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FX Legion: Time Travel Is Impressive

Dan Steven has been killing it as David Haller since Legion first premiered, and it’s a joyous thing to see he hasn’t lost his touch one bit. It’s even more pleasant when you realize the show is fully embracing time-travel in all its Glory. The season three premiere opens with it quickly establishing its own set of rules for one of the most popular topics in SciFi, and one of my personal favorite.

Its theory builds upon previously existing concepts of time travel we already know, like taking care to not array to close or far from event(s) intended to alter, but it’s the tease of a time demon that gets me really excited for all the many ways things could really go to shit for this season.

The season three premiere goes out of its way to give a little extra of everything this show’s come to be unanimously applauded for – mind altering cinematography, excellent performance from its cast, stunning visuals, even the impromptu musicals aren’t left out, making it more difficult to prepare to say goodbye.

Division 3 didn’t come to play – David’s got to die. It’d be fun if the bulk of the season will be about David manoeuvring a vindictive Sydney with equal amount of hate as she once loved him, as Farouk rightly pointed out, but I know that’s a bogus lead. The Shadow King is too good to keep playing ball for long, he’s definitely got a few sinister tricks up his sleeves especially since there’s a time-traveler on board. With Professor X slated to appear somewhere down the line, I’d like to see how all these pieces play out together.

Give me more Lenny, crazy David-Farouk moments, time-travel, and I’ll be your loyal bitch this season, Legion.

The Strain Says Goodbye With Mixed Feelings

FX’s ‘The Strain’ bids farewell to the scene after four seasons of fighting strigoi and trying to defeat the Master. So much has happened this final season, which were all expected, after all, how could Eichorst or The Master suffice after all they’ve done? Impossible.

Fet and Eph

I’ll be brief.

I neither liked nor hated the series finale. The season carried over one major plot from last season, and that was the effectiveness of nuclear weapons in aiding or damning the evil plots of The Master. After Zach’s help in condemning humans to what was referred as nuclear winter, it took our heroes a long time to acquire the only remaining nuke in their part of the world. Zach too was instrumental in seeing their plans was all for naught; so, imagine my shock when same old Zach – universally acknowledged as TV’s most annoying child – swithed allowance with the flick of a switch! Poor writing, guys; too poor! 

I still dislike Zach Goodweather, no matter what, and I’m happy I got half of my wish here.

The finale was OK. ‘The Strain’ had always been a straight forward series, having little going on wihout the entire need to kill The Master; so, with the finale, we knew what to expect. Something I didn’t really expect was the Master taking over Eph’s body, though I wasn’t wowed because I knew it’d have no lasting implication.

​Another thing I had at the back of my mind was the possibility of a world with Mr. Quinlan in it after The Master’s demise. If there’s one thing himans are good at it’s turning against anything they don’t understand. Quinlan had always been of the opinion that killing The Master would bring him a semblance of fulfilment that’ll cumulate in his death – a fate he accepted whole heartedly. Unfortunately, he died before he could take The Master with him, but left the former weak enough to seek a nice vessel in Eph, resulting in his death.

Personally, I’ll miss ‘The Strain’. Thank you for entertaining me these past four years. I hope to see Corey Stoll (Eph) in another major production: that man is a delight to watch.

The Strain: Zach Is Annoying, And Needs To Die

FX horror series, The Strain, currently in its fourth and final season, has had a good run. The story over the last four years has been compact, fun, straight forward – The need to defeat The Master – and free the world from his evil reign. 

The small band of merry men led by Eph Goodweather,  have tried and failed repeatedly on this seemingly easy quest.  

Eph has a son, Zach, an annoying boy, who I believe needs to die before he causes more damage. Yes! I’m not in the business of killing kids in films, but Zach needs to go.

Do you remember?

  • Zach detonated the bomb that plunged the entire world (New York) into what’s called Nuclear Winter.
  • The annoying child has also indrectly killed lots of people, remember that maidservant who didn’t feel the same way he felt for her?
  • He’s also an expert liar now; his newly acquitted skills led to the death of a man and his wife.

So, you see, the boy is all liability and needs to bite the dust before he distracts his father long enough to make a terrible mistake. Big ups to the producers for actually making a kid a villain, it’s not everyday we get to see such a thing.

The Strain has one episode to go.

American Horror Story Season 7 is titled …

Seven years and wonderful story after story, American Horror Story has been an avenue for wonderful entertainment.

The mode of announcement for season 6 was a secretive one, a pattern that paid. This year, they’re going a different path: as they made an early announcement at this year’s SDCC (Comic-con).

The new season is expectedto premiere later this year on FX.

Feud’s feud is phenomenal

When FX’s new anthology serial by Ryan Murphy was announced to be about historical feuds between people of some sort of importance, I wondered how such was going to work, but for the fact Ryan Murphy whose works on anthologies – America Horror Story and America Crime Story – argued he could do no wrong, I became interested in watching. I want to say that after 3 episodes I’ve become invested enough to want to see how the 8 episode story will wrap.

Hatred is a powerful tool, Joan and Bette don’t have any shortage of. The hatred is extremely convincing. The complicate feeling of admiration and constant jealousy is obvious and well defined that it gets me wondering how these women actually were in real life.

For those not watching yet, RR recommends Feud – a picture were hatred, anger, and jealousy gets center stage in all of its feminine glory. Ryan Murphy can do no wrong… he’s a production god, and that speaks so much about his choice of cast and crew.

Feud airs on FX, Sundays.

FX New Series – Feud

Feud gives us the Jessica Lange we have missed from American Horror Story.

Feud is a story about two elderly woman in desperate need of a come back to Hollywood. They star in the same movie even though they hate each other.


With a current rating of:

8.8/10 · IMDb

90% · Rotten Tomatoes

Feud season one properly subtitled Bette and Joan is of to a very good start. The premiere episode was very good, Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange bring out the very best in them as the titular characters. Set in 1962, Hollywood has not much time for aged one time movie stars; Joan wants a comeback to continue living her life of affluence after the death of her husband. Bette who had accepted fate and moved on to Broadway is approached by Joan with a proposal to be the lead in a new picture titled – What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? It doesn’t take long for this woman to be at each other’s throat; with a mixture of of respect and pain (as Joan put it) this woman are of to a long time of animosity and destruction.

What makes Feud’s premiere particularly nice is its ability to exist on its own without really depending on the mighty ability of its Producer, Ryan Murphy (the brain behind American Horror Story).

I’m already hooked, and I think Feud is off to a great start, so much that it has already been renewed for a second season with a focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Feud airs Sundays on FX.