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7 Interesting TV shows you should follow this summer

Hi! It’s summer again! And with it comes that drought period where it’s difficult to decide which TV show to follow. By now fan-favorite shows of broadcast stations such as The Originals, The Flash, Arrow, Empire, etc. are done for the season, this shouldn’t be bad news as there’s still plenty of entertainment to keep you glued to your screens. Rinzy will help you Review which shows you must be following at this moment.

In no particular order they are:

1.Game of Thrones

I know I said in no particular order, but it’ll be unfair of me to give this juggernaut any spot that isn’t number-1. Yes, for those that don’t know, GOT is back – thanks to delay in production due to special requirements for the story-line, GOT premiered this summer. With just one episode gone, this is a good time to follow one show that continues to unite every thrive and tongue.

GOT s7 - Dany arrives Dragon STone

2. Power

It pains me to see that most people do not realize the awesomeness that’s this show aired by Starz – same network that brought us Spartacus (Remember?) Currently in its fourth season, Power continues to break new grounds with its unique mode of telling a familiar story about a former drug lord who wants out but is held back by complications in his life. #TeamGhost


3. Preacher

For a TV show based on a comic book, Preacher is doing well for itself. Personally, I find it very entertaining, which keeps me coming back for more week after week. I see this series getting a third and fourth season, so yo should join the bandwagon.

Preacher - Jesse poster

4. Orphan Black

Of all the shows on this list this is the only one airing its final season. BBC’s Orphan Black has treated us to five years of unique SciFi; not the type that rubs it in your face, but the kind that carefully drags you in with details. Tatiana Maslaney will make it big in the movie industry, pulling off about 13, 14, or is it 16 different characters with one face (I’ve lost count of the number of clones)


5. Zoo

It’s not everyday you get to watch shows where animals deserve to get top billing credits (just as humans). Zoo takes us to a world where animals are evolving faster, are better coordinated, and want to eradicate humans before we do same. Currently in its third season, Zoo is still a delight to watch.


6. Suits

Suits is back! Many (myself included) were skeptic on the fate of the show when Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson) left. Though not one of the fore leading characters, Jessica had that aura that made the very sight of her in any scene appealing. Though she’s no longer here, Suit still lives on our screens to the honor of her memory.


7. The Strain

This is a wonderful show, and it’s also in its last season. A unique take of vampirism, which I’ve always loved as I’m a big vampire fans (#TVDForever). You need to watch this show now: four seasons isn’t much.

The strain season 3 poster-f48511_960w.jpg


Do you like my list? Which show deserves to be mentioned here? Talk to me in the comment box below.

Into The Badlands – Season 2 finale (S02 E10)

Wow! It’s been one heck of a season with so many twist and turns. There’s death, blood-loss, betrayal and so much more.

Sunny and Quinn got to finally have their standoff, and it went a little more than we’d hoped. Sunny lost one closest to him, in one sacrifice that’ll see the baddest Clipper in all the Badlands as a father as the series progresses.

Tilda did survive the duel with her mother last episode (I guessed it already), and she got to sail away into bliss with her girlfriend.

The Widow got to offer Waldu the thing he craves the most, Baronage. Waldu becomes the Baron in another move by The Widow towards survival. I so much love the Widow: she’s unarguably my best character this season.

Who else?… Lydia. Quinn’s wife did survive this season; that woman is a real survivor.

Most surprising of all this finale is Baije, and how much lies he’s been telling. He’s closer to achieving Azra than we think. At this point, Azra is seeming more like an endgame for most characters than another location. Time will tell as it goes.

This season has been decent, though it suffers from what most sophomore seasons of sleeper hits do – the zeal to not stray far from what made their series a surprise hit in the first place yet still progressing the storyline.

***  ***  ***

Below is a detailed recap as made by  Carly Lane on SyfyWire (Blastr.com)

Sunny’s escaped the Widow’s clutches, but he needs to make a pit stop on his way to Quinn’s territory. If you’ll recall, Waldo had clued him into the location of ye old Clipper shed, which boasts (among other things) a sick-looking motorcycle and some new duds for him to change into. This is the third wardrobe change Sunny’s performed in as many episodes, but it’s always nice to see him back in that familiar shade of blood-red. During the makeover montage, we get Quinn monologuing to baby Henry about his willingness to protect his family — no matter how much blood is spilled in the process.

At the sanctuary, the Widow is nursing her wounds from her fight with Tilda when Waldo cruises in. He warns her there will be repercussions for her declaring war against Quinn and Sunny, and whoever emerges will come for her. The Widow doesn’t appear to have much concern for her own well-being, which leads Waldo to inquire about someone else: Tilda. Once I got over the shock of Waldo expressing any sympathetic feelings for Tilda whatsoever, the Widow gives a vague-ish answer to his question — but we do know she’s not dead. (Technically, Tilda’s fate was confirmed by the writers after last week’s episode left it looking somewhat ambiguous.)

Waldo remains skeptical, so the Widow presents him with an offer he can’t refuse: a Baronage. The Widow seems to have a bead on exactly how to cater to someone when they start to show signs of disloyalty. It’s what makes her one of the deadliest foes in the Badlands: her ability to discern someone’s most deep-down desires. Waldo points out that there’s no way for the Widow to know he won’t use his resources as a Baron against her, but the Widow counters with her own interpretation of the situation: Waldo isn’t a traitor, he’s a survivor — and if he wants to look after his own interests, he’s going to need her in the coming days.

Quinn’s now graduated to giving his Loyalists a motivating pep talk — probably a good idea, given that Sunny is one of the deadliest men in the Badlands (something that Quinn himself readily admits). His rallying cry is interrupted, however, by Lydia’s attempts to spin doubt in his men’s minds. She reveals Quinn’s ultimate plan, and the fact that he’s rigged the whole station to blow up. One way or another, they’re all going to die. Lydia doesn’t get the reaction she was hoping for, though; turns out Quinn has already clued all of his men in on the specifics. They know what’s in store, and they signed up anyway. As for Quinn, Lydia’s endeavor to corrupt his men is the final nail in her coffin. He’s willing to forgive her literally trying to kill him, but this appears to be on a different level entirely. Lydia knows he won’t be the one to kill her himself, and she’s right. Quinn has her dragged away, even as Lydia vows to live until she can watch Sunny kill him.

The relationship between M.K. and the Widow is still in a fairly tense place. He doesn’t want his powers back, she wants to force them back on him. When Bajie gets dragged in by some Butterflies M.K. soon realizes that his friend has had some pretty selfish motives all along. He went to the monastery not only to help Sunny, but to steal the compass from the Master’s quarters. He showed up at the Widow’s sanctuary not just to help, but to try and get the Azra book. Bajie’s pleas fall on deaf ears, and M.K. walks out on him. As for Bajie’s livelihood? Well, that all depends on whether or not he translates the book for the Widow.

Lydia’s being forced to dig her own grave while a pair of Quinn’s soldiers watch. She’s able to take advantage of a lapse in their concentration by dispatching one of them with a shovel, though the other quickly chases her down. But who’s that coming to her rescue? Why, it’s none other than Sunny! He makes quick work of the second Loyalist, and all Lydia can do is gaze upon his beautiful face. Same, Lydia, same. She warns him about the trap Quinn’s set, but it’s not enough to deter Sunny: “I’m not turning back without my family.”

Tilda’s alive! She’s coughing up blood and currently stashed in one of the Widow’s prisoner cages, but she’s alive. Thankfully, she only has to put up with Bajie’s attempts at dry humor for so long; Odessa comes in shortly thereafter to free her. She balks at the idea of freeing Bajie too, which leads Tilda to discover that Odessa was the one who tipped the Widow off about him and M.K. in the first place. Even though Tilda wants to help, she’s not in fighting condition right now — and Bajie admits he’s no match for the Widow despite having trained her. The only one who can help M.K. now is Sunny — and he’s likely on a suicide mission. Tilda frees Bajie under one condition: that he go after Sunny himself. (Also Bajie calls Odessa Tilda’s “weaselly little friend”, which is amusing but also pretty rich coming from him.) They hotwire a car and use it to escape, dropping Bajie off a short distance from the station. The last we see of Tilda and Odessa, they’re driving off into the sunset – or, more accurately, the snowy horizon.

Meanwhile, M.K. and the Widow are still having their little tete-a-tete; he calls her out almost instantly on her shenanigans. If he does get his powers back, the first thing he’ll do with them is kill her. The Widow makes her own offer: if she wins, M.K. becomes her instrument. This just took a really dark turn, y’all.

Speaking of dark, Sunny’s finally made his way to Quinn’s station, and it’s quiet – too quiet – until a baby’s cry pierces the silence. Quinn’s standing with Henry in his arms, but if Sunny wants to get to him he’s going to need to go through the dozens of Loyalists armed with crossbows holding flaming arrows. Sunny brandishes Silver Moon’s sword and cuts his way through them, but he’s not invincible – one of the arrows catches him in the chest, and another in the leg. Before he can endure another onslaught, Quinn fires one of the arrows at a rigged explosive, burying Sunny in the rubble. If Quinn thought that was enough to knock a good man down, he thought wrong – Bajie shows up just in time to drag him out, and the two of them start slicing their way through the remaining Loyalists. You haven’t seen blood spray on this show until you’ve watched this finale episode. These bros have no chance, but it’s thoroughly, viscerally entertaining to watch Sunny and Bajie cut them down to size.

A reunion between Sunny and Veil is overdue at this point, but it’s super swoonworthy to watch Veil suddenly sense Sunny is there just before he kicks open the locked door and pull her in for a smooch. (Which, damn. That kiss should win its very own EGOT.) They’re interrupted by a Loyalist who broke off from the main group, but Bajie’s there to take care of it so Sunny and Veil can go get their son. Once the sidekick has been thoroughly subdued, Bajie starts to walk away, effectively ignoring the one rule of combat: always make sure your opponent is 100% dead. Although Bajie recovers long enough to get the upper-hand with a broken piece of windowpane, the Loyalist gets off a stab before he dies. Bajie is just as determined not to suffer the indignity of death by scissors in the gut as I am not to watch him die on-screen.

That brings us to our final face-off, the big moment, the one everyone’s been waiting for: Sunny versus Quinn. Quinn warns Sunny to put down his sword if he cares about his son, but Veil’s whispered response in Sunny’s ear is defiant and determined: “Kill him.” She’s got faith in her man, that’s for sure. The swordfight that follows is beautifully choreographed and full of murderous intent. One of these men is not making it out alive. When Veil tries to escape with Henry, Sunny takes advantage of Quinn’s distraction by throwing his sword through his chest. One would think that would be enough to fell Quinn for good, but they launch into another set of blows before Sunny gets the upper hand and stabs Quinn again.

Finally, finally, Sunny and Veil get to have their own version of a family reunion, and finally Sunny gets to hold his son in his arms for the first time. Maybe this is the cynic in me talking, but it all feels a little too easy – and I’m devastated to be proven right. Real life doesn’t always get a happy ending, especially not in the Badlands. Sunny’s been trying to get back to his family since the beginning of the season, only to have it ripped away from him before they can reach the light. Quinn manages to grab Veil, but offers to release her in exchange for Henry. Veil pleads with Sunny to take Henry and go. In the end, Veil makes the decision to drive the sai Quinn is holding against her neck through the both of them. Quinn finally lies dead, and with her own dying breaths Veil asks Sunny to make her a promise: to teach Henry to be good. Oh, Veil. You deserved so much better than this storyline, but if you had to go, taking Quinn out with you was bittersweet in its badassery.

Bajie’s actually made it out of the station, and takes Sunny’s motorcycle to a location we’ve never seen before: a remote broadcast tower. Now equipped with both the compass and the book, he puts the two together to activate a series of dials. As he slumps over the controls due to blood loss, we hear the signal going out – to Azra, perhaps? We’ll have to wait until season three to find out.


The Widow vs Tilda

AMC’s Into The Badlands was one of the new shows of 2015 that had in it surprisingly fresh breath. It came as no surprise when fans clamoured heavily for the return of the show that put martial art at the forefront once again. With so many compelling characters it’s difficult to decide on which to love exceedingly. Fortunately or so, today our attention is on The Widow and her household.

The Widow (Minerva) has been one woman who’s fierce and a perfect example of what women strength should be. So fierce is her resolve to do things right by her believe and all she holds strong that she’s ready to sacrifice whatever it is that stands in the way of this dream – including the daughter we all thought was her all in all. 

Tilda has been an echo of confusion this season. Her allegiance to the Widow shown to be shaky from the very beginning of the season, culminating with the various inputs she’s been getting from various sources, including her new female love interest.

Next episode should reveal how much of damage their confrontation has cause to The Widow’s cause.

Rinzy Reviews: Preacher (S1)

There’s a Preacher in town doing marvelous things. His name is Jesse Castor, and he isn’t the Christ.

Original Network: AMC

Episodes Duration: 55 mins

Starring: Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, etc.

Rinzy’s Ratings: 4/5


For long time fans of the Preacher comics, the news that it was going to be produced end into a live action TV show must have been good news. For others (like myself) who knew nothing about it until we tuned in for the first episode, we are hooked. I did a little research and learnt that this first season is more like a prequel to all the badass actions and adventures known by its comic fans. This means there’s more adventure to look forward to.

Jesse Castor is not everyday bad boy. An example of one who lives his roots at the village for greener pastures, only to return to his roots to fulfil his father’s dying wish. The best way Jesse knew to do this was by becoming what the town needed most at that time, a Preacher to tell all their sad tales and confide in. Something made Jesse extra special, so special that an entity, a weird force that caused many other preachers around the world (including Tom Cruise) to explode on possession of their body. This entity (known as Genesis) gave Jesse a gift – a twisted means of compelling people to exert the deepest part of their freewill, as could be seen from Mr. Odin Quincanon deviant behaviour after Jesse commands him to serve God.

Jesse has sidekicks:

  • Tulip – A lady from his past with whom he has a sort of on/off relationship.
  • Cassidy – An Irish vampire who’s on the run from people of his own.

With these two around (especially Cassidy) Jesse’s life gets extra interesting. There are also Angels after him, to recover Genesis from its host. Jesse learns of the actual existence of God, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Sapphires, and the existence of other ethereal beings. Jesse is of the believe that Genesis possessing him is for a greater purpose, one of God’s orchestration.

Preacher full cast.jpg
Preacher’s full cast.

Tulip, though unwilling at first to allow Jesse’s resolve to live as a preacher slide, she learns to accept that the Jesse she knows might just be gone, and just moves with the tide with hope that he might one day come back to his senses.

Moving on, especially as we await the next season, Jesse has a lot of things to look out for:

  • God’s whereabout.
  • Eugene’s whereabout – A boy who Jesse unwittingly sent to Hell
  • The Devil of Hell – He was contracted by the Angels after Genesis.

The story is far from over. To me, Preacher is just getting started.

Into The Badlands (S02 E03)

There’s a reason the pillars that hold the show are only three.

aMC’s Into The Badlands has wasted no time taking us into the kinds of awesomeness that made us love its first season. Most noticeably, Sunny was noticeably missing from this episode, but it still lwasmt lacking in action.

The Widow gears her meeting with the other Barons who hate her for the same old stale reason – she killed her abusive husband and seized power. As she rightly    said in her defense to the other Barons, she took back from Ryder the oilfields that were rightfully hers. She asked was it an offense because she was a woman, and why Quinn wasn’t called go a panel when he first took it from her. There’s something about The Widow has many attributes – her sassy attitude, mean woman all about female empowerment; the perfect depiction of a feminist.But what I must cherish about her is her ability to defend herself and all she holds dear without breaking a sweat.

All season, Quinn has been prepping for a battle, raising his army just the way he likes them. We get to see him attack the base of the Baron’s meeting in a well coordinated manner. In the ensuing battle of his grand ressurection, a lot of Clippers die though noticeably none of Quinn’s. Quinn does end up killing his son.

TV Recap: Into The Badlands (S02 E02)

It’s about time Sunny got free!

The episode starts with the best thing about this show – the martial artistry. Sunny and his Baije (his new friend) trickishly and conveniently fight their way out of Bordo mines.

Maije and Sunny.


M.K. is still getting closer towards learning to control his gift. The Master introduces him to his greatest enemy – his dark self – and tries to prepare him yo be independent of it. I must say, presently, M.K. happens to be the most powerful being in this world… and that’s a great feat especially since he’s being trained by someone called The Master. M.K. did battle his alter-ego inside his head, and lost. The warning The Master gave to him still rings in my head – she said, whatever force M.K. was using was the one in control of his power and not him; encouraging him to take charge.
Quinn is still as terrifying as how we remember him. He seems to have a liking for Sunny’s wife, Veil, and her son whom he christines Henry. Quinn has this underground activity going on at their hideout, and its proving to be a very grand one. He’s raising some sort of an army for acts yet to be known. Though he displays some elements of higher brow craziness, Quinn is quite likeable in this episode.

Meanwhile, Quinn’s wife, Lydia, makes a return in this episode. She found herself among men and women who abhor violence to the core, even at the point of death; the kind of people who scold you for killing someone who would have killed them; it’s no surprise when she leaves them.no questions asked. But, with her son, Jaden, not fully appreciating her return because it immediately signals her resolve to interfering with his ruling as the new Baron, she’s left conflicted.

Have I mentioned that Widow is hot! She makes an appearance during the last four minutes of the episode, as she deliberates with a newly returned Waldo over how the other Barons will be handled now that Ryder is calling a meeting, probably to incite them against her.

The final reveal of the episode is a bigbig deal. Sunny discovers there is a far stretch of wall preventing people from gaining easy access into the Badlands.

I must say, Into the Bad land’s sophomore season shows so much promise at this stage that I can bet it will be a bigger success than its first season.

Into the Badlands airs Sundays on AMC.

TV Review: Into The Badlands (S02 E01)

BBM: C004AA0E2 Twitter: RinzyReviews FB: RinzyReviews.

Six months have passed since we left the Badlands.

Into the Badlands is back! After more than a year away, AMC’s hit is back for a 10 episode story. Last time we left this world, Sunny (our favorite Clipper) was expecting his first child and leaving the Badlands, the was Baron dead, and chaos everywhere. In this episode, we’re shown just how much things can go wrong within 6 months.

Sunny is somewhere outside the Badlands and is a property of a wealthy merchant who forces all his subjects to mine for him. For whatever reason, Sunny tries to escape but doesn’t go full Clipper-mode that we all know he can, and is captured again. We are made to understand he’s been separated from the love of his life for a while. His attempts to escape and be reunited with her is further frustrated when one man who recognized him as a Clipper from the Badlands, ousts him, and reports to the Merchant.

Into the Badlands - Sunny.jpg
Sunny in captive.

In the Badlands, in the wake of Baron Quinn’s son, his incompetent son have taken over as Baron, and is already making bad leadership choices. For whatever reason that he could keep The Widow’s oil refinery to himself, he’s quickly proven wrong, and his fragile wife spared by the second to deliver a message to him, should he try to take back the refinery, there will be more bloodshed, and most of which would be his. At this point, I’ already in love with Widow – she’s awesome, and her daughter is just as awesome as she is.

M.K. is somewhere in training with other kids with special abilities. M.K.’s storyline in this premiere gave me the vibes of Iron Fist all over again (martial arts and all.)

The episode left us with one big reveal – Baron Quinn is not just alive, but is the one taking care of Sunny’s woman and new born. Things are about to get further complicated – This is the Badlands, and no one is innocent here.

Into the Badlands airs Sundays on AMC.