountered devastating losses to her fleet. The aftermath of ‘The Spoils of War’ brings up this questiom:

Is Daenarys becoming mad like her father?

How else do you explain her easy conviction to burn a father and son in s07e05?

Bend the knee, or die has become her catchphrase, every opportunity she has she rubs on the face of all who cares to listen. Whoever distrusts her, whoever doesn’t align to her ways gets greeted at the receiving end of Dracarys.

One of the most important quote in E05 was given by Dany to Tyrion, her Hand.

“I did not come to put people in chains. If that becomes an option, many will take it.”

Rightly said from the woman who claims to be ‘The Breaker of Chain’. But isn’t it better to give people the opportunity to see the light of their dark way of reasoning, than burning them alive?

History is there for the living to learn from the mistakes of past men. Dany herself has always stressed the fact that she isn’t her father; but most people already know this was how Aerys Targayrean became The Mad King – burning people alive, including Jon Snow’s uncle and grandfather.

Power gets people drunk. Let’s hope Daenarys gets back to her senses before she causes an irreparable damage.

Game of Thrones: What the future holds for Jon Snow.

If by now you haven’t yet caught up with GOT s07e05: East watch, I advise you stop reading. This is a SPOILER alert!


This episode didn’t contain much action (or any, save for the near-termination of House Tarly by Drogon’s fire), but it had plenty of explosive revelations. 

Those familiar with Game of Thrones terminologies understand that whoever has the surname, Snow, wears it as a mark of dishonour – a taint of your father’s desecration of his matrimonial vows. Snow is the North’s announcement for a bastard. Jon Snow our titular hero, the man who rose from nothing to everything even though he was a bastard, was revealed to not be a bastard after all. 

The above piece of information was the last piece of useful information The Citadel revealed to us before ending its tenure as a location on the show for the time being. What this means is that, Jon, whose father is Rhaegar Targayrean, has a legitimate claim to the throne just as Dany does. This complicates things future for the odd power couple. Yes! I said couple. If you didn’t notice the full blow attraction Dany was felt when Jon and Drogon connected, then you need a pair of glasses. Drogon was the first to validate Jon’s dragon blood when it psychically bonded with Jon to the surprise of its mother.

Jon and Drogon

Do you think Daenarys would buy  lightly the idea that Jon is her nephew? – I think she’ll have no interest to fight Jon for the Iron Throne, because by the time this revelation comes out, The Night King would have already crossed The Wall.

What then is the way forward? Would Jon Snow be interested in sitting on The Iron Throne? – If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that Jon is more concerned with protecting the living; every single person who draws breath. He has bigger things on his plate to worry about ruling The Seven Kingdoms. His thoughts should be tailored more towards surviving The Long Night.

The penultimate episode of the season is already upon us – A big battle is on the horizon for next week. Of our band of seven merry men not all will return – alive.

The Justice League of the Living

Who do you think will die next episode? Tell us in the comment box below.

Quiz: GOT s07e04 – The Spoils of War


Answer this 5 simple questions as correctly as you can and win something from RR today!

1. How many people did Drogon burn to death in this episode?
2. Did Jaime die at the end of the episode?
3. Why were Viserion and Rheagal missing from action?
4. On what was the leaked version available for download?
5. Who do you think is the most fucked up of the Stark children?

Bonus: Which other episode(s) of the series have gotten leaked before?

TV Review: Game of Thrones (S07 E02 – Stormborn)

Straight of its wonderful season premiere last week, GOT continues to forge ahead.

It wouldn’t be out of place to say a lot happened in this week’s episode of game of thrones. Rightly titled ‘Storm born’, this episode had a lot to do with Daenarys of house Targayrean.

Let’s begin.

The episode picks up immediately where the last ended – Team Dany has just arrived Dragonstone, the place of her birth; ever the tough one Dany doesn’t take time to reminisce on the importance of her arrival all she wants is to take control of King’s Landing. Dany had an altercation with Varys which got me scared at first until I realized it was was all about further testing the depth of  his loyalty to the realm and her – this causes both to swear a sort of new allegiance to each other.

Dany’s meeting with the other queens of her cabal (Lady Olenna, Yara, and Ellaria) goes well. Though frictioned at the start, it ends with joy when Tyrion’s awesome advice as Hand of the Queen is that the Dothrakis and Unsullied storm and take Castarly Rocks. This move’s aimed at hitting the Lannisters at where it matters most. The other queens’ armies would then lay siege to Kings’ Landing and starve Cersei and her army to death.

The last important info to come out from Dragon stone was Melisandre’s visit to Daenarys – The Red Priestess comes with urgent news that Dany needs to summon Jon and form an alliance with the North because the long night is coming. Many of us have waited years for Dany and Jon to finally meet, and here it is.

Away from Dany and friends, we head to the Tarlys. We got to see Randal Tarly (Sam’s father) again. Randal is been coerced by the crown to join Cersei’s forces to take down Olenna (who is his rightly leader as he’s from High garden). At first, I held hope that Randal would hold his ground and refuse to align with #TeamCersei, but Jamie’s words begin to get to him, and his conscience begins to get torn.

His son on the other hand, continues to survive his mundane existence at The Citadel under the tutelage of the ArchMaester. Sam has proven to be a rebellious soul, an attribute of his not hindered by his large size or hate the rest of the world usually showers him. Sam broke the rules again – against the wish of the Archmaester, he uses a dangerous and abandoned technique to try to heal Jorah Mormont, already abandoned for death. Though a large part of the painful treatment is kept off screen, we shouldn’t be wrong to assume Jorah Mormont will love to fight another day by Danny’s side.

Talking about battle: Cersei knows Daenarys is in Westeros, and that she brought along with her an army of various hardcore savages. Ever the resourceful one, her Maester/alchemist introduces her to a weapon strong enough to pierce through dragon bone – as seen in practise with the bones of deceased dragons beneath King’s landing. Personally, I thought the weapon underwhelming – I hoped for something magical, since dragons are born of magic it is only fitting that magic should be what kills them.

There was a very important scene in this episode; it was the one between Lady Olenna and Daenarys. The dialogue was impressive, and the quotes made me reflect. Lady Olenna is arguably one of the smartest women in this universe, and when she admitted that she was alive today against the many smart men in the world (specifically like Tyrion) was because she never listened to them. Such a statement has huge implications because Dany trusts Tyrion and believes in his advice, even though she’s a strong willed woman on her own. Lady Olenna unequivocally asks her to stop behaving like a sheep and be the dragon that she is. What a wise woman!

Still at Dragon stone – there was a scene that has kept viewers wondering for years how it would eventually play out, and now that it finally did we can all conclude that it was awkward and at the most irrelevant, but since we’re arriving the end it was bound to happen sooner rather than later. This scene was the sex scene (sort of) between Missandrei and Greyworm. It’s so so awkward – I won’t talk about it.

Do you remember Hot pie – A fat boy from season two or so, during the time of Arya and Gendry? A made a comeback this episode. Arya ran into him at a tarven, still on her quest to King’s Landing to kill the queen. I didn’t enjoy their reunion as it was bland, and only existed to serve the purpose of redirecting Arya’s story-arch. Hotpie told Arya that her brother, Jon, had taken over Winterfell. That was all it took to convince Arya to go back home.

Now, I must say things are looking too good for the Starks which makes me scared. Things are never this good in this  Game of Thrones.

On Arya’s way back she also ran into a character we’ve not seen since season one – Can you guess? Try. Try… NYMERIA! Yes, Arya’s direwolf is back, and she’s returned with a pack; her pack of wolves. I must confess, this is a plus on the side of #TeamJon, as wolves are known to be brutal in battle. Though the reunion was a sad one as Nymeria still left Arya, I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of her and her pack.

Nymeria and Arya reunite

Before I get to the highlight of this episode I must not fail to mention something I observed – Lord Baelish is a pervert. A big pervert. How does one love a woman and her daughter? Anyway you spin it, it sounds disgusting, and one can only imagine what goes on in such a person’s head. Baelish went a step further to tell Jon that he loves Sans a just like he loved her mother – it sounded like he was giving Jon an early notice of his desire to have sex with his little sister… PERVERT! naturally, Jon greeted him with his fist, warning him to stay clear off Sansa. But there’s so much he can do now that he’s not going to be very much around.

Greyjoy vs Greyjoy

Give it to the producers to always know how to save the best for last. As the subtitle suggests, this is a family matter. Remember when Euron promised Cersei he wouldn’t return unless with a gift? He’s making good of his promise. As the Dornish fleet and Years head towards King’s a landing to lay siege, and Yara and Ellaria try to find entertainment in each other’s body as Theon watches, Euron struck. An all out battle on Yara’s ship that saw the death of two of the three Sand snakes (Ellaria’s daughters) and Yara and Ellaria taken hostage. Euron is such a badass. This victory means that Cersei might give in and accept his marriage proposal – after all, we all know Cersei to be willing to do anything to take down her enemies.

Euron Greyjoy

I want to appreciate Ramsey for a job well done – his work forever lives on in Theon Grey joy, or should I say, Reek. At the climax of the battle, Euron had Yara with a blade at her throat, and Theon jumped into the sea, instead of fighting to save his sister (typical characteristic of Reek). My opinion, as long as Theon lives, so does Ramsey. Reek is his legacy, and it’ll continue to speak for him.

GOT returns next Sunday at 9 p.m.