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5 Actors You Forgot Were In Queen Latifah’s ‘Beauty Shop’

Whenever you think Beauty Shop, it’only normal you think Queen Latifah. The 2005 female-led follow up to the smash hit, Barber Shop (2002), wasn’t as critically successful as many hoped it’d be, but it has been a symbol of resilience, hard work, and women empowerment in the hearts of some people.

Since it was released a long ago it’s not uncommon to have forgotten some of the actors who appeared either in a starring role or a cameo.

Here are five actors you might’ve forgotten were in Beauty Shop. Let’s see who you still remember, from the least shocking to the one I’m almost certain you don’t remember.

5. Alicia Silverstone

Many won’t remember the one-time Batwoman was a lead character here. The confidence of a female relative of Batman was missing in this movie, so no one would really blame you if you couldn’t connect the dots.

Alicia was most recently seen in The Lodge, an American-British horror film.

4. Alfre Woodard

Before joining Disney as Mariah Stokes in Luke Cage and Sarabi in Lion King, Woodard pranced around Gina’s beauty salon as the sarcastic Ms. Josephine. She was a joy to watch here.

Alfre can currently be found on Apple TV’s See.

3. Djimon Hounsou

Blood Diamond and Guardians of the Galaxy are movies Mr. Hounsou portrayed villainy like he was born for it. But watch him cozy up to Ms. Latifah and you’d almost swear he was also born to be a lover boy.

Djimon will star in next year’s The King’s Man and A Quiet Place.

2. Kevin Bacon

As Jorge the nasty boss, Kevin Bacon is almost unrecognizable in this movie.

Kevin can be found on the first season of Showtime’s City on a Hill.

1. Omari Hardwick

Ultimately, the biggest surprise here is Omari Hardwick aka James St. Patrick aka Ghost. Who would’ve ever thought that years later puny Byron who got knocked unconscious by a punch would go on to be the worst drug lord in the entire New York distro? Thank you Power for giving this hunk a chance to show the world what he really got.

Last we checked, Omari was falling down the height at Truth. Power returns January for what promises to be an explosive final half.