Rinzy Reviews: Teen Wolf season 6a

Date of run: Nov. 15, 2016 to Jan. 13, 2017
Network: MTV
IMDB’s Rating:7.7
Rinzy’s Rating: 4/5


After a climatic fifth season with the Dread Doctors and The Beast of Gervude, Teen Wolf returned to our scream last November, for the first half of its sixth and final season.

Teen Wolf’s producers wasted no time in introducing us to the villains of the season – The Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt – within the first seven minutes of the season, and we had a lot to chew all through the rest of the half-season story-line.

I particularly liked the way the season started; Hayden and Liam are running in the woods, and suddenly notice the sky has green linings. They also see a car driving itself there way. On examination they find a young boy, Alex, hiding at the back-seat, he said, ‘Don’t let them take me. Don’t let them take me too,’ referencing his parents who had already been kidnapped by the mysterious villain. Further investigation into the head of the only surviving son, by Scott, showed that his parents were taken by a mysterious, tall, mouth-less male figure, cloth in black cowboy-like attire, and riding a dark-horse.


The story carried on with the pack figuring out that The Ghost-Riders take people, and when they’re taken, those they leave behind forget everything about them. Stiles found himself taken, and the rest of the season follows the different things that happens for the pack to remember that someone like Stiles once existed in their lives. During this story we got something that had been teased since the first season of this show – Stiles and Lydia. I think this is where I’ll start my review of the season from.

1. Stiles and Lydia’s kiss.
Rinzy’s rating: 3/5.
After being teased for six years, Stydia (portmanteau for Stiles and Lydia) finally happened. Everyone who’s been following this show since its first season knows that Stiles has always been obsessed with Lydia, who never really cared about him until she became invested in the world of the supernatural. They shared a brief kiss in season , but Lydia claimed it was to help stop Stiles’ panic. In as much as Stydia happening is for fan-service, I’ll like to see what they do with it in the final ten episodes of the series.

2. The Ghost-Riders
Rinzy’s rating: 3.5/5
What’s a good story without a memorable villain?
The Ghost-Riders, though captivating in their first few scenes, soon became a bore, and chore to watch. In typical Teen Wolf stile, where the vast majority of their villains do not speak (remember The Onis, The Beserkers, The Dread Doctors?) the Ghost-riders are no exception. I for one, have always loved as Teen Wolf is able to constantly re-brand itself , season after season, giving me the chance to appreciate new story-lines.

3. The Nazi Wolf
Rinzy’s rating: 3/5
Probably to make the story appear full circle and connected, Teen Wolf’s producers thought it best to bring in the mysterious creature in the Dread Doctor’s lair in season 5 into this story-line. And they also thought it best to make him a teacher in Beacon High (I’ve lost count of how many of their teachers have gone rogue.) I didn’t really enjoy it. I thought his motivation for wanting to join the world of the Ghost-Riders and Beacon Hills together as weak and uninspiring.
4. Coach
Rinzy’s rating: 4/5
Every scene with this man is pure bliss. Though not in any way furthering the plot, Scott’s lacrosse coach’s appearance has always been a welcome comic relief. He wasn’t around for long, but his appearance was very much appreciated.

5. Stiles
Rinzy rating: 3.5/5
Maybe Dylan O’Brien is becoming too busy, that’s why this season we had too little Stilinski, and that isn’t good. Stiles has always been the heart of this show, and it would be good to always have him around going forward in the last stretch of the series.

6. Parish Hell-Hound
Rinzy’s rating: 2/5
The Parish is being utilized on this show hurts me, because this is a character that has so much potential. Though the producers did a non-existent job in explaining why the Ghost-Riders were able to control him in Hell-Hound mode, every scene with him was a delight to behold.

Over all, the season was a decent one. I’d like to see how the series concludes a lot of hanging threads of story-lines, Theo’s redemption, Malia’s mother/desert wolf, the new Argent and McCall lovers, Stydia, Derek, Issac, and Pa Gerard’s whereabouts, etc.
Though not my best season (in terms of story-lines) it certainly isn’t my worst.

I rate it 3.25/5

TV Review: TVD S08 E11

Unhappy Bonnie Bennett!

God! A very sad episode. Can Bonnie ever be happy?

At this point, I don’t think so: TVD has vowed to make Bonnie the saddest character in all of TV land: whenever it appears she’s close to happiness, something terrible comes along to rip it away, leaving her reeling in pain as she’s still expected to sacrifice everything for her friends. (Do you remember all her many sacrifices over the years, most notably the ones of season 4 and 5 finales.)

Though it makes for a compelling story, it’s very sad: Bon-bon is one of the most loved characters on The Vampire Diaries, she deserves some happiness.

TVD’s eighth and final season has really upped its game in story-telling since it resumed the second half of the season; episode eleven continued on the stride of this roller-coaster of awesomeness.

Cade, the devil, is in town, and everyone’s beginning to feel his heat. He set Stefan free, and put him on an assignment. He later revealed to Damon that he gave his brother the same options as he did him – Kill one hundred guilty strangers, or kill the woman your brother loves. Unlike Damon who’s humanity caused him to choose sanely, Stefan instantly opts to kill Elena, who’s body is timely in the possession of Bonnie and Enzo in a far away land, because according to him, Elena has always been coming between them, and killing her will cause Damon to finally give up on him.

Matt as usual is always complaining about the effect the choices the supernaturals make, affects the humans. (I suspect before the series finale, Matt will be involuntarily turned to a Vampire, and he’ll refuse to complete the transition process. Talk about dying for your belief. Ha ha!)

Now, this is where things get interesting.

Stefan arrived the house Bonnie bought with her Dad’s money, and rips Enzo’s heart from the back, in one of TVD’s most heartbreaking scene in all its eight years.


Bonnie is devastated. She knowingly injected Stefan with the cure she just recovered from Elena’s body (which was supposed to be used in defeating Cade.)

Stefan immediately fell to the floor, and Bonnie ran to cry by Enzo’s lifeless, desiccated body. She lets out a psychic scream.
This psychic scream connects in story-telling to what was said at the start of the season, that Witches and Sirens operate on frequencies that are almost same: that’s why the Siren’s tuning-fork was able to affect Bonnie when struck.

– I think, Stefan’s blood might be drained to get hold of the cure, if Cade is to be defeated. Unless there is a weapon existing that we do not know of yet.

– This might be it for Bonnie. After this, I do not think she can take anymore. The psychic scream also fits the explanation that was given as the origin of Cade’s power. Could Bonnie and Cade go head to head with the same magic variation?

– As a human, how is Stefan supposed to complete his deal with Cade, and how is Caroline supposed to live a happy life with him, if he survives the ripple effects of his recent actions?

And finally, who is worse? Damon for killing Tyler, or Stefan, for killing Enzo. Comment below.

Rinzy’s rating: I give it a 4/5

The Nun

If you’ve watched The Conjuring 2, then, you have no problem recognizing the creepy nun – the demon, Valak. It took the appearance of a nun to wreck havoc on our favorite paranormal investigator couple, Ed and Loraine.

Apparently, The Conjuring 2 made so much money like its predecessor, that Warner Bros., ordered a spin-off for one of its villain’s representation, just as they did with Annabelle (the most creepy doll since Chucky.)


In real-life mythology, many believe Valak to be the Great President of Hell, with over 30 legions of demons at his command. Valak is said to give true answers about hidden treasures; he reveals where serpents can be seen and delivers them harmless to the magician. Valak is also said to appear as a small poor boy who has angel wings and rides on a two-headed dragon.


Now, that Valak, the evil nun, has been confirmed to headline its own movie, I want to know if you’ll be willing to watch: I found the nun very creepy each time it appeared on The Conjuring 2.

The Nun doesn’t have an official release date yet. We’ll inform you when it does.

Movies of February 2017

The year is in full swing, and movie lovers are eagerly anticipating the next big movie at the box-office.

Without wasting time, let me reiterate the movies to watch this February. This list is a nod to the list of anticipated for 2017. (Click here to see the list again.)

  1. Rings (Feb. 3)


This one’s for the lovers of the horror genre. It’s the third part of its franchise, but is designed to stand alone, to appeal to the horror of its audience. The film stars Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Vincent D’Onofrio, Aimee Teegarden and Bonnie Morgan.

2. John Wick: Chapter Two (Feb. 10)


Next on the list is John Wick. After the impressive showdown that was the first chapter, I am really interested in seeing where the producers take John’s story to. Luckily, I won’t have to wait for too long to have a look.

3. Fifty shades darker (Feb. 10)


Another movie I cannot wait to watch. The weird dynamic between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele’s relationship, I want to see explored further.

4. The Great Wall (Feb. 17)


This is one movie I feel will blow people’s minds away. Everything about it seems perfect. Awesome leads in Matt Damon (The Martian) and Pedro Paschal (Narcos). The box-office looks to be smiling on this movie.

Let me know what you think in the comment box.

Who is the Black Flash?

Who is the Black Flash? –  That’s the question on lots of people’s lips, especially as the Arrrowverse (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow) introduced the character  in the latest episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (S02E10)
Many people remember the last ten minutes of The Flash second season finale with the defeat of Zoom by the Time-wraiths (those black demon-like entities that ripped and sucked him into the speed force.) That was the birth of the Black-Flash. Yes, Zoom became the Black-Flash.


The Black-Flash according to DC’s comic lore, is the grim-reaper of Speedsters in the multiverse, the living personification of death for those whose powers is as a direct consequence of the speed-force. That means, when Speedsters’ time are up, he comes for them.

The Black Flash has been reported to be seen before the death of some Speedsters in the comics. It is not clear whether The Black Flash exists because the speedster characters are simply too fast for traditional Death to capture, or as some sort of bizarre side effect to their connection to the Speed Force.


The Black-Flash made his first appearance in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow first, before it can appear in any other place in the multiverse, and the reason made total sense.

This season, the Legends have been dealing with the Legion of Doom at its ground state of formation. Members, Malcolm Merlyn / The Dark Archer (John Barrowman), Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher), have been a thorn in the Legends skins, causing time-aberrations everywhere.


In the latest episode (S02E10), Damien Darhk, and Malcom Merlyn set a trap when they couldn’t take Eobard’s secrecy anymore, and force him to tell his truth. That’s when he confessed that the Black-Flash is after him.

Do you remember, The Flash (So1E23) when Eddie Thawne killed himself to erase Eobard out of existence as a means of defeating him? Good. Now, this version of Reverse Flash (created through Flashpoint) has to keep running else, Eddie’s death will catch up to him in time through the Black Flash. This is the reason he’s after the Spear of Destiny – he wants to rewrite his destiny to get the deadly Black Flash off his back.


From the comics, some of the Black Flash’s powers include:

  • Speed Force Entity: As the aspect of death for speedsters, the Black Flash draws power from the extra-dimensional energy-field called the Speed Force.
  • Superhuman Speed: The Black Flash can move at vast superhuman speeds, easily keeping up with speedsters, and surpassing the speed of light.
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Fatal Touch: The Black Flash can kill a person with only one touch.
  • Chronokinesis: The Black Flash possesses the ability to stop time at will, as well as use his speed to travel throughout time
  • Dimensional Travel: The Black Flash can easily travel to and from the Speed Force at will.
  • Immortality: As an aspect of death, the Black Flash cannot die by any ordinary means.
  • Claws

With these impressive abilities, I really want to see what the Black Flash brings to the Arrowverse.

PS: I just can’t seem to shake off this feeling that Wally West will die as a consequence of his new found speed.

TV Review: TVD S08 E10

Nostalgia’s a bitch – That’s the title of the tenth episode of the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries, adapted from an episode in the second season something Damon said to Anna when she was reminiscing the life she never had.


I must state here that I grade this episode an A! It was beautifully executed. Many deceased characters were brought to the screen again, without the usual drama of being brought back to life that TVD is known for.

How was this done? Read on.

The episode wastes no time in showing a catatonic Damon, fresh from the after-effect of having his humanity involuntarily restored by Sybil. Caroline and Bonnie attempt to hitch a ride into the mighty puzzle that is Damon’s head, but are sent back when all they see is a burning Damon in pain- this is his defense mechanism at refusing to own up to the many atrocities he’d committed without his humanity. The ladies reach out to Sybil, who agrees to help if only they’d return The Bell to her (the only weapon that can hurt a Siren). Sybil’s sister, Seline has plans of her own to use The Bell to unleash Hell Fire’s and wipe all of Mystic Falls (this is its true function as she revealed). Stefan finds this plan enticing as it would send lots of souls Cade’s way.

Over the course of the episode we got to see dead characters we’ve missed such as, Vicki Donovan, Sheriff Liz Forbes, Bonnie’s Grams. All these appearances felt organic, something TVD has been lacking in executing most of its story-lines for a while now.


At the end of the episode, Damon had finally forgiven Stefan for turning him into a Vampire, and also apologized to Matt for killing his sister. Stefan was locked up, and Cade now has a foothold in our world, thanks to Matt who was compelled to ring the mystical bell if he couldn’t forgive Damon for killing Vicki. Matt rang the bell eleven out of the twelve required times to unleash hell’s fire on all of Mystic Falls. Cade killed the Siren sisters to announce his presence.

Thanks to Damon, the whole of Mystic Falls’ alive to fight another day.

Another thing that made this episode superb, is the lack of Elena, either through flashback or mention of her name. I must confess, I’m tired of hearing everyone whine incessantly about her importance, or lack of.

What did you think about this episode? Let me know in the comment box. If you have given up on The Vampire Diaries, I implore you to check this episode out, you’d love it.

The Search for Stiles.

Stiles is back!

At the end of last week’s episode of Teen Wolf (S06E09), we were treated to plenty nostalgic moments.

TV series have perfected the act of tying early seasons into current story-lines – this is for long running series (greater than five seasons).

Teen Wolf made us understand the concept of friendship and true love in this episode.

Stiles has been missing for the greater part of the season, and in episode 8, The Pack discovered they could facilitate his return by opening a new rift, which could only be possible if one remembered Stiles by threading on their established connection.

Scott tried but the many memories he and Stiles have had since forever were too much to filter through. Next was Malia, she almost froze to death in her memory. Lydia, was the one who made the perfect connection, by locking on to the memory were she kissed Stiles in S03E11. This memory facilitates the rift, and showed someone standing in the dark of the bright light.


The preview for the next episode already showed Stiles with the remainder of The Pack, a Scott on full Alpha mode, and Lydia using her Banshee power. The story is almost gone full circle, and it is time to know the full extent of what, Mr. Douglas a.k.a. Nazi-Wolf wants.


1. I’d love to see the dynamic used to bring back everyone from the Ghost-Rider’s train station back to Beacon Hills, how the episode establishes the second half of the season, for us to say our final goodbyes to Teen Wolf, after six awesome years of Supernatural entertainment.

2. It is very possible that the person into the light isn’t Stiles.

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