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RR’s Top Ten TV Shows Of 2018

The amount of contents yearly produced for the small screen makes it almost impossible to keep up, even for people whose full time job is watching and talking film. Notwithstanding, I did my best. It’s been a terrific year for the small screen, many classic works of art aired to millions around the globe. And, as usual, I’ve put together a list to appreciate all the shows that made me feel good.

Below is my list of TV shows that struck something in me, irrespective of genre or professional critics’ opinion.

PS: 2018 has a lot of great TV shows; and it was tough limiting them to ten. I apologize in advance if your favorite(s) don’t make the list. Do air your grievance in the comment box.

10. Marvel’s Runaways s2

Even though its a late year release, Runaways sees a vast improvement in its writing, acting and story in its sophomore year. It’s a better outing than its first.

9. The Hunting of Hill House s1

Netflix continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. I really enjoyed this horror show about a small family terrorized by their past. Even though it got neatly tied out, a part of me still wishes it’ll have a second season focusing on the same family. You can read my review here.

8. American Crime Story s2: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Even though though it’s got a misleading title, fans can’t stop raving over the beauty that’s this year’s entry into the American Crime Story anthology, and that’s largely due to Darren Criss’ performance. We sure owe him a lot.

7. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina s1

Another Netflix offering that helped make the year better.

6. The Handmaid’s Tale s2

In Gilead, things bad things happen. And it’s up to Offred (or June, whatever she goes by these days) to change the narrative back to the saner days.

5. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD s5

Everyone who knows me knows Agents of SHIELD has been one of my favorite shows for some years now. The shows never disappoints. It’s sad I have to wait longer for another season to arrive.

4. Marvel’s Daredevil s3

Daredevil was arguably at its best this season. A nice retrace back to its root. Which makes its sudden cancellation all the more painful.

Just before I unveil my top three, I’d list to list some honorable mentions. Please note that they’re in no particular order.

  • Titans s1
  • AHS s8
  • The Deuce s2
  • Jack Ryan s1
  • Luke Cage s2
  • Krypton s1
  • Barry s1
  • Dirty John s1

3. Westworld s2

After a wonderful first outing in 2016, Westworld tries its best to live up to the hype that its the goto show for unexpected twists and turns in timelines.

2. HTGAWM s4&5

Previously on How to get away with murder….

That’s all I need to hear to make my Thursdays. Viola Davis and the rest of the remarkable cast continue to do impressive works. Coupled with the fact that Wes is still dead, this show is definitely one of my favorites.

1. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow s3&4

Never in the history of TV has a show as silly and self-aware as Legends of Tomorrow ever existed. Whoever birthed the idea to make it this way sure has my respect. The sillier the show gets, the happier I become.

I followed a lot of TV shows this year, and it’s only fitting I liked some more than others, doesn’t mean those not mentioned are bad. As I said earlier, I’d like to know your thoughts in the comment box..

How American Horror Story: Cult Premiere Looks

It’s another year, people. Ryan Murphy’s hit adrenaline pumping show is back for a seventh season. AHS: Cult is centered almost entirely round the historic election of Donald Trump as the POTUS. Was the season premiere a good watch? I’ll say decent.

The anthology series has a track record of success in terms of storytelling and production, I have no doubt this season will be a hit just like its predecessors; but also like its predecessors, the first episode reveals little, enough to get us salivating and wanting more, but less to still shroud the season’s mystery and mythology in the right amount of secrecy.

I must say I felt real scared in some scenes; especially the scenes that had to do with Sarah Paulson’s character, Ally, interaction with those clowns. Ally suffers from both agoraphobia and coulrophobia.

Sarah Paulson’s Ally.

Evan Peter’s Kia Anderson is another character to look out for: he’s weird and all, especially in his interactions with Billie Lord’s Winter Anderson.
This season is going to be a wonderful one; I look forward to many more scares.

Who noticed Colton Haynes from Teen Wolf and Arrow? He was the blonde haired detective that appeared towards the end of the episode.

What do you think?

American Horror Story Season 7 is titled …

Seven years and wonderful story after story, American Horror Story has been an avenue for wonderful entertainment.

The mode of announcement for season 6 was a secretive one, a pattern that paid. This year, they’re going a different path: as they made an early announcement at this year’s SDCC (Comic-con).

The new season is expectedto premiere later this year on FX.