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Rinzy Reviews ‘The Hate U Give’ (2018)

Release Date: Oct. 19, 2018.

Budget/ Box-Office: $23M/ $26.3M

Starring: Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby, KJ Apa, Issa Rae, Common, Anthonie Mackie, et al.


The Hate U Give is one of those few movies that gets you thinking about your purpose in life, and how you can make meaningful impact in the lives of the people around you. 

 Starr Carter is a 16-year-old black girl who lives in the fictional, mostly poor black neighborhood of Garden Heights, but attends an affluent, predominantly white private school, Williamson Prep. After a gun goes off at a party Starr is attending one weekend, Starr is driven home by her childhood best friend, Khalil. On the way home, they are stopped by a white police officer. The officer has Khalil, who is black, exit the car; while outside the car, Khalil reaches inside his car via the open driver-side window to check in on Starr, and picks up a brush. The officer, thinking Khalil picked up a gun, fires three shots into Khalil, killing him.

There’s something about a movie that preaches a timely message in an extraordinary way; that stuff is rare these days. So, when a masterpiece like The Hate U Give comes along, I can’t help but rave on-and-on about how beautiful it is.

In a world where some people don’t value human lives as much as they should; a world where racism and bigotry is the order of the day, movies like this, where the consequences of what happens with the hates we give is preached, is very much needed. 

 Amandla Stenberg is phenomenal as Starr Carter. Her dexterity in bringing to life the many emotions running through her character’s veins is applaudable. She truly is one of the few perfect castings there is in recent memory. But it’s her father, Maverick Carter (Russell Hornsby), who’s the real star for me. Were this a TV show I’d put him side-by-side Jack Pearson (This Is Us) as my favorite fictional daddy. The way wise words fall out of his mouth at per second billings make parenting seem so easy.

I also love the colour distinction used to depict the two different lives Starr lives; warm and bright for Garden Heights and cold for Williamson. Both distinctions helped me ease me into Starr’s mood swings as she changes location, making me better understand the character.

 The THUG life, is The Hate U Give. Theres enough of that already. Let us preach love!

Favorite scenes:

1. Chris meeting Starr’s father for the first time.

2. When those black guys gave Mav’s kids and two white guys a lift away from the riot.

3. Sekani pulling his dad’s gun on King while the police look on, confused. You Hate U Give Little Infants Effs Everyone.

Directed By: George Tillman Jr.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4.5/5