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‘The Gifted’ Premiere Is Intense And Beautiful

Any movie/ TV show weaved from the Xmen continuity is a must watch for me; having followed the movies diligently and early this year’s Legion, Gifted was naturally anticipated by me. And I was not disappointed.

The Gifted tells the story of fear. Fear of an uncertain future, one laced with prejudice, discrimination and stigma for being different.

The Strucker family, whose patriarch, charges mutants to jail for a living, finds out his two children are mutants, and like most people clouded by love and other emotions, he goes against everything he had ever believed and work for to protect his children. Running a similar thread, are The Undergrounds, a bunch of misfits bent of fulfilling the wish of their missing leader, Magneto, to sibdue the world instead.

The Strucker Family

The premiere was a strong one. Even though experience has taught us not to judge an entire show by its first episode, I can’t help but predict this is going to be a wonderful ride. Bryan Singer does a great job using TV budget to begin a promising story that is visually stunning as it is entertaining. The cast is right in all ramifications, so far, everything points to this show becoming a hit for Fox.

The story continues next Monday on Fox. Tell me what you think of the show.


Rinzy Reviews: The Exorcist (s1)

Original network: Fox

Episodes: 10

Starring: Alfonso Herarra, Ben Daniels, etc.

Rinzy’s Ratings: 3.5/5


The Exorcist TV show is a sequel of the 1978 movie. It is well told, extremely captivating and entertaining in a neat horrific manner.

The story follows a young Reverend of a local parish, Father Thomas banding with a rebellious yet resilient Father Marcus to deliver a young girl possessed heavily by a demonic spirit.

Father Marcus

I appreciate the manner with which the story proceeded. A well fleshed backstory to guide the lead characters of Thomas and Marcus, their motivations and all. Father Marcus is extrenely flawed, he could very well pass as a thug (should you stumble upon him), but all that is as a result of what he’s been through. Or better put, the exorcism that break him. Nineteen months before the series’ premise, Fr. Marcus carries out an exorcism without permission from the Papacy that led to the death of the possessed boy. The memory of that day taunt him up till now; same memory is what brings Fr. Thomas searching for him.

One family from the numerous in Fr. Thomas’ parish has something interesting happening with them. With a mother (Angela) barely keeping it together, a father recovering from brain injury, a daughter (Kathy) also recovering from an accident she had five months ago, and another daughter (Cassey) who’s bitchy and also possessed by a demon.

Casey’s the vessel the devil chooses to torment the earth with this time. A cheerful girl seeking for whom to befriend. The entire process started with her befriending an imaginary friend, an older man who showered her with love and attention. Even though Fr. Marcus’ expert intuition showed up on time, various actions and inactions causes things to go wrong and everyone out of time. When things got so heated, various secrets start to crawl back to the surface including that the demon after Casey used to be after Angela, her mother. Angela had to leave town and changed her identity after her mother used her experience to write a book for profit. Angela’s personal experience explains why she knew so much at the beginning of the series, why she was so convinced that her daughter was possessed by a demon.

Another interesting thing was that as all the actions were happening in the household of Casey, somewhere in the city of Chicago, a group of demons were killing people and harvesting their organs for a ritual to summon an entity, which turned out to very much be connected to the demon (The Captain) tormenting Casey’s family.

In all honesty, The Exorcist was a decent series, it did well for itself: at least it captivated me from start to finish and got me excited at the prospect of a second season because of loose ends (such as the origin of The Captain and his followers, Father Marcus’ past, Father Thomas’ desecration of his sacred vows, etc.)

The Exorcist returns on FOX sometime in the future.

Trailer: The Gifted

Fox released a trailer for the upcoming Xmen series titled, The Gifted. The story follows a family whose life begins to change. A man who haunts mutants suddenly discovers that his son and daughter are also mutants (newly discovered). He takes his entire family and goes on the run, banding with other runaways to survive.
The premise makes sense and I can’t wait to watch it.

Watch the trailer here.

Prison Break (S05 E02)

Fan favorite TV series is off to a good start, still reeling on the awesomeness of its premiere last week (Read the recap here).

This episode is titled Kaniel Outis, which is the name Michael Socofield now answers I’m every document available.

Who is Kaniel Outis? – He is a criminal, a murderer, a bad man. And now, Michael Scofield is him, which makes me believe he is Michael Scofield (my early theory).

Michael Scofield as Kaniel Outis in Ogygia prison

The series makes an early suggestion that Michael might be behind the change of identity as insinuated by the man with many lives, Kellerman. Sara goes to see a social worker who turned out to be him. He forwards Michael photo evidences of Michael killing the Deputy chief of the CIA

Meanwhile, Lincoln and C-note work tirelessly towards getting leads on how best to rescue Michael.

Michael on his own appears to be cozy and very comfortable with his selfmate. This prison is a far cry from the beauty that was Fox River (in season one). This prison is hot, tough, and rough. Story-wise, it would have been impossible to have Sucre as Michael’s cellmate; his present bunkie can only hope to be a fraction of the entertainment bundle his predecessor was.

Michael does prove himself to still be the bundle of intelligence he is, a genius; by perfectly orchastrating events that’ll lead to his release from Ogygia Prison, even if it means being in bed with a terrorist.

This episode was decent, purposely forwarding most myths of the season established last week.

Prison Break airs Tuesdays on Fox.

Prison Break returns with a BANG!

OK! I took my time before finally watching the premiere episode of Prison Break S05, but I must say – this show has been missed.

Rarely do we have a series continue after seven years hiatus; Prison Break defied those odds, and had Michael Scofield returned to us in all his glory. Thank you, Wentworth Millar.

The first minute and half reminds us of all that’s happened in past season (though mostly footage from season one) and wastes no time bringing us up to speed with the lives of our beloved characters.

In present day a lot has been happening:

Lincoln Burrows isn’t yet living a quiet life. He still goes about owing people money: the same kind of lifestyle that got him into the mess of season one.

Sara is married to someone else, and is living a quiet life with the son she had with Michael.

Other old characters make a return:

C-Note is now a religious man, working at a mosque and doing good things, though he still got the thug life in him. Sucre also makes a return. He wants to help out but Lincoln doesn’t allow him.

T-bag, just out of prison, discovers a parcel that indicates Michael’s alive. He visits and hands it over to Lincoln, who wastes no time in doing same to Sara. Sara plays the strong woman – the one who’s had seven years to difficultly move on from a perfect love.

Lincoln discovers a hidden message embedded in the parcel and discovers the where Michael is if truly he’s alive – Ogygia Prison in Yemen. Because of this, he digs open Michael’s grave and confirms he’s still alive: A dummy was buried in his stead.

The producers waste no time teasing us with the existence of a mysterious power player: One who sent T-bag the parcel and also arranged for a doctor to repair his damaged hand with prosthetic.

Someone (probably the mysterious player) is out to wipe off the squad. Lincoln was attacked: his car hacked into driving full speed till it crashed into a lake. Sarah was also attacked in her home, her new husband shot in the right leg. Two Agents (a man and a woman) mirror the duo agents of season one; they obviously would be working for a powerful player(s), which time will unveil.

Lincoln does a good job heading this premiere – putting the roles in reverse as at when the series first begun in 2006, when Michael was the one trying to get Lincoln out.

By the time Michael is finally revealed at the last few minutes of the episode, it’s obvious someone is trying to make him pay for someone else’s crime. In place of his pictorial credential someone else has his name, and he has someone else’s. Michael doesn’t even make it easier for Lincoln (and even we the viewers) to deal, by refuting the name Michael and ever knowing either Lincoln or C-Note, and requesting to be returned to his cell.

Rash decisions are made, laws broken, and the plot moves forward – just the kind of thing we love about prison break. The series does a good job returning to our screen, establishing a lot of new yet familiar stories to make us clamor and impatiently wait for the next episode.

Prison break airs Mondays on Fox.

RR Recommended: Prison Break

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Original air date: 2005 – 2009

Seasons: 4 (81 episodes)

Episode duration: 42 mins

Network: Fox

Cast: Wentworth Millar, Dominic Purcell, Wade Williams, Robin Tunney, etc.

For those who didn’t watch the hit TV series – Prison Break when it was the only thing to watch (I included), here’s the opportunity to do so. Over the last week I’ve been binge-watching Prison Break with each opportunity I can afford to, and here are reasons why you should.

1. It is an evergreen show

Few shows stand the test of time, and Prison Break is one of such which has proven itself. With a production quality that can rival most series of this time, after 12 years of its pilot’s original air it is still the in-thing.


2. It has captivating characters and wonderful actors.

The characters are simply wonderful, from Michael Scofield, T-bag, the shady DSS agents, everyone is beautiful written and powerfully executed by wonderful actors.

Prison Break - Season_1_Main_Cast.jpg
Prison Break season one main cast.


3. All the episodes are available for download or streaming.

For those who like to binge-watch, Prison Break has all its episodes available for your viewing glory.


4. It is interesting.

So far, I haven’t had a dull moment, every episode just pulls you further in as you watch.


5. A sequel is airing this year.

If you’re the type that likes to follow up on shoes are episodes are released, Prison Break is returning for a 5th season, continuing the story-line from where it left of in 2009. Most of the principal casts are returning.

Prison Break s5.jpg
Prison Break returns April 4, 2017.


So Far This Season: 24: Legacy

In the year 2001, a TV series that redefined the meaning of action thriller premiered on Fox. That TV series went on 9 seasons; that TV series was, 24. Now, that series is back, though with a new cast it is continuing the legacy and it is rightly titled 24: Legacy.

Eric Carter is our hero; definitely not Jack Bauer but he’ll do; I particularly like his background story – an ex Army Ranger who has returned to America, and the trouble that follows him back, compelling him to ask Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) to save his life, and potentially stopping the largest terrorist attacks on American soil (Wikipedia). Not bad if you ask me.

The action doesn’t take long to start, bringing the thrills of the original 24 back to long time fans. Though many might see the casting of lead, Eric Carter (played by Corey Hawkins) a big deviation from Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer, his performance so far has been superb; he was able to grab my attention from the first half of the premiere episode(s).

Story so far:

Eric Carter served his country by leading a team of men against a terrorist group, killing the leader, Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, in the process. Now living under a new identity with his wife Nicole he receives a call from one of his teammates, Ben Grimes, who informs him that Bin-Khalid’s people have killed the other four of their teammates, leaving both of them as the remaining survivors. This begins the story for another long day in TV story-telling. With each episode occurring over one hour of real time, 24: Legacy follows in the steps of its predecessor (24).

Eric Carter and Ben Grimes.

Rebecca Ingram (played by Miranda Otto) – the leader of the CTU as at when Eric and his team were in service is naturally the only person he trusts. The problem now is that she’s no longer i charge, and has no security clearance for the kind of operation the situation at hand requires. Rebecca’s husband, John Donovan, is a Senator of the USA, a presidential aspirant, a good man at heart who’s political aspiration’s caught up in the shenanigans of threats of terrorism, so far to the point that his father was the one who leaked the new identities of the late soldiers to the enemy so he could win the election. Rebecca, not able to stand the lies of her father-in-law (Henry Donovan) arranges for him to be hijacked and the truth flushed out of him one way or the other; this act’s sure to put a strain in her already strained marriage.

We also have the Carters… Eric, his brother Issac, and his wife Nicole… It doesn’t take long to figure out there’s something of a love triangle between them. Sometime in an unspecified past, Eric stole Nicole from Issac; worse is the fact that after all these while Nicole still has feelings for him. Eric charged Issac with keeping Nicole safe before he went on his self-sent mission of saving America, of which Issac’s been doing a horrible job.

The main villain of the story, Jadalla Bin-Khalid, the son of the late Bin-Khalid hasn’t really impressed up till this point; save for the time he shot one of his father’s most trusted henchman in the forehead at close range, he hasn’t really been an interesting villain to watch. Yes, he’s the leader of all the terrorist acts we’ve witnessed so far, he still has a long way to go before cementing his name as a villain we love to hate.

The trio villain – Amira, Harris, and Khasan – have been delight to watch; though their end was tragic, it did have its up side till the very end. Amira and Khasan are siblings of the Islamic faith – they’re one of the fifteen sleeper cells waiting for Jadalla’s activation all over The United States of America. Harris is a high school Chemistry teacher in a relationship with Amira. The siblings’ father disapproves of their actions but Amira is too in love with her brother that she sacrifices a good boy looking after her wellbeing, her father’s love, and her life to continue with their mission. Harris killed Khasan for the love of Amira, Amira killed Harris for the love of Khasan, and killed herself also for the love of Khasan. Haha!
The time as at episode 7 where this review stops is 6:00p.m. – 7:00p.m., we’re heading to night time, and with 5 episodes to go the story is about to get more interesting.

24: Legacy airs Mondays on Fox.