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Rinzy Reviews ‘A Simple Favor’ (2018)

Release Date: September 14

Budget/ Box-office: $20M/ $93.4M

Starring: Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick, Henry Golding, Andrew Rannells, et al.


A Simple Favor tells the story of how the worst things could come out from the best of intentions. You can ask Anna Kendrick’s character how she got sucked into an elaborate plot to fraud the system just because she was extended a hand of friendship you fellow woman.

Let me just get it out here now… This movie will certainly remind you of Gone Girl (2014) especially when the story starts to wind off. You might find yourself hoping we get the kind of drop-dead-gorgeous ending we did four years ago. But that doesn’t really happen. I think Gone Girl is one of the greatest things to have graced the cinema in the last decade, while A Simple Favor is really just an OK movie.

Blake Lively’s character easily shines as the best thing about this movie, and it’s just as much for her acting prowess just as it is about how her character’s written. Anna Kendrick’s character is the next best thing.

The plot twists upon twists does more to hurt the movie than help it because it brings about so many inconsistencies in its tone and characters, with both fluctuating so easily it’s sure to get eagle eyed viewers confused. But if you’re able to let yourself off being a perfectionist, you’re certainly to find this movie extremely entertaining.

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick have such great chemistry I’d like to see them in more movies moving forward.

Side Note:

– The brother-fucker joke was funny.

– Is Anna single? I think she and Blake should kiss all the time, I’m sure Ryan won’t mind. 😋

Directed by: Paul Frig

Rinzy’s Rating: 3/5