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So far this season: The Flash

Fresh, and just premiering on Rinzy Reviews is ‘so far this season.’This is a platform where the current season of various TV shows will be analysed to know how well they’re doing with the viewers.

Today we’ll be discussing the third season of The Flash. Currently in its 14th episode, The Flash has been a mixture of lackluster and thorough-mundane.

Unlike the first two seasons where team Flash has had to fight a masked speedster and struggle to identify who’s behind the mask, they opted for another route of story-telling, and it isn’t working.


The thrill viewers once felt watching episode week after week piecing clues left on the trail to deciphering who the Reverse Flash (S1) and Zoom (S2) was, that’s what made those seasons very enjoyable. This present season, what we have is a robotic/alien villain in the form of Savitar, who’s CGI is extremely unpleasant to the eye. Alchemy who was the first thrill of the season was quickly unmasked as a means of bringing Julian into the fold (Julian, who in my opinion isn’t needed on team Flash). All we have to look forward to this season is Barry trying hard to avert Iris’ death and Caitlin not going full-blown Killer Frost. (Not good!)

Recently in bad memory is the ‘Attack on Gorilla City’ two-part story, the CGI was horrible, and the story unnecessary; we get people loved Grodd in his little appearances in the seasons before now, but bringing him full fledged in a two episode story when The CW’s budget isn’t worthy enough to handle is a no no!

I think the problem this season started when the producers opted to have a taste of the flashpoint paradox storyline but couldn’t handle it effectively, and everything since then (including Iris and Barry’s love story) has been a bad taste of a meal that’s lost its scent while still cooking.

The Flash airs on The CW, Tuesdays by 8pm.

Movies of March 2017

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It’s a new month, and that means new movies, TV series, and so much camera actions.

In usual RR’s tradition, this is a clip off the bud of the larger anticipated movie calendar of the year 2017. Click here for the full list.


1. First off the month of March, is Logan (Mar. 3) *

The highly anticipated Logan is reportedly Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the man with the adamantium claw, meaning it will be an emotional movie, especially during its last ten minutes (usually for farewell and speeches). Critics who have already viewed this movie have certified it fresh and fit for public consumption and enjoyment.



2. Next is the movie that’ll serve as a reboot to the strength of an ape, Kong: Skull Island (Mar 10) *

This fantasy movie has promised to be very entertaining thanks to its many trailers we’ve viewed.



3. Beauty and the Beast (Mar. 17) *

In 1991, Disney ruled the box-office world with the release of an animation with this titled; now they are set to do it again, this time by bringing the household characters to life.



4. Power Rangers (Mar. 20) *

Go go, Power Rangers! This is one phrase a lot of us grew up hearing almost everyday; the Power Rangers are returning, and this time with the awesomeness that a 2017 movie can offer, awesome graphics of morphing, flights, and slashes.



5. Ghost in the Shell (Mar. 31)

The Scarlet Johnson led movie is set to be released. Promo pictures and snippets I’ve seen raised my interest in this movie a little.



(*) movies are movies I really anticipate.

The Next Xmen Film Is Titled Supernova

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The Xmen will be back to the cinematic world in an installment tagged Xmen: Supernova.
After a decent box-office performance, lower than expectations after the unprecedented success of Xmen: Days of Future Past, the future of the Xmen was under a lot of speculations and scrutiny; now that future has been confirmed to still be one that 20th Century Fox (the studio behind the Xmen movies) still believes in. Why won’t they, when the Xmen franchise is one of their most commercially successful brands?

Xmen: Supernova is believed to be a remake of 2006’s Xmen: Last Stand, that horribly treated the Dark Phoenix story-line . With this remake  (if successful) Fox hopes to right the wrongs of more than a decade ago.

Xmen: Supernova is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2018. Casting news hasn’t been confirmed, other than Sophie Turner as Jean Grey every other person is a potential cast.Another thing is that, this movie will be situated in deep space. Time will tell if Fox will get it right this time because I have to admit, Xmen: Apocalypse was a let down especially with the titular bad guy.


RR will keep you updated.

Gorilla Grodd returns to The Flash

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This is proving to be another big event in The Flash TV Series. Last time we saw Grodd, he was banished by The Flash into a jungle in Earth 2 that we know as Gorilla City. Now, he is back, and it certainly is with a vendetta.
At the end of The Flash S03 E12, Jesse arrived from Earth 2 seeking Wally’s help because Grodd has her father (Harry). Episodes 13 and 14  have been confirmed to be stories that deal with Grodd. Rightly titled, Attack on Gorilla City; it sure looks promising from the promo trailer. Click here to watch the promo trailer.


Grodd is one of Flash’s oldest and constantly resonating foes. The Flash TV Series have done him justice twice, and we’re hoping they nail this especially as it is the first journey to Gorilla City.


Attack on Gorilla City airs tonight, Tuesday 21/02/2017, and will be available for download tomorrow morning.

Is Supernatural at its worst this season?

After 11 seasons (currently on its 12th) Supernatural may well be at the end of its game, and experiencing what is known as diminishing returns for a series that has done so well for itself over the last 12 years. We’ve met Angels, Demons, The Darkness, Lucifer, The Leviathans, and even God (Chuck). With an expansive use of mythologies from all works of life, Supernatural has done very well for itself, crafting engaging story-lines, which some might consider blasphemous depending on what he/she believes in. But, our analyses is just to try to justify this question – Is it time for Supernatural to call it quit, to end while the ovation can still stand?


The ongoing 12th premiered sometime in October, 2016, and hasn’t been able to generate enough buzz. Not to say that the 13 episodes already aired are bad, but most have not been able to rise to critical acclaim level for which Supernatural is well known for, including the mid-season/ winter finale. Two episodes so far to have stood out are, episodes 9 (First Blood) and 12 (Stuck in the middle with you); just 2 out of 13.


I believe most of the problem is from The CW President, Mark Pedowitz publicly declaring his love for the series, which coupled with the decent rating the show has always gotten made the Producers of the series decide to keep the series for as long as the lead actors are willing to act. Who wouldn’t love such job security? Not a good thing if you ask me. For a series to work, it must have a definite story to tell, and Supernatural has passed that stage by 7 seasons. A popular belief in the world of TV, is that Eric Kripe (the man who created Supernatural) only wanted 5 seasons to tell his story, and when The CW Network wanted to continue, he stepped away. Those of us who have been with Supernatural from the beginning will remember season 5 as the season where the boys battled Lucifer himself. The season finale felt like what would have made a great series finale, but seven years later what do we have?

Supernatural has been a shadow of itself for a while now, but this season has been a No! No! It’s been Supernatural at its worst, story-wise.


The mess Supernatural is in now began with the way the 11th season was handled. For years many waited for the introduction of the character, God. He was introduced alright, but was so underutilized it would have been better to let sleeping dogs lie. I expected the 11th season to be the final season because, which characters could match up to God vs The Darkness? But, the story went south and Supernatural is left scrambling,searching for a way out.


Enter the British Men of Letters – So far, this organization still shrouded in the mystery of what they truly want is the best Supernatural has got to offer. I do not find them compelling a bit. Each screen time they get tends to upset me more than the last. How am I to connect with whatever they’re supposed to be to Team Winchester if I can’t yet stand 60 secs with them?



Enter Lucifer – As a character, Lucifer has been misused, bastardized; so much that even the face of his most popular vessel, Mark Pellegrino, cannot seem to save the character from being stale now. After he and God made peace last season, I was very surprised to see him acting as a villain this season, but then I remembered… the show must go on.



Enter Mama Winchester – Mary was brought back to life by The Darkness as a parting gift to Dean at the end of the 11th season. In my opinion, the character is still trying to find her feet, and hasn’t really added much to the season in terms of story-telling other than make her boys (especially Dean) emotional.Let’s see how it goes. I’m holding out a  flame of hope because of the events of the 9th episode, when Billy the Reaper warned that if a Winchester doesn’t die by midnight they’d be consequences on a global scale because of the deal Sam and Dean had with her. She was killed by Castiel, and I felt a tingly feel of hope that something interesting might just be headed to Supernatural; only time will tell.



Crowley and Castiel who used to be one of the fun things to watch on this show, have been extremely underutilized in recent times.

Although it is too early to we at RR can only hope it gets better.


Supernatural airs Wednesday on The CW. Available for download Thursday mornings.



Rinzy Reviews: TVD’s Hell

In this week’s episode of TVD (s08 E12)  we were surprised with the return of one of TVD’s most brutal villain, but strangely, also one of its most loved character – Malachi Parker a.k.a. Kai, the man who killed his younger brother in a duel, his twin sister on her wedding night, the rest of his family, put a young woman under a permanent sleeping curse, and many other unmentionable atrocities. Yes, that guy is back.



At the last moments of the episode, when Damon showed Alaric the weapon he believes can kill Cade, Kai surfaced, saying, Yea… sorry to interrupt, but what if I told you I have a better idea. As though that’ll make

With four episodes before we say our final goodbyes, TVD is really taking risks like never before, and this has reignited our interests, and caused us to be on edge a little. The last time we saw Kai was in season 6 finale, he put Elena in a sleeping curse, tying her life to Bonnie’s; this act causes him to lose his head at the hand of Damon.

How is Kai back… and what does it hold for the rest of the season?

Hell, Rinzy thinks. Kai is back because he slipped through the cracks between Hell and Mystic Falls. Remember when Matt rang the Maxwell’s bell eleven out of twelve time? If Cade could use it to have a strong foothold on this earth, why can’t one of his prisoners also slip through.


If it could work for Cade, it could also work for other characters… is anyone currently thinking about Katerina Petrova a.k.a. Katherine Pierce.

Or, it could be the door Bonnie herself opened. Enzo’s death caused Bonnie so much pain that she experienced a form of magical surge. Most of us wished it was her magic returned, but as we later found out, it was her door to hell she opened; it could be possible this was Kai’s passage back to the land of the living.

Way back in season 5 episode 15, TVD’s producers teased the idea of Hell when Katherine died but her soul couldn’t move to the other side, but was swallowed into darkness. Bonnie pronounced then that Katherine had gone to Hell because of her many evil deeds. We didn’t understand what it meant then, but now, having met Cade, the Sirens, and the almost surprising return of Kai, we know fully well that Katherine making a grand reappearance is almost inevitable.


This also raises another question… How many evil characters from the TVD universe are in Hell?

Truly, there are a few characters in TVD that have been so evil that they certainly deserve a spot in Hell… Markos (The s5 leader of the Travelers), Atticus Shane (The s4 Professor that wanted to raise Silas), Silas (The s5 immortal, the first of Stefan’s doppelganger), Dr. Wes Maxfield (The s5 crazy Vampire-experimenting Doctor) … etc. Though it wouldn’t make sense story-wise to introduce any of them at this point , especially with only four episodes to go, it’ll be nice if the Producers at least name drop those currently flaming the fires of Hell.


So, what do you think about Kai’s return, Katherine’s almost-certain return, and the fact that Kai wants to join forces with Alaric (the man he killed his wife on his wedding night) and Damon (the man he put the love of his life in a magical coma) to defeat the Devil (the one who’s probably been torturing him). Comments are highly appreciated.

Whatever theories we have would be disapproved or approved come Friday, 17/02/2017, when TVD returns for episode 13.

Comments are highly appreciated!!!

The Craze For Sentient Lifelike Robots

Marvel’s LMD (Life Model Decoy) story-line is coming at the helm of the craze for sentient robots caused by Westworld. And it is good.

Over the years, HBO has given us a lot of memorable TV shows that will be remembered for many years to come – Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, etc. Most recent of this HBO-craze induced TV, is Westworld, a remake of the 1973 movie of the same name. If you liked Westworld as much as I did, then, you’ve fallen in love with lifelike androids. While we wait till 2018 before we can enjoy more awesomeness that is the world Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have brought us, we can enjoy something similar on the fourth season of ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


I believe it’s coincidence, but I can’t help but wonder if Marvel had the foresight to see how successful Westworld would become with the idea of lifelike robots turning sentient.

Let me say here, asides from both TV shows sharing the idea of sentient robots, there’s nothing else common. WW is anchored on a premium cable network were nudity, matured and dark story-lines can take precedence. While AoS is on a broadcast channel, and also based off a comic-book series.

I for one cannot get enough of this lifelike android craving, Westworld has started in me, so for that reason, I’ve been having the time of my life following this season of AoS. I initially wondered how they were going to top the awesomeness that Ghostrider brought to the first half of the season. Now, I can categorically state that, they’ve been doing a more awesome job.


To defeat Robbie’s uncle (Robbie is the Ghostrider), Fitz and Dr. Radcliffe had to bring the LMD they’ve been hiding all the while (Aida) to read the Darkholme. This is to execute the reason for her construction: to protect humans from any form of harm, and lay her robotic-life if need be. It was initially revealed that reading the Darkholme changed something in Aida, but it was later clarified to mean that having her read the Darkholme was always Dr. Radcliffe’s idea. Presently, Agent May had been kidnapped and replaced with an LMD, with LMD-May unconsciously tasked with stealing the Darkholme for her masters (Radcliffe and Aida). Radcliffe, along the line, revealed that there is another LMD is already at work. I have my budding theory on whom this second LMD is, but I’ll keep it to myself for now.


The idea behind robots that look like humans has always been an appealing one, and within a space of six months, I’m witnessing it being played out twice in two awesome TV shows.

What do you think about lifelike androids? Did you enjoy watching Westworld, and do you like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Let us know. If you want more series with lifelike androids, I recommend BBC’s Humans currently in its second season.