Rinzy Reviews: The Wedding Party

Release date: December 16, 2016

Production Studio: Film.One Distribution

Budget: N60m

Box Office: N450m

Starring: Bankole Wellington, Adesua Etomi, Sola Sobowala, Alibaba, Richard Mofe Damijo, Ireti Doyle, AY, EmmaOhMyGod, etc.

Rinzy’s Rating: 4.5/5


I haven’t been this high after watching a Nigerian movie for many years now, until The Wedding Party.

The buzz this movie generated in the media upon its release in December 2016 caused me to almost bat an eyelid then. Having watched it now, I regret I didn’t do so sooner.

Just as the title reveals, the movie details as much as it possibly can the excitement of a Nigerian wedding. It takes things a step further by making the lovers persons of different ethnic tribes who take a vow of chastity as they look forward to their ground-shattering wedding night. The insecurities of the virgin bride concerning the reformed playboy groom, the feel of superiority by members of both families, especially the groom’s mother – Mrs. Obianuju Onwuka (as played by Ireti Doyle), all make for a very interesting watch.

The Wedding Party - The Onwukas's.jpg
The Onwuka’s

I must commend Director – Kemi Adetiba – for a job well done. Almost everything about the movie was perfect, because she took something almost every Nigerian can relate to and made it extremely colorful. The costumes were on-point, every aspect of the props used were very good. The actors were the main dish: I could have swore I was watching a real Nigerian wedding ceremony. Whoever supervised the casting did a superb job. Kudos! If I didn’t know Banky W as a musician, I’d vow he’ll make it as an actor: he played the lead role of Dozie Onwuka which such excellence one could easily think he acts for a living. His co-lead, Adesua Etomi – who played Dunni Coker – did a very good job as she always does.

The Wedding Party (3).jpg
Adesua Etomi and Banky W in The Wedding Party

Another commendable thing was how easy it was to fall in love with all the supporting cast – everyone was just too good; from the nagging mother and soft-talking father of the groom (as played by Ireti Doyle and RMD) to the typical Yoruba loving parents (as played by Alibaba and Sola Sobowale), to the good-bad friend (as played by Ikechukwu) to the slutty ex (as played by Beverly Naya) – everyone was awesome. Specially commendation to the party planner, the party crashing family, the thief who stayed seven years in a university and still graduated with a first class, and Iya Michael. Everyone brought some form of dynamic to everyday characters Nigerians are familiar with.

My best character is Mrs. Cooker as player by Sola Sobowale. Every scene with her was a delight for me to watch. She brought what it was to be a Nigerian mother hoping to not have your child’s wedding go sour, because every Nigerian mother terribly longs for the day her child will get married.

The Wedding Party (1).jpg
Sola Sobowale and Alibaba as the Cokers.

My best scene was when it was the Coker’s turn to dance in. The perfect tune of Yinka Ayefele’s eyin temi bawo ni o! brought caused me to involuntarily join the family in dancing in. Everyone who’s been to a Yoruba party certainly know they don’t joke with their dance.

In all, The Wedding Party is highly recommended for those who haven’t seen it yet. The movie is extremely colorful, entertaining, and has perfect Nigerian songs for fitting scenes. There’s no dull moment from start to finish.


Rinzy’s Most Anticipated Movie of April 2017.

1. The Fate of The Furious – April 14

The Fast and Furious franchise has grown so much over the years, becoming more intriguing and adventurous than when it started 16 years ago.

With the death of Paul Walker, many wondered how the franchise will continue without the second lead – suffice it enough to say they producers’ found a perfect way to do so.

Anticipate F8 – two weeks from now!

TV Shows of April 2017

A lot of TV shows are expected to return to our screens this April. Fresh premiere, new seasons of returning shows, shows returning from hiatus – you name it.

Tuesday, April 4

“Prison Break” (FOX) – 9 p.m.

“iZombie” (The CW) – 9 p.m.

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” (ABC) – 10 p.m.

Wednesday, April 5

“Archer” (FXX) – 9 p.m.

Monday, April 10 

Better Call Saul” (AMC) – 10 p.m.


Saturday, April 15

“Doctor Who” (BBC America) – 9 p.m.


Sunday, April 16

“The Leftovers” (HBO) – 9 p.m.
“Veep” (HBO) – 10:30 p.m.

Wednesday, April 19

“Fargo” (FX) – 10 p.m.


Sunday, April 23

“Silicon Valley” (HBO) – 10 p.m.


Monday, April 24

“Gotham” (FOX) – 8 p.m.


These are the major shows coming to our screens this April…

TV Recap: Into The Badlands (S02 E02)

It’s about time Sunny got free!

The episode starts with the best thing about this show – the martial artistry. Sunny and his Baije (his new friend) trickishly and conveniently fight their way out of Bordo mines.

Maije and Sunny.


M.K. is still getting closer towards learning to control his gift. The Master introduces him to his greatest enemy – his dark self – and tries to prepare him yo be independent of it. I must say, presently, M.K. happens to be the most powerful being in this world… and that’s a great feat especially since he’s being trained by someone called The Master. M.K. did battle his alter-ego inside his head, and lost. The warning The Master gave to him still rings in my head – she said, whatever force M.K. was using was the one in control of his power and not him; encouraging him to take charge.
Quinn is still as terrifying as how we remember him. He seems to have a liking for Sunny’s wife, Veil, and her son whom he christines Henry. Quinn has this underground activity going on at their hideout, and its proving to be a very grand one. He’s raising some sort of an army for acts yet to be known. Though he displays some elements of higher brow craziness, Quinn is quite likeable in this episode.

Meanwhile, Quinn’s wife, Lydia, makes a return in this episode. She found herself among men and women who abhor violence to the core, even at the point of death; the kind of people who scold you for killing someone who would have killed them; it’s no surprise when she leaves them.no questions asked. But, with her son, Jaden, not fully appreciating her return because it immediately signals her resolve to interfering with his ruling as the new Baron, she’s left conflicted.

Have I mentioned that Widow is hot! She makes an appearance during the last four minutes of the episode, as she deliberates with a newly returned Waldo over how the other Barons will be handled now that Ryder is calling a meeting, probably to incite them against her.

The final reveal of the episode is a bigbig deal. Sunny discovers there is a far stretch of wall preventing people from gaining easy access into the Badlands.

I must say, Into the Bad land’s sophomore season shows so much promise at this stage that I can bet it will be a bigger success than its first season.

Into the Badlands airs Sundays on AMC.

TV Recap: The Flash (S03 E18)

All hail Killer Frost!

Since The Flash aired in 2014 there has been speculations over when Caitlin Snow would finally take over her comic book alter-ego. Even after a prolonged delay and dillydally over her final allegiance, I’m happy to finally announce that it happened in this episode… somebody please turn on the heat!

The villain of the week is known as Abra Kadabra – and he has history with Gypsy. Kudos to the production team on Kadabra’s futuristic voice; I liked it.

Abra Kadabra in The Flash.

Barry and friends quickly capture Kadabra, and have to contend with Gypsy who wants him in custody for contributing to the death of her late husband. I didn’t particularly enjoy Gypsy in this episode: the purpose of her inclusion wasn’t really a good one.

All this episode did was toil with the idea that Iris could be saved; truthfully, I am tired of hearing this. Most if this season’s episodes have been a bore because of its being centered on saving one person. And, the idea going round that Savitar might be someone the team knows doesn’t sit well with me, I think it’s lazywriting that the story must always come full circle back this kind of reveal – after two seasons with related climax reveals something new is needed.

Around this episode in past seasons anticipation’s already over the top. Truthfully, this season has been a let down and one can only hope it gets better.

The Flash returns April 25, on The CW.

TV Recap: Arrow (S05 E18)

At the end of this episode, the SCPD finally knows that Adrian Chase is the Throwing Star Killing a.k.a. Prometheus.

After getting broken by Chase, Oliver wastes no time disbanding Team Arrow. Naturally, this doesn’t go down well with everyone, especially when Oliver invites Anatoly and the rest of the Bratva brotherhood. Diggle doesn’t take this well; he and Oliver clash over differences in belief and how Oliver’s choice to invite Bratva to their battle over his teammates isn’t the best.

Meanwhile, Felicity’s deal with Helix does a lot of good today; they try to connect Prometheus and DA Chase as the same person, which does work. Though it took a lot of work and for Curtis to be roped in, the video evidence of Prometheus unmasking himself to reveal Adrian Chase underneath was gotten and circulated; though it was gotten late – because Chase was already in custody of the Feds to federal protective custody.

At the end of the episode, Chase is a fugitive, Oliver and Anatoly are enemies because of a major fall out, team Arrow is back though without Oliver, and things appear heated as we head into the final lap of the season.

Arrow returns April, 26 on The CW.

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